My friend and Motivater 'XSYSTEM'


Let’s see how many, I ask how many times you may have read these lines in profiles and status lines and god knows where else…

Well for all my readers out there, don’t get confused it’s your Thousif only here, it’s just that I am here taking a very serious matter at hands …

Ok so I was telling that the people of this world are just becoming a CLONE , they copy other peoples profiles, steal other guys ideas (like the face book idea, yeah it was stolen) and act like they are the ‘coolest person alive’ on this earth.

Well everyone believes “I am cool” .Well let me tell you, I once read in a study that “every 1 person in 5 persons ‘thinks’ he is cool” well that would make more a 100 million people cool, one question
“Can that ever, I mean ever be truthful?”

Well, guys who are thinking that it is ,here is a slap in the face ,no you guys, you are ‘not’ cool.

I would not have brought the matter up, but when I think about this person I am writing about , it makes me hate all those ‘uncool’ people out there, who desperately try to act cool, thinking they are cool[gotta make a you tube video of these clowns ;-)].

Well I wont use my old dialogue of “what can I say about this person?” because I will say everything I know about this person, because he is really worth knowing than all the uncool guys out there,

He is my very ‘cool’ friend

ABHISHEK JOSHI[I call him abhishek only ;-)] LOL

Well to say the truth, I have lots, really lots of friends who are boys, so I very rarely accept friend request from somebody who is a guy, but when abhishek sent me a friend request ,something clicked because, he had not put up his name abhishek in his profile, the name in his profile was ‘XSYSTEM’

How cool is that!!!! ;-) I instantly accepted, I visited his profile, even cooler, I liked Abhishek instantly and was really glad he sent me a friend request,

Another fact about Us is that He and I have almost never chatted online for more than five minutes, we have known each other mostly through offline messages at first it was as usual when I am online he is not and when he is I am not, but 1 fine day when he had uploaded some photos I paid his profile a visit, he had put up a photo of his room in his hostel, it was a typical guy’s room (you gotta see my room) with all the posters of his favorite bands and everything .but the paint on the walls was torn apart and was real messy----Indian climate and Indian people what can you say?;-)!!!!!

Fact time again----so did I say that he has a Great!!!!Absolutely fantastic sense of humor. I told him “Dude the photos is great, but the walls need a repaint!!!” His reply was classic and I will never ever forget it!!!!! He said “Paint???? Forget paint, those walls are only gonna get a coat of choona” That one line was so funny, it was a definition of the infrastructure of this country,

Told you I am into deep waters here, Ok serious stuff aside, I am gonna tell you some fun stuff about Abhishek, I asked his name after 3 weeks of chatting with him because the guy is so interesting you can forget the world while knowing about him, also he write’s some kick a** status lines
Let me tell you guys one which I loved:

Acchoo aahmm I am allergic to bullshit”. (Take another note you uncool guys)
Now that’s a cool status line!!!! ;-)

Abhishek is the guy who doesn’t give a damn,because he is as I see him,has his very own world which is very interesting, by the way.Also he has asked some very nice questions as ----
Who would you take a bullet for?

Time given for you guys is 5 seconds think

So who did u think?

I really tell you until that point I really hadn’t thought about that stuff, but it was like a rapid fire you have to say the first person who comes to your mind, I instantly said that I would take a bullet for my parents any given day. you may say yeah me too but tell me swearing who did you think first, when I asked the same question with a friend, he 1st said no one, but when I said him what about your parents, then he said yeah, I wont blame him because sometimes you know the answer, but you just don’t know, that you know it, I am really glad he asked me that, because it set me thinking ---(Which I rarely ;-))

He is the perfect definition of Different is Cool, because Normal Is Boring and “different” is the new cool in this world.

You may think, if he is that intelligent what is he doing in orkut,well he is not wasting time, do you guys know he is a engineer, and has his own blog designed by him?. I saw his blog design layout, it’s really very unique and some of the posts I read is very interesting---- The guy is a genius. He can change a sad day into a great day, by cracking on of his wisecracks, he listens to songs various bands (check out his profile page and u will knw,the list is 'HUGE')but likes most from the band “system of down”(I love them), because they really define what the world really looks like, listen to their songs and you will know, but beneath all this he is also a great person at heart, he doesn’t show that to everyone, but I know he is very caring and sensitive person, and I like him for that

The songs I wanna dedicate to abhishek are

1) Julien K’s - Technical difficulties.

2) Sum 41’s - Fat lip.(it’s my very fav song)(it defines him)

These are very different songs, but whenever I hear these songs it reminds of abishek

Abhishek this is for you

Dude, I gotta hand it out for you are are the coolest person on earth I know, let me tell you again that’s the coolest nick name I have ever heard, I mean even ICE may think, when you are around that it feels cool around here ;-)

I will never forget the times we chatted (they are not many I know), it’s just that I have lot on my plate right now----I mean lot of college work that I cannot come online, you really have been a constant source of motivation for me, and also you have written some very great comments for my previous posts, I have to tell you even though there were comments from others, they really dint feel like comments, its only yours that I felt that yeah, now that’s a comment

Dude you have great potential!!!! (I guess you knew that ;-)), but I really am saying, don’t give a damn about anything, and make this world a better place, even I dint knew who Heath Ledger was…. until you put up a profile photo of him, and I have heard some great songs from system of down like psycho, violent pornography, innervision, they are all great, do tell me yours which are your fav ones?

I just wanna say you are great person inside and outside, the time I have known you I have always learnt something useful, not like some other dimwits out there, I just wish you
Not just good but ‘great of luck’ for your future,

These are the lines I have written for you:

Be the person you always have been, never change, even if the winds of change, change the world

Take care, be smiling, be happy and be different like you always have……..

Ok guys and gals until my next update c ya byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee