The Quest for the Odor Eliminator

It’s been a long time since I blogged and when I learned about the new mystery activity up at Blogadda, I was all excited. Curiously enough it was named #SniffSniff Activity.

My nose has won wide applause from all the members of my family on many different events, so much so that our neighborhood dog was jealous of me and scowled every time he saw me. So when I saw the activity, I thought ‘This is right up my alley. Bring it on.’

When I signed up I had no hope of getting selected. But there I was sitting in a crowded office quietly wishing to god ‘Please god. Let it be me this time.’ And God did listen and the fine Monday morning of June 1, I got the good news.

I was ecstatic when I learnt I would be getting clues to figure out what the final product would be. I thought it might be different smelling paper and we might have to guess the fragrance and many such things like that. So when the first clue arrived I was rather disappointed. It was a picture of man with a clothes pin on him. I opened to find out the cause. And it was about the lengths we go sometimes to avoid body odor. My mind immediately blurted out ‘The product is a Deo’. But the curiosity remained.

The next clue came in a slightly bigger box. And this time when I opened it, I saw that it was a small jute bag which smelled delicious. I quickly opened it and found deliciously smelling coffee beans. I said to myself. ‘Wow this is a nice little way to market products.’ And then sat down to send away my tweets and FB updates.

The 3rd clue came in the form of another blue box that was slightly bigger than the last 2. I tried smelling it from outside to take a guess about what it would be. It smelled like nothing at all. I opened it to find a wild surprise. It was a mask. But I guess I should have guessed it would be that. So I fired up some more tweets. Truth be told I have never tweeted a lot. But this activity had me all acting like a social diva even though I have like only 50 or so followers.

I was now all curious about the final product. The day finally arrived and I must have called home like 10 times asking about whether it came or not. They were like “Be calm, son. Be calm.” But I was all antsy at office. When I finally raced home in the evening, there was another pretty little blue box. I quickly opened it and found this little boy inside.

It was a deodorant alright, but with a twist. It was the Nivea Men Body Deodorizer.

Let me tell you a little story.

I have had good days with odor (not really). I have had bad days. I have also had days when people have pushed me away where they would be like ‘Dude, use a deodorant.” And I would be like “But, I used it….. twice.” But that voice would be like smoke in the wind. There for once second; gone the next, never to be noticed again.

I had searched for any and every product that works, but most of them would play their magic for an hour or two and then poof, hello body odor. (Trust me I did not want to welcome it)

Today I used the Nivea Men Body Deodorizer. It had absolutely no gas and with 2 small little splashes I was set. I must have smelled myself more than 10 times in office, earning weird glances every time from my colleagues for the way that I was acting. But I didn’t care because my body odor was completely gone and I smelled good. I was super happy with the product.

Thank you BlogAdda and Nivea for fun filled good smelling adventure trip. It was time well spent.

“I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.”