The Return


“(Lightning sound) Muhuhaha....Buhuhahaha..... (Lightning sound)

Bow to me...Bow...You....F.......Fa.....Fabulous ;) people.....I am back. *smiles*”

That was EVIL M making a dramatic entrance as always....Hey guys how have you been?...I was out of blogging for a long time, as you might have noticed(You have noticed haven't you?)

Well as I said, I had exams and many different things to do in the holidays (Which I had planned for months), and different things I did, just not which I had planned of...

So this post is the update about what I was upto all holidays....So let’s begin. :)

Well to start things off, let’s start with the bad news shall we...

1) I dint go the internship as said, I know many of you would be going as 'Awww why?' (Say yes at least this time yaar!) Well i'm assuming you asked why (With an awww of course ;))... well our dear chairperson in the department got changed and with that the whole regulation changed.

She said “You go that internship young boy, and you will get your ass whipped till it turns red, blue and god knows what color”

Well no, she dint really say that, she just gave some boring reply that I should go at the end of my 2nd year because the rules have changed or something like that, so I just paraphrased her words(In my way of course) (God, i'm gonna be one hell of a journalist :P)

Anyhoo, (I learnt that from choco ;)) so I dint go, and I thought that was the only disappointment i'm gonna have this holidays, but no, there was another one.

2) I decided i'll go to my best friend chavan's room in banglore, I go there whenever I feel low (and whenever I can, for that matter ;)), because we 2 have so much fun, my mom even asked one time, “Thousif, You spend more time with chavan that coming here to your real home in coorg, I hope chavan hasn't adopted you already?”

I was so so excited(as you know he has 24 hours Internet, a karaoke machine, 108inch LCD TV, no rules whatsoever), I wanted to give him a surprise by going to him unannounced, but something clicked in me

(EVIL M: It was me!!)

Yeah and so I sent him a message on the eve of going, saying 'i'm coming tomorrow', and he replied by saying, “Don't come, I changing my room this month”, putting another end to my well planned plan.

I was sad, I hopped onto my bed, rested my head on my pillow drank a cold beer, ate some wafers, and looked up to the sky, and asked god “Why god, why, why did you ruin my plans?”

(Lightning sound)

Suddenly everything went dark and I closed my eyes, after sometime I opened them, when a divine voice said to me “Get the hell up, it 11'o lock in the morning you ass”, That was SAM, my cousin bro, I woke up from my bed and was all sad, he asked me and I said the reason.

He looked at me resting his hands on my shoulders and said “Life happens when you are busy making plans”, I was amazed, my dumb bro, giving me knowledge(stolen of course ;)), I have got to be dreaming but my other bro FAR hit me with a tennis ball in my family jewels proving me, I was(painfully)awake.

And so I thought, I thought about SAM's stolen thought, and decided i'll not make plans,i'll just enjoy what comes along in my life, so now comes the happy news...Be prepared :)

1) As I couldn't go to chavan's home I decided i'll go to my own home, mom had been asking me for ages to come home, and I had just gone twice in a year, reason for it was mostly because, mom and visited me once a month.

And as I thought, I realized I was just wasting holidays in my aunt's home, why not go home! what have I got to lose.

But I did lose, I lost the loneliness which I was suffering from due to a break up(which happened when my exams were going on, so god knows how i'll fare in the exams) I came home, I mean really home, sitting beside mom watching all those hindi serials, (which are as long as the wall of china). Ah bliss ;)

I got so addicted to those serials; i'm watching them now, daily. See going home changes ya ;), but it was not the serials, it was the joy in my parents eyes which held me, mom wanted to make me all the special dishes she is renowned for(She makes the awesomest kheer, and biryani) but I couldn't enjoy that too, because of the acidity problem I was having. But beside all that, it was the love I felt, there were more rules than my aunt's house, like bath daily, get up early, Cut your nails(What am I? A baby), but as I said the biggest perk of all was being there to see mom and dad every morning smiling towards me.

Every morning I used to have the dreamiest of breakfast I have only dreamed of in my aunt's home, every morning it was a pleasure to wake up to, uh I loved it, and then while I was living the dream, another awesome thing happened by which I had to get back to Mysore (Enter a high pitched shriek here)


I became a Chachu. Again ;)

Yes, my bhaiya and bhabi gave birth to a son, just kidding, well actually it was just my bhabi :P.

EHAN .The proud new addition to our family, you gotta see him, ah he is so cute. You know I dint like kids very much, in fact until I came to Mysore I had never held a baby, because of the fear that I would drop them. And with Ehan it was even more(I still haven't picked him up yet) but honestly, when I touched him, it was the warmest of feeling ever, The color of his cheeks, the innocence his eyes, the way he smiles, Oh, I loved him then and there.

Every day I look at him, it makes me fell so good. I imagine this was how I looked when I was born, this was how my mom and dad took care of me, the crying, the sleepless nights, the love which I got from my parents, i'm witnessing all that. And I feel so much more love for my parents, they were there when I was born, and are still there while i'm pursuing my dreams, I feel so blessed, and i'm so happy for everything god has given to me.*Cries uncontrollably*

Enter EVIL M.

Stop crying like a baby, thousif cries whenever he is emotional, let him enjoy his girly moment for a while. So let’s carry on the good news shall we, what did you think, that was it.... Nope there is still another one.

Well this one actually started before the holidays, during his exams. Thousif met a girl, well actually no, he hasn't met her after they have got to know each other, but its coming soon.

*Blows nose* Ok i'm back, hope EVIL M wasn't much trouble, so as he said, I've met someone. Before I start the 'goon gaan' about her, lemme just tell you some thing.

I'm assuming you've all seen Salaam-Namaste, so in that the heroine Priety zinta is frenz with Jugal hansraj in her college. Who have this awesome friendship between them (If you don't remember anything, go watch the movie again you IDIOT, no that’s became a nice word of late, lemme rephrase that, You STUPID), if you don't remember, here is a recent observation

I hope to god you've seen Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, you have Na? ok in that film there is this friendship between jaggu (The weird hair styles guy) and Aditi's friend who is a girl (Not boms)(I forgot her name :P :P) who have this awesome friendship between them

So I hope you've remembered

(EVIL M: I have a headache, would you get to the point already?)

Point ok here it is, from my childhood I....

(EVIL M: Childhood, really?? from childhood!!, you hated girls till your 1oth standard remember...)

Ok not from childhood then, from my Pre university college days....

(EVIL M: Better....)

Ok from those days I wanted a to befriend a girl, who would be cool, with whom I could be me, With whom I would not pretend about things, with whom I could talk anything, anything.. With whom...

(EVIL M: Oh god, we get it, enough with the “with whom's” already, continue would ya...)

So as I was saying, a girl who would not pretend, with who you can have an actual conversation with, a friend who would be there when you are in trouble, a friend who would give you some real advice in difficult situations, whether its for buying sneakers or knickers for that matter :P.

A girl who would be just like Preity in salaam namaste, and that 'other girl' in Jaane tu....

(EVIL M: Kill me god, please kill me...)

Oh k, getting to the point, I have found the perfect friend, a girl with whom, you can talk anything, with whom you can crack the lousiest joke and she would still smile (Just to see you smile), a friend who you can rest assured, will be there when trouble strikes. (I'm talking about all sorts, girl advice, style advice, or any advice for that matter ;))

I have always been the guy who values friendships because of the comfort they provide to you, because they give the meaning towards one's life, and with her I found another beautiful meaning of what friendship is all about. Her name is Shruti (I call her pihu :)).

Pihu is the most good hearted person i've met till now, but she has a killer anger (So, i've been warned ;)) When I first looked at her, I knew she was nice person, but when I got to know her, I really got to know, how sweet and nice she really is. She is the person I can’t count upon any day and i'm proud to say, that she joins the elite club of my best frenz. *hugz*

P.S to pihu.

Pihu here is the magnificent, majestic, magical (and virtual: P) crown of my friendship which I gift to you :) You are officially my best friend now...*Cries uncontrollably*

Enter EVIL M, even a girl wouldn't cry that much. Right girls? So would any of you girls wanna adopt your boyfriend* (wink)

*(Offer open only for beautiful girls ;))

I'm back... so that’s that guys, I had a holiday like i've never had before, and found many things, which i'm really proud of and happy for..... hope you have a guys awesome week ahead... :)

Take care, love you all :)