My personal feelings

To tell u the truth I haven’t been a very regular blogger only updating it with previews about the upcoming games and that’s it.

I really really hadn’t thought that I would share my personal feelings with anyone else,
But all that changed of a very beautiful friend who changed my view of looking at things,
And that person is Sanah Anjum.

She is that kinda person who u would always dream that she could be u r friend and, here I am lucky enough to have her as my friend, and as I am writing this she called me for the first time and u know what I have never spoken with Sanah and to tell u honestly I was very nervous and very happy at the same time, I don’t know how I spoke to her and let me tell u she has a very sweet voice.

The first thing that striked about her was her name Sanah,
It’s very melodious, like your favorite song, which u want to sing and hear all day long.

The main thing I liked about sanah is her honesty
A couple of days back there was all the mess about something which I cannot share here ;)
(sanah u know it) and she straight forwardly told me……..
I was really really afraid that she would get angry and not talk 2 me
It was a idiot friend of mine who knew my password and messed every thing up (I have scolded him pretty bad sanah ,don’t worry)
After that everything is alright and thank god for that.

The friends that I have r very few because I am very choosy also I am a very sensitive person and get hurt very fast my close friends in my life are vinod and chavan.
But now I am very proud and happy to say that sanah is my best friend whom I always wanted in my life Thank u god for giving me a friend, who understands me better than anyone.

i wanna thank first and foremost GOD for making me meet sanah and orkut without them nothing would be possible.

hope I am not boring u ;) .

who says 2 persons have to meet personally to become friends
see me and sanah we have never met (But I will someday), but she is my best friend.

P.S: This is for u Sanah,
U have one of the most beautiful name I have ever heard, and with that u have a very sweet and beautiful voice, u can really become a great singer.
I was very nervous when u called…….J
because I haven’t talked with a girl on cellphone ,so I hope u understand
but next time when I call u, u will see the change in me, I am a quick learner , and take very good care of yourself, because u r one of the best thing in my life, bye ;)

Ok guys then till my next update see u byeee.