Happy Birthday To My Best Friend 'Jasmine'

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Ohh Sorry Guys I am so muddled up in my college work nowadays that it has even accompanied me here (I hate College work, who doesn’t? ;)).

Well for now I will leave all my college worries far far away (shoo, scat hurrrr) and share with u some thing that happens very rarely in one’s life.

Ok take a guess what happens rarely? Love, naaaaa, getting money for free, hmm close but no…..then what is it? You may think, ok lemme tell you

Hmm well one thing that happens very rarely is a ‘Miracle’. In my life I dint really believe in miracles and all that stuff, But as I got to know this person I understood what a miracle is really about,
Because I don’t know how! Was it sheer luck or was it destiny (I think it was destiny) that I met the most precious, most charming, very intelligent, and most caring friend that I could ever get

Please welcome (Again ;)) the best person I have as my friend in my life
'DEBARATY MAJUMDAR'. (I call her Jasmine)

Well it’s my second post about jasmine, as I had to write about her another time, also the special thing about this post is, that today(i.e october 1st) is jasmine’s birthday.

But, for me it’s MY happiest day, you may ask, birthday is jasmine’s!!! Why am I happy?, it’s because angels don’t often come to earth as humans, and even though some come, you may never in your life may be able to see or meet one. But as I said before due to a ‘Miracle’ (Thank you god, Thank you) I was able to see, meet and even talk (Her voice is choooo chweet) to an angel named ‘Jasmine’.

Well to begin things, my college started (after I wrote 1st post about her) and because of that I was not much able to meet jasmine online on a regular basis.
It was, I tell you real hell for me because when I used to meet her everyday there would be no problems for me, but to narrow it down to just 1 day in a week when I was free, (Saturday) was killing me, but whenever I needed her she was, and is always there.

Another thing is that, she has changed me, I now look at everything in a positive way, but before I had met jasmine ohhhh……, I don’t even wanna say it, everything, I mean everything I looked in a negative way, I used to sulk a lot, I used to get sad very often, I never looked forward for anything, but after I met jasmine, all things changed, I was happy, shared my feelings with her which I had shared with no one else, and so, I wanted to give her something as a gift,
so I developed something…………… (Insert Evil Laugh Here)

And another one of her special quality is that she can bring out a hidden talent in you, in my case, it’s the best thing I had in me, which I dint knew I had (Sounds a lil confusing ain’t it, Read on, you will come to know) I think the only person who I have to thank for this talent is jasmine
Because if it wasn’t for her I would have never really found my talent, which I had in me, you may be eager by now to know, what is it?, well as you know I love to write, so my primary writing was only blog posts and some attempts at novel writing but I never ever in my life thought that I could write poems (Hey don’t Smile), when I had first met her I had asked her what does she like?, she said she liked poems and Salman khan(She adores Him, Who doesn’t?) well I talked to sallu paaji, and asked him to meet jasmine, who had come to our town for a film shoot, even though I tried a lot he didn’t agree.
(Ok That’s a Lie, I guess You knew that,: D),anyways I couldn’t do the sallu paaji thing, so I thought how come I write a poem?, the thought gave me shivers, because I had never even attempted to write a poem before, I was in a fix, but I knew I had to do it, and when I said jasmine that I was writing a poem she encouraged me so much, that I had to write something, so I sat down one day and a jotted down some lines, here they are.(you have already read it, But still read it one more time),

The time when I met u, the sun turned red
I suddenly thought, is it time to bed?
But then I really knew what it means,
So beautiful it was, of all the scenes,
It was relationship, that no knew,
I had found a beautiful friend it was u.

Well I knew it, it is not a great poem but at least it is an attempt, I showed it to my sister first, she said “It’s not that bad”.I (fearfully) showed it to jasmine, to know her opinion, well she liked it very very much, and this encouraged me to write more, also the conversation we had that day is unforgettable, I am gonna share it with you.

I said “I know jasmine it is not as good, but its nice na?”, jasmine said “who told it’s not nice it’s very good”, I said “well you are just saying that, I showed it some one, the person just said it’s not bad…”, to this she said “tell me who is that person, I am gonna break the person’s teeth”, I told her “I guess then my sister will be losing some teeth”
I was laughing, giggling the whole day, because jasmine didn’t knew it was my sister who said that, Even now when I think of it, it makes me smile.

She is like this only, never for one moment making me feel that we are thousands of miles away from each other, it’s like, I always find her when I need to, happy or sad moments she is always with me.

But all this time I had one regret, that I couldn’t talk to her, she dint have a cell number, and when I said that I wanted to talk with her, she said come down for a voice chat, and my town is so back in progress, it doesn’t have computer ‘powerful’ enough to run voice chat, I don’t have internet in my home, because I know if I put up a connection in my home I will ruin my studies, will never get up from orkut, and will become so obese that I will not be able to move, so I had no way of contacting her
I had to find a way, so I thought why I can’t ask jasmine only to call me; well she said that she will call me,

And when her call came, it’s the most magical moment in my life, My head was full of adrenaline, So I dint do much of the talking, But it was so, so good to hear her voice; it was like I was floating in a dream, we spoke exactly for 3 mins and the next day when I met her she said it was nice hearing your voice (thank you Jasmine).

It’s a really special feeling when I hear her voice because it sort of calms me down, relaxes me, I remember when I was depressed a couple of days back for losing a Big quiz competition (damn the Questions were difficult) and also because a friend scolded me very harshly for no mistake of mine. I told her I was sad and when she called me, I really felt good, After I talk to her I am happy for a whole week after that, If anything bad happens in that week I just think about our talk on the phone and its gets me through that situation.

Also another fact is that she is real emotional, she actually had tears in her eyes when she read my first blog post about her, when I heard this, it also made me cry yaar.It is an unforgettable moment for me.

The songs I am going to dedicate to jasmine this time are very special; these are my all time favorite and fit perfectly for the occasion

1) Hannah Montana – True Friend (U R Exactly like this song for me)

2) Miley Cyrus – Right Here (Picturise that I am singing this song for you)(Also it makes me remember you, every time I hear it)

3) Everclear - She’s So High (U Know Na which lines make me remember U).

Jasmine this is 4 U,

Happy Birthday, May all your Dreams come true on this beautiful day and may you be always happy
Well Jasmine how did you like the post?, hope it is good, well you have been my most special friend in my life, And No friend of mine cares for me as much as you do yaar, well as u made me a person who I am now(a poet ;)), I wrote a very special poem for you way back, but had saved it for this moment, you don’t know how many times I wanted to tell you this poem but held back for this very occasion ,well finally I will tell you, here you go(it also has a back story)

I was near a child; it was seeing pictures of angels and, looking up the sky, it said:

Angel Angel come down from the sky
I said no, it won’t, I know the reason why,
This world is so full of mean
That there is only one that I have seen,
The child asked me, who is she?
And I gladly said her name is Debaraty.

I hope you like it, because for me jasmine it’s ‘the best’ poem I have written till date, and I am glad that it’s in your name, well because of my poem writing skills I am quite, no not quite I am very popular in college now,and its all cause of you.

I have shared many special moments with you, which I will never forget in my whole life, I guess I have told much about my poem writing skills, but I had to yaar, because if it wasn’t for you, then I would have lost a very nice talent.

First of all I thank god, then your parents, and finally orkut, for giving me such a special friend. If I hadn’t met you, I would be still that old thousif yaar, But I now know how to cope with things, and make the best out of every situation, Thank you, thank you very very much for being my friend, you don’t know but I really am having tears in my eyes while I write this.

These are the lines which I have written only for you (Hope you are not Bored, I know you are not : D)

1) Whenever I count my blessings, your name comes first on my lips; because you are the best gift god ever gifted me with.

2) I don’t need any gold or Diamonds, because you are the most precious thing I have in my life.

3) Whenever I think of old days the 1st memory that comes to my mind is yours,
Because you are the best memory in my life.

May all the happiness in the world be with you today and your whole life, never for one moment be sad in your life.

Have a great day ahead jasmine take care.

Ok guys until my next update, adios amigos……………………………………..


chavan said...

Hmm I finishd reading..
You really want my comment!!!
I really felt jealous
M not kidding
I wonder what she did to you that i couldnt do huh??
Anyways its nice to see u changed..
I too liked ur poem..
As sis said its not that bad!!
One thing I didn tel u ur gift was very nice( I got only one gift though)..
But one thing really gets me anger that u didnt write a single word about me(jus kiddin)..
I dont know how you can write so much about a person.. m jus struggling to find words for this comment(I think u've already noticed).. wel thosi this is really good post.. I liked it.. Hope she too likes it...
keep writing & keep smiling


xsystem | System of a Down said...

One thing that I felt while reading ur updates is the time and energy that you devote to your friends. ... I mean it is very unique the way you express your self ... whats more remarkable is that you do not need to do something special to make a person feel special ... its through ur updates .... they are a very strong way of emoting ...

I know ur potential ... and believe me ... u keep surprising me all the time ...

Take care man ... Regards,
xsystem ... aka ... Abhishek Joshi

heerath said...

hi my dear bro


ya ur sis here who has never written a comment on UR blog but has always been reading it up to date(truely)

i liked this blog the most after the one you had written on jasmine at first...... (that was awesome)

i am not a good writer and i really dont know how to appreiciate u for this one.... nice as i told u while u were writing itself and another one thing that i would tell about u truely is and that i have noticed every time

"u are tooooooooooooo emotional about ur friends, (i expect i am the one if u dont say also, i knw that)

keep writing and telling me ur poems
eager 4 ur next blog
take care and love u dear bro.......
keep writing........

heerath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

thousi... thank u so much for this blog... its the best gift ever,,, i am an angel and i dint ever know that ... just kidding... thanks thousi u really made my day :)

Oswald Leander Praneeth Kumar B said...

Thousi.....U Proved a true heart ever sings....I enjoyed everymoment of your Song...its a best Gift for my sis...I Appreciate the high values of friendship and Love, u hold for my Sis....

U r the Best and U Rock and u never knew how much a simple word can change a persons life...and My Chotu ( ur angel) will always remember this gift life long...

“This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.”

"Good day...Oswald Leander"