Happy Birthday Sonu :)

Hi Frenz, I am back, after my super duper success of my last blog post (it was the most successful with 5 comments :D), I am here to tell the world about another person, who I met in one of the most unusual manner, in this post you will know… all that is to know.. the how, where, when etc etc... so get ready for another heart touching, mind boggling experience, as always. ;)

Birth, they say is the most beautiful thing that comes in one’s life, Because birth brings everything into a person’s life---- happiness, possibilities, hope. However, the smiles and tears (happy ones yaar ;)) arriving at the same time are very rare (which I have heard is the most beautiful moment) in one’s life. However on this date (i.e. 27 November), this person brought smiles and tears at the same time for everyone present at the place of her birth.

So today I am here to tell you about the friend I met through the help of today’s technology, and in a very unique way,

Please welcome my very dear friend
Sonia Shetty (I call her Sonu ;) sweet Na...), and wish her a very warm happy birthday.

Well to start with, of all my friends I have written about in this blog (till now) I have met them on Orkut, but my friendship with sonu was unique, because our friendship was ‘born’ from a mistaken Sms to my cell.

I remember the date, it was 23rd may,( I am very good with numbers ;)) I was having my holidays, and it was 4 in the evening and I was sitting in a cyber cafĂ© talking to my friends on Orkut, when suddenly a Sms came to my cell, it was from an unknown number, ( ok now for some history lessons for all of you---- let me inform you, I never reply to Sms’s or calls from unknown numbers it’s my policy, only if the number appears more than 5 times on my cell, do I give my attention to it, otherwise I really don’t care).

(Now back to present),I would have never replied but when I read the Sms, at the end it said “good morning” that brought a smile on my face, coz someone was wishing me “good morning” in the evening, I checked and found that it was an Indian number.

I playfully replied “In which part of India is morning now?”

The reply came “sorry, I forwarded the Sms without looking”

I liked the reply for somebody who was admitting their mistake with a person for the very 1st time, I knew this person is honest, so I thought let’s get to know some more about this person.

I replied “well it’s ok, may I know what is your name?”(I will continue the conversation without the ‘she replied’ and ‘I said lines’, understand ok, I hope you can do that na..)

She said “Sonia”
“What do u do?”
“I study”
“So, where r u from?”

I sprang up from my seat! It’s 2 rupees for 1 Sms for messaging outside the state!!!! I thought I was doomed!!!!I instantly checked my balance no money was cut off, I thought she is just playing with me, so I text her back saying:”I know you are from Karnataka”
“no I am from Mumbai only but right now I am in Karnataka for holidays”
“so tell me where r u from?”

hmmm I said, I was curious I asked instantly “can we be frenz?”
She replied “you haven’t even seen me, how can we be frenz?”
“I said you seem like a nice person, so I want to be frenz with you”
She at first said “No, we can’t”
Me-“it’s your wish if u ever want a friend whom you can trust, to be your friend in every situation you can call me anytime”
Reply came to this she said “yes ok we can be frenz”
she then asked me “what do you do?”
I replied “I am doing my final year B.B.M”
After that no reply came I msgd her several times but no reply came ,(I think, my cell didn’t receive them, you know na how my cell is ;)

I forgot about this incident after a couple of days, but I send Sms’s to every friend I have in Karnataka, (cause it’s free hehehe) so I used to send her Sms’s regularly. After a couple of months, I received a Sms from her saying “hi, how are you?” I was happy, thinking at least she hasn’t forgotten about me!!!!

I replied “I am fine, but what about you, how come you have replied me after so many days?”

She said “my cell was seized in college so I could not message you”

So we began to text each other regularly and became good friends then one day suddenly she sent me a Sms which was very emotional. I knew something was wrong,” I asked what’s wrong?”
She replied with her problem(which I cannot tell you) and asked for my advice and I happily offered it to her(because that’s what frenz do isn’t it, they stand by you in times and sorrow, So I too stood up),she was very relived and happy with the advice I gave her and told me she liked it very much, I was happy too because when you help a person you naturally feel happy about it, she said I was one of the best frenz she had, we continued chatting through sms’s only. But one fine day I thought let’s call her I asked her can I call you (because it’s my policy, I do not call anyone without their permission) she said “we could talk when I am free”

And then that day came, my internal exams got over I messaged her can we talk she said I was free in the evening, we can talk then, I will give you a miss call you call me after that
So at 7 pm sharp miscall came and I called sonia, after initial hi and hellos , I thought I should properly introduced myself, I introduced myself, she introduced herself as (here comes the kick ,I mean the twist in the story) “my name is sonia and I am from Mangalore”. I was shocked hearing that, I said “Mangalore???”, “yeah, I told you that day itself when I replied to your Sms”

I knew at that point there in no one to blame but my cell for this mishap, which had not received the message at all, and guess what she is studying at a college where I have 2 more frenz from orkut. My another best friend Manasa and Anvitha (Nice name na......)

At that moment (it was another one of those bluff master moments of my life) I wondered how beautiful life is, everything is laid out so perfectly, how life is connected through different paths for all the beautiful moments that are to come in a person’s life, take me for example because through different paths I had found 3 perfect frenz that too in the same college (how lucky is that, yeah very lucky)

We chatted getting to know about each other, she was unwell that day, but still she was smiling and laughing, I too laughed very much that day, I mean I enjoyed very much talking to her, how time flew by that day I don’t know ,we got to know about each other’s life on a very personal note, It was really great talking to her ,she teased me from time to time when I said about ,my liking for this girl in college( she even teases me now), in total we both enjoyed a lot and when I cut the call the time was 57mins 17 seconds, that’s the most I have talked with a person on a phone, I remember she was asking “what ya you have much money kya?”

I laughed very much that day, I mean I have not laughed that much as I have laughed that day with sonu.

She is a great person, and I am glad I found her, and I am so very glad I replied to that Sms that day, because if it wasn’t for that good morning in the evening I wouldn’t have gotten this beautiful person as my friend in my life, it’s her birthday today and as I couldn’t send her a gift, I present this post itself as her gift (Hope you like it sonu)

The songs I want to dedicate sonu are

1) Ever clear – Wonderful

2) Flying without Wings- Westlife

P.S - Sonu this is 4 u

A very very happy birthday to you sonu ;), well sonu I never thought that just one wrongly sent message could fetch me such a sweet friend like you, thank you God thank you, I guess it was my lucky day, well it was really nice talking to you, like, I have never had so much fun talking to a person as much fun I had talking to you, and also I have laughed the most that day, you took away all my worries for that 57 minutes, and I enjoyed each and every moment of it, you are a wonderful person sonu, you can make anyone smile with your good nature, cause you are such a nice person, hope you like the songs I have dedicated to you.

And as I said this is the poem I wrote for u(hope u like it)
Cute is your name, Sweet is your laugh
How much ever I hear it, it never gets enough
You believe that happiness begins with sharing
That’s because you are understanding and caring
Glad I am of the day; your message came to me
Wonderful person you are, for eternity let our friendship be

Have a wonderful birthday ahead of you sonu, may life bring in all the happiness into your life and may you be always smiling,

Ok Guys I guess you have loved this post, then get ready for a bag of mixed emotions because you will smile, laugh and cry when you read my next post, until then bye c ya.