Not so simple thoughts

I know i havent been around much. Maybe i'm just too lazy. Well, this is sort of a return. I donno when i'll be back again, but i hope its soon.

To start things off, i have written something(finally! :P). I was in a fight with myself when i wrote it. Its not exactly the best poem i have written, but i like it. It speaks to me. I have put in straightforward words whatever i felt at that moment. Hope u guys like it :). thank you all for reading my blog and constantly leaving comments. I know i dont reply to them, but i always read them and i love each one of them :). I will reply to them all in this post. Well, so without further blabbering... here's the poem...

Dare to dream
So rough these lines in hand; each trace in it distinctly reminding of what I have come to achieve.
In sameness I live.
Each morning I wake up the same way as y’day, waiting....
Waiting..... Every day, I wait some more.
I know it’s there. Its mine for the taking, I just have to be brave..... But I can’t.

Reasons are aplenty.
Easily i point my fingers to a new one. every day.
Each one is a lie, responsibility being the most believable one.
Moving on is easy. It’s the looking back that hurts.
I know I have it me, I can feel it, sense it.....

It’s not easy.
I know I am holding myself back, but there’s fear and I can’t seem to overcome it, not by myself.

Baring my soul is easy, it comes naturally to me.
If only it was possible now.....
I tend to hold onto a long forgotten dream, desperately.

It’s funny how memories work.
Things that I can’t hold onto, i try high and low to keep them in my grasp. But the ones that I can actually achieve, I run away from; I don’t even try.
Both come easy to me, the latter being the easiest.

Magic works; the magic of sleep.
Erasing everything I thought last day, was fighting with.
I don’t feel like surrendering, but I have to.
Reluctantly, helplessly I surrender.
I live another day; daring to dream; daring to turn that dream into my favourite mirage, reality.
<3 u all :). Take care... till next time.....