All the Small Things



So…… my exams are over (Half of them at least :P)

And today I just couldn’t hold back, it’s been more than 3 weeks since I blogged, and seeing some bloggers sharing their (weird) experiences, made me feel jealous, and I asked myself, “I am weird too yaar(My bhabi’s will certify for that :P).., how come I am not sharing my experiences??”

Then EVIL M (It’s my mind) reminded me that “Saale xams hain.., Padle…. nahi toh pocket money ki waat lag jayegi..”(Study for the exams, or else your pocket money will get stuck)

I with a heavy heart then held back on the (weird) experiences… but today I couldn’t anymore and so I am here… Wohooo… Yeah…… Yeah … EEEEEE Yeah…. (Don’t worry, I am not on drugs :P).

Well this month the start was not all that great, as I spent my new year listening to himesh reshamiya’s songs, and eating ice out of the fridge, because I was alone, as everybody had to visit a wedding someplace, I hate weddings and as I was all out of cash……., I dint have much of a option, did I ?..

But all that changed just 2 days before my b’day…….

It was the last working day of the college as we had xams next week, so my friend Paddy said that “I have some work in the afternoon, will you help me out?”

I agreed and we went in the lunch hour, he made me hold some books and Evil M said, “Saala abhi se padh raha hai…., gold medal lega kya?” (He is studying from now itself.. what is his aim.. gold medal?)

We went in his scooter and he went to different shops, I dint suspect anything, then after searching in 4 shops he called me inside one and said,

“See I dint wanna bring you in, because I wanted to give you a surprise, but in this godforsaken city, there is no proper place where they serve cheese cakes, I went to coffee day and they dint even knew what a cheese cake was, what stupid’s…ughh….”

After listening to him, I was silent for a moment, then I asked “What’s with the cheese cake?”

I never expected his next words, he said

“When we were talking couple of months back, you said na…one time…. that you haven’t tasted a cheese cake… and you had said you would love to taste one, I dint knew where they served it… I went to different shops and they didn’t have it, I am really sorry, and you can have anything of your choice….” He pointed to the different cakes present there….

I was spell struck, I dint believe that anybody would care for me that much, it was just a mention which I had brought up in a conversation and that too months ago, and he remembered it, I was so touched, I wasn’t even able to talk…

He noticed it and took me to another shop, and said, “I wanted to give you a gift, but besides your dream of getting your hands onto a Lamborghini Gallardo, and an electronic guitar, I donno what you liked, so I thought I would buy you cheese cake… you ok with that?”

I dint speak, I was having a hard time holding back my tears…

I was just thanking god for this friend, who cared so much, I said a feeble yes, and he said “This is the most famous pastry shop in Mysore, maybe we will find it here, otherwise last stop is barista, then god bless……, Is there anything else that you haven’t tatsed?”

I slowly said, “Blueberry cake…”

“Ok its cheese cake first, if not it’s the blue berry ok” he said and then went inside.

After going in he quickly asked me to get in, I went in and looked at the display counter, and I was surprised to see that a whole compartment was full of cheese cakes.

He said “I got confused……. there are so many of them, so you choose”

I was all smiles as I saw the huge list,

Blueberry cheese cake, Marble and Oreo’s, plain, frosted….

“Heaven” Exclaimed EVIL M, and I agreed with him for the first time in my life…

“Pick one..” said paddy

I was stuck between blueberry and marble, but the marble was looking so good, so I finally pointed towards it, he packed it and sent me away with the loot while he paid the bill.

Coming outside he said “You want a Pizza to go by that, you said na you haven’t tasted that either…”

I was lost for words at that point, his gesture and his care was so heartwarming, but I said “Aaj nahi…. kisi aur din lootonga tujhe….” (Not today, some other time….) and I hugged him…

But he dint stay at that, we still had to have lunch, I said “let’s take it to all of the friends, we will share with them and finish this…..”

“Not today my friend lets buy them some other time, it’s yours, and I want you to eat it…….. fully…”

I insisted, begged but he wouldn’t listen, he took me to a secure, lonely place where none of our friends could see us, and made me sit to eat the whole cake. I mean it was so big… when I gave him a piece, he wouldn’t listen and made me eat the whole cake till I gave a burp :P

But as I was soaking my teeth in that cold pastry, it was not just my stomach that filled up, a long empty space in my heart was also filled, I had found something which I always wanted, I felt content (I know it sounds filmi, but dil to baccha hai ji :P…. can’t help it).. Finally he ate a little on my insistence and I thanked him with a hug….

The other surprise came when my best friend vinod sent a courier which had my b’day gifts, just a day before my b’day, there were 2, a crystal card and a crystal watch, vinod holds a very special place in my heart because, he was my first best friend, he was the first one to give me a gift on my b’day, and he has been doing that for the past 9 years…

I called him to thank him for the gifts, in between he said, “I actually wanted to sent you a Woodland t shirt, but I dint, because you only wear full sleeve t-shirts na so” (I dint wear when I was in coorg, because of the all year round cold there)

I was so touched at that point, it was such a small point, yet he remembered, yeah….. you may say we are best friends, but temme honestly do you know the pant size of your best friend…. Nahi na, that’s what, he remembered and cared, keeping such a small point his mind, I had tears in my eyes (yeah I cry a lot….)

I remember when we were together, we dint go shopping much, I guess it was only once or twice, and I guess that was the only time I had mentioned it, and he remembered that, I was so…. so touched, I wanted to hug him…., but I hugged and kissed the phone instead … and I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about how lucky I was….

I am so thankful to god, that I found such cherish able friends who care about me, so much.

Small things in life make big impact, because we always tend to forget the small things in life, thinking they are so small, what good they will be?….., but lemme promise you, when you remember them for another, they leave a sense of feeling in the heart of that person, which he/she would have never experienced before….. Which was just what I felt….

“Heaven” exclaimed EVIL M once again, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Take care you guys, and thank you everyone of them who wished me for my b’day, you were the guys who made it special, thank you, especially, Anwesa who gifted me with a virtual chocolate cake on her blog, by which I became virtually fat :P, thank you so much mehek (I call her that ;)), I loved it, thank you…

P.S: and how could any of my blog post end without the mention of my shopping friend ‘D’….

This is the card that she gave me for my B'day

Take a look on the opening question…Notice anything strange???? ;)

Till next time Ciao…..

Time and Love


I have never dreamed after i saw you
After that day, i never needed to
With your touch
That rock became a heart.

No questions arise and answers surprise
There lie no expectations, of which i was once a slave
Meeting you was my biggest mistake
Stole away my sense and sleep
But that is something i will never regret to keep.

Once, God didn’t exist
And now I Believe.

That river flowing by is so merciless
It took you away for the morning next
My eyes search for some sunshine in yours
For it enlivens that rock and seeks for more
Promises i make are my commandments today
And this even death would obey.

Dont worry, i am not in love :P, but couple of dayz back, emotions made me say these lines...
i wrote a rough(Read: Hopeless) copy and asked tulika for advice, and she has perfected it, into this..... Thank you very very much tulika, for finding its true soul.... :)
Xams will be there so i wont be available for this month, (miss me ok ;))
Will be missing all you guyz :)
till next time..... take care :)

Happy New Year

Yo yo yo wassup yo?

Yeah yeah don’t worry, nothing is right wrong with me, it your dear papad lal thousif only ;)

Well New Year has come but I was not there to wish you, because I had some stupid assignments to complete, sorry ji sorry to everyone out there (My readers… you there na??)…

But to make it all up, we will party here itself, in my blog, I know I know jagah thodi choti hai (The place is a lil small…) but mera dil bahut bada hai ji (My heart is very big….) you all (only my readers :P) are all in my heart and always will be. So DJ (it’s my mind Evil M)…. play a mast New Year song….

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way……..

M…. I said new year not Christmas.. kahaan hai tu….

Mai talli, mai talli, Talli ho gayi…(I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I got Drunk…. :P)

Again… o sorry yaar, my mind is drunk and the hangover is still isn’t over.

It’s drunk with the wishes that every one of you wished me with, on Christmas and New Year.

My god I dint expect it, I mean just a 8 months back I knew none of you guyz, but now, you are all a part of my life, and believe me I have been never so much happy, last year, was worst at its start when I lost my sister, but gradually life picked up its pace and I started to share my feelings with you, with your support I found myself becoming a new person, and by reading your blogs, I found out what am I missing in my life… for all that it is worth, I found myself along with buddies who care for me and share themselves with me, who are with me in times or pain, and with me in times of happiness.

I thank every one of you, just want to say, that you guyz (yes you my readers :)) have been the sunshine in my life which has helped me grow, and become a better person I wish you all the best for the life ahead, and have a fun filled, full of life year ahead, may you be greeted with new experiences, and let success come with every step you take, and may there be peace and love in this world (I dint steal that from the miss universe speech, believe me :P)

Evil M is still in the hangover… so here is a list of songs for the year ahead, listen and enjoy

All izz well: 3 Idiots

Life is a highway: Rascal Flatts ;)

Times of our lives: Miley Cyrus

P.S: Keep smiling ;), take care. c ya soon