The story of the faulty stairs and the head-butting goat


Work work work, that’s how life has been. But then comes the bonus of working in an AD agency every week. Holidays on Saturday and Sunday when I can finally go meet my parents and everyone living at my aunt’s. There are a total of 8 people in my aunt’s home and that includes 2 of my bhabi’s. Among them is my fav bhabi Tasmia :).

She is adorable and helps me out in every possible way. Cooks all my fav dishes and is a real fun person to be with.

I’ll tell you one thing, people who are nice are always taken advantage of and it was no different with my bhabi. Only this time, the advantage taking selfish human being was me. Yes, I can be cunning too :P.

I was on my weekly visit to my bhabi’s home, when I saw that they were shifting some things from their storeroom in the house below(in which they were living) to the house above(where they are living now). I saw them carrying heavy items and I being the nice guy that I am offered help. I started carrying things and then I saw the dinner set, entirely made out of crystal. It was a magnificent piece, so beautiful, and very costly. I offered my help in carrying it too, they were reluctant, but finally let me (Arey, I am 22 years old yaar, or 23? I am confused :P) .

As bad things always come my way, this day was no different, I started carrying and then it happened. I saw a cat at the road beside sneezing relentlessly and jumping up in the air. I started laughing totally forgetting about the dinner set i had in my hands. It started doing some really crazy antics, when the goat that was going beside it was irritated and rushed forward to head butt it when the unthinkable happened.

A guy who was walking without a care in the world got a weird surprise when the charging goat mistakenly head butted into the guy’s behind, getting its horns stuck there.

It was freaking hilarious and i was laughing so hard that I dint notice my footing on the stairs and lost my balance and DHADAAM!!! the whole dinner set came crashing down. Everyone in my aunt’s family came out, I looked at the man who was still struggling to get the goat’s head from his behind and I looked at myself and said ‘we both are screwed today yaar’.

My Bhabi saw the disaster of a dinner set and started yelling ‘What the hell happened here?’.

I quickly shifted my head from here to there and an idea flashed in my head. I yelled back ‘It’s all your fault’.

‘WHAT?’ she said surprised.

‘How many times have I told you to get those steps fixed’ I said pointing my finger to a dent in the stairs where the cement had come out.

‘It’s dangerous, dangerous!! I’ve said it so many times but nobody listens to me. Now see what has happened’ I said.

‘So you stepped on that and fell, and I have to believe it?’ she asked looking at me.

‘Then what bhabi, why would I lie to you?’ I said and my gaze shifted to the guy on the road who was now kicking the goat which was trying to head butt it again. I snickered.

‘See see’ my bhabi started ‘..breaks my favorite dinner set and laughs too’ she said pointing towards my smile.

‘How can you say that bhabi?? What if your son had dropped those plates slipping from those stairs, would you have blamed him the same way you are blaming me?’ I said hurt and started to cry.

Wow Thousif is so emotional you might say, it’s nothing like that. The reality is that I have this ability where I can cry without reason. I know it’s weird but I can cry at will, it’s not an awesome quality but I think it’s kinda cool.

So, I started tearing up and the whole atmosphere changed.

‘I could have seriously hurt myself you know’ I said sniffling and my bhabi melted.

‘I have said so many times to repair those stairs but you bhabi you….’ I sniffled ‘You never listen to me’ I said and sniffled some more.

She totally bought into it and said ‘It’s ok, don’t cry. Yes the mistake is mine I should have got your bhaiya to repair those stairs’ She said and started collecting the broken pieces. I joined in smiling as I thought how cunningly I escaped from the situation; later in the evening I saw my bhaiya fixing the stairs.

Good day indeed I said to myself; even though it started with a horrific accident. Yeah, sometimes you have to be cunning to escape from a bad situation, even if it means crying fake tears. I am so proud of my abilty :P.

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The wrong time to pickup something


Every morning I have to travel in buses to go to work and it’s packed in such a way that you ask yourself, ‘Am I travelling in a bus or Winrar’s edition of human compression factory??

It’s very difficult and one of the unsaid rules which you have to follow when you are in a bus is: Never touch a girl, even by mistake; else you are beaten to pulp. I thought the Monday morning of 12th November would be a normal one, but this day would bring me something I’d remember for a long time in my life.

I got onto the bus and it was packed as ever, I was pushed and pushed and pushed from the back till I reached the girls section of the bus in the front. Among the girls many were students who were on their way to college. I was behind a girl and I saw her hair, it looked beautiful and smelled like dove shampoo. At least some good things happen in bad times I thought. I tried to back away but the bus was very full and I continued to smell her hair, involuntarily, its then when I saw it.

I saw that her bag was open and something fell out from it. I let my hand slide from the bar I was holding above my head to pick it up. As I bent down I dint notice that the pin in my watch got stuck to her dupatta and slid down with my hand and to everyone else in the bus it seemed like I was pulling the dupatta forcefully from this girl’s shoulder.

‘STOP! STOP! WHAT ARE YOUR DOING??!!’ She screamed.

I looked up and said ‘What?’, totally clueless and then I saw what had happened. I was about to explain when I saw the conductor rush forward towards me.

The bus was stopped and every eye on the bus was locked on me like hungry cheetahs waiting to tear my flesh apart.

My brain analyzing the situation saw that there was no hope for me now and said ‘Dude, goodbye it was nice living inside of your head’ and shut itself off. That’s what brain does right?, shuts itself off in these kind of situations, especially mine.

The yelling began: ‘Hey, hey hey..’ said the conductor ‘Was it you who stripped the dupatta of this girl’ he asked

‘Yes, it was me’ I said confidently. I was surprised at the confidence in my voice.

‘Oho ho look at the audacity of this guy..’ The conductor said ‘..does such a dirty thing as pulling a girl of her respect’ he said addressing to her dupatta ‘and admits it too. Come let’s beat him up’.

‘WAIT!!’ I yelled. ‘I admit I did it and I’ll do it again if I have to’ I said.

(I am a good guy, believe me....)

There was a collective haan running through the bus, like this was the most disgraceful thing that they have ever heard. But what could I do!! With my brain asleep I was saying what I felt was right, but it was coming out all wrong.

The conductor came forward and held my collar, extending his arm out, ready to turn my face into a pizza base, when I screamed ‘But do you know why I did it?’

He was surprised at the tone of my voice; instead of apologizing I was arguing my cause. ‘No, we don’t want to know, I just want to bash your skull, join me in brothers’ the conductor roared. I think he had a vengeance against his wife who always used to beat him up, and he was trying to take it out on me.

‘It’s because of this’ I said holding a piece of paper, displaying it like the declaration of independence. It obviously was because it would guarantee my freedom from these guys.

It was a hall ticket for an examination the girl had to attend that day. She came forward and checked it and said ‘Oh, thank you so much but why did you pull my dupatta?’

‘It was because of this’ I brought my other hand into view. A pin was sticking out of my watch.

‘when I bent down to pick your hall ticket, your dupatta got stuck to my watch pin and followed its stride down, making me seem like a… you know who’ I said embarrassed.

Everybody understood that I was innocent and I saw the girl smiling towards me and then giggling when she understood her mistake.

‘Hug her’ my brain coming back from its slumber said. Oh lord, my brain.

Everybody sat down and I went up to the conductor and said. ‘Next time when you try to beat a guy black and blue, listen to what he has to say first. Not everyone is a pervert’ I said firmly.

He lowered his eyes and went back. I sat beside the same girl listening to her talk, it was nonstop. I smiled at what could have been my half-murder for sure. ‘Thank you’ I said to the god above and smiled at the memory made.

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The wrong turn to the right side


I love Sunday morning, you can do what you want when you want; given that you can wake up on time. I was excited from the time I woke up because I’d be going out with my friend to watch a movie. We went on his bike finished watching the movie and I was riding back with him. We had made plans that we’d go to a friend’s place and surprise more friends with a party. We were riding shouting the movie’s dialogues at the peak of our voices when suddenly a traffic inspector called us to a stop. ‘Oh, shit’ we both said in unison.

‘Take out your license’ he said.

My friend took out his license, he showed all the other necessary documents required and I thought we’d get out without any fine. I thought wrong.

As it was Sunday and ‘business’ was going low for the poor policeman, he took a thorough inspection of our bike. The fact that we were caught screaming in a lonely looking street dint help our cause either. He completed his inspection and said, ‘Your tail light doesn’t work pay 500 rupees’ I saw the tail light that the inspector suggested and said to myself that tail light is cursed sir, that’s why.The reason for it was, no matter what you did, how much you changed the wiring, bulbs anything, it never worked.

We put out a united front and said ‘Why sir. It’s just a tail light why are you charging us with 500 rupees?’

‘Don’t speak too much, give me the money or else lets go to the police station, now’ he ordered.

I had had enough ‘Sir, it’s just a tail light, you can let us go with a warning, why do you want to take a bribe for it, that to 500 rupees?’ I said.

Taken aback for a second, he looked at me. I being a fat looking lean guy had no power in my arms. He weighed his odds that if a fight started, getting punched by me would be next to nil, so he came forward boring his eyes into me and asked me ‘You won’t pay?’

‘No, to hell with it. We dint break the law, I know our taillight doesn’t work but that doesn’t mean you ask us for a bribe’ I said.

‘The punk who has come yesterday to Bangalore will teach me what to do and what not..’ he said and raised his hand to hit me. Just then a jeep came from around the corner with a bunch of guys screaming “Free our nation from this curse, kill corruption in its base”

The jeep was a part of the rally being done in the name of Anna Hazare (bless you sir), and these guys were going to the main stadium where the meeting was to be held. I agree there wouldn’t be any praise for their poor rhyming skills but these guys would eventually save my life so listen.

I ran in front of the jeep and told them what the inspector was doing and how he was asking for money. They got down and started walking towards the Inspector with clear intentions that they were going to beat him down when I meddled in and said ‘Don’t hit him, let’s take him to the police station’.

He was reluctant, cursing and saying so many colorful words (which are not meant for younger viewers), when the guys thought they had had enough they pushed him into the jeep. Screaming his name along with the corruption slogans, they made the run to the nearest police station where they explained the whole situation to the inspector there.

Seeing so many people at once the inspector was scared for a second. He listened to both the sides and then led us out with a warning, booking a case against the inspector.

We came out of the station among a fleet of guys who thought corruption was killed that day by saving us. They started lifting us up as we were some sort of heroes and they pushed me up higher and higher. I was afraid, if I dint get kissed by the officer’s hand earlier, I’d surely be kissing the ground below if these guys pushed me any higher. But I saw their smiles and I understood that it was a win for both of us. I joined in with them and had a magnificent day ahead cursing the corrupt leaders of our nation and partying with them later. It was a good Sunday indeed; I saved my behind and saved my nation a little too. Hurray ;)

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The daily office ride..


Each morning I enjoy my ride to office. Not because I ride my favorite bike to get there, but because I pass by boss’s house. I try to wave him a hi and see that I reach office before him. A little bit of buttering up and being on time always helps if I miss deadlines and all. So the morning of 22nd July wasn’t any different, or so I thought.

It was raining. What do you expect in July otherwise? I was just hoping it’d stop for one hour till I reach office and just as I finished that prayer I saw, it had indeed stopped raining. I thanked the lord and started riding my bike.

As usual my boss was waiting outside for his car to pick him up. I saw him and gave him the most awesome smile I could muster. 32 teeth, no 30 actually 2 actually have fallen out, do not ask how. Seeing my smile he returned it with a sly smile of his and as I was passing by him I dint notice the one thing which I should have noticed at any cost- A big, deep, muddy, dirty water puddle.

Splash!! And my boss’s pant was soaked from top to bottom. I let out an agonized cry from my throat involuntarily. My brain kept saying, ‘you are screwed Thousif, you are screwed’. I left my bike and ran to inspect the damage, and I said, almost screamed ‘what sir, why were you standing outside?’

He was taken aback, instead of apologizing I was asking stupid questions. I continued ‘You should have stayed inside, the rains have made this road a mess, you should have been careful’

Instead of taking the blame I was blaming my boss itself. I think he was thinking, first order of business, sack Thousif raza for unprofessional conduct.

I continued ‘but do you know sir who is to blame for this mess?’’

He looked at me quizzically. ‘The government sir, the bloody government; Look at all these potholed roads. If they had done their work properly, you wouldn’t have suffered this way’

‘But you have eyes to see right?’ He asked ‘you could have avoided it’.

‘Yes sir I could have, but if I rode my bike a little along to the side, I would have fallen into that ditch. I could have died; do you want me to die sir?’ I asked and pointed towards the ditch which was so deep that even light couldn’t penetrate it.

‘Hmph’ he grunted and went inside his house.

Without invitation I went inside his home. Looking at me he started yelling ‘I had a very important meeting today and look what has happened’ he pointed to his filthy pant ‘and I have a raging headache now’ he added.

He went inside his room and started looking at the clothes searching for the ones which he thought were clean.

‘Sir, ma’am is not at home?’ I asked

‘She has gone out on a holiday, and by the why are you inside my house?’ he asked

‘To help you sir, to help you’ I replied

I continued ‘Sir, you search for the pant you want. I’ll make you a tea which will reduce your headache’ I said and bolted to the kitchen before he could say anything.

The one thing I am good at is making tea, I’ve got rave reviews for my tea making skills because that is the only thing I know to make without screwing up. I made the tea and it was ready within 10 minutes, so was my boss.

‘Here sir, a hot cup of tea just for you’ I said

‘No I don’t need all this, I am getting late’ he said

‘Sir, the traffic would be a nightmare now and if you go in your car you’ll never reach. Just sit down and drink this tea, I’ll take you in my bike’ I ordered, kind off.

He thought for a moment and then sat down and drank the tea. He took the first sip and a smile lit up his face, quickly he finished it completely.

I quickly ran back to my bike, cleaned it a little and asked him to take his seat and took him to the office through the shortcut which I usually take to reach office. He was surprised to reach the office earlier than expected.

He got down and went to the conference room where the meeting was held. Usually being the one late for every meeting, everyone was surprised to find him this early.

He came out of the meeting and came straight to me and said, ‘I should be angry with you but I won’t be. One is because of that tea and second is because of your presence of mind I reached office early. From next time drive carefully ok’.

I said ‘Sir, I guess it’s better if I do it again. Get you all dirty by spraying muddy water on you’.

‘Why?’ he asked taken aback.

‘Because that way I’ll get to spend more time with you and show you how capable I really am’ I said beaming. He just smiled and left.

Another day another disaster averted. I smiled widely and walked back to my cabin, thanking the stars and obviously- my tea making skills.

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How i made mission impossible POSSIBLE


I have been a big fan of Mission Impossible movies. The Movies, the soundtrack, the concepts all have been awesome from the first movie. Ok, I do agree they have lost their charm a little. But, you can’t argue that they are the coolest movie franchise to ever come out.

When I got to know about the 4th installment in the series and saw the trailer which had Cruise climbing Burj, I was awe-struck. I wanted to see it First-day-first-show. But fate and life always has other plans. I work from monday morning till Friday night. Yes, it’s not a day that I work; I work the whole week with no breaks in between. I cannot do anything in these 5 days and I thought, ‘Shit, I can’t watch the movie on the first day’ and till I tried to get tickets on Saturday, and to my dismay, every one of them was sold out.

There were some tickets available in theaters where the sound would be shit, and also as they were too far away from where I stay, i dint wanna go. Also, I had to travel back to my hometown at 5pm and would be only returning Monday morning for another hectic week ahead, so I admitted I’d have to give it a miss. I was sad as I wouldn’t be able to catch the movie, but then came the phone call.

It was my friend Madan, The guy who I hate the most. He bullied me through school, made out with a girl whom I had a crush on and made my life hell through high school. He called me (He always finds my number, no matter how many times I change it, believe me it’s a mystery) and this is how the conversation went:

Madan: Did you get tickets for MI:4?

Me: NO…

Madan: Oh sad man, guess what!! I got two tickets, me and my girlfriend are going.. :D

Me: and why did you call me?

‘To rub it in your face’ he said and cut the call. Yes there are some persons who are that mean. Believe me.

My other friend Naveen came into my room and saw my sad face and said, ‘it happens man, cheer up. It’s my brother’s b’day today so come let’s go do some shopping’. I said I didn’t wanna go, but he dint listen. Finally after pleading and making sad faces and everything that he could do to make me agree, I finally did. But guess where he took me?.. Come on guess…

YES, to the same freaking mall where Madan and his girlfriend would see the movie which I wanted to see so badly.

I saw Madan waiting there inside the hall, waiting for his girlfriend. I couldn’t stand it, if life wasn’t fair I was about to make it fair and I thought of an idea.

I saw the ticket master talking with his buddies and I tried sliding in without being noticed. They are not stupid so they obviously saw what I was doing and as I was about to slide through, they held me and asked: ‘Ticket please..’

I looked from here to there, but couldn’t find Madan, ‘damn it’, I thought and suspicion rose in the face of the ticket collector. He said raising his voice ‘Sir if you have the ticket please give it to me and move, there are others waiting in the line too’. I was trying to search Madan through the crowd that was inside the theater lounge but still couldn’t find him. I said to him ‘wait, I’ll get them to you in a minute’. He raised his voice and said ‘It’s now or never, give the tickets if you have or move out’. Listening to all this commotion, couple of police officers who were nearby came and said gruffly ‘Boy, you either present the tickets or get out of line’. I saw the face of the police officer and I knew this was getting out of hand.

I finally had to admit defeat, the plan I had in my mind wouldn’t even see the light of the day and as I was beginning to back out I saw him and yelled ‘Hey Madan…’ Surprised, he automatically called my name ‘Thousif??’. I told the ticket collector, he is my friend and ran inside, they all followed.

I started hatching my plan

Me: ‘What yaar Madan, just because I fought with you, you took the tickets and ran inside, what kind of a friend are you??’

Madan: 'But…'

Me: (cutting him off) ‘What but, ok baba I am sorry ok, don’t act like a stranger now, it happens sometimes, now give my ticket to these people and lets go inside the theater’

Madan: (In shock) WHAT??

(his face was exactly like this :P)

Me: ‘Why are you so shocked dude?’ I put my hand in his shirt pocket and pulled out the tickets quickly peeking at the serial numbers and said to the ticket collector, ‘See 10000673, that’s the number right?, here it is, you can take it on my behalf’ I showed it to the cops and gave the ticket to the collector guy which he took and went cursing me under his breath.

Madan dint know what the hell was going on, and as all of it happened in less than 10 seconds he was dumbstruck. He looked at me, held my collar and started yelling at me.

I yelled back: ‘Saale, all through the high school you made my life hell and now you wanna see my favourite movie without me?, That won’t be possible because today I am your girlfriend pretty boy’ I said and gave him a wink.

He was just about to punch me, when he saw his girlfriend on the entrance having a scuffle with the ticket collector arguing that her tickets are with her boyfriend.

Leaving me he ran to her girlfriend and she started arguing with him straight away, yelling ‘You don’t care about me’, ‘You are an !@#@!$@$’ More than the movie I was sure I would enjoy this scene the most.

Finally he left consoling his girlfriend and I got to see my fav movie, without getting punched in my face and absolutely FREE. Payback is a bitch :P :D Yeah!

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My magic 2 hour clock to break the cursed Hymn

120 minutes, that was what was offered on the table. ‘Go on take it’ said a voice inside me. As much excited I was to pick up those minutes, I was also scared. I thought how useful these could be and at the same time I also thought, being the lazy guy I am what would happen if I turned them into another lazy memory…..

No you won’t! said my heart, and I believed it. And when I picked up those 120 minutes, I imagined what they could offer to me and amazing would be the understatement to what I could do with those 2 hours. This is how I would spend my 2 extra hours in a week…

Day 1: Monday

Everybody thinks life starts on a Sunday, but life really starts on a Monday. Many people like me hate to get up in the mornings. Standing in queue for the bathroom in a PG hostel where I live, just to take a hurried bath so that I can reach office on time, or 15 minutes late as the records show. Yes that’s my start of every Monday.

Day goes by and evening approaches, in all my work, youtube addiction and messaging that someone special, I forget to have any time for myself. I want to, ‘but there is no time’. It’s like a hymn that my lips have learnt to say without my knowledge. There at that particular moment I realize what I have in my pocket. My 2 hours. My extra 120 minutes where I can do anything I want.

An invisible alarm starts up for my 120 minutes and the world stops. It’s just like in the matrix training sequence, where they can pause time. Whatever happens in life doesn’t bother me, because those 120 minutes are mine.

I start by doing my most favorite activity in the world- Writing.

Even though I am a copywriter I barely get time to write what I truly love- Poetry. It’s not like I am a big shot at it or anything, hell I don’t even follow the rules sometimes. But poetry is one way through which I have lived through many of my emotions. Be it my first breakup or how much I hate war. Poetry has always helped me to express what I feel in a much better way.

Tell me i love you with so much depth

That the ocean itself, screams out looking at your's.

Tell me i love you with so much strength

That the hurricane falls down on its knees, weeping out of its glory.

Tell me i love you with so much intensity

That even the raging forest fire turns itself to dust, in shame.

Tell me i love you with so much love

That love itself may find its true worth today.

This is of my favorite poems.. and inspired by this i wanna write something like this.

Trust I this world, because it gives me hope with each sunrise.

Trust I every person I see, because I see a smile waiting to breakout in everyone of them

Trust I this time, because I know it will come, where I see all I hope coming true

The only problem is just placing that trust on myself, to believe.

I know it’s nothing much, hell maybe others will think its complete crap, but I don’t care. It’s my life and the way I see it, anything that makes me happy as long it’s not illegal, is good enough for me :).

And suddenly that alarm goes off, saying my time is up.. That’s how I would spend every Monday of mine. A poem to start my week, which would make me believe that anything is possible. That world can be a place where I can do what I love, no one to hold me back, not even my own lazy self :).

Day 2: Tuesday

Same ordeal follows, but I am so happy with what happened yesterday I cannot wait to start up my 2 hour clock which allows me to do all the things I love.

Tuesday is a day filled with just as much work, presentations and all those things. But it is also special because it’s an unofficial lucky day in our family.

According to my mom, everything from a fridge, TV, to a washing machine that we have bought for our home was on a Tuesday.

Following this tradition, I am going to shop. With the small salary that I have, all of it goes into expenses. After that whatever gets saved, I cannot spend it coz of that hymn again.. ‘there is no time’. So Tuesday’s I am going to shop. Online shopping is easier and will get things delivered right at my doorsteps. So from a water bottle to my fav pair of jeans, I am going to shop for everything that I need and window shopping for all the things that I want. I want to shop online, because nobody makes a sour face when you go out of the store without buying, so… :P.

Day 3: Wednesday

I want to write again. As much as I love writing poetry, I love writing stories. I have written 3 short stories still now. They are not awesome or anything, but I like them.

So starting that magic 2 hour clock I am going to start writing again.

You may not believe me, but I have at least 17 stories in my mind which I would love to get on paper. I know the start, I know the climax and I know how every one of them is going to end. So why am I not starting… again.. the hymn ‘there is no time’ comes back. “OK, all right, you are just plain old lazy” you might say but just picturize this.

Travel for 1.30 hour every morning in the bus to reach office within 9:30 (if my boss is reading this, I try sir, I really try :P). Stay there for almost 10 in the night to reach back home by 11.30. I just don’t have the energy to be creative enough to write. So Wednesday’s I am going to assign to writing again, because I want to get published.

I know I have the ability to write stories which people would care about, even if they don’t turn out to be bestsellers. I know I have that within me and with these 2 hours I am going to complete that. I am going to write all the 17 stories, currently stored in ‘D:\THOUSIF\BRAIN\ SECTOR 37\ Stories to be turned into novel’ and try to get them published.

Day 4: Thursday

As soon as you step out of college and get into a job, you dedicate yourself into it in such a way that you forget some things. In my case, it was my friends.

Yes, I am a horrible person; I can say that by the dirty looks that you are giving to me. Trust me, not a day goes by where I don’t remember them. Everyone has done something special for me and I remember them every day, just not able to pick up that phone and call them.

Work does stress me out, where a brief might come any minute and I have to run into a meeting. So starting my mystical 2 hour clock, every Thursday I am going to call every one of my friend even if it’s for 5 mins and let them know that I care about them.

I have always believed in the value of friendship and with this vow, I am going to keep the promise made. No matter what happens, these 2 hours are dedicated to my friends.

Day 5: Friday

I start this day with a smile because I know tonight is going to be the start of the weekend. I am going to start the 2 hours and I am going to plan what I am going to do in the weekend. Every week the same thing happens, either I plan too late or I just do things in such a hurry that nothing satisfies me. I have to read the novels I rent on the bus, I don’t even have time to just sit back and relax to read a book. So I am going to sit down on Friday, switch on to my fav internet station and plan out the things to be done for the weekend.

Day 6: Saturday

My fav day, because I can get up in the morning anytime I want as it’s a holiday. Yayyyyy :P. Still I don’t understand one thing about holidays. As soon as you get up, the day goes so fast and turns into night in a blink, even if you are doing absolutely nothing.

Here’s an example of how that happens: Get up at 11, bathe, breakfast, till then it’s time for lunch, I watch a lil TV its already four and till I plan to do anything its 10 o clock.

So the Saturday that is going to come I am going to work on what I planned on Friday and I want to do something that I have not done for a long time (Read: Almost never)

I live in Bangalore, so on Saturday I want to hop on the first bus and reach Madikeri, my hometown where my parents live. The ride is almost 7 hours and till I reach it’ll almost be evening. I just want to reach home take a bath and activate those 2 hours and within these 2 hours I want to cook with my mom.

I want to do it because, my mom has been very lonely after my sister passed away 2 years ago. I haven’t been able to give her proper time because of my studies, projects, and work. I want to be with her to talk to her and know everything happened in that week, and I want to cook because I want my mom to know that I care for the things she loves. She loves cooking but because I live so far away she has lost her interest in it. She feels there’s no one to cook for. I want to reinstate her confidence and show her that I care about her and I care about her cooking, and I want to be there for her to see her smile while we are having dinner. I want to use those 2 hours for that, to see her smile.

Day 7: Sunday

Another holiday, I am home and I can wake up to the sweetest alarm I’ve heard in a long time. My mom yelling my name asking me to wake up and take a shower :P. I have missed that alarm for 3 years now. The thing about mothers is that, you only get to know their true value after you are on your own.

So I want to listen to her voice calling my name and then go down and hug her and say good morning and devote the day to the most important person in my life, my dad.

Being in his shop all day for the past 27 years my dad has done a lot. He has worked day and night, even on Sunday’s, to give me a good life. I want to be there for him and help him with the shop. Activating my 2 hours, I want to help him more in the shop to give him that 2 extra hours of sleep which he has lost for the past 27 years. I would savour every minute of it and I would love to see the fresh look in his eyes when he wakes up again.

As evening comes, I would say goodbye to them and catch a bus back to Bangalore to start my week again, but this time I would have the magical and very very useful clock of 2 extra hours in my pocket. The 2 hours which would let me do all the things that I love and care about.

All this would be possible with the 2 extra hours I’d get from Surf Excel Matic where I can turn the hymn ‘…but there is no time’ to ‘ …but I have 2 extra hours’. The 2 hours that I get, I am going to spend making a lot of memories and I know that I’d love each minute of it.

This post was written for the Indiblogger competition ‘If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?’

I want to thank Indiblogger and Surf Excel Matic for giving me a platform to express what I felt. I had a lovely time writing this post; it would not have been possible if not for them. Thank you.

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I am not twenty four- A book review

When I first started reading the novel, I was negative already. It started in a way how chetan bhagat starts his novels. Where the author describes how he listens to the story of the character he met and then narrates it. But still, I started reading the novel, where the central character Saumya describes her story to the author.

Saumya is a girl born and brought up in Delhi. She cannot live without her morning coffee and is a girl who would not step out of the house without her favorite pumps. After her completion of MBA, she gets ecstatic when she gets selected to work at the prestigious Lala steel. But surprises start when she gets to know that she actually has to go to a steel plant in karnataka called torangallu.

It all starts going bad when her name is mistaken as a guy's name. Reaching torangullu, she starts hating her job straight away. A girl who has grown with skirts and boys going owl eyed on her, gets thrown into a place which she least expected. Things then change for the better with her hampi trip, where she meets Shubrudeep Shyamchaudhary(Shubru for short). Shubru is a weed addict and with his travels all around the world is an interesting character in the story. She gets drunk with him, gets fascinated by his stories and likes him from the first day itself, but after that first night they don’t meet again


Saumya returns back. She gets to know about her job that she is a member of action team in Lala Steel, and things start to go horribly wrong. She is not only emotionally taxed, but a physical wreck too.

One after the other, things start to happen, where she reaches a point when she decides she cant do her job anymore, when along comes back shubru in her life.

He is what every girl dreams. Hot, intriguing and extremely good looking, but still with his discreet aura, he has something special within him and when saumya gets to know that, she is both surprised and awed.

If I have to start, I’d start by saying. When I had finished the novel, I was satisfied. To say the truth, it has been a long time since I have been satisfied by a novel. There were constant surprises going on and as the book says this is one of the stories, where you won’t feel as it’s yours but will still empathize with the character.

Saumya story from the start holds you with utmost interest. Starting with her first move to torangullu from Delhi, where she is thrown into a job she dislikes. She learns how life can be a complete contrast from city to a village.

The characters in the novel are laid out at its best. There are times when you will close the book for a moment and sit back thinking what the hell is happening. For me that is the key to decide whether a book is good or not. It should provide with moments where you feel a shock so strong that makes you close the book, close your eyes and you’re just stunned by its narration.

I must say, I started reading the book in a negative aspect, but as I read along it dint take me 10 pages to turn into a positive state of mind. The book holds your interest throughout and gives you many memorable moments which will stay long with you even after the book has been finished.

Besides the central character, I loved shubru's too. What starts out as almost just another boy toy soon becomes such an integral part of the whole story.

I think in the modern Indian author era where every story is just about some IIT or IIM guy finding true love, I must say this book by sachin garg is one hell of a firecracker.

The story is strong and there are characters for which you would care for. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the story and the novel itself. Sachin garg has instantly become my favorite with this one.

I wanna thank blog for sending me this book. Really guys if it wasn't for you I would have never have found such a talented storyteller. Sincerely, thank you.

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Qvendo -The king in International Fashion


What is the one thing that makes you feel good no matter what happens in a day? Be it a day when your boss yells at you, or a day when things just aren’t going as you planned, there is always that one thing which at the end of the day can set things right…..

A pitcher of beer, a night out with friends you might say. But other than these there is one activity where you not only spend, but earn too. You earn confidence, jealous looks and many more and that activity is shopping.

Many may argue that shopping is a boring thing to do and you end up strained and exhausted at the end of the day. But that need not be the case. With advancements in technology come the advancements in convenience. Now with just couple of clicks you can be at your office or home and whatever you desire can be yours and that’s where comes in.

As unique as the name sounds, QVENDO’s quality and service provide more than any website could. It is not just a website; it’s a place where you can experience the easy, wholesome and awesome experience of shopping. When I first got to know about the website, it said it was a private INVITATION-ONLY shopping club. I was instantly intrigued, and quickly furnished the details to became a member and when a saw what it held inside. I was stunned.

Products from international brands at prices you cant even imagine is what it held inside.

Take your pick: True Religion, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfigher and many more. To be honest, I dint even know couple of brands existed till I checked it in the website. As I was browsing through I lost the sense of time. It was only when my senior manager came and yelled at me, did I see I had been going checking the site for 3 hours! The layout and the presentation is so attractive and fascinating that I was hooked.

I went back home and I made my list about what I want.

Thousif’s dream Shopping List:

Replay Gents Watch - RH7312NJ1

Replay Gents Watch - RX7307NF

True Religion Longsleeve Bike Seat Rock N

True Religion Shoe Black

True Religion T-Shirt Black

Porsche Design Purse Cognac

Feraud Belt Blue, Red, White Men

Giorgio Armani Shades Black-Brown

The North Face Messenger Red

Pink Poodle Bag Celebrity-Amy-Black


Going through the website, which is eezy breezy by the way, my first stop was the sale ongoing on REPLAY watches.

Being a huge fan of wrist watches, I browsed through the sale and found 2 which I loved.

Replay Gents Watch - RH7312NJ1

I just couldn’t take my eyes of them. Just look at the RH731. The golden yellow color bezel standing out majestically along with the numbers in the same color, I felt like a magnet getting attracted to it. My eyes had moved in so close to the monitor that without my knowledge I was kissing the watch. Yeah it looks so good.

Replay Gents Watch - RX7307NF

Another one is the RX730. This watch is what you called a delight. Strap made out of pure leather again with the yellow contrast setting in so beautifully in the display. Its amazing.

Shirts which make you love religion-True Religion.

Not bad for a tag line I think :P. Anyways, just take a look at those shirts. You can wear them and stand out even if millions are around you. The True Religion Long sleeve biker’s shirt with its design and prints is a treat to watch and one can only imagine how well it feels like when worn. One look and I was completely bowled over. I love t shirts which have a design on the chest as well as the back. But this is just phenomenal. When you wear it and go in your bike or scooter for that matter, you will attract more than just looks ;)

When I shop, I also tend to check the ladies section, and the reason is my girlfriend. I believe any good thing which you have has to be shared with your better half too and QVENDO gave me just that with its true religion sale.

Take look at this t-shirt for example. Black, her favorite color and a majestic print! I mean how can a person not fall in love with just the looks of it. This t-shirt also came in my wish list because she had gifted me a similar one which had a side arm patch and if I can give it to her. It would bring such good memories and would make a beautiful moment for us.

Finally coming to my most favorite item other than watches - SHOES

I am not even gonna say it. Just look at this shoe from True Religion and tell me you don’t love it! I mean, its leather with an awesome horse stitched design and looks like a shoe lover’s dream come true. I just want it, that’s all I can say. I want it like now!

Wallet - Porsche Design Purse Cognac

I saw the name Porsche and I was sold. I then took a look at the specs and I was thoroughly impressed. Leather wallet to hold my money and cards with the name Porsche on it, yeah it would not only be cool, but it would be an epitome of coolness.

Belt- Feraud Belt Blue, Red, White Men

I am a huge fan of T and jeans as I have said and wearing this belt with my fav pair of jeans would be really cool. Look at the color and the make. Leather with such a fine blend of colors. Being fashionable does not get better than this.

Shades, Armani Style. Giorgio Armani Shades Black-Brown

If your stepping out for a lunch, or a long sunny road trip with your friends. These shades will not only look cool but will let your eyes stay cool. Cheesy I know :P. But I can’t help it. These shades look amazing. I remember I had borrowed a pair of Armani glasses from one of my very rich friends, and they were so comfortable. After that day I have always wanted one.

Bag - The North Face Messenger Red

I am and always have been a huge fan of one sided bag, a messenger bag to be precise. Looking at this bag, I was just drawn to it. Look at its features.

Polyester red messenger bag, Secure Velcro and buckle closures, Adjustable shoulder strap and removable hip belt, Large main compartment and internal pockets, Ideal for rugged day to day use

Yeah, I want that one so bad, and it’s in my favorite color. RED!!!

Pink Poodle Hand Bag

No its not for me :P. Again, this for the lovely lady of my life.

To be honest this was the first time I had heard the name of Pink Poodle hand bags. And as I was browsing I took a look into this one and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I thought of my girlfriend and it’s her birthday next month. She was saying I’d need a nice hand bag and it could not have found a perfect hand bag than this one.

100% leather and a design to kill for! It’s amazing, yes it is, and it would be the perfect gift with that t-shirt I mention above.

QVENDO is not just a website that sells clothes. It’s like a land that provides you with a way to fulfill all your dreams in regard to international fashion, where you can own anything from Armani to Tommy Hilfiger at prices you could have never imagined.

I know my boss is gonna be very happy this year because I am gonna work hard and get myself promoted just to buy all those things in my wish list. Cannot wait!

You can also make your own wish list by visiting this exclusive link and becoming a member to fulfill all your needs in regard to international fashion. Just browse once and you’ll know the difference between normal websites and QVENDO.

This post was written for a contest called ‘Discover Qvendo’ on Indiblogger. If you liked what you read, then vote up, I may win and end up making my friends jealous :P.. Here’s the link J

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The brand new Bangalore kid – part 3

If you are thinking when did part 2 come out… well it will come out… but in the last post one of my fav bloggers suruchi *hugs and kisses her* ;) asked me to talk about a particular incident so I am writing about it now. This incident happened after the incidents which I wanted to reveal earlier, so now part 3…. Now put your finger on your lips (sexily ;)) and read :).

Life experience #43 : Getting thrown into a river(or was it a stream… anybody know the difference? ;)) …40ft deep and feeling awesome :D

To start with I have to tell you, I was always a kid who was his parents fav and they protected me more than how angry birds protected their eggs :P… it was always school and home, college and home. I dint mingle with frenz much and always used to be home more than outside. And I don’t blame them, my mom loves me a lot and she dint want anything to happen to me, so she always insisted to come back home early.

In all these I lost out on many moments. When my frenz used to call me to someplace suddenly, I was always skeptical. Should I go? Shouldn't i? What would mom think, I was such a momma’s boy! :P, anyways coming back to the issue, I never hung out much with frenz, I wanted to but just dint wanna upset my mom too.

But coming to Bangalore, WOW, as I have said I have done a ton of things, and one among them is being thrown into that river.

Arpit and suruchi get angry and say: ‘Ab story shuru kare gab hi, ya sirf back story bolta rahega?, we know u were kind of a wuss :P and u became bolder after coming to bang, start with the near death experience all ready!!’

Ok suruchi ok :P he he. I can imagine her smile and it looks beautiful, (I donno about arpit, coz I don’t imagine him like that ;). Still his smile is cute too, I’ve heard a couple of girls say , don’t ask who arpit :P, it’s a secret).

So back to the story, Chavan is a magician, I donno how is does it. One moment he is suffering with a 104 degree typhoid fever, next moment he is saying: ‘Pack your bags we are going to Goa’ :P… he is so eccentric and lively and I love that fact about him, this time though it was the trip to a nearby place called Dubare forest :) (its famous for elephants)

(Actual Dubare Images :))

Being in kodagu all my life, I still hadn’t visited a lot of places. So for Dussera he said he is going out with his frenz and asked me to come along. I was being lazy again, but he insisted and next thing I know I am in madikeri (my hometown :D) sleeping in the room chavan and his friend rented. Let me now introduce the 3 very interesting frenz of chavan(and mine too :D)

Chandan (this guy is the definition of cool)

Amit Vikram (He the funnest person I have known, when drunk :P)

Mr silent good hearted person (Actually I forgot his name :P, sorry yaar :P)

So all these guys including me and chavan were in madikeri. Chandan is a guy with multiple pluses. He is good with cracking jokes, can hold onto to his liquor like a rock, and knows to make awesome cocktails too. So that day in the room we all sat down and he started preparing cocktails for everyone. I looked at him in awe as he concocted a potion with… hold your horses… Mango ‘Slice’(yes the juice). Nimbooz :P, Teachers brandy, lil lime and Salt on the edges of the glass ;)

I donno what it’s called, but all the guys who drank it, loved it. What started as just one glass turned to 2, 3, almost 4. (They stopped because the salt ran out :P). I was seeing them enjoy and I really wanted to steal a glass and taste it, just dint, couldn’t,( maybe I will cross that barrier one day too :)). But as I saw them enjoy, the same feeling came as the last time. Happy, content, and free (without being drunk ;)) and I loved it.

Amit is THE guy when it comes to laugh. At one time I asked him ‘dude how do you laugh?’ He started and that was the end of it … ha ha ha my god, it was so funny … Its like a combination of Ravan+The joker of batman and its LOUD :d.. We laughed and laughed and Chavan was like, ‘Oh stop you’re gonna make me throw up :P’. Honestly at that moment I saw and felt what I had been missing all these years. Hanging around frenz is fun, drunk frenz is even more fun :P. I have never had so much fun as I had here IN MY LIFE and it was just getting started.

Night grew, we went out outside where everyone was enjoying the festival of dusshera by dancing in front of the temple idols. These guys danced like crazy, I wanted to join in but had the camera in my hand, so I went my back to the room and till I dumped and came back, I saw everyone was exhausted. Still it dint dampen our spirit to roam around in the night.

Actually the thing is, in Madikeri the night is awesome on Dusshera, because the whole city is lighted up and devotees build huge creations of god and demons to tell the story through mock models, which are huge, usually taking up almost 3 to 4 tractors. There are 10 temples who make these models and prizes are distributed for best 3, people finish up celebrating dussera in Mysore and leave to Madikeri for the night, it’s so popular.

We too wanted to see what each temple had done, but Amit vikram was so exhausted and dizzy from the dancing, that we saw him puking at the side of the road … and it was funny. The way he was swaying from side to side, the way he almost got his butt beaten by a cop, while he was sitting on the road, and even after puking multiple times was full of energy to roam the whole city :P.

It was FUN, just being there, it was so fun. Chavan looked at his condition and said ‘Lets go back we are in no position to roam the city with this heavy head feeling, and we’d probably get our asses whooped with Mr crazy Amit here acting as Kistu Mukherjee every 2 mins’. So we saw the intelligence in his decision and went back and crashed on our beds.

To be continued…

(I know you all are boo hoo, where is the real story you cunning fox :P… but the post has grown long, I’ll post the rest soon, till then I hope you had fun reading it. I will post soon promise, see I promised and came back right? ;), so I will be back soon :))

Till then. Take care. I love you all. Happy Diwali BTW :)

Love to each and every one of my reader, I love you all, hope you guys have a grand diwali, be safe and have tons of fun ok :). Love you

A message of love

I am so lazy guys nai? sometimes I am so lazy that I myself am surprised ke MY GOD, how lazy can i be...

EVIL M: is par awards bante hain America may... * laziest kamina award* char pade huwe hai tv ke upar... gadha..

(Rolls eyes) hmm to what I was saying ke… I had been reading one of my old posts...

EVIL M: Ahaha (Enter old 70's style saas blaming bahu voice) karam jali ke karname to dekho... dusroon ke blog nahi padta... khud ke blog post bar bar padte rehta hai... stupid..

Haan dey galiyan de... pura haq hai tujhe...

EVIL M: galiyan nahi... bum pay char laat padegi na... tabhi.. tabhi pata chalega tujhe... kaash arpit or suruchi kahin ass pass hote... itne lagwata tujhe... itne lagwate na... hmph

EVIL M naraz hai... kya aap log bhi naraz ho? (Gum naam hai koi song plays in the background because of all the sanaata as people are nowhere to be found) mere khayal say ho...

The reason for the blog post is solely you guys... every one of you reader out there... I read the Bangalore kid post... and I read the comments and I felt so good... reading all your comments it made me smile so much...

Yes I am busy... yes I don’t have time to even pee sometimes...

EVIL M: Kuch chahiye kya... not peeing problem solve karne ke liye? jaise ki... he he *evil laugh*... diaper mangwadun adult wale.. size 'S' :P ha ha ha... I am laughing so much..

EVIL nai sudharega... I have no time... but I so wanna write. I did some amazing things ... and amazing things happened to me... like I was caught by the police one time and also where I was thrown into a 40 feet deep water hole even when I said to a guy that I donno swimming... and those incidents are true... unlike the other fancy ones i mention sometimes... and I so wanna write... but am not able to find time.. I will write... I am making a promise now... that I will write about all those times... :)

Any way this is just a update to tell you.. I miss you guys and yeah I am alive... I miss all you guys who read my blog and love me so much... I love you all for coming here.. reading whatever I put out (EVIL M: which is mostly crap :P) and loving me so much..

It felt really great to read those comments... I read them at least 10 times ... so guys thank you so much... you guys always make me smile with your comments... :)

I will be back soon... promise :)... this time real promise... not the promise tooth paste wala promise... (Is that toothpaste even in production rgt now ?:P)