a thing called beauty

The beauty of this world starts from the first moment the sun wakes up in the morning. Flowers bloom inviting the day to live for its fullest glory. Birds sing along in hope and enthusiasm getting ready for a new and exciting adventure. And every person in this planet wakes up thinking… ‘Oh hell I’m late again’..

Human, is a very intriguing species. I can say that with full confidence, because I am a human myself. (Most would doubt that fact seeing my wired antics like a monkey everyday ;))

Considering all the other species, human is the most complex being of all, and yet is the most beautiful creation of god. If I sit down to point out how human is the most beautiful creation, it’ll be another year till I finish, so I’ll only say the very important ones. Starting with… Birth.

The beauty of life starts with the first day we come into this world. Even though we are crying while we arrive, that day everyone is smiling, because that is the day everyone in that delivery room believes that world is not such a bad place after all. Looking into the baby’s eyes, everyone believes that, life is beautiful. That day there is so much of joy and happiness, that one would want nothing else, nothing at all. Beauty starts that day, that moment, because as we arrive, we bring that joy, happiness, hope, delight and pleasure into everyone's lives around us.


As we grow we learn many things, our first steps, first words, first naughty tricks and as we grow, we tend to learn one very special thing. We learn to love.

Starting with the first things we learnt, to the first person we saw (not the doctor who delivered us :P), we learn to love each deed and each person whom we spend our time with. As a child we don’t even know what love is, but still we love a lot of things.

This course of love takes us through a sea of emotions throughout our lives. From the first steps to school, to the first time we bunk it. From the first time we break a rule to the first time we admit it.

Love is such a strong force that it makes a human who is. Starting with our parents to that first special someone we feel for. Love has a beauty of its own.

It makes us believe, it teaches us to trust, it shows us how beautiful life can be and shows us, that no other force in the world can compete to this, love would suffice. Love is enough.

Some would argue when I say every single thing we do is for love, like even brushing your teeth or taking a bath. But honestly every human does some or the other thing for love, just for love. That is the power of love. That is the beauty of love.


One of the things almost every human goes through in his life is seeing death, some way or the other everyone is affected by it. Couple of months ago our hearts went out for japan when it was struck by a tsunami, even people who weren’t affected by it were concerned and prayed for the country and its people, that no one loses their dear ones. That is how death connects every human on this planet.

Death as everyone says may bring horror and fear into someone’s life, but I would say it also gives us strength and power so that we learn how to live our life without that person. I can say that personally because I have been through my sister’s death.

We used to fight every day and get on each other’s nerves. My mother was fed up of stopping our fights, but still every day I used to share whatever happened in my life with her, and she did the same. We were like best frenz, and I remember her smile and the sparkle in her eyes, when she read a blog post I had written mentioning how special she is to me just 18 days before her death.

I remember that moment when I first got to know that she was no more, it was horrible. I cried like I had never cried before, I wanted to say so many things, apologize for all the faults and fights, but I couldn’t. Days after it, I and my parents lived like zombies; it was like somebody had hit a mute button on all our lives. But as days moved on, we learnt to smile remembering her memories, laugh remembering her antics with fixing her hair every morning, and that is how we grew strong as a family.

Death may seem like the greatest enemy of all time, and honestly it is, but death also makes us stronger, makes us trust more, gives us strength and teaches us to love our dear ones as much as we can, more than we can.

Death too has a beauty of its own, it is the most painful experience one has to go through, but still it teaches us, that we are stronger than what we believe ourselves to be, that bringing back that one smile on your parents face can be the most rejuvenating and satisfying experience ever. That it’s not death who conquers us, we conquer death, by learning to smile again, to be happy again and keep that person alive with our memories, and creating new ones as we live along.

Personally for me if I have to explain beauty, its life itself. Just living your life is the most incredible experience ever. The beauty of life is life itself, because it is journey like none other. We learn from every step we take and every decision we make, may it be good or bad. We live life.

Life is best lived within the moment, that is what i learnt after my sister's death. if i was sad all the time, i wouldn't have found the courage and strength to make my parents smile, and make them feel better and assure that i am there for them.

So all i wanna say is if you are happy, smile and laugh as much as you want. If you are sad, cry and wail to your heart’s content, because tomorrow is a new day. And that new day brings back that view of fresh blooming flowers, birds singing to wake you up with their sweet voices and your daily screams of… ‘Oh hell, I’m late again’ ;)…

This is my first submission for a competition at indiblogger... i couldn't have been more happier... thank you Indiblogger and Yahoo for giving me this chance to express my views thank you :)


Anwesa said...

Life is beautiful. And death is a teacher.

A warm post.

P.S. : Needless to say, I loved it.

suruchi said...

wow...that was deep...and like i believe in-true beauty is a beautiful mind that sees beauty in the mundane!

You see beauty in death, despite such a painful experience! It is true then, we never know where we can find something meaningful in life-the beauty you describe is in itself a joy's loveliness would never would never pass into nothingness-aisa Keats baba keh gaye hain:-)

all the best Thousif for the contest and so glad to have seen this deep side too:-)

akanksha said...

Very nicely expressed!

Life means moving on, constantly! That is one thing which never changes!

I think life and death compliment each other, in a way...One id beautiful, other is scary, but they are really two sides of the same coin

Vivarjitha said...

awesome's a wonderful experience is'nt it...LIFE!!!
well, life IS beautiful...!!!

Arpit Rastogi said...

New template is good..

will read your post soon..

bye, take care! :)

Charu said...

A beautiful post. Reminded me of the reason I visit your blog. If you believe that every person is gifted, thanks for opening your package and sharing your gift with us. this view of life gives us a wonderful pair of lenses to see the world, and it also gives us the strength to keep going. So to summarise ;) I loved this post!

Raam Pyari said...

lovely post! first time here-will come for more :)

Arpit Rastogi said...


Now this is some fucking awesome post man..

Sorry for readting it so late..

I am moved by your post..

You wrote it so gracefully that this post has become a beauty in itself.. :)

You earned a never dying respect from my side bro..
Love the way you live the life..

Take Care! :)

CATGIRL !! said...

such an in-depth emotional review of depth///wow!!

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Remya said...
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Remya said...

That was some intense work. Your expressions are getting better, to be honest. I expect the internships working miracles on you :)

And hey sorry I spaced out last time on gtalk, a phone call ;)

Take good care of yourself, thousif, you're the boss :)

PS- What story was it that you said was based on me? Im kind of clueless about that

:-Dee said...

beauty-filled post!!! :)

Saru Singhal said...

I love the post and please write often. We are always hungry for great work...