My Dear Friend ANN

Well good news first….

My blog is finally getting some fantastic and awesome comments; I really appreciate them… so keep them coming…

Well this blog ‘now’ is totally dedicated to my friends, but it was not like this before, so let me tell you briefly, about the ‘history’ of this blog. (But I will still write about other stuff)

I never thought I would be sharing my personal feelings with others. I’ll tell you why…because I just wanted to write about games (I was a game addict) ,because only games were the medium, where (I thought) I found trust(in my favorite SPAS 12 gun),where (I thought)I lived my life, by being in another virtual world; you might think where I am going with this, so let me assure you it’s going in the right direction. Ok back to things, so I thought, I was happy killing aliens, and smiling when I had finished the level, it was addiction, craze (I thought)I loved to live in, but I found out a far better craze, far better addiction which I now really love to live in, wherein I live my life to the fullest, and I just don’t think that I am living, it is the most satisfying thing I have found in my life, it’s the most beautiful thing on earth, you know what it is……..????????


So today I am here to talk about the person, who started it all. You know this blog you are reading about my friends began with this person, I have to give you more ‘history’ lessons, (plz plz plz don’t get bored ok, its gonna get real interesting after these ‘history’ lessons so stay with me people)

Well, when I ,1st joined orkut I was in a dilemma ,I didn’t know who to send a friend request, what to do, but a friend helped me out ,and soon I was browsing profiles and finally found a profile which was cool, so I sent a request and she accepted.

Well then you may think began the usual story with us chatting and getting to know each other and all that. YOU are wrong!!!! the story changes here, you know what’s the twist here, it’s that I have met this person online only once!! Yeah only Once and that too my net connection was so slow, I thought I had gone back to the 2nd world war era (damn I hate that day),well I have only known her through offline messages, I send her a question once she replies me another time when she comes online and this is ,she only comes online once in 20 or 25 days, it’s almost a month when I find her reply, not because she is lazy or something, she is a very smart person, it’s because she is seriously into studies, (it's always like a blink and miss,like when i come online she is not there,and when she is online i am not there,just missing by an hour or so)

Studies are her number one priority, so she replies only whenever she was free, but she is really good friend to me, she answers each of my question faithfully ,never forgetting to reply, well so I adore her, like I got a hundred friends in my friend list ,but none of them replies properly(why do these peoples even make profiles???),but she replies to me every time she comes online, she is one of my 1st best friends I made on orkut,also you guys should actually thank her, because, only of her, that I started writing about my friends in this blog.

Her name is ANDRIA PASCEGAS. (I call her ANN)

Well Ann as I said was the 1st close friend I made on orkut, well first we chatted,the usual, where r u from, what u do?, all that stuff, we really got close only in a couple of visits, even though we didn’t meet online, but I really got going when I said I had this liking for a girl,

Here the story turns to me, but Ann comes later where she is most needed

Well I am not the guy who goes around ogling at girls, or making fun, I have very high respect for them, I just mind my own work, and go on with my life, (when I was a kid I really, absolutely, truly, hated girls, so I never had friends who were girls, I had friends who I would only approach for study matters but nothing else, but after this incident everything changed)

Well I gotta confess to you guys, this incident happened, just about recently (i.e. 1 year 8 months back ;-)) well it was like a film story, here how it goes, I had to do a seminar in my class and so I had borrowed a couple of books of the library, and after I had prepared for it I went with a friend of mine to return the books, and when I returned the books, and took the library card and kept it in my purse,(so what you’ll say?, well read on guys,u’ll know)

So, When I kept the card in my purse, I dint notice that a hundred rupee note from my purse had fallen from my purse, I just kept the card and was going back to my class, I had moved a couple of steps, when a girl came from the back, and said you have dropped your money, here take it back, I was grateful to her, and said “thanks”, she smiled and went away, I turned back to my friend and said, “I only got this back, because she was a girl”, he said “why is that?”, I said “if a guy had picked it up, he would definitely never return this to me”(well in matters of loyalty and honesty, girls top, I give you that)

Well I completely forgot about it, and I really didn’t know that I would see that girl again, man was I wrong…

Well I saw her again the same evening, and I was with a friend, it was raining, an as I was about to open my umbrella, I saw towards the other side and saw the same girl smiling towards me, at the same time the friend who was with me also saw her, and he thought she was smiling towards him(there was pretty big mix up there with my friend, before he understood the real deal), well I just smiled back and went my way (I know you may say “why didn’t you go and talk to her?”),but if u have read my 1st post u will know, that I was not so good with, talking with girls, back in the day, I was nervous wreck, other than studies I had not talked to a girl, even casually, so I just made my way home, this time too I forgot about her, but guess what I saw her the very next day, this time too she smiled, I thought, ‘this is something’, whereas I have to smile seeing her, because she returned my money, why in the world is she smiling towards me, I had a hundred questions going in my mind, ‘does she like me?’, ‘why is she smiling?’, God I wanted answers to all this, I dint even know her name, I didn’t know which class she was in, and I sure as hell couldn’t approach her directly, so I didn’t have real close friends to discuss this, then I thought of Ann, if somebody can help me it would have to be Ann ,so I went online and asked her what to do? I asked her to advice me, well to my luck I got the reply the very next day, she said “don’t be afraid, go approach her, and say hi, how are you? when are the exams that sort of stuff," but when I explained her the irony that I dint even knew her name ,she said that it’s difficult then, she said find her name first, and all this dint happen only in 2 or 3 days it was only after around 10 to 12 days when she would be online again, and my bad luck was I dint see this girl after that 'smile' day, so there was no lead for me, but whenever I asked something, Ann was there to answer, she was never angry or frustrated, even when I asked some really silly questions(yeah really silly, I wont share that here),she answered me very patiently, she started to reply faster narrowing down to 2 to 3 days this almost took me 3 months, and I still dint see her(because my college is pretty big), but Ann was always there to guide me, at last one day I saw her again in the library, but when I was about to approach her some old friends of mine came and I couldn’t leave, but I asked an old friend of mine who was talking with her before, “do you know her?”, to my surprise he said she is of his class only and said her name to me too, I said this to Ann, and she encouraged me to go ahead, only because of Ann I was fully prepared to talk to her but as luck would have it ,there was dramatic ‘twist’ …she left the college just the next day, her dad had been transferred to Bangalore and so she had left the college(which I learnt later),u know I surely could not discuss this with my parents, and my friends who were mostly boys would have made fun of me, but not Ann, Ann really was very supportive ,I had felt really sad @ that time, but Ann was more sad than me, she said “why had she left in the middle of the year”, I told her the reason, she said its really sad but what can you do in front of fate, if at that time she was not there, I don’t know what would I do? to whom would I have gone and shared my feelings, but only and only because of Ann, I felt better at that moment, and whenever I have I problem, I first contact her, the support she gave me that time was very valuable, after that sad day, I overcame my nervousness, and now I am more casual, and more comfortable with friends who are girls and now can talk to girls just like anyone else, I know its no big deal, but to come out of that emotional barrier is hard, and can only be known, but the person itself,

She is really very helpful, and I am glad, really glad I found a friend like Ann, well I mostly don’t know about her because she rarely comes online, but it’s a great pleasure to see her reply in my scrapbook whenever she does, she is really cool, I have not seen her or talked to her in person, but she is really close to me, she was a turning point in my life, she changed my course of life, I am now confident around girls but it wouldn’t have been possible if Ann wasn’t there, she helped get over that barrier, and I am grateful to her for that .

The song that I will dedicate to her is no ordinary one, it’s my favorite in fact it’s the favorite song of friendship itself, this song describes friendship like none other

So the song is
The one and only
“Yeah dosti” from the film ‘SHOLAY’

This is for you ANN

Ann, I know that we both don’t meet each other online, but you have been really very helpful to me, you are the living explanation of the saying “ a friend in need is a friend indeed” without you I would have missed something very important in my life, and would have not even made friends with girls who, some of them are now very dear to me,all thanks to you only you, you are the 1st best friend I made on orkut, and I am lucky to have found you, the only one regret from you is that you don’t come online often, please make some time and come online so that I can know you better, I really wanna know more about you, you were always there when I needed you the most, you helped me deal with situations ,which I couldn’t handle my self, please be my friend as you always have, because you are an integral part of my life.

I know I should have written about you a lot earlier, but I had to know more about you, but you rarely coming online doesn’t help, I am not complaining!!!!! Just making a request to you please come online more often. Don’t u want to see me happy, then come online more frequently ok????

Take care of yourself, because you are really special, and come online often so that I can be happy ok

Ok guys until my next update c u byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My friend JASMINE

Well now that I am a regular blogger because of plethora of my frenz visiting my blog (but still not writing comments),and also I am finding some very special frenz, so this blog is gonna be busy for another couple of months, so visit my blog regularly ok,don’t miss…….

This time I am writing about a person who is not just special and important in my life,
She is a part of my life, because even though I just started smiling with my frenz,I truly opened up and shared my life’s experiences with her, she is not just great, she is that amazing gift that you can only get once in a life time, and that to, only if u have some luck, well I am saying Hell,yeeah I am the luckiest person in this whole big world, because I have met some persons who are mean to others only thinking about how to take the other person down, laugh and make fun at the other person’s misery, posing as frenz and stabbing in the back, I have had my bad times, but when I think about this person ,everything I mean everything around me turns beautiful, almost erasing those bad memories from my mind, but I am not here to tell that bad memories, I am here to say about the most precious friend I have in my life and I think I will ever have,

Her name is DEBARATY MAJUMDAR (I call her Jasmine).

The moment she came into my life, (here to orkut worked its magic again) I have been smiling ever since; I mean just how good is that. You wouldn’t know because she is so friendly, I mean I just can’t put it in words, it’s very difficult for me. But today I will try to recreate that truly special feeling that I share with my very dear friend jasmine

Well to be honest I didn’t read her complete profile when I sent her a friend request, I just read the line that says ‘about me’.

The lines jasmine has wrote in 'about me' is the most original that I have ever seen, it’s the most original and the most honest profile in orkut ,do u know the strength of orkut,it’s 54,69,74,385 profiles till yesterday.
And only one profile is the most original, I mean how good, I mean how great is that, just think of it, u will get my drift………
So I just read the line ‘about me’ of jasmine and sent her a friend request, well she accepted, that’s the best gift she gave me, because if she had rejected that request almost half of my happiness would have went away with that request ,do u know why I didn’t read her whole profile, because I knew she was special than others so I wanted to know about her from scratch, from her own words, so I started chatting with her, first I couldn’t get hold of her online for a couple of weeks, but when I caught her online at last one fine day, it was the most brightest day in my life, even though we didn’t chat much, it was first step towards a beautiful bond of friendship that I now share with jasmine.
Well we chatted very casually I should say because she was very reserved, but as days went, we became very friendly, the truly magical moment came when she asked me about my mom.

She asked “how is aunty?”, I said “whose aunty?”, she said “tumhari mummy mere liye aunty hi huwi na”,you know even I am not that much casual with anybody, I know it’s no big deal, but how many of you are that much casual with your friends, yeah you may ask what, once a year with your frenz how is your mom?, because you only concentrate on your friend and not about the person who actually brought that beautiful person in this world.

I once told her that my bhaiya and bhabhi were gonna come to our house ok,they are newlyweds so they said they were gonna come I had told this with jasmine, they didn’t come, and it’s been 4 weeks since I told jasmine this matter, but she asks me this every day, whether they came or not,yeah you may say what’s the big deal, I ask you how many times would you ask 1 day, 2, ok think a week, but initially you would forget but not jasmine, because she cares about her frenz,and not just simply, she does this, from her heart.

You know these small things only, make a big difference in one’s life, you know what those lines meant it shows that the person understands you and really cares for you and not only you but also the world that surrounds you, and the people around you

You will know what it means read the below lines

"Sometimes the beauty of life can be experienced in the smallest moments of happiness, never miss these moments, because they only come once in a lifetime. Enjoy them to the fullest, so that you will remember them your whole life."

And here are some very interesting facts about her:

Do u know who was her crush when she was in school it’s none other than our own khiladi ‘Akshay Kumar’. Crush bhi kis pe aaya dekho………;-)

And the most important is she knows to cook some very delicious dishes,even though I have not tasted any of them,(because she lives in assam),they gotta be the most delicious things I think I will ever eat ‘if’ I get a chance.

It’s like a dialogue from hulchul, akshay khanna says”mami bachhe kaha hain?maine dekhe nahin hain,par bahut pyare hain” u get it na??????

Well she understands her friends that’s the best part of it, I hadn’t said her that I like to sing she said “I think you like to sing”, well how good is that,I tell you its too gooood.
Again, This 2 is a small thing, but it shows that you are true frenz

Well I literally can’t find words to describe jasmine but I will try

Well I really can’t describe or compare her to anything in this world, because she is incomparable
Although I can say she is one thing that we always wanna meet.

She is an ANGEL, yes if there ever was an angel on earth it has got to be jasmine, because the care she shows towards her friends cannot be compared to anything in this world,

One line that totally describes jasmine is

“Friendship starts with jasmine and ends with jasmine. Because friendship itself is jasmine” so what else can I say?????

She has 2 of the most precious things that nobody can ever afford:

One is her eyes they are very beautiful, the innocence in those eyes is enchanting.
And another one is her smile it’s just priceless.

Well I love listening to songs, so I have the perfect set of songs for jasmine
So the songs I wanna dedicate to jasmine is

1) ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ by Guns And Roses

2) ‘I’ll be there for you’ by the Rembrandts

You know which song is ‘I’ll be there for you’ it’s the song from the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S, that starting song, please listen to it guys its great.

This is for you Jasmine

Well you may think I have written just a little, well I admit I have written only a little because I know just a little about you, I am still analyzing you, and I am gonna write about you another time in this blog ,and be sure to share more information this time,

Also do you know why I chose those particular songs only, because?

The meaning of the song ‘I’ll be there for you’ is great so listen to it carefully

But the other song ‘sweet child of mine’, I got work for you, convert those lines to ‘sweet friend of mine’, I love guitar music ok and its lyrics are also cool, also its one of my favorite songs, so a special song for a special friend

You are the only true friend that I have found, you understand me, and care for me, because the world is so mean, it doesn’t give a damn about anyone, but you are very special, because you have not even met me and we haven’t even spoken to each other in person, but still, you care about me, thank you ,I know I shouldn’t say those words but thank you for being my friend

You are not just my best friend, you are the best part in my life, and you are the best gift life ever presented me with; I will never forget our friendship jasmine. NEVER….

I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to meet you, but if I do get a chance you don’t know how happy I would be, I tell you how happy I would be, it would be like finding water after toiling in the desert for a year,…………. I think it would be the best moment of my life, like they say no in an ad, Kodak moment it would be a Kodak moment for me.

You are the only person with whom I am very casual, with whom I can discuss almost everything, I don’t have to think what to talk with you, because I feel comfortable talking to you,

Well take very good care of yourself, and as I have said before you look most beautiful when you smile, so always be smiling no matter what happens ok, and whenever I mean whenever you need any help from me you can count me in, so no matter what happens in life I am and will be your friend till I die jasmine, …………………..

And don’t forget to pay my bill for this post ok, u know na what’s the bill ;-)

Be smiling and be happy always, GOD bless you.

Ok guys until my next update c u byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.