An 'bang' to remember

Evening sunlight….Nobody at home…. Music playing on the stereo….. All this makes a recipe to do that one thing….One thing you always wanted to do when you are lonely…With nobody to fear too, You just enjoy while doing it…Even though it hurts sometimes…Ah the pleasure … Yeah… It’s…….

Head Banging :P

That was exactly what I did just 2 days after valentine’s, my aunt had this wedding (Read: tragedy) to attend, and she with all the family members would be gone from 6 in the evening to 10 at night, I was free in that time, till my brother would come back from work…So with the suggestion of EVIL M, I indulged in my coveted hobby, Listening to songs loudly, I put up songs so loud, that the neighbors thought ghouls and dogs had started a Gig of their own, with lighting in the mix… It was loud, I mean so LOUD that I could not hear myself.

Alice cooper, Motor head, Bullet for my valentine, AC/DC, I listened to them all, I head banged so much, that I had a sprain in my neck, but I also had this pain in my ankle, and in my wrist, and in my hips, and I have no idea how that happened.. But kudos, in addition to that sprains and pains, I also had some gains ;), I lost weight :P, maybe it was due to screaming, like a bad pressure cooker, or the donkey on weed dance (just imagine…Actually Don’t :P ),I “worked out”, and when my bro saw me the first day, all drenched in sweat, he asked “Dude…Did you break the shower again?” :P

I had so much fun, I forgot all about the lousy V day that went by, where I was stuck eating a bad curry, with pasta and noodles (made by me) which looked liked 2 brooms burnt together, I was thankful for the 2 whole days in which I enjoyed freedom… ah… so all you children out there, here is some advice from EVIL M himself…

Head bang and you will lose weight… Guaranteed results”

(Sprains may occur in neck, leading to brain injury, adviser is not responsible in anyway for your attempts)

Then 2 of the most unexpected things happened, I never in my life anticipated them, but well, they were bound to happen someday, still they gave me shock of surprise when they finally happened.

One was when my very good friend (You will know, why I am calling her very good. very shortly ;) :P)

R.J went to her home in Kolkata for a week after the exams on a V.L (Voluntary Leave :)), and she messaged me after getting back that she had, so much…., so much….., so much fun,

EVIL M said “Visiting home is fun, but why is she so…, so…, so excited?”, I had no idea so I asked her, and when I got to know the real deal…. Oh….She had fun all right….

The temple of Karnack in Luxor, the ancient library of Alexandria, the catacombs, Cairo, sphinx, and THE PYRAMIDS, she had visited all these places in the past 2 weeks, I and EVIL M both were like Wha….. with both our mouths wide open, she said of all the experiences she had there, and also she had a surprise for me, I was like, that was the surprise, I could now brag to everyone saying, I know this friend who went to some of the “hottest” places on earth and everyone else who heard that story (added with a lil masala and exaggeration… of course :P) would be all open mouthed, just like me, I thought what could be the surprise????

(The Tickets)

So when I got to the college the next day……

I dint get to know what it was, cause she was suffering from jet lag, I thought I would get it the next day, but there was this informal holiday so I dint go to college, but she had come, so I dint get it that day even, and when I went the next day, I got to know she was suffering from fever, and it was the same case the next day too.

Surprise+Waiting can be a really…., really bad combination, so I just prayed to god, that she get well soon (I dint do it for the surprise, I did it for her. Honest ;)) so on Monday I got to know, she was all good, (I silently thanked god :)) I waited, she came to class and after the first class, R.J unveiled the surprise, she had bought me gifts from Egypt(Wohooo, yeah…. yeah the excitement hasn’t got down… still), there were 2 things, one a very beautiful original papyrus book mark, and 2nd ……, hey…… you guys have seen that black insects in the movie mummy right?, that eat up human flesh, ok I am not scaring you :P, but the souvenir was shaped like that, with a electric blue back casing, and Egyptian encryptions all over it, it was a show piece, I was just amazed by the beauty of it, I have never got a gift from a foreign country, maybe bandanas, or fake moustaches for the fancy dress competitions, but they were all “foreign” if you know what I mean… this was something authentic, so true, I mean I showed it to my parents and they were like “awwwwww you lucky dog”…. It was beautiful…. And I was happy, really happy.

“I know R.J thank you is not the word I should be saying, but I am so thankful to you, I will preserve it till the last moment of my life :), thank you so much, you are a very good friend ;)”

(The the papyrus book mark)

The other one i will leave it for your imagination :)

I thought, that was all for the week, but it was not meant to be; it ended with a tremendous bang. A bang of gigantic proportions.

My brother works as a marketing executive, and he has to travel to many places including villages, where as every Indian knows, roads are drivers and never good, so last week when he was going to a village with a friend, he had an accident, it was a bad accident, my bro was sitting in the back of the motorbike, he was hit bad, but not as bad as the driver, when I got to know, I couldn’t go there immediately, because there were too many people in the hospital and none at home, so everyone said me to stay back at home, I said “No, I won’t, I wanna be there too” but they assured me that, my bro was all right, there was a bad muscle tear, in his thigh, and some damage to the jaw, nothing serious. So I stayed back, I thought I would go there tomorrow and help in any way possible, as some of the family members had to go to Bangalore the other day.

So I went, with my bhabi at around 7 in the morning, and you know hospital rules like no screaming, no playing around, no dancing, no farting, so…… it was pretty boring there, I even fell asleep couple of times in the chair I was sitting, and then my brother got up and said he wanted something to eat, I went to the “nearby” (Read: half a kilometer away) shop and got what he needed, and then the relatives started pouring in, and some of them were taking unfair advantage of me “Boy, go get me a coffee”, “Hey thousif, I need a tea, run along, and get me a cigarette too ok”, I was running back and forth to the “nearby” shop like a marathon with no stops. It went all through the morning, the afternoon, the evening, I even got to know about the kids of the shopkeeper, for Christ sake, In the end I got so pissed that around 6 in the evening when my (accident) brother said me to get some coffee for him, I was so angry, that I huffed out of there.

And that is when I heard a voice, it said to me in a cool and calm manner “Thousif, you shouldn’t have been angry, does this happen every day, that your bro getting in an accident and sleeping here…, no na, you enjoy every day, you dance (if you can call it that :P), you sing (if you can call it that :P), you have fun in college, but today your family needs you, Your brother needs you, sure those relatives were dumbos (I really don’t wanna use the word the voice used) but do this for your brother, I know you are a good person, screw those relatives, go get some coffee with some biscuits for him. With a smile… OK”

I was surprised, and when I really got to know whose voice was it, I was even more shocked; I thought I would faint at that point, It was the voice of EVIL M.

I said to him “EVIL M turning HOLY M, Waaav (yeah the Saif wala wow :P)” and EVIL M said “Yeah… but don’t you go bragging about it to everyone, I have a reputation to maintain to”

I was all smiles, and I realized that decisions taken sometimes in anger can be wrong, very wrong, I was really glad, EVIL M was there at my side, and I can always count on him when needed, and even when not needed :P, life can be tricky, because I learnt the real meaning of a saying that day

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”

Have a wonderful weekend guys…. And happy holy to every one of you, let the colors of happiness touch you all, and may it leave its mark on every human heart. and EVIL M’s for that matter… ;) Take care. Have fun.


Charu said...

Love both the stories !
Guess that two ways to lose weight: head banging and running around for relatives
Man, you're soooooooooo lucky to have such wonderful friends.
And give Evil M my compliments too ;)

ANWESA said...

1st part- Head banging - Crazy !! Totally crazy !! I would never do that even if you tell me I'll be like Deepika or even Kareena.

2nd part --- Wat was the second gift ? Me still wonders...

3rd part -- Wish your bro has a fast recovery ! Evil M is good one then.

Thousif Raza said...

@ Charu: yeah, guess that it... nice point :P, and thx for the compliments... EVIL M wishes you the same :), tc

@ anwesa: a... try it once you will be addicted... 2nd i will send you a photo... 2rd... thank you for the concern... thx...

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Holi to you too Thousif.:)

Head banging = Losing weight? Is that for people with pudgy faces?:D
I want to see the other gift. Don't wanna tax my imagination. I tried some of the head banging and my imagination has been thus affected. :p
And your bro is lucky to have you.

Tulika said...

This one's crazy and sweet.

Hope ur brother gets well soon..sooner.

Now we got to know evil M turning into a new leaf? New avataar is in these days.

And, Wish you a colorful Holi.


Sreeram Shenoy said...

Crazy head banging!! :)
Happy Holi to you too!! :)

Waise an award awaiting for you, at my space!! :)

Charu said...

@Thousif: I put this up in the last post, but I don't think you noticed it. The next part is up

Thousif Raza said...

@ Choco: well if you wanna see.. gimme your email id.. i will send it to ya.. wat say... :), and thank you so much for the lovely words :)

@ Tulika: thank you , thank you.. and thank you :)

@ Shreeram: tell me abt it :P... and thank you so much for the award yaar... really :)

@ Charu: i will look into it.... :)... tc

Heavenly Muse said...

:-)wish u good luck for next valentine

Thousif Raza said...

@ heavenly Muse: good luck to you too mate ;), tc

akanksha said...

Loved this post! theres so much going on in ur life!!! Good going! :)
Take care and enjoy!

Thousif Raza said...

@ akanksha: ya... i guess... thx... glad to see you here :).tc

sulagna ™ said...

heyiii you know when i read your comments it makes me go awwww :) :)

QM said...

HOMG! hahahahh, headbanging ;D

All the best recovery for your bro, take care!

Arpit Rastogi said...

O! Mr. Head Banger..
Jara Araam se.. ;)

or ye kya.. Head Banging ki advice dekar niche likh diya ki you won't be responsible.. very irresponsible of you.. :P
it Seems like we all hate relatives..
n You screwed Evil M's Image Man..

Get Well Soon for Your Bro. :)

P.S. Award waiting for you on my blog.. Kabhi Aao toh utha lena.. :P

Thousif Raza said...

@ sulagna: i know i know... but what abt my blog... tumne toh aana hi chod diya hai haan

@ Qm: as always thx QM :). take care

@ Arpit: hey man thx so much for the award.... and evil m... us ko koi bharosa nahi... he will be back to his ole ways ;P, thc for the

Remya said...

Aw..Evil M is the besht!
Dude// many things you write in one post na...tht i dont remembr what I was going to say.. :|
LOL..Head-banging? Yeah...I'm sure my parents will be pleased if I do that...that is, IF my skull dusnt break ;-)
And "Get Well Soon" to ur brother frm my side :)
And introduce RJ to me.... :P

Annnd...(I know there are too many "ands" :| ) tell Evil M he rocks ;-)
Take care man, ciao :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Remya: parents will be pleased... ummm makes me wonder how :P, and RJ nahiiiiii.. woh sirf meri hai :P, and EVIL M bows his head in gratitude... to head bang of course :P...... take care

Arpit Rastogi said...

Nice Template Bro!!! :))

buckingfastard said...

ahh phoren gifts...egypt sounds soo like dream abode na!!!

get well soon wishes fr ur bro....and keep working all day long wishes fr u!!! :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ buckingfastard: you are so true when you say that... i am like a kid with holding its first lollipop :)

and thx for the wishes... bhai loves you and i love you too... in a bhai sort of a way of course :P.... take care