The Money Game

Well i am still 'On the hunt', but as i was watching TV, I found out something so disgusting, that i had to write this

well the Ad tells everything by itself, and its 110% true, if you wanna make a quick buck with less taxes and 'Guilt free' money, as they call it, its a sure shot hit way

The scope here is population of India, cause it will never stop growing, more and more kids want to be going in towards education, so you can make a heck load of money, I am not saying it’s bad, but charging (Read: Stealing) a huge sum of money from parents, is what I say is unreasonable

I read in Ramya’s blog some time back, that they are charging 50000 Rupees for her admission, even if she has got 88%, is that ridiculous or what!!, I agree if you haven’t got marks, charging a huge sum is ok, nobody will be complaining, cause the student is at fault there, but students with marks above 85, should also pay the same amount, its nothing But EXTORTION,

You know what, it’s not just with scoring students, we have a school here, name COPS (Read: Thieves), just take a guess what is the cost of the student joining to L.K.G....., take a wild guess, hmm I think you have an amount, well its nowhere near the original, the cost is a whooping and staggering 1.5 lakh rupees, and that’s just for a L.K.G kid, I don’t even want to think what will be the amount when the kid will pass out his 10th, And as it’s the only school available in a surrounding of 40 kilometers, the kids who are poor can’t afford the education, and become illiterate, and what happens by this!!!, the economic condition of the country gets deteriorated even more than what it is now,

I know I will sound as a hypocrite when I say this, but the government is to blame here, Seriously, shouldn’t they make rules that, Schools should not charge excess amount above a prescribed limit, if they do this, at least there will be some equality.

I don't know what is more pathetic, schools charging huge sums of money!!!, or parents who are ready to pay that amount even if they cant afford it!!!,

its just sad to look at this situation, and I just learned today that in a college at delhi, the cut off percentage is a unbelievable 94%!!!!!, I mean what the F......

Its just goes to say that you don’t have to steal anymore, or even break in a bank to make money, you can open a school or a college and make a heck load of what they call "Clean Money"

But still there are some educational institutions who value Education more than money, like Amity international, they have a policy there, that the student who has scored above 90% gets free education

well this situation has its good side and bad side, but the bad side is way too much to make up for the good side, i just hope that the government will open thier eyes and put a stop towards it, or at least let the parents learn that its the Marks that has to speak not the money.

well i was only out for 11 days from my blog, (missed me???? ;) ) but I still may be out for more, so keep praying all of you, and HUGE thanks to all of them who replied to my last post, love you all, and i thank for all the new followers of my blog too......

Take care guys c ya next time


ANWESA said...

capitation money in education is rampant.i know of a family who took a home-loan of 7.5 lacs n used it as "donation" for d engg college of their child.its disgusting....can anybody change the mentality of such ppl? sadly none of it can change overnight.

Anonymous said...

Corruption in education is just sad and rampant! If only enough people would raise their voice against such forced donations and demand for merit scholarships....

Great post Thousif!

akanksha said...

The situation is worsening day by day:(
Fees of educational instituations is reaching new hihs each day and blame game is at its best

Dont know what should be the path forward...But something needs to be done.

Take care and Keep writing!

QM said...

It's pretty sad with the current situation right now. Fees of education is soaring higher, I have to worry about getting into college!

Great post(:

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Anwesa: wow that's a new one for me, god i donno when will this person learn, thx anwesa take care

@ Choco: yeah what i wanna say is if people stand back and oppose, at least the govt may 'pretend' to listen, as they have done against the racist attacks in Australia, but sadly, they just go on saying, "what to do, everyone else is paying..." i hate it when they say that, thx choco, deeply appreciated

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Akansha: yeah something needs to be done, but only if people and most importantly students stand back from joining to college, then at least we can expect a change,
i mean there is a bharatiya vidya parishad, what the hell is it doing???, lets hope it gets better, thank you very much for visiting by akansha, hope to see more of you

@ Qm: Thank you Qm, hope you get a 'Humane' college, take care

Gayathri said...

hmm..worse is the case with college admissions..people who have not even appeared for entrance make it to the colleges at the cost of eligible candidates..
i studied in KV where not only was the fee bearable but also the only mandatory reqt was that either of the parents had to be a central govt employee..even a peon could send his child to my i havnt been thru much of such economic hurdles to empathise..but still..the sitn is grave,..but what can we do to make a diff is the Q!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ gayathri:i said na its the govt or the parents at least one of them learns the lesson, there is nothing one can do hope all turns out to be good, thx for the comment ya

Aw.S.M said...

yeah true...sadly education has very much become a business now. Its sad how something as important as a childs education is being bought and sold.

It disgusts me when some deserving child who gets the neccesary marks still doesnt get an admit coz her parents cant pay the truly exhorbitant fees.

Sad indeed...good luck with the hunt bro.


Vyazz said...

Dude, I have just finished with my exams, and I have to wonder so as to what to do with my future. You know the medical seats in India for PG are selling for 1.5-2 crore rupees??
Its pathetic. I'd rather study somewhere abroad than give heaps of money to some corrupt institution. Its disgusting really. I have never been a fan of the Indian education system.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Amith:Same case here, thx for the wishes yaar, take care c ya

@ Vyazz: so ur back good, i too was never the fan yaar, its just that corruption was 1st at just the govt level, now it has entered even to the private sectors, which makes it worse, lets see if it gets any better, take care and good luck with the admins man cya

Chriz said...

i was out of action for a while bro..

yus.. the plain reality of a stinking thought of mixing corruption and making business out of education is floated as an idea thru media.. sad state

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Chriz: true man really, have missed you, glad that you are back take care c ya