Worlds fastest prduction Car

Speed King

The fastest production car till now was you might b knowing or not but it ‘was’ the bugatti veyron

But now a car from Shelby’s garage ;) has broken this record. The name of the car is Shelby’s Ultimate Aero.

Upstaging the mighty bugatti veyron is no easy task because anything above 250kmph and you have to really focus on how to keep the car in control and most importantly on the ground. Plus the required power-to-weight ratio; each horsepower having to pull only about one kilogram. That’s why the 1183bhp was needed for this 1200kg car.
To test this super car Shelby chose a newly paved stretch of highway near Washington for the run. Top speed runs are usually done in two directions to cancel out any advantage (or any disadvantage) offered by the wind or natural slope of the ground. Driver Chuck Bigelow did the 1st run @ 414.24 kmph and the second run @ 410.24 kmph averaging out 412.27 kmph.This record beats the speed record of every other super cars which are in production namely Koenigsegg CCR @ 389.50 kmph ,as well as bugatti veyron which clocked an unofficial 407 kmph.

And the best part is it’s not a stripped–down race car either. If you’re paying upwards of US$ 585,000, you’d expect to get top-spec equipment. That’s why air-conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, DVD-based GPS navigation with rear camera, a 10-speaker DVD system, and custom Recaro seats in leather are standard issues.

The photo of the car is given below:

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