Just plain old fun

It had been 2 weeks at least since the world had seen that aura…. An aura that defined what the meaning of life was, to the mortals living in the world. The reason for the late coming of the aura was, because …. It was…. Having FUN. ;)

Hey guys hii, intro was cool don’t you think..., man I wanted write this post from a long time, but the story on which I was working on, took a lot of time. I showed it to some critics, and got it corrected at some parts, and as I have taken a new digital camera (A Nikon L110 :)) I was also busy taking pictures.

Yeah I know you wanna see the photos, don’t worry they are all at the end (some are at orkut) so that you can marvel at them.

But that’s not all, these past 2 weeks have been very much fun, there were 2 of particular importance (if you can call it that ;))

One includes my 2 cousin brothers. Far and Sam.

It was 12.30 in the night and I was fast asleep, and suddenly (I still donno if it was a dream or not, but anyway), these 2 guys came bustling in my room, and woke me up… I got up in a daze and was like, “Don’t kill my cows… (I.e. in farmville) they are very precious, they give milk…”

Sam asked me “What??”

I said “No nothing.. Go on… and why the hell have you woke me up at this ungodly hour?”

He said “Listen, we are having an argument and you are the only one who can settle it…”

As soon as I heard it I knew I was in trouble, because earlier incidents where it involved me to decide among who was the best were not at all pretty, like when these guys came running in my room one day wearing only chaddies(Underwear), and I had to decide who’s was the ‘brightest’ one, or when both had a cold, and they came running to me showing me their bloated nostrils and had asked, who’s nose is bigger and more 'bright'.

So as you can see I wanted to refuse, but I couldn’t because I wanted to know what this was all about.

So I said “What is it, this time?”

Both of them lifted their shirts half way through and showed me their stomachs. Far has a beer belly, a smaller size, and sam has 6 packs (according to him ;))

I said “What the hell is this?”

Sam said “Ok, don’t panic, we just wanna know who has a better physique….”

I took a look at the two stomachs intently, it was tough decision, beer belly against 6 packs, hmmm well I thought 6 packs are in fashion now, so I gave my decision saying Sam has a better physique.

Far retorted back saying “I dint knew you were a sissy too, woman have flat stomachs, they worry about their so called figures, not men, because they have bellies like this” he pointed to his stomach.

Sam and I couldn’t help sniggering

Sam controlling his laughter turned back to Far “I had heard pregnant ladies were cranky, now I know for sure” he said and started running towards the door, Far ran just behind him screaming “Wait till I get my hands on you….”

I was about to go to sleep, when EVIL M got up from his slumber and asked “Was that a male version of belly dance that I just saw?” I smiled and he said again “I dint have horror memories till now, damn, now I have one” I couldn’t help but smile again.

The other incident includes our new neighbor, my aunt has shifted her home from the ground floor that we were living to the upper floor, and new tenants have occupied the ground floor now. And because of that my bhabi’s are reaping benefits. The new neighbor aunty is one skilled lady. Man I gotta admit she has the most skills that I have seen in a house wife.

Lemme just tell you what all she can do.

She can cook as I have heard a staggering 108 different dishes.

She is the local phunsukh wangdu because, she can fix any electronic gadget. And that’s not a rumour, I have seen her fix our fridge, T.V, sewing machine and what not, and that too at an incredible price.

FREE!!! :P

She even knows tailoring, and designs new dresses for her daughter. I have seen a couple she has designed, and I gotta say they are brilliant.

Not just that, whenever she cooks anything new, she gives a hearty share to us (I think she wants to experiment on us, but what the hell) and I gotta say, those are some of the delicious dishes I have tasted.

This happens every other night, (i.e. she cooking something new) and I wait like a hawk in my room, as soon as she delivers the dish I pounce on it, and finish almost half of it. Because of this ability of mine my bhabhi’s have gotten smart and have said to her, to deliver the goodies at afternoon only, as I will be in college.

I too have got smart, because from 2 days, I haven’t been to college, so that I can taste the new dishes. It has been utmost fun. And now because she knows I like what(ever) she cooks, she packs in a little extra. I still have a doubt that she is looking for a (handsome ;)) groom for her daughter and so is taking full advantage of the saying ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. So I say to myself I gotta be careful, but damn it, she makes tasty dishes. :P

I gotta see where this will end, but what the hell, we have got a superwoman living just below us, who is perfect in every manner. I think I will give a thought about her daughter. Daughter is always like her mother they say, so who wouldn’t want a superwoman as his girl eh? ;) wat say? :P

So that’s about it, and oh yes I completed the story. It’s up on Crafted Fantasies now; the story is in five parts. I will be updating it once in three days (So that I get more comments ;)). I want you all to read it, and gimme your valuable opinion about how awesome it is. (Just awesome, or sooooo awesome, you choice ;)) Ok enjoy then….

Have an awesome week ahead…. Take care :)

And here are the photos I clicked.(Click for a larger view) Enjoy.

(Ever seen moon like this :P)


Agepe said...

Nice post. I like it

Thousif Raza said...

@ agepe: hey yaar thx..... hope to see you more often here....take care :)

Charu said...


Lucky you!

Love the pictures!

Tulika said...

:) :)

Congo man.. You gotta Nikon digi.

Enjoy with ya pet! :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

"Don't kill my cows.. they give me milk..."...
LMAO man... you are a funny bitch *no offence bro!!* :P

Congrats for your new cam... :)

or sale ye superwoman ke chakkar me na padna.. khila-khila ke mota kar degi tujhe!! :P

n Nice Clicks bey!!! you ve got some talent there.. :)

Cheers Man!!! :))

Chandrika Shubham said...

Awesome pics! :)

Nice post! :)

Vyazz said...

First off...regarding the six pack....I cannot say how horribly jealous I am every time I see a guy on television, strutting around with a perfect six pack, pecs and bulging biceps.
So much so, that I ruin every morning of my sleep, and work my a$$ off in the gym!! Of course I'm still light years away from that Greek God look!!....But it would be soooo cool to be the awesome lookin doc with bulging muscles every nurse swoons over!! ;) (yeah I have sad fantasies!!)

Second off.....I have never met a woman who can fix things!! Seriously....even I can barely hold a screwdriver!!!! If anyone needs a super woman it outta be me!!! :D
Nice to get to know of the colourful ppl in ur life!!!

akanksha said...

Nice cam!!! And lovely pics!

Enjoy! Btw, loved the post!

viddhi said...

lovely pics superb they are.....n congo fr the camera thing .....!!...

n yeah ur post too good ...i mean i liked it ...and i feel sorta hungry ... :p :P :P

QM said...

You got a Nikon! WOW!!

Awesome pictures(: The moon pic is glorious

Thousif Raza said...

@ Charu: thank you so very much :) tc

@ Tulika: thx... will do :)

@ Arpit: you make my day alwayz yaar :), or evng for that matter ;)... take care :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Chnadrika: thank you... thank you :)

@ Vyazz: dude i laughed more reading you comment than writing my post... so sad... my bro's msg to you was... to send him your email id... he ill send his 6 packs pics so that you can get more jealous.. and sad for that matter :P... tc

@ Akansha: thx for bringing an awesome smile on my face... glad as always :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ viddhi: you made me smile... and i will always glad for that... :) welcome to my blog... hope you enjoy your stay here :).take care

@ Qm: Thank you so much for the appreciation :), take care :)

Sreeram Shenoy said...

nice one bhai...congrats on the came..nice pics..the moon effect was dingchak! :D

Sreeram Shenoy said...

nice one bhai...congrats on the came..nice pics..the moon effect was dingchak! :D

Thousif Raza said...

@ shreeram: thx for the twin comments even though the same... :P, and thank you so much for the appreciation :),tc

Shalini said...

LOL!! I say beer belly wins. Ya sure..guys wid perfect abs are attractive...but they lose the cuddliness know what i mean..;)
Ooh...nice aunty and clever you!!
Nice pics. :D

Remya said...

@You are so full of randomness :P
Oh and yeah, Can I borrow your neighbor?
I want tasty food!!
Amazing pictures bro...You should tohtally do more photog...:)
Oh anddd..I'm gonna chek ur story out ri9ght now...
Take care :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ shalini:really i thought girls like flat abs... makes wanna think abt my abs now(which are none by the way :P)... welcome to my blog... enjoy your stay :)..take care

@ remya: how late you arrive every time haan ;), and aunty toh mai de hi nahi sakta, she is mine mine only....thank you for the appreciation :), tc

Riddhiculuos said...

:D hahaha loved the belly dancers.. and wah aise padosi ho toh jeevan safal hojaye thousif. and love the moon pics.. hw do u get this thing..woh classy type effect batao batao. I wan to knw...

and the second favourite is the first cloud landscape photo. nice.

Good post. story i will read installments mein,and reply saath mein wen m done. i must say it is pretttttty long. :D

Thousif Raza said...

@ Riddhi: hey riddhi... good to c ya back... belly dancers agar tumhara comment dekhenge toh aur khush ho jayenge yaar :P
moon phot may bus, iso setting low kiya hai, thats it..., thank you so much for the appreciation....
will be waiting for the commens on the story... thx again :).... keep visitng :)

AB HOME Interiors said...

Havent been over in ahile. Love the new look, and SO glad you moved comments to the bottom of the post! yay!

Thousif Raza said...

@ Amanda: hope to see more of you here soon :)...take care

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