Rembering you, Remembering me

Hey Guys….. Hi

I hope you remember me….(*Prays a quick prayer*) I know I know, I was not there for almost a month, but so many things happened that I was caught up doing those things, it was pretty tough to do those things you know, and that is why I had to ditch writing in the blog. I hated it, I absolutely hated it, but what could I do, I had to finish those things. The 3 most important things




EVIL M In a threatening tone: “Ok. Enough of the bullsh**….. them the truth you ass”

Sorry, I lie a lot, so I was doing 3 of my most favorite things that I love to do in life

Eat.(While Class is going on)

Sleep.(While Class is going on)

Listen to Music.(Ditto as above :P)

I so wanted share some very interesting experiences with you guys, but I was so busy being lazy, that I forgot all about that incidents, there is vague feeling where I remember I am helping an old woman pass the road, and another of handing money to a very needy person, oh no that’s not it, the old lady was my drunk friend, and the needy guy was me itself, I was asking my brother to lend me some money so that I could waste it on my friends, (Yeah I know I am awesome :P) then what is it then… the weed that I smoked, na I do that all the time, I giving birthday bumps to some random guy….. No…lemme think…ummmmm… ok I got it, it was me playing holi.

After last month’s accident thing, I needed to get my head off the sadness, so when I went to college on the holi morning (I have forgotten the date… :P) nothing happened., but when it was lunch time all hell broke loose, I was the first one to be drenched in colors, and my favorite white t shirt(Which has all these awesome skull pictures on it) was full of colors, after that it was a matter of time till my whole body was full of it, I had initially tried to run away, and because of that stupid thing, I was punished by my seniors, where from head to toe I was bathed. In colors. I was looking like an African parrot, and not in a cute kind of a way mind you, but I dint sulk and one thing I did the most that day was have fun.

I had so much, I mean so much fun, I put colors on strangers, took monkey like pictures with them, and when I saw that photos at the end of the day it all made sense,(Nonsense of course :P), but I gotta tell you, there were no strangers in college that day, there was no religion, everyone were brothers and sisters that day (*Cough* hot girls and gay boys except me of course :P) it was sooooooo fun, I laughed and laughed, and I forgot all about the world, it was only when I reached home to take a bath did I realize, that the color was not coming out of my face, and my god, I had to sit in the bath room for 2 hours, and I have lost count of how many times I put shampoo on my hair, but thanks to my (muscular) bhai, most of it came off…

It was a remarkable experience, because I hadn’t played holi till that time, and I gotta tell you, holi really brings people together, not just for namesake, but in its true self, it’s a festival of bondage and shows how we humans should be really like, sharing happy moments together, you know we put some colors even on our lectures, and one lecturer was like “Nice, Nice Thank you, Thank You” he was not in the least sense angry, I and my friends were all smiles and laughter that day, It was awesome, and it’s one of the best thing that has happened to me this semester, and I am never gonna forget it.

That’s all about holi, but the real blast of the news comes here.

I am gonna be on T.V

You know from my childhood, I had this dream, I always wanted to say a dialogue, that one dialogue which my mom would be so proud of, and now I can finally say it, with a proud giggle on my face ;), and the line is

Look Ma I’m On T.V ;)

I just did volunteer work for a reality show, but I did awesome work in it, you have to see the emotions, you have to see the acting I have portrayed, its Legend…..wait for it….Dary.

So next Friday if you are free, tune into Zee kannnda at 6 pm. To watch this awesome guy display his legendary volunteer work… (Don’t miss to see it, cause if you do, you will miss out some really breathtaking acting, an acting no human being can match, you wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? :P)

So that was it this month,(No there were many other things, where my friend jumped from a 6 storey building just to win a ten rupees bet, and also this one time when a crocodile ate my cat, but I don’t wanna bore you, so let’s move on :P) and yeah, my bro is all better now, thank you so much for the wishes and prayers, he was delighted to read all your comments, and I am opening a new blog called Crafted Fantasies which will be co authored by a very special person called Arpitha Holla, we will be just writing short stories in it, it will get started next month, and I have almost completed the first story, guess who is the hero of the story…, A very awesome blog buddy of mine named Arpit Rastogi and mehek (The Legendary Anwesa ;)) is also in it, It’s my first attempt at comedy, so I expect all of you to be there for the grand opening, Your wishes and opinions matter a lot to the both of us.

Thank you all for reading…. Have a Legendary weekend, and then share the experience so that I can know all about it. OK… :)

Take care have fun :), Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey cool!
1) I am so scared of Holi. But the pic is so cute. Which one is you by the way? :)
2) You are gonna be on TV!!! Yay you!!! :) I don't get that channel... :|
3) Nice that your bro has bounded back to good health. :)
4)Congrats on the new blog.
5) you have not asked for my unwordly unwise opinion...But..I am going to impart it anyways...Me thinks...That this current template of yours..Is a lil girly.. :)

Tc and have a grt weekend :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Good to hear abt ur Bro.. :)

You on T.V. Yipppeee!!! *um soo happy*
Oooops! i cant fake a smile.. i am so jealous of you.. :P

Sun Bhai.. i wont be able to catch up with ur TV program.. so record it somehow & post it on ur Blog. otherwise i ll kill you..

Keep Bull-Shitting Bro.. :)

Love you.. :P *In complete non-gay manner* :D

P.S. I am waiting.. n u knw for what...
Take Care.

Charu said...

All I can say is...nice to see that you finally posted something again!

ANWESA said...

A MARATHON post indeed !

And I'm curious about your new blog :P :P :P

Chandrika Shubham said...

:) Narration of Holi festival was cool. The pic is cute. :)

akanksha said...

Good to see u back!
So u too enjoyed Holi! :d
And Tv thing is cool, man! :D

Thousif Raza said...

@ choco:1) none yaar, date dekho pic par, its 2003 :P
2) well lemme see what ican do abt that
3) thank you
4)Thank you again, i sure hope to see you esteemed presenmce there...
5) I know, but the design on the top is so lovely, that my feminine side got stronger than my male side ;)

@ arpit: hey thats a nice idea, hmmm lemme try that ;), and thank you for being the first follower of teh blog :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Charu: yeah... i am glad too :)

@ anwesa: you should be... you are gonna be a hell lot surprised when you read the stoery... i can guarentee you

@ Chandrika:, hey its good to see you back, and thank you so much ;)

@ Akanksha: yeah i know :), thx for the iwshes :) tc

sulagna ™ said...

aree wah wah..TV mein and all ha??? holi looks kick ass...why are you not hugging the girl..she looks so cute....tell me she is also a stranger...ha??

Thousif Raza said...

@ sulagna: oji... agar woh mere paas hoti, toh definate laga leta... but i guess she is a mom now, meri phot nahi hai, 2003 ki hai :P... take care, thx for the wishes :)

QM said...

That's a really nice picture. I remembered myself covering in rainbow colours when I was 5, I think while playing with paint.

LOL, went on TV? Awesome!

Keep having fun (:

Thousif Raza said...

@ Qm: in paint... my god, how did you get it off? and yeah awesome it is, thx.. take care

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Nice pic...and welcome back!!

Thousif Raza said...

@ The Double Inverted Commas: godd to see you back too. :) take care

Arpitha Holla said...


Thousif Raza said...

@ arpitha: but not as much as you :)...take care

Tulika said...

WO WO..!!
TV pe ?? kya baat hai!

Kool. This post has just abt everything.

Great, u had funmaxxx.!! Enjoy. :)

Vyazz said... certainly had a rocking month!!! Boring lectures apart!!! :)
I never could celebrate holi, coz its kinda sad when you have no colours to drench one other with!! (talking bout Russia), and back in India, I have no friends in my city!! :(
Most of my closest buddies are in Mumbai, and some abroad!!!
Newayz...glad to know what you have been upto!!
And to know what I have been upto...visit mah blog and see for ur self!!! :)
Nice to be back!!!!

Remya said...

Damnit, you make me laugh everytime man!!
Glad everything's back to normal...and THANK GOD!! you have finally changed the template. God bless!!!
*makes the sign of Cross*
Oh and dude...I'm so envious..seems like you had shitload of fun for Holi...Too bad I don't celebrate the festival :(
Oh and I'm on my way to your new blog :)
I read the post too I'm guessing my tuing in to the channel won't help matters..Darn, I missed :|
Tell Evil M he rocks!

Thousif Raza said...

@ vyazz: hey dude, its great to see you back too... :).... will check you out soon...., take care

@ remya:so xams finished at last haan... its good to c u back.... and just check the story that is to come, you will be surprised abt evil m all rgt :P... take care

sulagna ™ said...

acha naya post kidhar hai baba???

K-ay said...

On TV? Haww :) lucky you!
One hell of a Holi it sounds like :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Sulagna: it posted a week earlier it self. check it out ;)

@K-ay: you came.... wow thx... hmmm yeah it was fun.....take care cya soon :)