The return of the return of (the return :P)

So so so i'm not dead :P... ok you have heard that before, but still (guess it should be my daily status update :P) any hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

OK got a lil bit of tarzan into me :P so anyways... i'm ALIVE.... hurray :D
besides a couple of very low sounding yeah yeah's and under the cough swearing of 'oh shit' :P...i'll shamelessly continue!!

The year is coming to an end so there are a lot of memories to be shared

From the time i flew a plane(a real one), to a place where i lost like 10 competitions in 2 days but gained tremendous self confidence. From a place where i thought i'll somehow get up at 6 in the morning to a place where i slept at 2 every night(yeah it was the same day i made the resolution that i'll get up at 6 :P) Everything!!.... is to be shared.... but till that time (yes i'll be back again!! yes, this month itself. God u guys ask so many questions :P)

Here is something i wrote,so that u remember me by and appreciate the love we have in our lives :) enjoy..
EVIL M: Shut up and write quickly would ya... hey guys hi:) *wink, wink* that winks are only for the hot girls out there OK... gay boys... shoo shoo :P

Words are the only thing i can give to you my darling
Because they whisper a small volume of the valley of love, i have inside

Many feelings in my heart i feel
but words seem like a disgrace, to describe their true appeal

The feel of which i speak to you
is not just in my heart, its in my soul
because its yearns for and finds true love, in only.... your's

Its not just what we have in our hearts that makes us...We
Its who We are and what We have become

From the timeless eternity love has proved its place among us
And made everyone believe
That no matter what you are or who you might become
any day, and i mean any day, love..... will give you that strength

Even in the weakest times in your body, or
in the hardest of times in your lives
Love will always make you strong
and make you believe.

That love wasn't born out of life.
It was life, that was and always will be born out of

Till next time its me Thousif Raza, (and EVIL M ;), wassup girls!!!! ;)) singing off... have a blessed christmas :)... and no new year wishes cause i'll be back till then ;)

.....And if you wanna give me gifts, well send me a email, my account number is a big 16digit code ;)and CANNOT be leaked out so... jaldi say send me those emails ;)

Take care everyone...cya soon love you all..XOXO . Christmas hugs :) XOXO take care :) :) :)

Hiya world


So everybody's missing me which is so great to hear.... awesome... :D :D .... I was extremely busy this last month (work busy... not lazy busy :P) I was covering a international conference... got noted for my work...other things... taking bath for once... so you know. i was busy

But looking at you all miss me like this makes me all emotional... thank you so much guys for your constant support :) and sorry i haven't been around, i'll be ther as soon as i can.

I just wrote this couple of nights back... so I’ll be sharing it with you. I’ll be coming back soon, within a week, till then I hope you like it...

The Walk of life

No truth, no lie

On this path of nothingness I stand

Trying to prove what I want

Hundred paths leading to the same way

The only way where I want to be

Each one a mystery than the other

Everything what I believe in at stake

Every step I take. Careful

Will i meet my destiny as i've thought

Or will destiny itself pave new roads for me

The path of nothingness

Leading to everything lays ahead of me

Looking forward Unperturbed and unfollowed

I Walk

Here's another one...i wrote this one just last night...

Tell me i love you with so much depth

That the ocean itself, screams out looking at your's.

Tell me i love you with so much strength

That the hurricane falls down on its knees, weeping out of its glory.

Tell me i love you with so much intensity

That even the raging forest fire turns itself to dust, in shame.

Tell me i love you with so much love

That love itself may find its true worth today.

I havent named the latter one, so any suggestions are welcome, i hope to see you guys real soon, and thank you once again for your support :), love you all :)

A special day

So i'm not dead..... *silence* ok you can celebrate ;)

ok so i'm back like the undead mummy in all those mummy movies...... for past 2 months except remya nobody even cared to ask where was i!!! well tuku asked once and also anwesa... ok ok but nobody else... how mean of you guys... i loved you (for boys in a non gay manner mind you :P)....

anyways bad things aside today is a very special day... so i'll let you skip by... becasue today is friend jasmine's b'day :)

I met jasmine online 4 years back through orkut and we have been best frenz ever since and today is her b'day.. yay.. i'm so happy :)

It was jasmine who filled me up with confidence which i dint have and gave me a reason to live life... she has been a part of me all the time from i met her... she has been there when i creid, weeped, got kicked in the balls, when i fell in love with a girl, when i fell out of it, and rgt now when i chasing another ;)

Jasmine is the mrng sun... no matter how dark the ngt i can expect her always to come back :)... ok that wasn't original.. so i'll explain her in my own unique way...

Debaraty majumdar(i always miss spell her name, and i have a difficulty in pronouncing it ;) always :P)... or jasmine as i call her... made me what i am today... i was nerdy geek(even more) and shy as a new born calf when i met her(online ;)) but she showed me how the world is, how beautiful it can be... and how immense are the possibilities in which i can achieve my dreams :)

She has been my rain, my clouds, my sun, my sky, my earth, but most important my best friend :).... there is a part of me which remembers her everyday(even though i dont msg or call for like, months :P, because both of us are stingy :P)

But jasmine is one of my best gal pals :)... its because of her i learned how to talk to girls, how to impress them... how to become a man from the boy i really was... and thats just the one thing...there are so many more things that i have learned from her :)

Jasmine is the one i care about... everyday... even though she's far from me. e
Every time i feel sad because of something i remember her... every moment i'm happy i wanna share it with her... and i'm so so glad that its her b'day today and even greater news that she landed a government job... in SBI y'day, which she was yearning for so long :)... i think god has his own way of giving us presents ... and i'm glad she is happy :)

Just wanna say happy birthday to my dear, very dear, cute, funny, sweet, best friend jasmine :) happy b'day to you :)... frenz for life, you and me jasmine :) take care

Well thats about that... guys i have so much to share and talk abt and i'm going to the indi blogger meet on Sunday to bangalore... its gonna be the first time i'm visiting it... and i'm so so so so excited... i'm so excited that my farts can blow me to the moon :P... anyway... cya very soon to share that and more experiences... :) love you all.... take care :)

Transition towwards hope

First of all thank you so much for the support you guys gave me in the last post, i was so so so happy to see your guys comments, it was the highlight of my holidays this year :)... EVIL M too sends his regards, i think he cried a lil bit :P
(EVIL M: that's a lie, it was you remember)
anyways he wont admit it :)

I'm thinking about writing some serious stuff(It'll come soon), so dint write anything from the past two weeks, but i want to share something with you guys...

When i broke up with my girlfriend, something happened inside of me, it was like a feeling i can never put in words, it was a hard time getting over her, still not am....

But during that period of time when i broke up.... the poet inside of me, wanted to talk, i know it sounds funny, but the way those emotions came out I'm surprised myself.... so i just wanted to share this poem with you...

In the infinities of beyond, I lay unabashed
Believing in a worth no other man believed.
In this permanence of solitude, i found this self,
Resonating me, but none like any

In search of respite, i travel along unfollowed paths,
Where every step taken forward, pulls me back
towards a halo which i once loved to live in

Now that cloud of comfort, has rained, nothing left
it floats away
i look towards the sun for a new beginning. Still,
in love with the yesterday's sunset

You might find it funny when i say this, i am the one who wrote that poem, but couple of lines in that poem i've never been able to decode.. but i want to find out, what it says, what made me write those lines,... i wanna know, so if you guys come up with something, it would be a great help for me.... :)

well thats for today... i'll be back next week :).... have an eventful week ahead :)... take care

The Return


“(Lightning sound) Muhuhaha....Buhuhahaha..... (Lightning sound)

Bow to me...Bow...You....F.......Fa.....Fabulous ;) people.....I am back. *smiles*”

That was EVIL M making a dramatic entrance as always....Hey guys how have you been?...I was out of blogging for a long time, as you might have noticed(You have noticed haven't you?)

Well as I said, I had exams and many different things to do in the holidays (Which I had planned for months), and different things I did, just not which I had planned of...

So this post is the update about what I was upto all holidays....So let’s begin. :)

Well to start things off, let’s start with the bad news shall we...

1) I dint go the internship as said, I know many of you would be going as 'Awww why?' (Say yes at least this time yaar!) Well i'm assuming you asked why (With an awww of course ;))... well our dear chairperson in the department got changed and with that the whole regulation changed.

She said “You go that internship young boy, and you will get your ass whipped till it turns red, blue and god knows what color”

Well no, she dint really say that, she just gave some boring reply that I should go at the end of my 2nd year because the rules have changed or something like that, so I just paraphrased her words(In my way of course) (God, i'm gonna be one hell of a journalist :P)

Anyhoo, (I learnt that from choco ;)) so I dint go, and I thought that was the only disappointment i'm gonna have this holidays, but no, there was another one.

2) I decided i'll go to my best friend chavan's room in banglore, I go there whenever I feel low (and whenever I can, for that matter ;)), because we 2 have so much fun, my mom even asked one time, “Thousif, You spend more time with chavan that coming here to your real home in coorg, I hope chavan hasn't adopted you already?”

I was so so excited(as you know he has 24 hours Internet, a karaoke machine, 108inch LCD TV, no rules whatsoever), I wanted to give him a surprise by going to him unannounced, but something clicked in me

(EVIL M: It was me!!)

Yeah and so I sent him a message on the eve of going, saying 'i'm coming tomorrow', and he replied by saying, “Don't come, I changing my room this month”, putting another end to my well planned plan.

I was sad, I hopped onto my bed, rested my head on my pillow drank a cold beer, ate some wafers, and looked up to the sky, and asked god “Why god, why, why did you ruin my plans?”

(Lightning sound)

Suddenly everything went dark and I closed my eyes, after sometime I opened them, when a divine voice said to me “Get the hell up, it 11'o lock in the morning you ass”, That was SAM, my cousin bro, I woke up from my bed and was all sad, he asked me and I said the reason.

He looked at me resting his hands on my shoulders and said “Life happens when you are busy making plans”, I was amazed, my dumb bro, giving me knowledge(stolen of course ;)), I have got to be dreaming but my other bro FAR hit me with a tennis ball in my family jewels proving me, I was(painfully)awake.

And so I thought, I thought about SAM's stolen thought, and decided i'll not make plans,i'll just enjoy what comes along in my life, so now comes the happy news...Be prepared :)

1) As I couldn't go to chavan's home I decided i'll go to my own home, mom had been asking me for ages to come home, and I had just gone twice in a year, reason for it was mostly because, mom and visited me once a month.

And as I thought, I realized I was just wasting holidays in my aunt's home, why not go home! what have I got to lose.

But I did lose, I lost the loneliness which I was suffering from due to a break up(which happened when my exams were going on, so god knows how i'll fare in the exams) I came home, I mean really home, sitting beside mom watching all those hindi serials, (which are as long as the wall of china). Ah bliss ;)

I got so addicted to those serials; i'm watching them now, daily. See going home changes ya ;), but it was not the serials, it was the joy in my parents eyes which held me, mom wanted to make me all the special dishes she is renowned for(She makes the awesomest kheer, and biryani) but I couldn't enjoy that too, because of the acidity problem I was having. But beside all that, it was the love I felt, there were more rules than my aunt's house, like bath daily, get up early, Cut your nails(What am I? A baby), but as I said the biggest perk of all was being there to see mom and dad every morning smiling towards me.

Every morning I used to have the dreamiest of breakfast I have only dreamed of in my aunt's home, every morning it was a pleasure to wake up to, uh I loved it, and then while I was living the dream, another awesome thing happened by which I had to get back to Mysore (Enter a high pitched shriek here)


I became a Chachu. Again ;)

Yes, my bhaiya and bhabi gave birth to a son, just kidding, well actually it was just my bhabi :P.

EHAN .The proud new addition to our family, you gotta see him, ah he is so cute. You know I dint like kids very much, in fact until I came to Mysore I had never held a baby, because of the fear that I would drop them. And with Ehan it was even more(I still haven't picked him up yet) but honestly, when I touched him, it was the warmest of feeling ever, The color of his cheeks, the innocence his eyes, the way he smiles, Oh, I loved him then and there.

Every day I look at him, it makes me fell so good. I imagine this was how I looked when I was born, this was how my mom and dad took care of me, the crying, the sleepless nights, the love which I got from my parents, i'm witnessing all that. And I feel so much more love for my parents, they were there when I was born, and are still there while i'm pursuing my dreams, I feel so blessed, and i'm so happy for everything god has given to me.*Cries uncontrollably*

Enter EVIL M.

Stop crying like a baby, thousif cries whenever he is emotional, let him enjoy his girly moment for a while. So let’s carry on the good news shall we, what did you think, that was it.... Nope there is still another one.

Well this one actually started before the holidays, during his exams. Thousif met a girl, well actually no, he hasn't met her after they have got to know each other, but its coming soon.

*Blows nose* Ok i'm back, hope EVIL M wasn't much trouble, so as he said, I've met someone. Before I start the 'goon gaan' about her, lemme just tell you some thing.

I'm assuming you've all seen Salaam-Namaste, so in that the heroine Priety zinta is frenz with Jugal hansraj in her college. Who have this awesome friendship between them (If you don't remember anything, go watch the movie again you IDIOT, no that’s became a nice word of late, lemme rephrase that, You STUPID), if you don't remember, here is a recent observation

I hope to god you've seen Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, you have Na? ok in that film there is this friendship between jaggu (The weird hair styles guy) and Aditi's friend who is a girl (Not boms)(I forgot her name :P :P) who have this awesome friendship between them

So I hope you've remembered

(EVIL M: I have a headache, would you get to the point already?)

Point ok here it is, from my childhood I....

(EVIL M: Childhood, really?? from childhood!!, you hated girls till your 1oth standard remember...)

Ok not from childhood then, from my Pre university college days....

(EVIL M: Better....)

Ok from those days I wanted a to befriend a girl, who would be cool, with whom I could be me, With whom I would not pretend about things, with whom I could talk anything, anything.. With whom...

(EVIL M: Oh god, we get it, enough with the “with whom's” already, continue would ya...)

So as I was saying, a girl who would not pretend, with who you can have an actual conversation with, a friend who would be there when you are in trouble, a friend who would give you some real advice in difficult situations, whether its for buying sneakers or knickers for that matter :P.

A girl who would be just like Preity in salaam namaste, and that 'other girl' in Jaane tu....

(EVIL M: Kill me god, please kill me...)

Oh k, getting to the point, I have found the perfect friend, a girl with whom, you can talk anything, with whom you can crack the lousiest joke and she would still smile (Just to see you smile), a friend who you can rest assured, will be there when trouble strikes. (I'm talking about all sorts, girl advice, style advice, or any advice for that matter ;))

I have always been the guy who values friendships because of the comfort they provide to you, because they give the meaning towards one's life, and with her I found another beautiful meaning of what friendship is all about. Her name is Shruti (I call her pihu :)).

Pihu is the most good hearted person i've met till now, but she has a killer anger (So, i've been warned ;)) When I first looked at her, I knew she was nice person, but when I got to know her, I really got to know, how sweet and nice she really is. She is the person I can’t count upon any day and i'm proud to say, that she joins the elite club of my best frenz. *hugz*

P.S to pihu.

Pihu here is the magnificent, majestic, magical (and virtual: P) crown of my friendship which I gift to you :) You are officially my best friend now...*Cries uncontrollably*

Enter EVIL M, even a girl wouldn't cry that much. Right girls? So would any of you girls wanna adopt your boyfriend* (wink)

*(Offer open only for beautiful girls ;))

I'm back... so that’s that guys, I had a holiday like i've never had before, and found many things, which i'm really proud of and happy for..... hope you have a guys awesome week ahead... :)

Take care, love you all :)

Some more emotions

I won’t be writing a blog post of evil m this week because I have exams.... so these are the 2 poems which i had written to help a friend for her competition. I donno if they won or not, because she is absconding after that :P, so here goes

Enjoy :)


Born in me against my will
Those carved emotions.
With wings of a fresh butterfly
Pure as morning dew.

Breaking all barriers
An addiction.
To conquer, to achieve, to live.

I am unstoppable
A Dream chaser
Nothing to lose
I will be there soon.


Grew up in your arms
Your warm shadow
Walks to school, and long rides on your back
I remember…

There you were every time
When my eyes searched for you
To support me,to guide me
You never let me down dad.

Oh how I remember your smile
When I wore my first pink gown
How you understood my silence, my little wishes
Dreams which i chased
On which they laughed
i found them
Turning true in your eyes
Angel you called me
But one you are
My first and best mate for life...

A huge thank you for Tulika who helped me with these poems, I just provided her words and she filled life into these :).Thank you again tulika…..

I have exams till 26th followed by my intership till 28th of the next month, so I don’t think I will be able to blog, miss me ok :), and when you do, send me an email :)

Take care….I’ll miss you all

The motion act


The post that you are about to read is extremely stinky, airy, and god knows what... so beware... you were WARNED. but if you do dare, you are gonna die laughing ;)... your choice ;)

“Ah....” I opened my mouth aloud as I got up from my afternoon nap... I felt something going around in my stomach. It felt like a train chugging along a mountain path, and I instantly knew I was in trouble. I ran to the bathroom

Drrr......Brrrr....*Unimaginable sound*


Me singing in a satisfied(Read:Very bad) tone “I feel good...., I knew that I would now. I feeeeeel..... bad”

Run... Run...Run.....

Drrr.....Brrrr......*Unimaginable sound*


Singing again “I feel good.... I knew that I........Oi”


Drrr.......Brrr....*Unimaginable sound*


In a sad tone “I feel.... empty”

“Uh.....i think something is wrong with my stomach” I said

“You think” replied EVIL M imitating in Hannah Montana's voice

“I told you, not to eat that thela wala Gobi Manchurian... now suffer you dimwit” said EVIL M

“But my frenz said it was good, and so I thought you were tricking me, because I deleted those Megan Fox pics from the computer”

“I'm still angry for that, and looking at you right now, kinda makes me happy” said EVIL M “but, kinda sad too, because if you continue like this, I wont be able to relish the taste of all those pizzas and chats you eat” he paused to think “and something else that is very important... which I'm forgetting...”

“Girls...” I reminded him.

“Correction...hitting on girls” he said and smiled, “so get ready now, lets go the doctor and get you fixed.”

So I got ready, my god it was like a herculean task. I was completely unsure of my stomach, it was like a time bomb, which could explode any moment.

I was sweating(like every time ;))

“Oh for god's sake, we are not going to kargil war, stop sweating you pig” screamed EVIL M

Ignoring him as always, I got ready and reached the doctor, after examination he said “I think its loose motions” he said with a sad face

“You think?” shouted EVIL M, “What kind of a doctor have you brought yourself to thousif? saala, meri yaha phat rahi hai, and dukh isko ho raha hai....”

I shushed M, getting a weird look from the doctor. I looked at the doctor and asked him

“Whats do you mean by 'I think' doctor?”

“You have severe gastric problem, and your body heat is more than normal, so I'm pretty sure that's what triggering your bowels in the wrong way” he answered.

I then thought of mom who would always say to me to eat at proper time and me being the typical teenager never would. I silently moved down from the examination table holding my stomach like a pregnant woman.

“Slowly lady, you might trip...Tumhare pao bhari hain beti, Sambhalke...” EVIL M sniggered

The doctor prescribed some medicine and then laid out my food plan for the next 3 days...and when I listened to him about what I would eat ....I fainted.

CURD RICE, Three times a day” he said waking me up.

“Nooooooooo....I wanna strangle the doctor.... let me.. let me” cried EVIL M from my head mentally lunging towards the doctor.

I mentally held him back and said

“But doc...”

“No buts, if you wanna be all right. This is what you will eat, with ORS”(Oral rehydration Something :P) he said with a commanding look.

“Nooooooooo....I wanna strangle the doctor.... let me.. let me” cried EVIL M again from my head mentally lunging towards the doctor. Again

I again held him back, and said “Behave yourself”

“What...Did I do something wrong?” the doctor said bewildered.

I waved my hands saying nothing, paid him and then quickly reached home...

I reached home and crashed onto the couch, 2 hours passed by and thankfully, the bathroom dance dint happen

“I think we scared it away when we went to the doctor, I am so smart aint I” said EVIL M

“Yeah, very...” I said

Just then my stomach howled like the were wolf, who desperately wanted to meet his partner.

Run, Run, Run

Drrr......Brrrr....*Unimaginable sound*


“Ah.... ahhhh.... my stomach feels like a burst out drum” I said

“Muhahahaha” laughed EVIL M “I'm so enjoying looking at you right now, but its hurting me too, drink some water” he advised

And I drank.... glass pe glass, glass pe glass, and just like Mc dowels wine AD, my bhabi would say “Ek aur ho jaye”

I somehow managed through the evening, When my bhabi came to my room and called me for dinner

I saw my plate, Rice soaked with curds. “Is that what I think it is?” asked EVIL M startled

I nodded, “My god, I didn't knew you would actually put me through this” said EVIL M

“Put you through this. What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I screamed,

“Even though its you who eats, I am the one who has to experience the taste, Why god oh why?” wailed EVIL M.

I put a spoonful of rice into my mouth, it had a (very)sour taste, nothing else... I munched the rice, still no taste... I put in another spoonful, it was more sour than the last one.

“Oh god, someone please give me some poison, at least that would have some tangy taste, I wanna throw up” said EVIL M.

“Oh please stop over acting, its not as bad you assume, and if we have to eat all those chats and pizzas, we have to brave through this, so help me out and think of the most delicious food you can think of, so we can gulp this down” I said and pointed towards the rice.

EVIL M smiled and thought of every tasty food imaginable and the rice was in my stomach in no time, the night passed by without any more encounters, but still the tiger in my stomach was far from tamed.

It growled through the night, and I woke up the next morning half asleep along with fuzzed up hair.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” my bhabi and bhaiya screamed together looking at me early in the morning.

I covered my ears and said “Not, so loud jeez..”

“Thousif, listen to me, you are going to cut that hair first thing today, or else I am gonna cut it myself” my bhaiya barked “and believe me its not gonna be a pretty sight”

I bathed my hair and made it 'look nice', looking at it, my bhabi started joking..

“It looks like a cuckoo's nest”

“Cuckoo doesn't build a nest” I snapped

“Why should it?, when you are building one on your head” she giggled running a hand through my 'nest'

I was getting frustrated. My stomach acting like a hibernating bear at one side, and my hair looking like an abandoned forest on the other. While EVIL M was acting like a school kid who is forbidden from sugar.

All this was driving my nuts. So I finally took matters into my own hands. Which proved as always....Brilliant :)

I finished college then went to my regular barber, and got to know that he was out of town, so I went to the one beside him.

He was a old guy with trembling fingers, so I thought, the only safe hair cut would be a military cut, with a little spiky hair in the front.

I got the same, and was satisfied with the result, not because of the haircut, but because my ears had survived the 'cut'.

I came home had a bath, heard some growling in my stomach, so in the evening, ate the curd rice(again) hearing to the wails of EVIL M(again).

Finishing the dinner and Drinking the only drink I was allowed to. The ORS. The slimy sweet, salty liquid. I put the crying EVIL M and myself to sleep.

At 12.30 in the night I woke up hearing a roaring sound, I looked out at the window, and saw there was no thunderstorm. I was surprised and was thinking where had the sound came from.

I couldn't think half asleep, so I as I was about to go back to sleep. I heard the sound again and came to know it was own stomach.

I powered up my computer and started listening to some (very)sad songs. Half an hour later, I found out my stomach had fallen asleep, so I put off the computer and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling a little better, and for break fast. I had the rice again. I then asked bhabi “Whats for lunch?”

“Do you want me to answer that?” she asked with a mischievous look in her eyes

I brushed past her and then went to college.

Finishing college, I came back around 3. I went into the kitchen to pour myself some curds, when I smelled a fragrance so rich in taste, that the flood gates in my mouth broke open along with EVIL M, who woke up with a start(he was sleeping the whole day, even in class)

“Whatever it is eat it, I don't care, eat it” he cried

I saw that bhabi had made biryani for lunch, I looked at it. And my eyes were all gold.

Just like a lion sees its juicy prey before a kill, I saw the biryani devouring it with my eyes.

My bhabi came in and said smiling “Stop staring, you dirty boy"

Pulling my eyes out of the biryani, I walked towards my room, sad, when my bhabi called me back and said “howz your stomach now?”

“The tiger is not tamed yet” I said

She smiled “Then have some biryani itself na, maybe that will help. Reverse psychology” she said and brought me half a plate of biryani.

After 3 days of eating just curd rice, and now looking at the heavenly smelling dish, I couldn't take my fingers of it. I finished it in 5 minutes, and was already asking for more.

“Not so soon, its enough for now, have a little more at dinner” she advised

I agreed halfheartedly. And looked at my stomach. It was as quiet as a baby sleeping in the night wearing pampers. The tiger had been tamed.

Night came and I ate some more biryani, and then in the morning I was fit as a fiddle. I was laughing, smiling, dancing and crying, and wonder of wonders this time it was not me. It was EVIL M.

“We braved it, we braved it, we won the war against our enemy” said EVIL M with tear filled eyes

“Yes we did buddy, we won” I said smiling back to him...

The next morning

Drrr...Brrr.....*Unimaginable sound*


My bhabi came out of the bathroom looking just like me(the 3 days before wala me ;)) and said “I think something is wrong with my stomach”

I and EVIL M looked at her smiling the most wicked smile ever and said “you will be all right in no time bhabi, no time” we smiled again and said “We will help you through it”

“Nooooooooo” she screamed and what happened next was.... ha ha... ha ha.... “Muhahahaha” ;) I guess you know... :)

Have an awesome week ahead guys. :) take care. And thank you so much for reading completely (If you read completely ;)) Love you all :).

Happy times are here again Part-2

Continuing from last week......


This award goes for all the coolest guys out there, who just do one thing... BE COOL.... so without further delay....

The award goes to Arpitha Holla from ME-ing

Arpitha is cool, and as the award says, bindaas. She writes the smallest posts i have ever seen, and as small they are, they are just as cute. cho chweet.

She writes about stuff she loves in a very funny manner. Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes genuine, You will find all types of funny content here....not just that, she writes poem which are straight from the heart, and even though the words are simple, They are so emotional that you will feel them as you own...

Arpitha you deserve it... :).

The next winner is Arpit Rastogi from Notebook

This guys knows his cool. i mercilessly made fun of him when i wrote a comedy using his name for the central character, and yet he was completely cool about it (He just called me an ass hole, Dog, Bitch, and something else which i cannot say here..... :P) But.....

Arpit you are the most funnest guy i have ever known... i am so lucky to have found a friend like you. You write great and my fav post is one, where you say to your lecturer....

Marks ka kya karegi, marks ki lagadoon dheri.
Mai barish kardo marks ki, jo tu hojay meri...

Its my most fav line of all time on your blog.... you are the cool, the most awesome, blog buddy of mine :).Congrats...

and not just that pal, I like you blog layout very much so you also win BEST HANGOUT PLACE


This award is given to the veterans out there, who just do one thing, be awesome ( I use that word a lot, Don't i? ;))

They were great when i first read them and get awesomer every time they write a new post. I am so very proud and so very very happy to have know them, with them i have grown a bond. A bond so deep, that i myself donno how much i care about them.

The first winner of this award is Anwesa(I call her mehek :)) from My life and times

Mehek you are very special to me, I remember every special moment in my life which has got created because of you.

I wrote my first acrostic because of you, i started writing short stories because of you, i became a better person because of you.

Your poems inspire me, talk to me, guide me, help me.... in so many ways that you cannot possibly imagine. You with your words build a spell, that I am awe struck every time mehek every time :).

I respect you for what you are, and every time i read you blog, i learn something new. Thank you for being there, not just as the reader of my blog, but also as a very dear friend of mine :).

The next winner is the chocolaty, natkhat, chubuli, sweetheart called Choco from Candid Talk

Choco...... when she writes, is not just fun. she is the funnest. Using her cute experiences, and soft hearted words, she can make your heart melt, and can make you smile like none other, she sometimes gives many of us (bad) surprises by going away and locking her blog along, and i have missed her for all that times she has gone. but beside all that she is the blogger who i adore.

Choco you have stood by on times when i needed someone the most,you might not remember but i do, thank you for being there, and thank you for supporting me when i was feeling down.your simple words have always have been like sunshine in my dark old days you are as your name suggests, chocolaty with a lot of heart :)

and here is a special award just for you


This award is given for the person who gives the greatest and most awesomest comment on my blog.... All of your comments are awesome but, the one Choco gave on one of my post, captured my attention and heart....i loved it choco :). So this award is just for you :)

The next winner of the consistency award is Qamrina Almas from Tales of a lunatic

Qamrina was one of the first followers of my blog, and from the day she joined, she has been the most loyal blog buddy of mine ;). its not just how her comments lift me up everytime, its about her emotions and how she puts them in words. Ah..mazing

You have to see her posts at her blog,she just doesn't write about herself,but about the things which can be changed for the better. She is one human being who is as unique as her name. Qamrina almas (A golden moon :))

QM you have been there for all my happenings (and miss happenings for that matter) I will always cherish you as my beloved friend :)

Coming up next is Vyas Vishwanathan from Vyazz sez

I think I can never quite sum up what Vyas is. He is as vivid as your imagination can be, as creative as the clouds in the sky, and as motivated as a train chugging towards its destination. He just believes in only one thing, to achieve his goals. No matter what :).

When you read his posts you feel immersed in it, and get a feeling you want the same thing too, may it be on the problems of this country, or buying your won island. When ved writes a blog post, its always different from the last one, he is a genius at what he does. (Don't think I am saying all this because he is a doctor from a Russian university, and I can get free checkups when he visits me ;)) honestly I have a deep respect for what vyaz does through his words, he like a magician who knows exactly what to give to his audience, what they would like, and what they would care about. Vyaz, hats off to you man... :)

Next is Harshita from Hasrhita's Chill Out Zone

Every time I read her, its a delight, absolute delight, she talks about things what matter to her in a way that affect you. (Confused. Read it again :P) every time you read her blog post, you will leave with a smile on your face. She fights for the bad things in the society, gives awareness about what we can to make it better, ultimately making us a part of the good thing we would rather not be a part of, because we are just plain old lazy, or because we just dont care.

Her words have the freshness of the morning dew, a glow like the morning sunrise, and beauty of a spring valley. She is a one good human being, and I am really very proud that I know her.

The final winner is Atmm from As The Mind Meanders

After scoring the most prestigious award last time(The Most Innovative Thinker Award) atmm was bound to do great things, but he scared everyone out of their wits when he announced retirement..i thought “So young and retiring already, is desh ka kya hoga bhai?.” There was just gloom in the blog world for sometime because there was no atmm.

But a couple of months later when he announced his return and wrote a story called Still,man, read that story and you will know what coming back with a bang is all about... simple words, rock solid narration,punchy climax. Brilliant.... I, choco and a couple of others were very very glad to see him back (Though I haven't read his new story :P, sorry man time crunch ;)) but atmm is one of the genius's out there, and I am really glad that I know him :)

The next award in the ceremony is MORE OF YOU WOULD BE AWESOME

This award is given to the bloggers who write once in a blue moon, and its very frustrating to see that, because these guys write like... like.... well cooked sushi :P (I know... its not a nice comparison, but hey.......where do you get well cooked sushi nowadays ;))

On a serious note, I gotta tell you, these guys rock, they just write a post once in 2 months or so, and every time they write its a delight to read them.

The winner of this award is Akanksha from Direct Dil Se

Akanksha... wow what to say about this girl, she knows the perfect way to blend work with play. Comes like rain in the desert, quenches the thirst of the eagerly awaited bloggers, goes away, while we stare in awe ;)

May it be her poems or her personal experiences, everyone is as unique and beautiful like the previous one she wrote

Akki we miss you yaar, please write more so that we can smile a lot more :).

The next winner is Manisha from Butterfly Thoughts

She is just like her blog name suggests, a butterfly, and has grown just like one too. She started out like a caterpillar and then turned into this beautiful butterfly, with magnificently colorful wings . She come very very rarely, but whenever she comes its so nice to read her posts.

Manisha ji, try to write as much as you can ji, cause we miss you ji :)

Next award in the ceremony is MOST FUNNIEST BLOG AWARD

As the name suggests, the award is for the funniest guys out there. They are awesome at their work, with their beautifully manicured hands(I'm guessing its true for the boys too ;)) they write such elegant pieces of funny material that you are in splits every time you read them. This award is for you guys

The first winner is Shanu from Fullon Bakwaas

Looking at her blog name you may get an impression saying the blog is exactly what its supposed to be, well you are not wrong :P, but besides saying about random things about herself shanu has shared some of the deepest thoughts in her blog. I read them and I was immediately awe struck by them. But besides some serious stuff that comes like like the rains twice a year ;), she is one funny girl. She can make anyone laugh with her 'Paneerchikitis'(her addiction of paneer and chicken dishes ;)) or sending a complete stranger to an even stranger location, even though she doesn't know the exact address. Shanu is awesome at what she does....making people laugh. So shanu this award is for you girl :)

Next is Arpit Rastogi from Notebook

Read his blog... Laugh like crazy...... have fun. I guess thats sums up arpit's blog.... he can make me laugh like none other, especially when he is drunk :P don't believe me, go check out for yourself ;)

Saale arpit....You scored 3 awards on my blog, making you the highest winner of awards in one session, not bad saale not bad at all. I gotta tell you, you have been a very very dear and funny friend (Pun Intended :P) of mine. Even though we have talked less I will always cherish you as an awesome(Thats like the 20th time I have used the word :P) friend of mine. And I look forward to a friendship which will be across borders which we live. Come down any time to Mysore and you will have a royal welcome, I Promise :).

I gotta tell you once more yaar... you really really really are a........ lucky fellow, because you have me as your friend na isliye ;) take care :)

The final winner Hary from Cartoonists.

I have just started reading hary's blog, and whenever I read it, there is always a smile on my face. And his blog posts are so funny.... my god I have had stomach cramps ;), so hary. Here's one for you :)

Coming down to the final award of the 2 week long ceremony :P SWEET CANDY AWARD

This award is given to the most sweetest person out there in the blogosphere, the one who write posts even sweeter than honey.

The only winner of this award is Sulagna Chatterjee from Pink & black :)

Sulgana didi in her blog writes about her relationship with her husband, about how special it is to live everyday with someone you love, how great it is too get married. Looking at her makes me want to marry right now, though I mom may have a different opinion :P.

Sulagna didi is like the Elder sis I never had, after heera(My younger sister) passed away last year, I felt I will never have a sister again. But looking at sulagna didi, I have smile filled tears every time I read her blog, because I think, this is how my sister would be if she would have married.

In sulgana Didi I see my own sister. So this award is especially for the sweetness she spreads into the world through her blog :)

Sulagna didi, I don't know what I am to you, but for me, you are my big sis, and you can never run away from that responsibility. If I ask for pocket money, you gotta send it to me in courier ok ;)

Kidding aside, your blog posts are so special, it reminds me of my sis every time didi. I cannot tell you how happy I feel when you write about you and Gopal Jiju. I hope the 2 of you will have the most happiest of lives, and I pray to god, that not an ounce of sadness come into your lives. Ever.

So thats a long list of awards. I am tired.... like literally.... Hope you all are happy for the awards you got and who ever dint get the award.... don't worry, I am not cruel....... here is an award just for you :)

And if you all wondered why i showered you with all these awards... well. its the budday of my blog... My baby turned 3 this year... :)

Take care... have a nice week ahead :)

Happy times are here again-Part 1


EVIL M singing in banta's voice

"Hap hap happy barthaday, oji happy barthaday.. brrrr ahhh. ahoon ahoon... barthaday... wohoooo"

Hey guys hi.... I am back... missed me na... I know I know you would have....

I wasn’t at my blog and I wasn’t at most of yours too... sorry about that... I was a little heart broke, cash broken, and arm and thigh broken too(playing gulli cricket, whew... its a back breaking job)

But not to worry, your favorite blogger is back and this time, i am not gonna talk about me. Promise... really, I know you don’t believe me, but when you see what I have in store for you, you will believe me.

ok close your eyes for 3 seconds so that i can unravel the surprise...



(Rustle rustle,... chur chur...Trr trr... ketrrrrr)

OK..... the presents are out of the bag

(Looks at them with proud eyes :))They are beautiful and awesome as always, and i am gonna award these to all those bloggers whom I love to read, who are close to my heart, whom I adore for what they are.

When i read what you guys write, i feel good, and its gives me motivation, so that I can better myself.

You guys inspire me in every way of my life, and today is that day that you get recognized for your efforts

Because its the annual (more like quarterly or whenever i am happy :P)


(Aree taliyan toh bajao yaar... :P) (claps please..... plz...... ;))

First a speech by the awesome guy himself. Mr Thousif Raza.

As you know i am the guy who started blogging almost 3 years back, and today is the is the day...

Hey I don’t remember my lines.....

EVIL M "I forgot them.... on purpose... who gives a damn about boring speeches. just jump into the ceremony already... I wanna watch the last season of Baywatch."

Ok so (as EVIL M has his won urgency)... without further delay...... lets start with the first award in the ceremony.


This award signifies the new blogs which I have just started to read, but which have left a huge impact on me. These blogs are so so awesome, when I read them i felt wow, these bloggers are so young, yet so goal oriented.

They know what the world wants, and they give em just that, by doing the best thing in the world, by being themselves. These guys have just started, but baby are the gonna rock...., they are gonna rock the world like none other, so watch out world, cause these are the guys who are gonna change blogging(and you lives for that matter :)) forever.

The award goes to (Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)


..........(Hold It)

........(Hold it.....)

(I am bad ain't i ;))

OK release it :)

The winner is......

Remya from impact-o-life (Scream remya scream :P)

You deserve it ya...your writing is awesome and when i read your short story HOW THE HEART BROKE, i cried, i smiled, i lived have got a long long long way to go... so this award is taylor made for you, and by the way, you voice is like honey, i love it so much. when you bring out your first album i am gonna be the first one to own a copy of it in India and this time i am gonna buy it.

(Original. mind you :P )

The next winner is....(Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)....

Its Charu from A Travellers fruits (Scream charu scream ;))

Charu started blogging just couple of months back and she has started blogging not just for herself but for the world. she is the first blogger on my blog list, who has been doing her part in saving the world by going green, she has been informing the world about how an individual person(Yes you my blog reader) can do your part and save the world, about how you can be a super hero by being simple and a little thoughtful. And to think this girl has just started her 11th std makes it that much more awesome.

Charu i am so proud of you. its youngsters like you who provide the motivation for thier fellow(not so ;))youngsters like us and the rest of the world, by showing how we can do our part and save the world. Thank you.....

And for that special work that you do.... here is an award just made for you


This award is for the bloggers who work for the betterment of the world by going green, who inform how one can make the world better by adopting new ideas which will help save the world.

As much as i have seen...... its only charu who is active in this. so Charu its only for you (No stealing by any body else OK ;))

The next winner in this category is Viddhi arora from ~*V*~

Viddhi just writes poems, but those are some poems that I have read, each one ids different from another and special than another, she writes with such creative flow, that you are awed and amazed every time you read them….

The next award in the event is the MOST CREATIVE PERSON AWARD

As the name suggests, this award signifies the creativity of the person, they are THE BEST at what they do, whether its a poem or a story, what they write is brilliance, absolute brilliance, as much as i am in awe when i read them, these are the bloggers i am so jealous of. But, at the same time proud too. Because i can proudly brag about them with my(real)friends that i know in the real-turned-fake world.

The award has 3 clear winners.

So here comes the first winner...(Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)

Ok... its..., Its...

Tulika from Muse Memoir (Scream tuku scream ;))

Tulika is the greatest poet i have read in my entire life. i can say it without a doubt that poems written by her are blissful. You know......whenever i read one of her poems, i feel them from my heart, whether they portray pain or happiness, it all becomes a part of me.

Tulika i gotta tell you, your poems are awesome, i love each and every one (Even though i sometimes don't understand some because i am dumb headed ;) (Just a little :P)). whenever i open my blogger page i first go to your blog and then others. You have been a wonderful buddy of mine, you helped me out many a times by giving life to my stupid lines and converting those lines into the most beautiful piece of literary marvel ever. They are very close to my heart. you are genius with words and i am the biggest fan of your poems. Conduct a reality show if you want, and i will prove it to you that i am the ultimate fan :).
Thank you for writing such beautiful and exquisite pieces of literature. Those poems are as bright and warm as sunshine and as blissful and magical as moonlight. Thank you :)

The next winner is as evident as daylight... its its

(OK no need to hold your breath ;) I'll let you out this time :P)



(Again ;)) Remya from impact-o-life (Scream remya screa....Oh you already have screamed... but what the heck scream one more time yaar ;)) (Screaming is always fun na :D)
Well remya has written one of the most brilliant love story's i have ever read.HOW THE HEART BROKE. Its brilliant, awesome, great, wonderful, everything.

Remya,please keep writing and make us all feel better about ourselves. we need you ya :)

The next winner is the person i respect very much. he writes such brilliant stories, that you have never read in your entire life. They are out of this world. My god the creativity. The brilliance. the greatness of his writing... oh... i am speechless every time i read a story written by him :).Awesome.

The award goes to.... goes to....(Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)

(He is worth holding the breath, i assure you :))

Its Pavan Maruvada From The Other Perspective

Pavan you won the award of the most innovative thinker award last time, and i am extremely proud of the fact that you were the winner of that... your stories are nothing short of excellence. Every time i read them i am spellbound... i am left awe striken. i am honored to know you... continue writing and enlightening the fellow mortals who read your blog...Congrats

Ok..... enough awards......lets have a lil entertainment... so lemme present....

Stand up comedy by EVIL M

A chicken was walking on the sidewalk, somebody was painting a wall above it,the painter tripped and some paint fell on the chicken. The chicken dint notice it and crossed the road, it reached the other side and noticed something on itself and so crosssed the road again....

So ask me.... why did the chicken cross the road?


I am hoping you asked why (Glares with EVIL eyes :0)

It crossed the road to ask a question .

Hum pay yeh kisne hara rang dala??? :P

Mast joke tha na.... i know i know

(EVIL M: I was nowhere part of that joke, Thousif is lying by using my name to gain popularity)

Ok i admit it. That joke was less awesome, so here is a real joke

Patient: Doctor saab mere paas paise nahi hain, Please mera elaj kar deejeye, Ek din aapke kaam aaonga (Doc i dont have any money, please help cure me, I'll be a valuable help to you one day )

Doctor:Kya kam karte ho bhai? (What job do you do?)

Patient: kabar khodta hoon :P :D....(I dig graves :))

Now admit it OK, that joke was funny.... wasn't it.... so enough entertainment for now (So before you run away screaming, or believe for real that i am a nut crack) lets get back to the ceremony

Part 2 is on the way.... keep waiting.... there are more winners than you can imagine ;)