The breakthrough

The sun was fading that Sunday evening to become a distant memory, eventually to give birth to a new one, when he entered into my room (without knocking. Again...) as I was typing out a blog post on my computer

“Hi” announced Sam in the saddest manner possible. Even ‘Ross’ of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series would be jealous of his sad hi,

I looked up and said “Wassup? Why the sad face?”

“Nothing, it’s the weekend and I got nothing fun to do...” he announced and flung himself into the bed.

He then randomly scanned the room and found a pack of chips lying somewhere, he dug into them and munching them called out “Hey these are good, when did you get them?”

“Last week…” I said “Now don’t disturb me, I am doing important work here…”

“Yeah right” he said sarcastically, and then started scanning the room again.

I don’t understand this trait of guys, whenever they are sad or down, they get hungry, and eat anything around them which is edible (or not edible for that matter ;))

He found a cap with a slogan ‘PHOTO MARATHON 2010. JAYCIANA’ stamped on it.

(JAYCIANA is a yearly fest held by Jayachamraja College of engineering, it holds a number of events and entry is free for all)

“Wow... when did you start modeling” he asked me

“No I dint, why do you ask?” I said

“Well it was time they hired goofy looking models like you, so I thought you finally found your break into the ‘glam’ world. You can give serious competition to the zoozoo’s you know…” he said and smiled

I sneered and turned towards my computer screen and then he said “Pity the JAYCIANA is over or we could have gone to see some of the events held there”

“It’s not over, there is one final event” I said “Rock band Parikrama are performing today”

He jumped out of the bed and said “I thought you just act stupid, but now I really know that you are one”

‘‘Oops. The secret is out’’ replied EVIL M

I turned back and asked angrily “How am I STUPID?”

“Then what dude, there is a live rock concert which is free to attend and you are sitting here! God….Why?” he said

“I don’t know how to ride a bike, and the event will get over at 11 pm, there are no buses at that time. How was I supposed to get back? So I thought of skipping it...”

“You have me now” he said “Sam Rossi. The twin brother of valentino rossi, who got separated in the kumbh mela last year.” He said winking So move your ass now will you?, we got a rock concert to attend to”

I was shocked, shell shocked. Sam saying ‘Let’s go to a rock concert’ I couldn’t believe my ears. The guy who hates English music, curses me when I listen to it, gives fake vomit like gestures. That guy saying those lines. I asked him “You are not drunk right?”

He smiled and said “No I am not, let’s go”

“But I thought you were not into this ‘Rock-concert’ stuff!!” I replied

“I am not, but I have visited some concerts of Sonu nigam and Udit narayan, and they are always fun, and even if I don’t understand what they sing, there are always girls right, so it’s a win-win for both of us what say?” he said and winked at me.

I couldn’t believe it, but agreed right away. I shut off the computer, and got ready.

We borrowed my other brother’s bike and were going along the highway, when Sam looking at a food mall said “Wish I could grab a bottle of beer…”

“Oh here goes…” I said “You say that every time we pass by this mall, I don’t drink beer or alcohol Sam, so just skip it”

“Beer is not alcohol, and anyways they have non alcoholic beer too” he said

“Really?” I asked

“Yeah, so can we buy them this time?” he asked expectantly

I pondered ‘Non.Alcoholic.Beer hmm that means we won’t get drunk and lose our thinking power’. “Duh” said EVIL M.

I agreed and we went into the shop

Looking around the food section I was nervous, this was the first time I was entering into a wine section, I dint knew what to do, how to approach the bottles. But I gathered courage, and just as I was about to pick up the bottles, one of them slipped and I barely caught it and then quickly replaced it on the counter.

“God, it’s not radioactive” said EVIL M “Chill dude”

“Well I am nervous” I said sweating “This is my first time” I said

‘You sound like a virgin…” said EVIL M laughing ‘which you are at this stuff, so lemme guide you’

He continued “Take a couple of bottles and put them into your pocket and then go to the counter and get them billed and stop sweating like a pig”

I listened to him and said to myself ‘yeah I can do this, I can do this, it’s even non alcoholic, so we won’t feel drunk and I am not stealing, yes I can do it’ I said and did what EVIL M said.

It went off smooth and I came holding those 2 babies on my shoulders like a proud father. Sam smiled too and said “I can’t believe we are getting drunk tonight”

“They are non alcoholic” I reminded him

We looked for a place beside and drank them in front of the store itself. The watchman was eyeing us in a look that said ‘Spoilt kids of Rich parents’. I wanted to correct him by saying ‘Middle class parents’ kids, trying to get spoilt. The non alcoholic way’ I raised the bottle towards him, he gave a fake laugh and turned away.

The beer dint taste half bad, how would I know, it was my first time. So after finishing them we left the bottles beside the dustbin just like any self conscious Indian would do ;). And then we got on the bike.

Sam was riding the bike and he asked “Do I smell like beer, I don’t want bhaiya to know about it!!”

“We are gonna reach home after, like 4 hours, you will smell like many other things till that time, so don’t worry” I said smiling

But even though I kept my cool, I was getting worried and many questions were popping in my head, will I enter a trance?, will I smell bad?, will I throw up? But I somehow held up.

In between Sam was asking me questions. Just one question actually “Do I look drunk?, do I look drunk, do I look drunk”

EVIL M getting annoyed said “Somebody please give me alcohol. I wanna get drunk”

I smiled and replied him no, but all the way Sam was asking me, and at one point I think I heard EVIL M throwing up in my mind. I asked him why and he said “His questions are making me nauseous”

We reached the place and after like hundred sound checks it started at around 8 o clock. But it was worth it. Standing there doing my favorite hobby (Head banging ;)) I was experiencing bliss, I looked at Sam and to my surprise he too was enjoying (more than me ;)). We were jumping of random people’s shoulders, stamping on others feet and screaming so hard that our throats hurt.

We were doing all kinds of dances, the nagin dance, the bunnies on weed dance, sanni paji’s dhai kilo hath wala dance. You name it we danced like it ;)

Looking at us EVIL M said “I would have been so proud, if you were drunk right now…”

The bass guitarist had this crazy hair, and was acting like an AC/DC front man with army stances and all. It was so fun.

I think I had tears in my eyes, because this was a first time I was attending a rock concert and I would have missed it if not for Sam. At the end of the program I had a huge smile on my face.

EVIL M noticing this said “I know the reason for that smile”

“Oh, Yeah what is it?” I asked

“You just lost your virginity” he said smiling

“What?” I exclaimed

“Yeah…You are not a concert virgin anymore” he said and winked at me

I replied in my most used quote towards him “EVIL M, you truly are evil

And yeah I passed in my 1st semester with a staggering 68.2 percent…:) i might have won a gold medal too :). not sure because i share the same marks with another girl. So In advance i am thanking you all. and oh oh, pray for the my internals that get started tomorrow(I know zilch about the subject :P) it would be a great help :)

Take care guys c ya soon :)


Charu said...

Man, talk about having a good time... ;)

viddhi said... was fun man ... PARIKRAMA......~ a concert is abt to held in delhi ..and i soo want to see it ..... (the posts reminds me )...seems u had alot of fun .... good good ...haahaa.... nice nice .. i enjoyed it .. !!

viddhi said...

P.S ... i like the evil you *wink wink*

Tulika said...
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Tulika said...


Gala time! You had a blaast..!!

Funny post. :D

And besties for your exams.

Heavenly Muse said...

full of light expressions like ever

Tulika said...

I forgot to mention there,

You have attained amazing narration skill Thousif. Brilliant.


Shas said...

When i saw the length of ur post i thought of keeping it for another day but still wanted to check it out what was it all about but surprisingly i read the whole thing. Kudos to you for the fluidity of thought n good narration which kept me hooked to it till the last line.
Good you had a blast. All the best for ur internals.

QM said...

hahaha, you always seem to have a great time :D

p.s. That pink haired dude is really cool!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa...You are cute! :)

And why wouldn't your friend understand Udit and Sonu?

PS: Your sense of comic timing has improved. Me likes! :)

akanksha said...

Good Luck for exams!
Glad that u had a blast! You would surely miss these days once college gets over....So enjoy as much as you can!

Vivarjitha said...

oh...i suppose u've had a gr8 time!!!

Thousif Raza said...

@ charu: Well invitaions are always open: courtesy: eveil M ;)

@ viddhi : Yeah, and thank you, EVIL M is blushing.... oh the horrors :P

@ Tulika: Thank you so much for the support and appreication :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Heavenly Muse:THX....take care

@ Shas: thank you so much.... that just motivates to make myself better :), take care.... thx again....

@ QM: Thank you :) about the pink haired guy i so agree :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Choco: Thank you: and thank you again... its all because of your gracious presence *wink wink* :D

@ Akanksha: yeah yaar.... i already miss it :(,but i got another s2 sems so yippie :P

@ vivarjitha: hey welcome to my blog, glad you dropped by :).... thx...take care :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

non-alcoholic bewde... :P
beta, akele-akele pi li... ek bar bhai ko yaad kar liya hota... ;)

lets just cut the crap n talk abt your night out...
Getting drunk for first time..
Rocking Rock Concert for first time..

Seriously Man.. It is fun loosing your virginity over anything possible in this world.. :D

@ your marks:
68.2 % marks... sale itne marks kahan se le aaya be tu??? kisi ke chori kiye kya?? :P

chal koi na ab aa gaye to BADHAI HO!!!

yar, agli bar evil M ko meri taraf se talli kar diyo.. plz.
bechara evil M kahan fans gya tere sath.. :(

I think you ll be done with your internals now...
so have fun... :)
Keep Smiling... :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpit: o yaar jb bottle muh ko lagaya teri hi yaad aayi... kasam se.... jab bottle pheka teri hi yaad aayi :P... jab baad may pee kiya teri hi yaad aayi :P :P

and thank you for the wishes :), wish you the same too...

take care and keep writing............

Vyazz said...

Glad to know you had a blast!! The part about gettin ur first ermm...non alcoholic beer was a good read. Not a stranger to alcohol myself though!!
Ur bound to come across the stuff 'specially when you spend six years in a country like Russia. But don't drink right now.....strangely alcohol doesn't agree with me. Gives me insomnia. "specially stuff like Vodka and Cognac. Like wine and champagne though!!! But let me not corrupt ur innocent mind on these details!! ;)
Never been to a rock concert myself, coz my city is what you'd call not happening at all!!!
Besides you need company for these things!!!
Most of friends live abroad or in other cities!!! :(

Thousif Raza said...

@ Vyazz: thank you for everything... the additional data and all, its gonna help me out, when i get really drunk :P.... hope you too will have a same time as thi :)