i am back.. well sort of...

So i've got exams, that is like from 2 days from now.... so i wanna write many many(boring) new things but because i am so busy doing(lazy) things... i'll just stick to posting this poem which i wrote like a month ago... i just got up in the morning one day, took my pen and paper and started writing this poem, one my classmates said, its my best work till date :D, i was so happy... so here i present to you...

The Glories We Conquer

In the wake of the red mist, i open my eyes to see a flood
A flood of friends and foes scattered horrendously welcoming me. Lifeless

A second ago dying to open my eyes
Now only wishing if i were blind
A second ago what was filled with life
All now a proof of nightmares, A nightmare called death

The earth which smiled of a lively green
now only screams in the color of agony
The earth with a promise of warm sunshine
Now spews out a cold stench, reeking of bitterness and hatred

Perplexed, helpless, shocked i see
A sight which was never meant to be
The plants which once seeked water to flourish
Grow now with a taste of someone's life

A slow calm voice rises in my head
My mother teaching me when i was young

Every other man is your brother
I now in the distance see one, taking the life of another

Gathering the strength left in my arms, i stand up to a view of devastation
A moment of history made yesterday
A history no one will ever be proud of

I take a step forward and crush it into a stranger's eyes
The eyes which had dreamed of a son, growing now in his wife's womb
A son who will never see the shine
The shine of his father's green eyes

With another, i step onto a man's hands, breaking them. Forever
Hands which carried his daughter to school everyday, while he was home

Just like that i walk on,
from a warm place, where i took an oath to save every life,
to this wet place now, crushing and destroying dreams and memories

what starts as a walk, turns into a run. A run for my life

Falling into someone's arms which held life once,
to another's who always thought hatred was the answer
I cry now, breathing hard, cause i cant walk but crawl

So i crawl now, exhausted. My strength slipping down a stream of tears
Every movement i make, dragging me into a stench
A stench which seeps deep into my skin
Never to be washed of again

Crying, screaming and with utter despair
I reach the end of the sight
A sight no human should ever see

My mother waits for me in my distant home
Where she has promised me porridge, If i return home safe
Safe. A word me neither the world will ever believe in

Unwillingly and with an herculean attempt i pull myself up
to walk towards a will of mine, to live
A voice inside asking me just one question.................. "for what?"

Well, i know its a lil emotional, but don't be too sad cause i will be back to make u laugh sooooon... wish me that my exams go well, cause i haven't studied much(Read:Zilch :P) so... cya all soon. have a nice month ahead take care :)

P.S: This is my 75th post :D......sho happy :)

The new year farty


Today is the day.... Today is that new, superb, bright day ......EVIL M: what? When you finally change your underwear?

M..... at least today you can let go biting my ass..God...Its the first day of the year...

EVIL M: there's no rule against it...and I wont let biting your ass ever, because lets face it, there wouldn't be much to me, if it weren't for embarrassing you or make fun of you in this space..

I will NEVER change... *Enter EVIL M's evil Smirk here*

So guys hi I know I promised I would wish you a new year so here I am on the first day of the year, wishing you.... A very very happy new year to you... :)

May all of you(only who read my blog regularly :P) have a really wonderful year ahead, and reach your goals which you've made to yourself and a little nearer to your dream life which you have always dreamed of. I wish you luck and loads of good health :)

EVIL M: and making out with girls :P, Thats my wish for boys, and for girls.. well you can always go for shopping with the guy, he'll hold your bags and even pay for the same :D, both happy :D

So thats the wishes from me and M both... now lets get down to the real (EVIL M:boring) deal

From like 2 or 3 or is it 4, 5 maybe anyway...i donno... I haven't blogged,

EVIL M: liar liar, ass on fire :P

whats with you and my ass.... ah if I let M out any further, he'll just be talking abt my ass all day...

EVIL M: Ass...

see, so anyways lets stop talking about my ass because lets face it, it is not only you who would be embarrassed to read about it, I too will be embarrassed to write about it

EVIL M: liar liar... as...

Oh shut up... so where was I ...Yes... the most important and the most awesome thing I did last year..

EVIL M: Kiss a girl like after 10 years in your life :P....

Shhh, hey thats private Ok no talking about it...

EVIL M: like your ass??? eh?... ;) *wink wink*

oh...*mentally strangles EVIL M* no you cant... krr..... Static... more static...

*a clam peaceful wind blows inside thousif's mind*

I haven't felt this good since 1998, the day when I fell on my head and suffered temporary memory loss :P... feels so good... so the topic I was talking about is...

*Glorious music playing* *Huge applause* *huge applause again* *again... ;)*

The day when I flew a plane(a real one ;))

It was a dark Sunday .....or Saturday morning in November (Yes I am bad with dates and days, and names... and clothes, socks, shoes, staying clean... and something else... anyway)

So it was someday and some date in November. My classmate and very dear friend Suguna Saravanan is married to Wing Commander N Saravanan.

pick up your jaws already, yeah I know the most cool people there ever are in mysore :P get over it :P he he

So she called me one night and said,

“There are some NCC students who are here in Mysore for a camp and my husband is accompanying them and will be in charge of a very special assignment, Teaching how to fly a plane” I was listening as she said, how its an awesome experience for the students where they can fly the plane accompanied by Wing Commander N Saravanan as the main pilot where the student is the co pilot, and at times they are given full control of the plane, but it was what she said in the end was the thing that took the breath out of my chest, when she asked me

“Would you like to try flying a plane?”

Me and EVIL M where like holy *beep* ..*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep pa beep beep*

in all the beeping I said Yes..

She said its just a joy ride but if I liked it, I could go to a competition and win a cup and all, if I had the talent and brains, EVIL M smirked at me at the point when she said brains, I gave him a dirty look.

So she told me that her husband would pick me up at 5.30 AM on a Sunday or Saturday morning from a place we decided.

I sat in my bed thinking just a day before, to reach the place at 5.30, i'd have to get up at 4 at least, wash my face in the ice cold water, make my hair look able, and go with my brother in the dead cold on a bike to the meeting place. And pee too, EVIL M made me remember, yeah that too.... I mentally made a checklist.

So thinking all this I went to my brother to solve the first thing of this puzzle and told him about my plan. He said sure, I'll take you no problem, I was so happy, because this brother of mine loves his sleep and he telling me, he'd take me, I felt so great I wanted to kiss him then and there, But EVIL M held me back saying, 'Dude, bhabi will get jealous, and surprised, and shocked and even a little suspicious....' So I controlled my emotions.;)

I got up at 4, pee'd, got ready, brushed before that :P, made my hair awesome and went to call my brother, he got up with sleepy red eyes(They just had a baby, now you know why I wanted to kiss him ;)) he pulled on a sweater onto himself and we went.

My god it was cold, it was like I was in Antarctica or something, fingers cold, face cold, Ass like stone, whoever think what may, I hugged my brother tighter, he got a lil uneasy, but dint say anything. Somehow with all the cold wind, the shivering, me howling in between(Twilight fever don't ask :P) we reached the place.

It was a road junction, there was no one except a girl with her mother, I went and asked is this the pick up place for the flight training, she said yes and we waited and exactly at 5.29 (That day I got to know about punctuality :)) there it was... a green or a yellow jeep(yeah i'm bad with colors too :P). I and the girl got in with another girl coming just before we left, or was she already inside, I don't remember, it was long time ago yaar, understand :P he he. So anyways we got in.

Wing Commander N Saravanan introduced himself and that day I got to know a little about introductions too, strong, sturdy and in control, I squeakily said hi,(It was because of the cold ok :P) and we started talking, he said how he handles camp in between his army duties and he said how good the experience can be. He then talked about the aspect of me in the competition. He said I had to study, trigonometry, calculus and all other maths stuff if I had to continue after today.

I failed in all those when I was studying my PUC, yes those exact subjects, how can one let kids read that subject, its so horrible and my test scores were like alien readings every time. Ask my dad he'll tell you...

but there were kids studying PUC in the jeep so I couldn't exactly blurt out the truth I said. “I have studied them in my PUC so if I brush up on them maybe I can compete” EVIL M was like a maniac laughing away saying 'I want front row tickets to see that, oh cross that, I will have them anyway because i'm in your brain' We talked a lil more and reached the place.

6.02 on the clock an we were at the Mysore airport, we had a quick tea and the officers residing there brought out the plane. A Micro lite something (i donno the exact number)

I took a look at it and it seemed like a toy plane, small engine with tarpeline like wings and tail fin, and I was like... i'll fly this plane into another oblivion and get it back.

'Say that while you are in the air, Johnny Bravo' said EVIL M

The wing commander got in with another joy rider who had come with us, vivek, vishwas, or something. (lets call him vicky)

After a few seconds. They started the engine.

OH.MY.GOD. The sound was deafening, unreal. The engine which looked so small earlier roared like an angry lion, I donno the HP and all, but the sound,wow it was the most powerful thing i'd ever heard, EVER. They took the plane and went riding it like a bike to the airport landing strip. I and the other students went inside the Plane shelter and waited, and after some time I saw the plane was air bound and circling above us, I looked at the plane and I was like, i'd be flying that that in a few minutes, I was excited and a little scared and..

EVIL M:... pee'd in my pants.

Yeah, I mean no, I was just amazed, utterly amazed to look at the plane and see it fly. After some time the officers said to get on the jeep where we could go to the landing strip everybody got it and we reached the landing strip, a few minutes later the plane after circling another time above us landed.

I looked at vicky's face, it was white as a zombie. The officers said i'm next, As I walked to the plane I saw vicky walking towards me as we met in the middle he looked at me, I saw his eyes, deep and black, and..

EVIL M:.. fell in love.... :P

no it wasn't like I was looking for love in his eyes or something, his eyes were speaking.. something like this 'Holy *beep* dude, that was awesome, but i'm too cold to speak'

I looked at the time it was 6.30, the sun was coming up brightly as I took my first(awkward) steps into the plane. It was a 2 seater, The captain N saravanan told me to put on my headphones, they were huge, I slipped them on and then he guided me about the controls I practiced it for 5 minutes while I got comfortable, he then slowly took the plane air bound.

I was in the air holding the controls, but he(the captain) was maneuvering it, I was just looking at the view, oh my god, its completely different, people who have traveled in plane(With window side seats ;)) will know what i'm talking about, but this was completely different because I was directly in control. Not technically but still I had the controls ok. So it is being in control

EVIL M: Dummy controlled.. :P

Yeah yeah whatever, but I was in control, I just kept enjoying it as we finished half a round when he said, “i'll give you the controls now, just the handle you try maneuvering it”

Holy *beep* the moment I expected had come. The engine roaring in front of me, and me on the controls, I turned a lil to the left I saw the plane going to the left. It was like my whole body was in a drum full of adrenaline. The cold air, the excitement. Whew. It was exhilarating. Pure thrill pure pure thrill, now I know why pilots love their job.

I then turned a lil to the right, while the plane nosed down, the captain said to pull it a lil up and I did the same, the plane rising, and I steadied it up.

As I was coming towards the landing strip he advised me on how to land it, but I got confused and came down a lil soon, so he took it up again, and I controlled the whole next round, this time too, the view, the thrill, the excitement exactly the same. I felt something else at that moment like no one could catch me and I could do anything. I dint feel the cold air, I dint feel any fear, it felt like I was experiencing freedom in a whole new meaning and manner. I got so jealous of the birds flying beside me that morning, I thought blessed are these birds who get to experience it everyday, and mentally thanked god for showing me this day.

I screwed up the landing controls again so the captain landed it for me, I controlled it, but he applied the brakes and made it land safely :P

The captain asked me, “Do you wanna participate into the competitions?, because if you do you would have to put in a lot of work, morning 6 to evening till you sleep, you have to be very dedicated, because in the competitions they'll be no one if you go wrong, maths is what will save you, so you have to work very much on it”

I really wanted to say yes, I really would have gone to tuitions and stuff and studied, but with my course study it would have been just too hectic, so said “I cannot, with my course work, with my lab journals I just cannot”,

He said “Its Ok, I understand, we can do this another time when i'm free, just the joy ride”

I got out and I had a big smile on my face, I was walking out when vicky asked me 'how was the cold above?'

'I said I dint feel it, I just felt awesome'

He said 'I salute you dude, I do' and smiled.

Later I saw the other students boarding the plane and controlling from the initial point, the start, the take off, landing, everything done by themselves and these were kids who were studying just 12th, I felt so bad, not because those students could ride the plane, but being so young they had experienced what I hadn't. I remembered my school teacher's words when she asked us to join the NCC, and we being the punk and naive boys we were, thought NCC is not 'fun' enough. How I regret it now. But nonetheless I was happy, so happy, it was like a experience of a lifetime. It took a lot of time sinking in. I called Suguna and thanked her for the wonderful opportunity she gave me. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even get near to touch a plane, let alone fly it. I cannot thank her enough.

So there it is, the experience of a lifetime. I'll tell you, flying a airplane big or small is a experience like none other, none other at all. It is just something else, it's like you are not bound to anything, where you belong to just yourself.

Being the pilot is tiring but I think its the best job there is, because you get to love what you do, and experience freedom in its truest sense, given the change to re-live my life, I would really opt to being a pilot,ace in my maths test before that :P. but nonetheless learning maths is so worth for being a pilot. Its a wonderful wonderful feeling flying a plane, I tell you that :)

So thats me.. I wish you had a nice time reading about it. :) because I had a great time writing it.... so anyways its already late. I hope you have many things to attend to,

EVIL M: passing out after drinking too much being one of the things :P

M!!! anyway.. I wish you a great year ahead, and may you have experiences like none you had last year, let them be completely new and completely awesome. Not like like being stuck in a toilet without toilet paper, or kissing your girlfriend and getting to know its actually her newly married sister-in-law. No those experiences are horrible, the aftermath being the worst of it and not just by the hands of your girlfriend, there are other 'hands' involved to... I just wish you an awesome year ahead...

and this is just a part of awesomeness i had last year... i'll be back with more :D...take care love you all :)