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Well i got heaps and heaps of admiration and appreciation (*blushes*) on my very dear friend's blog, Passing Clouds, thank you gayathri, and i think, i was also awarded an award, (if not please temme gayathri :P), i am still a lil confused, but anyways, i will take the award......

Unlike the earlier awards,this one is not an unconditional one!!! It has it's own rules and tag,which i should and you to should follow! So, the tag is like this

The tag Rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
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4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them. (Just as gayathri, i too bend the rules,i tag only 4! :D, frenz forever na so ;))
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7. Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Gayathri :D
2) His/Her site's title and url: Passing Clouds
3) Date when you were tagged: 30th June 2009
4) Persons you tagged: well i wanna tag
A) Amith
B) Chriz
C) Choco
D) Anwesa

Have fun yaroon..........., take care c ya soon

The Money Game

Well i am still 'On the hunt', but as i was watching TV, I found out something so disgusting, that i had to write this

well the Ad tells everything by itself, and its 110% true, if you wanna make a quick buck with less taxes and 'Guilt free' money, as they call it, its a sure shot hit way

The scope here is population of India, cause it will never stop growing, more and more kids want to be going in towards education, so you can make a heck load of money, I am not saying it’s bad, but charging (Read: Stealing) a huge sum of money from parents, is what I say is unreasonable

I read in Ramya’s blog some time back, that they are charging 50000 Rupees for her admission, even if she has got 88%, is that ridiculous or what!!, I agree if you haven’t got marks, charging a huge sum is ok, nobody will be complaining, cause the student is at fault there, but students with marks above 85, should also pay the same amount, its nothing But EXTORTION,

You know what, it’s not just with scoring students, we have a school here, name COPS (Read: Thieves), just take a guess what is the cost of the student joining to L.K.G....., take a wild guess, hmm I think you have an amount, well its nowhere near the original, the cost is a whooping and staggering 1.5 lakh rupees, and that’s just for a L.K.G kid, I don’t even want to think what will be the amount when the kid will pass out his 10th, And as it’s the only school available in a surrounding of 40 kilometers, the kids who are poor can’t afford the education, and become illiterate, and what happens by this!!!, the economic condition of the country gets deteriorated even more than what it is now,

I know I will sound as a hypocrite when I say this, but the government is to blame here, Seriously, shouldn’t they make rules that, Schools should not charge excess amount above a prescribed limit, if they do this, at least there will be some equality.

I don't know what is more pathetic, schools charging huge sums of money!!!, or parents who are ready to pay that amount even if they cant afford it!!!,

its just sad to look at this situation, and I just learned today that in a college at delhi, the cut off percentage is a unbelievable 94%!!!!!, I mean what the F......

Its just goes to say that you don’t have to steal anymore, or even break in a bank to make money, you can open a school or a college and make a heck load of what they call "Clean Money"

But still there are some educational institutions who value Education more than money, like Amity international, they have a policy there, that the student who has scored above 90% gets free education

well this situation has its good side and bad side, but the bad side is way too much to make up for the good side, i just hope that the government will open thier eyes and put a stop towards it, or at least let the parents learn that its the Marks that has to speak not the money.

well i was only out for 11 days from my blog, (missed me???? ;) ) but I still may be out for more, so keep praying all of you, and HUGE thanks to all of them who replied to my last post, love you all, and i thank for all the new followers of my blog too......

Take care guys c ya next time

'Bye' 4 A While

Hello My Blog Reader

Well guys i have been stuck up in mysore, as i have to haggle out on which college to join for my masters, an also i have to look out for a job, So for the time being, i will be out of Blogsville

plz pray for me that i pass in my xams, and that i will get the seat in the college, and also that i get a good job too ;) (Thats a Lot Of praying, But i Know You will Do It)

take care c ya soon as i get to something

The Female Quotient

After a very good learning experience last month, I sat back to give an issue a lil thought (which I rarely do ;)),

So as I was reading blogs I found that, female bloggers are more than the male counterparts, and the blogs which I follow are also mostly female, so I thought why is it?, and the bulb upon my head lighted up (Ting;)), the reason which came to me was, as good as it can be, it’s because they are better writers than us.

In this case you have to agree with me, cause women are better story tellers than men, mostly will disagree with me, saying "dude you are a guy, how can u say that?", well I have to guys by saying "it’s the truth my friend, the damn truth", there is just no getting away from it,

So I wanted to prove this thought into a theory, and I did, so here is how I proved it,

As you all know women love to talk and talk and talk, but if you listen to them carefully, they actually make a point in everything they say, but we(the men) tend to ignore it, by just nodding our head to everything they say ;), (yeah, your boyfriend doesn’t hear to everything you say, its true ;)) but as the bulb started glowing brighter, I got to know, women make a point as to exactly what to tell, how to tell, and make it a point ‘till you listen’ for sure(I think, you know what I mean). But guys are different, the plus point in men is that we are good on content, we just talk about what matters most, and keep the other things at bay, which we eventually tend to forget, whereas they remember everything, they commit to their memory every minor details that we (the men) tend to forget, that’s the reason they write so good. As they see and tell about a situation from a totally different perspective,
also,the best thing about them is that, they feel what they write, than just merely writing what comes to their mind, whereas guys they just write the 1st thing that comes to their mind, that’s it. Theory proved

So here are some of the best blogs i found on the net which prove my theory,I had told you about 6 blogs earlier and it’s a continuation from there,

#7 blog to change my life: My Very Own Space

This blog is written by one of the coolest girls on planet, she seriously can beat anyone in coolness, one look at her blog and you will be bowled over, And she has got attitude to prove it, she is softhearted and humble, her writing is very unique and is very captivating, when I read couple of her posts, I made a very wrong assumption and thought she is ‘no feelings’ kind of person,(very sorry veda, really sorry ya), but the truth is she is very caring and adores everyone for what they are, She taught me a very good lesson(Read Below), Now I Don’t make any assumption before knowing a person for what they are, and it has worked wonders on me,
I have got to know, which person is good and who is bad(which you will read in my coming post), I am really grateful to her, and always will be, Thank you yaar, thank you very much Veda :)

Lesson learned in life: Don’t assume anything about a person before you know them completely

Award Given:

#8 blog to Change my Life: Candid Talk

This is the blog you would love to be, its soo good to see, it soo good to read , wow you have to take a look, I mean, it’s one of the best places to hangout on the web, reason being, one: she writes very good and two: she is very helpful, she writes about her life (which is awesome) but she also writes about how you can make your blog more beautiful, by giving you tips and tricks on how to do it, she is one of the most helpful person I have seen in net, I haven’t asked her for any help till now, but I think she will be the first one to offer help if I ask her, she stays happy and always solves her problems in the most easiest manner, also she has got the cutest nick name, named Choco

Lesson learned about life: Don’t worry about your problems too much, Try to be happy, and also, try to be little helpful too ;), Thx Choco

Award Given:

#9 blog to change my life: The Pink Orchid

This blog is nothing short of amazing; I mean she writes beautifully, its writing at its best here, she just churns out Hit Blog posts after Hit blog posts, you have to see those awards she has got, o god they are so many, and she is not afraid of anything, Her one post Some Restless questions, was as good as a person can write, her thoughts are very good and her poems are nothing short of amazing, whatever she writes is too good , just too good, and she blogs a lot, I have hard time reading all, cause each one is better than the other,

Lesson learned about life: Don’t be afraid of anything in your life, Chase your dreams you will achieve them, thank you Kajal

Award Given:

#10 Blog to change my life: My Life And Times

This is ‘The Best’ blog I have seen and read till date, anwesa, as unique is her name, her blog is also unique and her writing, wow it’s also ‘The Best’ that I have read, when you read her blog, the only question that comes to your mind is "is she for Real?", and the answer for that is, "she is real all right" :D, she has taught me many a things, I wrote my 1st acrostic poem inspired by her, it came out great and have been writing new ones too, She has one of the best writing skills I have ever seen in anyone, and when I read her short story named ‘Unknown Horizons’, it literally took my breath away, read it and you will know for yourself, she is the most creative person I have seen till date, its creativity at its best, you know when I see my writing, I feel, it’s nothing in front of her’s, but I dint feel sad or bad about myself, it has just motivated me to get better, and yes I have been getting better, and because of her, I have known that I too can better myself, than what I am now,

One day I will beat you anwesa, I know it’s a farfetched dream but I will try my best, one day I will ( *closes eyes and dreams*), lol

Lesson learned in life: Don’t underestimate yourself; you are better than what you think you are, Thx a ton anwesa :)

P.S Anwesa this if or you

You have literally been a turning point in my life, So Here is an acrostic only for you


s the fragrance of the rose, she makes her presence felt
Natural she is, without a ounce of lie
World seems to slow down, when you read what she writes
Everything from her name to her writing, feels like a sweet melody
Smart, Subtle and Simply Superb you are,
An aura you create anwesa, to mesmerize, which spellbinds everyone

Award Given:

So that’s about women being better writers,

Couple of days back I learnt something new from my mom.
How to cook a jelly…. I know its silly even to mention it here, but the experience was wonderful, so I will share it with you anyway,

Well my aunt and my niece (suman) have come from mysore for the holidays, she is 8 and she raises hell in my house, by not letting me watch TV, not letting me eat, not even letting me to sit in my computer, she is bossy and cruel, and to think she is 8,god….

So, couple of days back, mom, aunt and suman went to shopping, and suman brought a jelly preparing powder, it’s the 1st time that we have brought jelly power to our house, (No, we are not poor), Reason being: my mom doesn’t like it very much, and it’s the same reason with me, so we don’t buy it,

Anyways, she bought it, but dint prepare it, 2 days back, suman and aunt left to another town for some work, they were to return the next evening, so to give suman a surprise ,

Mom said "I will make the jelly for her, when she gets back she will like it".

I had just gotten up from a nice and long sleep, but I said "mom I will help you" (I thought, let’s make suman happy, at least by that I may get the remote, the next day ;))

She said "what’s there to help? It’s easy just see the instructions and prepare, I got some work, you prepare",

I said to myself, "so much for offering help" ;) (Cause I am damn lazy, when i get up after a sleep)
I was still sleepy but I said ok, and I read the instructions it said "put 3 cups (500 ml) of water and boil"

I said to mom that, I was boiling the water, and was about to put 1.5 liters of water, when mom came and stopped me, and said "dumbo, just put 500ml, not 1500ml"

I smiled through the sleepy eyes and did as told, and after the water got boiled, I added it to the jelly mix and then carefully let it dissolve, mom had brought a designer bowl, so I put it up and let it refrigerate.

As I preparing for the jelly, I got know how much my mom works in the kitchen, even though it’s nothing preparing a jelly, I felt it was 'so much’ work to do, I thought how much my mom works the whole day, and I made a resolution that I will help her in the kitchen more often, (and have been doing so :)), and it really feels so good to help, to be a part of something nice,(my mom is still surprised to see this drastic change in me ;)) it feels great every time I help her, and I have also been learning new things to cook.

As evening dawned I saw the jelly, it looked great, I was happy, that I had done a pretty good job, even if there was none to do ;), but it felt good because I had added another feather to my cooking skills (I can now prepare tea, coffee, maggi :D, an occasional omlette, and now jelly too ;)) yahoo!!

suman came the other day, and I showed her the jelly, she was quite surprised, she looked at me with a questionable look, but she ate it anyway, I thought at least now she will let me watch TV or sit in my computer, but No, the fight is still going on as before, so much for being nice, Lol :D.
hope the award winners are all happy and others who read, liked it

Take care guys, c ya next time……..