Peace, Frustration, Anger and a lil of WTF-Part 2

Amidst all the chaos happening due to floods in 2 states in the past week (i.e Andhra and Karnataka), there is one thing that is going on which needs more attention, No its not the politicians eating up fund money, that will come later, its what the “government”(if you can call that...), has provided for the flood victims.

The central government has done an air survey of the damage occurred, and the official reports state that the damage was more than 16500 crore rupees in karnataka, guess how much the “government” has provided, just fifty two crores, I just couldn't believe it, WTF yaar??, I guess the quote “what you see, is what you get” got a whole new meaning na??.

I was not bothered by it that much, I just thought “Fuc*ing political game play”, but when I looked at a newspaper, where they had said about the resources alloted for 2 states, I got so angry that I tore the newspaper(what else I could do?? :P)

Just look at the list an you will know for yourselves.

Resources alloted:

For Andhra
714 NDRF personnel
235 Motor boats
310 Life saving Rings
655(225+430) Life Jackets
700 Army Personnel
23 Special Boats
11 Boat Motors
11 Navy Rescue Squads

For Karnataka
12 Special Navy Boats
6 Boat Motors
200 Life Jackets
4 Dive Squad
Group of 22 Emergency Personnel

Before you say I am regionalist or something like that, lemme clear it out, I am NOT. I just want you to know the discrimination that has been going on, looking at the list its just like, a sackful for Andhra, and a handful for karnataka. It just goes to show that in the political game play that goes on, its the common man who ends up suffering the most.

I know in andhra the destruction is more than that of karnataka, but that doesn't men, here nothing happened, people are dying by the day because of less resources, and when I am getting so angry, think about the victims how they might be feeling being in the situation.....

Its the freakin same, when congress was the ruling party in karnataka, and BJP was in the centre, the famine problem came up, and they sanctioned so less, that it wasn't even seen by the needy, because the politicians only ate that up, and now when BJP is in state and congress in centre, the flood problem has come in, history gets repeated, AGAIN. At least this time people of the state itself are coming forward to give the money, and more than 500 crores were collected in just 24 hours, when karnataka state CM yediyurappa decided to do a road rally to collect the money, I really appreciate him for that.

I know more than 60% of the funds will be gulped down by the greedy bureaucrats itself, but at least something will reach the needy, so that they can get back to their lives, thats the only ray of light (if you can call that one).

Greedy becoming fat everyday, help not reaching the needy, I mean WTF is wrong with these people......, I don't know when the situation will improve, when the “government” will think, when a disaster strikes to 2 or more states, you don't look at the ruling party, but at the suffering people, and think all states are equal, and we should allot resources as per the need, so that the victims will get the help which they deserve. Until then I guess there will be more chaos than the disaster itself.... Shit and WTF is all I can say......


Disguise said...

The flood thing was really sad :(
People shouldn't have to go through this!

akanksha said...

It is really pathetic how such disasterous siuations are handled in India:( It is not a matter of Andhra or Karnataka, it happens everywhere else too.

Don't know when would those greedy politicans understand that in times like these, every penny counts and the funds should be used in a rational manner. Y can't they just stop their greed to eatng up funds issued for other purposes, and For gods sake, please atleast spare relief funds issued in disaserous situations:(

Vyazz said...

WTF! is right!!! Dont even get me started on Indian politicians. Even Satan in hell seems like an innocent kitten before these guys.
Just be happy our generation is coming of age. How long do u think these geriatric dotards are gonna live anyway?
Soon it'll be our time.....and we'll set thing right.
Patience is a necessary virtue 4 all of us in India!!

Thousif Raza said...

@ disguise: i know ya, wish thier life gets back good, real fast :)

@ akanksha: absolutely rgt ya, kab sudherenge ye, ya rabba akhir kab?, i just dont know....

@ vyazz: you voiced my opinion vyazz, really, the time will come, i am just waiting for that, good comment ya, thx for the support, take care

Butterfly Thoughts said...

The floods have been really devastating. But I saw the karnataka chief minister on a padyatra and that he colecting funds for the flood victims. I hope the money goes for the same cause..

Anonymous said...

I finally managed to get your comment link....

this was a nice wtf post with succinct details...I was shocked to see them...honestly...

Anonymous said...

btw is it ur pic....with WTF written over?

Thousif Raza said...

@ Butterfly Thoughts: I too sincerly hope that ya, lets pray that it happens :)

@ R S V: Thx for the appreciation yaar, and your rgt, its my childhood photo, so cute na ;)

ANWESA said...

Sorry 4 being late..wasn't busy but nt ol :(

coming to your post,its politics at the meanest level.i have nothing more to say. not that i'm happy about the situation but because i'm tired of blaming the wretched politicians.

Keshi said...

hey Thousif ty for all ur msgs! Im ok...dun worry :) I hope ur too.

Just keep smiling no matter what :)


Thousif Raza said...

@ Anwesa: Aptly said :)

@ Keshi: really yaar, i am still worried, but its good to know that you are ok, take care

Arpitha Holla said...

hii.. did u come to know who i am..?? I think you know my dad well..

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpita: i gussed it was you.. now its confirmed, yeah doctor prasad rgt?, hi arpita my sis was also your friend rgt? ;)

Arpitha Holla said...

ya u got tht ryt..
n she was a very good frn of mine :)..

Thousif Raza said...

so what ru doing now? i had heard abt you doing MBBS? is it correct?

Arpitha Holla said...
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Arpitha Holla said...

who siad u tht??
No m not doin MBBS..m doin engg in CS in sullia..

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpita: thats col to here hey, this comments are getting long, so you got a orkut or a facebook id where we can chat. if yes temme that i will c u there ok :), take care

Heavenly Muse said...

in short u had great experience ll help you oiut in your future life....
well not all girls are too much into this shoping stuff....:-)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Heavenly Muse: It sure will, thx for the comment and hey welcome to my blog, hope to see more of you here, take care :)