The Theatre Act

“World is a stage and we are all actors playing our part here” wow what a cool saying na, do you know who said it?, cause I don't, so if you find out temme too ok... :P

Well you might be guessing, back after almost a week and what is thousif talking about??, well my frenz first of all apologies for being so late, cause my journalism course is sucking out life from my body. literally, reason is I have to report dussherra events as assignment for my class and believe me, covering the world famous MYSORE DUSSHERA is a tough job.

All was not bad from this reporting job that my ma'am put me in, actually other than the hectic schedule, the experience is awesome, I mean I haven't experienced life as much as I am experiencing it right now, and I am absolutely loving it..

So here I am today to share another one of my life's most memorable experience that I will never ever forget for as long as I live....

Our ma'am put us on assignments from the 2nd week of our college itself (i.e 4 days back), the assignments were to cover the ongoing dusshera events to be held in Mysore and report in, I was told to cover the Flower show along with trade exhibition and my frenz were put to other events, where one event was the theater play festival which would go on all week.......

I was covering my events and was busy in that, but on 22-09-09 usha my classmate said to me...

“I watched a play yesterday which my friend suggested, and I loved it, well if you are free today we can watch another play today, I heard its worth watching, Others are coming, Wat say? you up for it?”

Confession: I am not a “play” person, I am more like the cliqued “Movies are for me” kinda kid.

So when she said play, I instantly thought, serious performances, screaming by actors along with despair and desolation, I immediately screamed “Nahin” on top of my lungs like kirron kher shouting in dostana when she gets to know abhishek is gay :P.

She was taken aback and said “Just give it a try dude, you got nothing to lose and don't worry its a comedy act so at least you can have a laugh, you are the only one out, don't play a spoil sport now”

I dint want to go but somehow agreed due to her's and my friends pressure, as I reached the place named 'Rangayana' (where the festival was being held) and when I entered it, I was greeted by the sight of gallery of photographs of the veterans who have performed there, I was just beginning to like theater” when usha broke my trance by suddenly calling me and said “The play is about to start so we better get in the theater”, I followed her and sat in.

The play started and I got to know it was actually a kids play named Ajjiya Kathe (A Grandma's tale), I thought “Kids doing theater oh where have brought myself into”. But I was slapped right on my face by the performance which started from the first minute of the play, the acting, the screen presence, the confidence of the kids who acted, I mean those kids didn't have the slightest fear in their eyes, no stage fear at all, I mean I still get scared (just a little ;)) when I talk in front my class some times, and these kids acting in front of a live audience was some thing words fail me to explain to you guys.

The overall theme of the play was “How even a woman can do things what men can do, and how she can sometimes even beat men at their own game”, it was so effectively told that you had to see it, the act was so perfectly directed, so well acted, that I was just sucked into the play, and I was the first person clapping when the event ended wiping tears from my face.

Tears+Thousif, that means it had to be something big, so the reason for my tears had 2 reasons, one was how I had missed some very memorable experience which I could have gained earlier, but dint have the resources to, and the 2nd reason was when I heard, when the kids said which school they were from....

The kids said they are from Deena Bandhu school, and that hit me as I had thought looking at their performances that, these kids might be from some fancy art school, the specialty of Deena Bandhu school is that, the school is a sponsorship school, where a person sponsor's a child for their studies and also for their living which includes food and clothes, as these children cannot afford it because they and their parents are so very poor.

When I looked into the prospectus of the school about what its doing, I was so impressed that I made myself a promise then and there that, when I get a job, not matter how tough it gets I will sponsor a child for his/her education,...

I came out of the play and was thanking usha from left right and center, if not for her I would have missed some thing very important in life, and because of her I am now a fan of theater plays and guess what I am also acting in one, nothing is final yet but plans are going on, but there is hope.

I just hope I wont make a mess of myself on stage by my stage fright :P, wish me luck guys loads of it.....

Moving on from there lemme continue, I went to see a play the next day by forcing everyone and I was in for shock as it was so awful that I came out half way through it, but today I saw one again which was so very good that it even beat my likes of the 1st play that I saw..... So......

In the end I just wanna say, don't think doing just one thing which you like will do you good, even if you don't like something, give it a try, it may bring you happiness or it may be a waste but it will be a experience none the less, so you have nothing to lose right??.

And take this as my humble request to all of you, Puhleeze watch a theater play if one is playing in the place where you live, cause it will show you what real acting and real screen persona is all about, rather than the fake that they show in movies, sure movie actors act too, but its nothing, I mean nothing in front of theater artists.........

Saying that I bid adieu to all of you, I wish a very very HAPPY DUSSEHRA to all of you, have fun kicking ravana's ass ok :P, and I thank for all the guys who wished me in the last post, thank you guys I was really touched by your words :).......

Some guys told me they had problems with the comments section being hidden, so here is the link for you : Link.

2 to Tango..... ;) /Ek kissa Papad Ka

“Your first day in the college will be your worst, two insanely height(Read: Khali Size) girls will come towards you as soon as you enter college and will say “kya be chikne, kya haal hai??,Chal pant utaar!!”(wassup punk, what's going on?, Now remove your pant) and will rag you so much that you will cry, better carry a pepper spray” said my neighbor :P

Don't be alarmed this was dialog said by my very “helpful” neighbor 5 years back when I was to join my 10+2, listening to him I was (ahem) a little scared of girls at that point, I dint carry a pepper spray though,(cause my pocket money was only 20 rupees) but I carried a much better option, a onion and a knife, I though “If anybody is gonna rag me I will cut this onion and make them cry instead of me”, but to my disappointment nobody came, I came home that day and made pakodas out of onion and ate it any way, so no loss there, the neighbor came the next day and scared me some more, so the fear crept more, and I was lil more scared of girls,(Hey, now I know the reason why I dint have any girlfriends in my 10+2), I hate you neighbor guy, I hate you :P.

So any ways lets get back, so due to his scaring I was lil scared of girls and dint trust them that much, the coming story will show you, about how wrong I was, and actually, girls are not bad as I thought they were......

10 June.... (or was it 11th, na I think it was 14th.. or was it 16th.....anyways), that was the day when I came to Mysore, and settled down in my aunt's house.

Member's in my aunt's are, My aunt, her 3 sons and 2 daughter-in-laws(My bhabi's), as I met them I was nervous, cause I never had lived in any of my relatives house for more than a week and here I was, who had come to live for the next two years, they were all good especially the 2 bhabi's or so I thought........

Confession: I am person who doesn't just get along with people with whom I just met, I take my time before I trust anyone, and if I see that the person is trust worthy, I am ready to do anything for the person...

So I settled in and all was going well, till one day, when I said to my 'T.A bhabhi that “Will you please fry papads so that I can eat my dinner along with it?”, she said ok, I put the same request the next day, she said ok, this continued for a week, and one day my 'T.A bhabhi' said, “Thousif this is driving me Crazy, cant you eat anything else than papads?”.

I said “No bhabhi, papads are my favorite, other than blogging thats the one thing I love the most”, she rolled her yes but fried them, this continued for another week and my other bhahi i.e. 'S.A bhabi' too joined in with T.A bhabhi protesting they cannot fry me any more papads, I sat down with them and 'discussed' the situation that how addictive papads were for me and they agreed, but after I left the 'discussion' I heard them two talk between themselves and giggling.

They hatched a plan and now whenever I asked for papads they would call me 'Papad lal', I was surprised, but dint say anything, they called me the same name every day and when it got out of hand, I said them “Please don't call me that”, they said “No, we will continue calling you until you stop eating papdas”

“NEVER” I snarled, “We will see about that” said my 2 bhabhi's giggling.

Then as fasting came last month and we had to get up at 4 in the morning to have our breakfast, the papad habit receded and almost became nil, I dint actually noticed it till they stopped calling me that name and started calling me new one's such as:
“Phoolan devi” (because I am lil on the skinny side ;)), Raza Murad (Cause my second is Raza :P), So this held my belief some more, that indeed girls or dare I say women are Bad.

I would give cold eyes whenever they called me those names, and ignore work told by them, they would laugh every time by calling names some more, at the end of it I was pretty pissed by it

One fine day I said them, “I don't like being called names and all and you should stop it”, we got into an argument and that leaded to the most unexpected thing..........

We became friends.

I started telling my problems with them, couple of secrets I haven't even told with my brothers, or for that matter even my best friends, I started sharing it with my bhabi's, they would laugh most of the time making fun of me, but if the problem was serious they would give their opinion about what to do, and believe me it felt good, because I dint have a single friend when I came to Mysore, and now I have 2 best friends that I could ever find in the form of my bhabi's.

No day goes out when they don't tease me, may it be my hairstyle or may it be when I whine while lifting heavy things, they are there calling me new names everyday, wonder where they get so much creativity from?? (No doubt its from me :P), but we have become so close that we forget we are actually relatives itself.

Lemme tell a lil more about them

My T.A bhabhi, is a laugh riot, literally, she laughs every time, and I mean every time, may it be while listening to a silly joke, or even if she got hurt, she laughs her heart out, I donno why, when I asked her this, she says “I am like this from childhood itself”, no wonder my bhaiya thinks she is crazy :P

My other bhabi i.e the S.A bhabi is a bad liar, if somebody told her something like teased and all, she gets hurt, she runs into the room and cries and due to that her eyes get swollen and a fever also develops(freaky na?? ;)), if asked, was she crying?? she says, no I wasn't, even though we can all see very clearly in her eyes. She is just like a girl out of college, she thinks she is mature but actually is not, and sometimes that has made me laugh so much that I had stomach cramps :P

I think I am the luckiest person in respect of my bhabi's cause I never have trusted a person so easily, they listen to my weird story attempts, I bug them every time, if I wanna get some work done, I beg and beg them to iron out my clothes if I am in hurry, and they do the same when I am free (even though I don't do it)., they are like the 'nanny sisters' always on prowl if I do something wrong, saying, “Raza murad, pick your shoes up from the hall, right now”, “Phoolan devi, keep your clothes in order, or else I wont fry papads for you”, as much as those ultimatums scare me :P, I love them for what they are, and for what they make me feel, I feel belonged in an environment, where I thought I was once a stranger.

Now I don't miss my college friends, or feel lonely cause they are always on my back, pulling my leg or calling names, still I don't feel bad cause I know, they have been there and will always be there for me whenever I need them, life always isin't this lucky, but I thank god for making me meet them and all I wanna say is “Thank you god for giving me such lovely bhabi's, who take care of me more than myself, and tease the hell out of me”.

So thats about it, till next time, Hum hain rahi pyar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte......... ;)

The Get-together

Well I am back, missed me??, I know it has just been 4 days, but I missed you guys so very much really, I am so glad I am back here.

Yesterday introductions took place in college and i had so much fun, i just cant tell you enough, the seniors are the coolest i have met, 2 of the seniors are RJ's and one named chaitra talks and talk and then talks some more my god, It was great.....

Well guess what I learned something new (again :P), I think I gotta change this blog name to The learner or something....anyways, so here is the thing I learned,

I went back to see all the posts I have written and saw that I have been ranting only about me,and me only, Oh how selfish am I???, Tch Tch Tch, so to make my mistake good (Again :P), this post is totally dedicated to you guys, See how good hearted person I am (Please say yes please........)

Well so here is the thing how its gonna work, there are 2 questions which are very close to my heart, you have to anwer those with truth and truth only, sort of like Sach ka saamna, that show harms more than it heels, but this will heal more than you expect.........

So here is a 1st question.......

This was asked by my very good friend Abhishek aka x-system, his question has been like the turning point of my life, it may seem simple to answer, but I want you to not take it simply as a mere question, but seriously ask yourself, or rather your heart and answer, and also you should give a reason as to why you are giving that answer, Be honest (at least this time yaar :P), here it is......

Who would you take a bullet for?

Seems simple right. Wrong, just read the question again and think with all your heart as to who is that person who is so close to you, for whom you would literally give your life, no name may come or a hundred may pop up, the person may be your friend or a relative, I just want to why, you can only say 3 person's name and not more, and please don't say “My parents come first” because we all know parents are the most important persons in our life, so besides your parents just temme who are the 3 most important person's in your life for whom you would literally take a Bullet for?

Well if you ask me the 3 person for whom I would take a bullet for are Jasmine, Vinod, Chavan.

Jasmine: She is my friend who I met online, lives in assam, and we are the bestest friends ever, The reason I choose jasmine is because she was the one, who gave a feel to my care, I cared for everyone before (i.e my family and friends), but I dint feel the care I had, it was more like I was forced to care or something, but when I, talked to jasmine, she made me realize there is more to life than pretend, I understood that you live our life because you love it, and when you really feel the care towards your loved ones, it is the best feeling ever, the realization made me realize what others pain and happiness is all about and because of this, I owe everything to her, my feelings, my care, My life.

Vinod: He is my other friend, who I met in my school, they story of how we became friends is also, quite nice, I and vinod were in my 8th standard, we actually dint talk to each other much even though we were classmates from nursery, one day when I asked him his home work of G.K, he said he wouldn't give me and said you should work it our yourself, I seized his book instead, he got angry and punched me in the face and we began a fight, after the fight (And I was badly bruised :P), I asked sorry and he too did the same we and resolved our differences and became frenz.
8 years down the line, we are so close to each other, that we don't hide anything from each other, may it be our secrets or each other torn chaddi's :P, we are best buddies, he is the one who has been always there for me, and I guess if I land up I any trouble, he will be the first one rescue me, So I choose him

Chavan: I met chavan in my 10+2, I was studying science, I was BIG gaming freak at that time, and he was the same too, so we got to know each other very well, during my second year I flunked, I later took up commerce and passed my 10+2, and he passed in science itself and went to college, there had been a gap of one year, his studies to mine, but this dint deter our friendship.
when I first met him in my degree college almost after a year, we were like, we had never been away itself, we gelled so well that friendship with him took a whole new meaning. The understanding between us took to a whole new level and we became the best buds ever, he has been with me all the time, even though I am here in Mysore studying journalism and he is in Bangalore working as a software engineer in Microsoft, it has not changed a thing for us, He has always been there for me, by giving me support when I was lonely, or by giving me some quality advice about girls ;). he is the one who I can whole heartedly trust on at any moment in my life.... So chavan.

My second question is:

What is the most Inspiring thing ever happened to you?

This a Lil complicated one because there may many things that may have happened to you, which took your life towards being a lil better and making a lil more sense to you, so sort it out among those and write in the best one in ok......

If you ask me one thing that has inspired the most in my life is Reading Blogs. (Don't Smile there ;)), I know it may seem like a simple answer, but honestly, blogs have been like my stepping stones towards success, before, I was like an extreme introvert (if there ever was one), I dint mingle much, i dint talk much, I dint express much, I was like a apricot, hard on outside soft on inside, but after I read blogs written by you guys, I have been able to see a situation in a different perspective, I now mingle, and talk like crazy, its like sunshine has come in my dark life, really, I am so very happy and lucky, to have come across some quality blogs which have changed me for the better, and I am so very thankful to you guys, your words are literally my inspirations, thank you once again.

Thats one, another thing that has fueled my inspiration every time is FEAR, or to put it in a more sensible way its what lies ahead of the fear,
Those mountain dew guys may have cheesy ad's but they have one hell of a tag line. Darr ke aage jeet hain (Beyond Fear Lies Victory), awesome na??.

Really every time I have a new idea in my head, there is a fear and I think “will it work??, will I find success?”, and when I think about it, in my mind I start falling into a deep pit, and the only logical (Read:illogical) option that seems is, that I should drop that idea, but then a voice in my head says “lets give it try, you got nothing to lose except your honor”, listening to it I fear some more, and sulk, but another voice in my heart says “Dude mind is a ass, it is just there to make you fall into that pit, so that you wouldn't get up at all, I would say get up and try to climb that pit with all your strength, you may fall, but atleast you tried right?” I am in confusion, but the victory that lies ahead of the fear is far more convincing than the fear itself, so I take the risk, and see what has become of me.

I feared I couldn't write, and as said by some of you guys I am writing beautifully and very well now (even though my handwriting sucks, Big time :P), I feared to express my feelings thinking others might make fun of me, but when I did I just found more love than hate, I feared that by being different, everyone will think me as a freak, but it has just brought me applause than booing, So fear is the one thing that has inspired me to take a step into unknown, and besides some very small failures and hiccups on the way, I have found success in every part of my life, So for me FEAR is the one thing that inspires me as much as it motivates me.

I know, I know, I told you I wouldn't talk about me, but I ended up doing the same, Dil hai ke manta nai yaaro..... kya karen!!!

Well that was about me, but you guys now have to answer the above 2 questions, so that I get to know you a lil better, best answers will win chocolate chip cookies (Virtual ones of course :P), so now ask your self the above questions and give me a peek into your chweet little heart :).

Good luck, God bless. Cya Soon

A Firefly dressed as Santa Claus :P


Guess what I am back to studying journalism :P

Remember couple of posts earlier I had said that i was denied a seat!! well I got it back...I know I know I sound like a firefly, saying “Now my ass is on fire, Now its not...........” :P, but the primary reason for this “firefly” act was that earlier I was trying for the government seat but now I am joining in by payment seat, i.e more than 85k. I know it doesn't sound a lot of money to you, but its a lot to me, my parents actually :P. so yes I am back onto chasing my dream. Again :D.

Well for this mistake(Read: Blunder) that I committed, I am not asking sorry from you guys :P, instead I am giving away gifts(how sweet of me na... ;))

I know Christmas is far away, but still gifts are always good to give right??, and anyways I love giving gifts, (Cause they are free, at least in the virtual world :P)

So here are some of the blogs which have changed my life, Literally, I mean the way these guys write is very addictive, literally, because every time I don't read these blogs, I feel like I am deprived of something(Read: Drugs), you guys are so awesome, I come online in between 3 or 4 days , because of my hectic(Read: Lazy) schedule,and when the day comes when I go online, I run and am out of breath when I reach the cyber cafe, Literally :D, and you should look at the puzzled look on the cafe owner's face, he might think I am mad or something, and I would say he is 72.86% right on that, 72.86% only though :P

And mind you these awards have been created by my own beautiful hands and are copyrighted, if anybody tries to steal them and pose them as their own, I will kick your asses, Literally No, Virtually Yes :P.

So my Drug dealers ;) here is the list of my favorite blogs which supply my favorite drug by which I live this gifted Life ;)

The list is continued from these posts link1 and link2

# 11 Blog to Change My Life : Harshita's Chill Out Zone

Awesome is just an understatement for this blog, I mean she is the one person I would trust my life on, Sometimes I cant figure out what is she, human? or superhuman?, If superman was a woman and had an Indian version of it I think harshita would be it, her writing is more powerful than sunny paaji's dhai kilo ka haath, cause when she writes about social injustice, it makes you feel bad, not just about the person or situation, but about yourself, thinking why cant I do something about this?? even after reading her blog post it will linger in your heart and, it will always be reminding you, be good dude, be good (at least today), and when she writes about her life, you wouldn't wanna miss it for the world, because your every worry will go away when you read it, its so.., I mean its so very good..

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Live life to the fullest, But never ever forget your responsibility, and help someone, whenever you can.

Awards Given: A)


#12 Blog to Change My Life: As The Mind Meanders

This guy knows his cool, I mean cool can be his middle name, whatever I mean Whatever he writes is so awesome that you are left with a feeling which says “Damn why cant I write like this guy??” and his readers will vouch for that, believe me, everything he writes is so very innovative that awesomeness oozes out of his writing. I mean just give him a picture and you will have a story in no time and that too in such a unique way that you are left spell bound when you read it, yes I know its hard to believe, but its true all right, when I read his blog it taught me that an open mind is far more capable than a bound one. So....

Lesson learnt about life: Let the MindMeander Dude, Let it just Meander ;)

Award Given:

#13 Blog to change my life: The Other Perspective

Genius is the least that he can be called, I mean he has more potential that a Nuclear Bomb,(his head is normal though, I don't know how) Innovation and creativity are at its best in his writing. Because its unique in its own ways, its strong and its hard to believe, because you wont be able to believe and will just think “can somebody write so good?”, and you will be hitting your fist to your head more than a couple of times asking only one question over and over again which is “Now why didn't I think of that??”, the stories he writes are so powerful that after you read them you will feel like you have been hit by Mike Tyson himself, really shocking stuff, real good stuff. According to me his winning formula is only this 'Think Unique-Think some more-Write-Achieve', and thats what exactly I too will be working on from now on.

Lesson learnt about life: Think Think and think some more

Award Given:

#14 blog to change my life: Viva Forever

Keshi. Ah the name itself is enough. She is the most humane human I have ever seen in this so mean of a world. She is so pure hearted that I think by just with her one touch she can even make flowers blossom in a barren dessert, her words are like small drops of heaven which make me feel blessed every time I read them, everything she writes is so emotional and so touching towards your life that you will feel “how come she is living my life?” , you will relate to her life so very much.
She is a really amazing person, I mean amazing doesn't even describe her, you know she is basically from Srilanka working in America but she has a sponsored child in Srilanka, she just doesn't send her money for the child's caring, but even writes personalized letters, buys clothes and does everything to make the child happy, even though she is so far away, who in the world does that nowadays??, people don't have time for themselves and in these times she cares for him and not just for him but for every person who cares for her, she is so good that even if you don't like her(only reason could be you are Satan), she with her care will make you to forget that and make you love her for what she is, I mean if I start writing I will run out of words and still wont be able to make justice as to how much of a true hearted person she is, her words are my inspirations, I was a mess one time, but when I read a post of her about how to find love in yourself, I have been a much much better person now, all thanks to her, I mean I just cannot thank her enough for writing, for making me feel belonged, for being always there, I just wanna thank god for making me come across her blog and making me to get to know her, if I now run into bad situation or get depressed for some reason, I think from keshi's preceptive and even though the problem might not be solved, fighting it becomes a whole a lot easier, I just wanna say “keshi the biggest change in my life was brought by you, I owe everything to you for that, and whenever you need me (or even if you don't need me :P)I will be always there for you, its my promise now and it will be my promise forever.”

Lesson learnt about life: Life is a BIG mess, Just be patient and sort it out and it will be the most beautifulest thing ever.

Award Given: A)



OK those were the blogs that changed my life, but the coming blogs supply the best medicine known to man. Laughter.

Miss Kido

when I first read her blog, I was so impressed that I literally wanted to say Ma kido devi ki jai :D, I mean she knows funny and believe me I have read couple of funny blogs(no pun intended) and they are no way close to her, she with her striked word lines can make anyone laugh, and in just a matter of minutes I was her fan already, at that moment itself i read all her posts, and I gotta tell you I was literally on floor laughing, not just me when I showed her posts to my cousin brother it was the repeat of my floor situation, and he rarely laughs mind you, so I just wanna say, “Kido your writing makes me forget my worries and makes me feel better every time I read your blog, thank you for that and lemme tell you, your advice rocks :D”

Award Given:

The more I say about this guy the less it is, I mean he the funniest man I have ever read, his stories, his one liners are always and I mean always great to read, he writes about his life(mostly lies) and as much as they are funny it leaves a sensitive edge which the readers tend to hang on to, by which they are forced into dilemma as to whether its true or false?, he also has and alter ego, who is more cool than the author chriz itself, his posts always have a point to prove and he proves it in the most funniest way possible, he is the motivation for me, by which I became a lil more funny and lil more 'less serious' in my life, I mean You the man chriz, you the man. ;)

Award Given:

and for the guys who dint make it on the list, here is an award for you too

The(fake)Award given: (see I can be generous too :P).

Congrats to all the winners, hope you all liked your surprises, till next time god bless, take care......

Is It Really Love??

Would you hurt the one you love?, would you abuse the one you love?, would you force your love on the one you love?

These were the exact questions that came in my mind when a friend of mine went through all the above situations, I felt so angry that if I was there I think an unexplainable crime would have been committed by me on that day,

You know I am always a believer that when you love someone, its should be mutual, you shouldn't force your love, you shouldn't hurt that person, how can a feeling like abusing or hurting can even come to one's mind, when you love the person, its some sickos who tell they love but don't really know the real meaning who do something like this, which has led to the term love get tainted.

But for persons like the above who abuse, they are like maniacs who just need love for all the wrong reasons, they say they love you but don't really mean it, they threaten you if you don't accept their love, they think the person will get scared and will accept their so called love, finally when the person cant take more of that abuse or hurting he or she goes to take the final step and commits suicide, and then what happens??, the other person too pops some pills and dies, to prove that the person's love was true, I ask you is that love?????

I am no preacher, but lemme put it in a nutshell, love is about finding happiness, is int it?, So if a person doesn't accept your love, cant you find happiness in things which he or she finds in their life?, cant you be happy for your loved one's happiness?. As everyone says, true love is about sacrificing, you sacrifice yourself for the person you love, but here some of the freaks just sacrifice the person itself, I mean what the hell ya?????,

For all the persons who think forcing your love upon another will get you ways, here is a newsflash, No you sick minded freak, you are not getting anywhere, trust me he or she will just hate you more, so bring a little sense in your nonsensical brain and go my blogger friend keshi's way of life, find love in yourself, rather than finding it another and try to be happy in another's happiness, give an take is the old saying, give and give is the new mantra.....

This was a the hate post as you all can say, for all the maniacs out there who think forcing or abusing or hurting the person you love will get love in return, lemme tell you one more time, NO the only thing you will get is pain, desperation and police lathi's on your asses thats it,

The same can be said about the persons who are so In love that they hurt themselves who think that by bearing pain they can “prove” their love to another, I don't understand, how does does hurting or getting hurt mean love at all????, is is really love????

I am no judge but I just wanna say, try being a little mature and just love with all your heart and you can be damn sure that the person sooner or later will see for what you are and will accept your love for sure. Try it, it will really bring happiness to both of you rather than pain.

Till next time god bless and good luck.........

100 "Fabricated" Truths ;)


Well i looked back at all my posts from the start, and there hasn't been a tag which could help you know me better, So i decided to face the truth, and took up the "Sach Ka Samna" kinda quiz which i stole from some plce :D, So here goes.....

1. Last beverage: Pomegranate juice(And it tasted like tonic, yuck)
2. Last phone call: Vodafone customer care(I hate them as much as you do)
3. Last text message: Again customer care, I tell you these guys should be shot, drowned and quartered.
4. Last song you listened to: Kanye west-Heartless (Awesome song that)
5. Last time you cried: I cry when I get sad, to answer the question, It’s been a week, I guess….

6. Dated someone twice: Recession is going on, So No.
7. Been cheated on? Yeah, my friend stole 2 rupees from me and he is still hiding........
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? No......
9. Lost someone special? Yeah when my frog Sammie was kidnapped......
10. Been depressed? I have lost count of that......
11. Been drunk and threw up? Never have, Never will….

12. Black
13. Red
14. White
15. Black again :P

16. Made new friends: In virtual life yes :), In real life No :(
17. Fallen out of love: Not exactly, I donno, Maybe
18. Laughed until you cried: Many many times, most of the times watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S(its an awesome show na??)
19. Met someone who changed you: Yes, Rakhi Sawant. :P
20. Found out who your true friends were: Other than my pet frogs Tammie and Pammie, yeah they are many ;)
21. Found out someone was talking about you: Yeah Tammie and Pammie were talking y'day it was so awful, that I cant tell you...........

:22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: lemme ask my frenz itself, guys I am ready whats your opinion???? ;)(girls only ok) :P
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Except some of my Blog mates, All
24. How many kids do you want to have: 3 maybe 4, I am not sure yet. ;)
25. Do you have any pets: 2 frogs, A cat, 6 kittens, and uncountable cockroaches......
26. Do you want to change your name: Naaa, A Genius is known by his original name you see ;)
27. What did you do for your last birthday: As it was in coll, had a tanker load of fun, it was the best b’day ever
28. What time did you wake up today: Exactly @ 10:36:42 :D
29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Listening to Songs, while my mom was screaming @ me ;)….
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: The day when my frogs will grow up to be responsible citizens in their community. :P
31. Last time you saw your father: He’s here, watching TV.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: My dreams are so big that I wake up from my sleep everyday, wish my head was a little bigger so that they could fit in, :P
33. Most visited web page: Of course my own,

Whats your:
34. Name: Thousif Raza
35. Nicknames: Gamer, Music freak, Sweeto, Pagal, Blog addict etc etc
36. Zodiac sign: Capricorn with 2 big horns, beware you non commenter's on my blog :P
37. Male or female or transgender : Definitely Male.
38. Elementary: Sri Rajeshwari Vidyalaya
39. School: Same as above
40. Colleges: Field Marshall K.M Cariappa College
41. Hair color: My fav color Black
42. Long or short: Short an spiky(my hair that is) :D
43. Height: 170cms I guess,
44. Do you have a crush on someone? I think so...
45. Ever been in love? As shaggy sings, what's love gotta do with it?? eh ;)
46. Piercings? If stitches count then yes, 3 :D
47. Tattoos? Lemme check..................... No :P
48. Righty or lefty: Lemme check............ Mouse is in my right hand, so I must be right handed, so righty :P
49. First surgery: None, but I got couple of stitches from my childhood adventures ;),
50. First piercing: When I fell from top of my house gate, I got 3 stitches in the back of my head :D
51. First best friend: Vinod. Best and always will be
52. First sport you loved: Truly Indian on this, Cricket ;)
53. First pet: Cat, couple of Hens were also there I think;)
54. First vacation: Whole of Mysore, Still remember it….
55. First concert: Still to…….
56. First crush: She was the cutest and also 2 years senior when I was in school, Sanchan :P

57. Eating: My nails :P
58. Drinking: Other than my saliva nothing.......
59. I'm about to: Freak out after answering so many questions
60. Listening to: My mom begging me to take a bath :P
61. Waiting for: Water to Boil, So that I can take a Bath, its been a week you see :P

62. Want kids? A whole bunch of em.....
63. Want to get married? I am still having my thoughts on that :D
64. Careers in mind? Journalism, or Photography or Advertising

64. Lips or eyes: Eyes
66. Hugs or kisses: Both,
67. Shorter or taller: Medium Is good ;)
68. Older or Younger: Obviously younger yaar
69. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous is always good
70. Nice stomach or nice arms: Both
71. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive
72. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
73. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker, just like me :D

74. Kissed a stranger: Lemme check the list and tell you........................ Hmmmm No.
75. Lost glasses/contacts: Mujhe char anhke nahi chahiye dekhne ke liye(I dont need four eyes to see), I have two and they work just fine
76. Broken someone's heart: Never have, Never will.
77. Had your own heartbroken: I am still picking up the pieces.........
78. Been arrested: Lemme check and tell.......... hmmm No...........
79. Turned someone down: Maybe yaar, itne sare proposal the(i had so many proposals), I don’t remember :P
80. Cried when someone died: For a month, and I still do sometimes, it was my sister.
81. Liked a friend that is a girl? Hmmm Yes.

81. Yourself: Yes very much
82. Miracles: Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have passed in my exams you see ;)
83. God: With all my heart.
84. Love at first sight: No, because she may also be a psycho you see.... :P
85. Heaven: yes, and just like Eddie money sings, I got two tickets to paradise, one for me, one for my 2 frogs ;)
86. Santa Claus: Lemme ask and tell..... Santa Claus showed the finger to the guy who prepared this tag :P
87. Kiss on the first date?: Yes, and I would say make it a double please, :D
88. Angels: Yes.. My mother is one of them.
89. Devils: Have got many as my ‘Frenz’ ;)

ANSWER TRUTHFULLY: (what was i doing until now then :P)

90. Is there one person you want to be with right now? : Yes, my friend who stole my 2 rupees..........
91. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? : Ek hi nahi milti, dusri kahaan se laoo??? (I cant find one itself, where would I find another one????)
92. Wanted to kill someone ever? : That 2 rupees guy….
93. Among you blog mates, who would you like to kiss? : Everyone of them, boys included, because everyone writes so awesomely....... :)
94. Committed a blunder and regretted later? : I have committed one by taking this tag, and I think if not me, you guys will be definitely regretting after reading it.......
95. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? : Stealing is a bad habit, dint your mom tell you not to steal????.

Associate with something you wear:

96. White: Nice to see.
97. Black: My favorite color
98. Pink: Girly, So don’t have anything of that color
99. Red: Another favorite color, I got a real good T-shirt, Fav of all

100. Posting this as 100 Truths? More like hundred fabricated truths :D

For the people who sat through these hundred questions, I worship you literally, for those wondering why I have written Hindi lines in English also, that's because I got couple of international readers too you see, (if you think I am showing off, then you are absolutely right :P)

And i pass the tag to whoever is courageous(Read: Stupid) enough to take it

Hope you had fun, take care cya soon............