The return of the return of (the return :P)

So so so i'm not dead :P... ok you have heard that before, but still (guess it should be my daily status update :P) any hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

OK got a lil bit of tarzan into me :P so anyways... i'm ALIVE.... hurray :D
besides a couple of very low sounding yeah yeah's and under the cough swearing of 'oh shit' :P...i'll shamelessly continue!!

The year is coming to an end so there are a lot of memories to be shared

From the time i flew a plane(a real one), to a place where i lost like 10 competitions in 2 days but gained tremendous self confidence. From a place where i thought i'll somehow get up at 6 in the morning to a place where i slept at 2 every night(yeah it was the same day i made the resolution that i'll get up at 6 :P) Everything!!.... is to be shared.... but till that time (yes i'll be back again!! yes, this month itself. God u guys ask so many questions :P)

Here is something i wrote,so that u remember me by and appreciate the love we have in our lives :) enjoy..
EVIL M: Shut up and write quickly would ya... hey guys hi:) *wink, wink* that winks are only for the hot girls out there OK... gay boys... shoo shoo :P

Words are the only thing i can give to you my darling
Because they whisper a small volume of the valley of love, i have inside

Many feelings in my heart i feel
but words seem like a disgrace, to describe their true appeal

The feel of which i speak to you
is not just in my heart, its in my soul
because its yearns for and finds true love, in only.... your's

Its not just what we have in our hearts that makes us...We
Its who We are and what We have become

From the timeless eternity love has proved its place among us
And made everyone believe
That no matter what you are or who you might become
any day, and i mean any day, love..... will give you that strength

Even in the weakest times in your body, or
in the hardest of times in your lives
Love will always make you strong
and make you believe.

That love wasn't born out of life.
It was life, that was and always will be born out of

Till next time its me Thousif Raza, (and EVIL M ;), wassup girls!!!! ;)) singing off... have a blessed christmas :)... and no new year wishes cause i'll be back till then ;)

.....And if you wanna give me gifts, well send me a email, my account number is a big 16digit code ;)and CANNOT be leaked out so... jaldi say send me those emails ;)

Take care everyone...cya soon love you all..XOXO . Christmas hugs :) XOXO take care :) :) :)