Sunday, September 14, 2014

Game of Blogs: Chapter 3 - The Meeting

Team Name: The Maverick X 

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Cyrus just looked at Anne and wondered how this stunning beauty had come into his life. Anne was staring out into the sea. The wind caressing her cheeks, making her hair sing a song of their own. It was like the wind itself was mesmerized around her and wanted to hold her, comfort her and say that I’m here for you.
It was a total coincidence how they had met. When Anne crashed into him after clicking the photo for the sweet couple at the beach, his first words to her were “Please don’t sue me!” She was so angry that her brand new skirt was ruined that she yelled “Sue you?! I am going to MURDER YOU!” as she tried to wipe away the spilled drink that was quickly sinking into her skirt.

“Well I would advise you against that, because then you wouldn't have the best lawyer in town gallantly fighting for your honor” replied Cyrus, slightly surprised at his own reply. Maybe the mojitos were good!
“YOU are a lawyer?!” asked Anne looking up from her skirt.
“Kind of… I am better aircraft designer”
“Wow” said a surprised Anne, her big blue eyes growing wide. “Those are 2 completely different professions.”
“That's what happens when you have Indian parents!” said Cyrus “Scratch that. Indian Parent - The patriarchal head of the family.” And stood tall, posing as a tribal leader commanding his imaginary troops to follow his bidding.

Anne smiled and said “Tell me about it. My parents also don’t agree with a lot of things that I do.”
“I know exactly how that feels like” he said and both of them grew silent for a second as they stared at each other.

They both belonged to completely different worlds. She was dressed like she had just stepped out of a Vogue magazine photo shoot. A rainbow of colors on her wrists; brown single feather earrings; an untucked white shirt and him with Sponge Bob flip-flops on his feet; green army shorts and a polo t-shirt which desperately wanted to prove ‘This guy is the reason parties ROCK’. It did not help that the claim was also flanked by 2 giant metal horn hand signs.

Anne tried to stifle a laugh looking at his attire.
“It’s the T-shirt right? I am going to kill Ajay. He gives me a gag gift like we’re 15 or something. What’s worse is that it’s my birthday and I look like this!”
“Oh!” said Anne feeling bad for a second “I didn’t know that happy birthday”
“I’ll only accept the wishes if you agree to get a new skirt that I will buy for ruining your old one.”
“Oh no, no no! I can’t do that” said Anne.
“I insist” said Cyrus “You don’t wanna make the birthday boy more sad right?” he said pointing at the t-shirt.
She smiled and Cyrus felt as thought he might melt away. Her smile was brighter than any sunrise he had seen; more vibrant than the most colorful flowers he had seen in any garden.
“Are you staring at me?” asked a puzzled Anne.
“No I blank out sometimes” he said 
Anne smiled again and said “Maybe we can get you a new shirt too” she said  

Cyrus smiled and said “I think we definitely should” as they both walked towards the cluster of stalls set up on the side of the beach.

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