It Happened To Me :)

When was the last time you met a guy that you said for yourself, that “I want to be like this guy.............”well I don't know about you guys but for me I had met none, but when I met this person I immediately said those exact words.... he was so interesting that even quantum physics will seem like a boring subject (But when you come to think of it, Physics is a boring subject isint it? :P)

So here is how it all happened, couple of days back our seniors informed us, that there is this person who wants to hire students as part timers to do volunteer work in PR(Public Relations) and interested guys can meet him in a Cafe at 2.30 sharp. I had to attend a wedding that day along with my frenz,(It was boring as hell but the Carrot Halwa was scrumptious :P) but I and a couple of others somehow managed and made it. On time (Indian and on time???... Shabashi toh do yaar.... ;)).

We went in the cafe and saw the person whom we had to meet speaking with somebody else, we sat down on a free table, I was having hundreds of thoughts at that moment like, “Are the oatmeal biscuits kept here free?”, “Can I eat them?”, when he came and joined us....

Krishna B Mariyanka, Head Of Aikya Global (The name doesn't ring a bell right??.... It soon will) he introduced himself, and said how he has a 10 month old business of Communications and PR, and how he has the small client circle which include SHELL and TATA's sub company named Jisco or tisco (I don't remember, cause I was too mesmerized listening to him... :)), and some others, that captivated my interest completely, because as you know how Shell is the number 2 oil company in the world, and they are no way small......

He further told how he organized events for them, and also how he had organized more than 1200 events in his career spanning more than 20 years working for different companies, which also include organizing of a miss world event which was held in India in 1998 which he was part of.... I was just sucked in more and more towards his experiences, but the real shocker came when he said how he had started working for 6000/month in 1995 to 2008 where he was earning 2,50,000/month as the head of corporate communications in Shell, which he had resigned so that he could have his own business set up. I ask you who does that??, Nobody, because that needs courage and this guy seemed to have plenty of it, Plenty.

He then said about how one should not run towards something, just because it seems glamorous, and everybody else is doing it, but one should do what his heart says, and how he/she should work towards it to achieve the desired goals, he mingled with us in such a manner like we knew each other for years.

He asked each of us what our interests were in and offered us genuine help whenever we need some, over a cup of cappuccino, he joked, he mingled and captivated our minds with such elegance that we were just left spell binded....

After telling about how we could work for him, we parted and as I came out I was looking towards him from the window and was just telling myself one thing, “I wanna be like this guy...” cause he went towards his dreams and in way is still pursuing some of them, and I took a decision that whatever happens for sure one day I will reach where I wanna be, for sure I will

Take care c ya next time............

A 'Girl's' day out ;)

Couple of Days back, for the first time in my life, I did a great achievement, I did something all the men dread to do, I did a thing that I am not so proud of, but still am, sort of ;), wanna know what it is????, Well........

I went shopping with a girl :P

I can already see your face expressions, guys would be laughing their asses off saying “Dude.........”, and girls would be thinking what's the big thing in that?, correct hai na..

About the experience what can say........, was it valuable? Yes. Was it good? Not so much, Was a lesson? Definitely yes ;).

It all started when my friend, 'D' told me, “I wanna buy a dress for my birthday” I was all enthusiastic, and I said “I would love to help” cause I never had gone for shopping with a girl, I had heard “rumors”(Read: Truth) that, it will be experience through hell and you will be crying at the end of the day, so whenever my frenz who were girls asked me to come shopping with them, I had always shied away from it, but my brain was frozen as I had eaten a lot of ice creams that day. So I agreed.

She said “I want to buy jeans this time” And I said “I know a nice place where I buy jeans, but they have also a girls section, so you can check it out”, she agreed, and when we reached the place, she suddenly saw a long line of shirts and started seeing through them, I saw her till she made a decision screening through almost 60 shirts and after trying a couple of them, she said she dint like any, and after I followed her out, she blamed me saying “There isint a nice thing there!!, what shop is that?, No nice selection itself!!” I said “ Ok baba, but why did you just browse through shirts, you said you wanted a jean right?”, she said, “Na I don't want one now, lets see if they have any salwars”, I agreed and went to another shop nearby, she browsed again, and said, not good, I agreed this time, cause the shop keeper was only showing BLUE dresses (He seemed like a huge fan of the film!!), So we went to another shop which she suggested.

Being 3 years in Mysore, this silly girl still doesn't know, which road leads to where, she asked me to guide her through(The just arrived guy :P), and some how I manged to get her to her shop, and that’s where the real torture started. She went in the shop, and the sales girl started showering us with salwars, literally.

She was selecting and I was repenting, for the decision, the sales girl picked many, but she dint like any, then the fed up sales girl said, “you only come here and decide”, she went beside the counter,. And started browsing, she would pick one and ask me, ok na?, good na?, I had to answer, that too faking a smile on my face, and after trying more than 6 dresses, she seemed to like one, but was still asking me, “Its good na, its good na?” when I said “Yes, its better than the rest”, she dint seem to agree, so she tried out 3 more dresses, and when finally some other customer pleaded, “Can you please lend me the room?, I have to reach home early today”, only then did she leave the changing room, and finally asking me 5 more times, she agreed to buy a dress, which I had earlier said yes too.

When we got out, I had sweat on my face, even though we were just coming out of an AC show room, so you can imagine what kind of situation I had to go through, but when she said “Birthday dress is the most special dress for me, thank you for the help” and smiled at me, I thought it was worth it. You know the difference in a guy's shopping and girls shopping is that girls buy with their heart whereas we buy with just money. I think that’s where we feel short, it’s the heart that matters and I think they got plenty of it.

Saying that I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous diwali, have tons of fun, be smiling and be safe ok, take care :)

Peace, Frustration, Anger and a lil of WTF-Part 2

Amidst all the chaos happening due to floods in 2 states in the past week (i.e Andhra and Karnataka), there is one thing that is going on which needs more attention, No its not the politicians eating up fund money, that will come later, its what the “government”(if you can call that...), has provided for the flood victims.

The central government has done an air survey of the damage occurred, and the official reports state that the damage was more than 16500 crore rupees in karnataka, guess how much the “government” has provided, just fifty two crores, I just couldn't believe it, WTF yaar??, I guess the quote “what you see, is what you get” got a whole new meaning na??.

I was not bothered by it that much, I just thought “Fuc*ing political game play”, but when I looked at a newspaper, where they had said about the resources alloted for 2 states, I got so angry that I tore the newspaper(what else I could do?? :P)

Just look at the list an you will know for yourselves.

Resources alloted:

For Andhra
714 NDRF personnel
235 Motor boats
310 Life saving Rings
655(225+430) Life Jackets
700 Army Personnel
23 Special Boats
11 Boat Motors
11 Navy Rescue Squads

For Karnataka
12 Special Navy Boats
6 Boat Motors
200 Life Jackets
4 Dive Squad
Group of 22 Emergency Personnel

Before you say I am regionalist or something like that, lemme clear it out, I am NOT. I just want you to know the discrimination that has been going on, looking at the list its just like, a sackful for Andhra, and a handful for karnataka. It just goes to show that in the political game play that goes on, its the common man who ends up suffering the most.

I know in andhra the destruction is more than that of karnataka, but that doesn't men, here nothing happened, people are dying by the day because of less resources, and when I am getting so angry, think about the victims how they might be feeling being in the situation.....

Its the freakin same, when congress was the ruling party in karnataka, and BJP was in the centre, the famine problem came up, and they sanctioned so less, that it wasn't even seen by the needy, because the politicians only ate that up, and now when BJP is in state and congress in centre, the flood problem has come in, history gets repeated, AGAIN. At least this time people of the state itself are coming forward to give the money, and more than 500 crores were collected in just 24 hours, when karnataka state CM yediyurappa decided to do a road rally to collect the money, I really appreciate him for that.

I know more than 60% of the funds will be gulped down by the greedy bureaucrats itself, but at least something will reach the needy, so that they can get back to their lives, thats the only ray of light (if you can call that one).

Greedy becoming fat everyday, help not reaching the needy, I mean WTF is wrong with these people......, I don't know when the situation will improve, when the “government” will think, when a disaster strikes to 2 or more states, you don't look at the ruling party, but at the suffering people, and think all states are equal, and we should allot resources as per the need, so that the victims will get the help which they deserve. Until then I guess there will be more chaos than the disaster itself.... Shit and WTF is all I can say......

A Little Consience Clearing Session

I wore my first “Armani” T-shirt when I was in my 8th standard, and everyone was totally impressed seeing me in school, I took in the moment though I never told them that it was fake :P and it had just cost me 80 bucks at that time :P

Well life is sometimes like that isn't it?, when you get praise for something that you don't deserve, you stealthily take it, As much as you conscience tells you to tell the truth, your tongue just doesn't let it. An age old favorite “Quote” of my friend comes to my mind “Free ka maal babuji ka maal”.

I have passed with the exact situation a couple of times, where I have took in praise for free, without actually deserving it, I wanted to tell them that its not true and sometimes have even told them, but they are so adamant that they wont believe me, it makes me feel guilty that I am stealing something that is not my own. And it hurts, not much, but just a little, like a thorn stuck in your finger, the pain is not much but still its nags you real bad, and till that thorn is out of your hand you are not at peace.

Well as the name of the post suggests I am here for a lil conscience cleaning session, well the secrets that I am about to let out may seem down right silly, I can already see your answer after reading the post saying “Dude thats not even a secret, you are just being silly”, well maybe I am, but I somehow today I felt that I should clear out a couple of secrets, so here goes......

The one thing that has always nagged me and still sometimes does is that, when my family thinks I am a Big Computer geek, they think I am the Mahamahim of computers or something like that, and always praise me and say “Thousif, Ah he is a wizard with computers” and when I promptly say that I am nothing of sorts and that I just know the basics, they don't believe me itself and say “Oh Thousi stop being so modest, you know you are too good at it”, if only they knew the truth that I couldn't even pass my basic C programming practical exams (That computer language went straight over my head, rather going into it :P), I was like the least scoring student in computers, and when I tried saying I am more interested in writing i.e Novel writing and short stories, they were like “That doesn't have a definite future where as this does Thousif, so concentrate upon this”.

When I flunked in my science Exams in my 10+2 which included failing in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (You must be wondering how I passed my degree right? :P) but miraculously I had passed in my Computer science subject, and that made their belief more strong that indeed I was a “Wizard”

My god they told me every time when they caught hold of me, that “You should join Jet king”, “you should join IIHT, it will make a future to you”, as much I tried to convince them they were adamant, but due to my so called satyagraha's I finally made them realize that I was more into writing than the computer world, so they let me pursue my dream, but still the belief remains that I am “Computer Wizard”, and I just take in the praise with out actually deserving it.

Another was when they said “He cares about you, But talks a lil less thats it”, truth was I never really cared, the reason for that was, my so called relatives were only interested in gossip, ughh I hate that word itself, even when I wanted to to tell them I am not interested, my cousin sisters were like, “listen to this, that girl in my class is a total bitch blah blah blah, that guy is so hot blah blah blah” and I had to pretend that I cared because they would literally tie me to chair and make me listen, oh the torture, when I tried to say I just don't give a damn, they would get all teary eyed and would say “You don't care about us na” and as I hate tears I was forced to so “I was just kidding ya” with a fake smile of course and they would say “How sweet of you, you really care about us na” and I was like..... you can guess right..... :P

Well even till today the “whiz” and the “you care about me(Read:Gossip)” comment goes on and I just take the “praise”, I don't know how much more I can take it, and I cant even open my mouth also, because if I do they will get hurt, damn that thorn hurts, hmm lets see when I will find a nail cutter to pick it out.

Wanna help me out on this?, or blast me with your comments, you are most welcome :)

P.S: If you think this post resembles choco's writing, i am missing her posts so that might be it ;)

Till next time this is the “Whiz kid” signing out. Peace. :)

Happy Birthday Jasmine :)


Today i am not writing a regular post, because today is a very special occasion, so its a special post for a special person

Well as the post itself suggests its my best friend jasmine's birthday today(remember the one for whom i would take a bullet for!! yeah her) .

As she lives in assam i cant send her any gift(cause its too costly sending a courier there :P) so i have written a acrostic just for her, (her name is Debaraty so the poem is in that name)

Destiny's child she seems to be
Evergreen memories she leaves behind when she talks
Bestest buddy of mine in the whole world
Awesome will just be an understatement if i define her
Rapunzel will seem bland in front of her
Aphrodite is what more she is like
Today is her birthday, she turns a year old, But
Young in my heart she w2ill always remain, till the end of time itself

I know this poem may not be the best but, those words came from my heart, so i just hope she likes her, i once again wish her HAPPY BITHDAY JASMINE, wish you all the happines in the world, may you be always happy, take care
Dont forget, you gotta wish her too in the commens ok ;)
I will be back saturday with a new post, until then miss me ok, take care c ya soon :)