Happy Birthday Akshu

Here I am, this is me, there’s no where else on earth I rather be”,

Wow!!!! that Bryan Adams song feels so good to sing, well that song fits perfectly to my life now, because my life has changed a lot more than I expected in the last couple of weeks, But that’s for later, first I wanna thank u all for your comments especially Abhishek---- his comment is just awesome in Ann’s post. I really appreciate them all. Thank You everyone.

Well to tell you the truth I was in a fix about who to write, or specifically what to write in my next blog because a couple of my frenz who read my blog-posts had liked them so much that they had told me to post the next post as fast as I could. Well couple of weeks before, I was in a real mess because my results were gonna come out and I was worried sick about it and also I had to think about what to post, so basically I was a confused wreck!!!! But things at last turned out in my favour and I got through the exams and also a very happy occasion came along, so here ‘I am’ writing my post about this person.

Well today is a special occasion so I am writing this post, because it’s the greatest and most sweetest day in one’s life and I am happy enough to wish the person through my blog, today is the day every person in this whole big world loves, cause today is the day a person comes into this beautiful world, and many relations join the person, and many relations are created by the person, each and every member of the family is happy and there is a smile on everyone’s face, the only concerned body I guess would be the government (population explosion);-) it’s the most happiest moment in every one’s life, this event changes everything and makes each and every moment beautiful, and dreamy like the person has gone into a whole new different world, it’s the most unforgettable day which comes once a year in everyone’s life.

Yep u guessed it right ;-)


Please, all wish my dear friend a very very happy birthday; she is the most soft spoken and good natured girl I have ever met.

Her name is AKSHU SHETTY

Well this person, what can I say?? I have just met her 3 times online and in those 3 times only she has made a huge impact on me, when I saw her profile the lines in the about me, they were very soft and simple, its no big deal but they are from the heart that she had written those lines, I instantly liked those lines

I thought how would it be to talk with this person? well I quickly sent a request and to my good---- in fact---- great luck she accepted. I didn’t meet her online for a couple of days but one fine day I met, we had formal introductions we were just beginning to chat ,but she had some work to do so she went offline, well I was obviously sad ,but I quickly asked when she could be online next time, she said she could be online anytime and she only didn’t knew when she could be online next time, more disappointment, to tell the truth past couple of weeks have been pure hell for me, my mobile got stolen, so I took up my old friend’s mobile, it also got broken couple of times, due to this I lost contact with my frenz ,and when I have problems I always depend on my frenz so I was in a really sad mood and this moment didn’t help much. Well what more could I do I went offline, but

I ‘caught’ her online a couple of days back and talked to her heartily, I was really impressed by what I learnt of her, the sense I felt when I just chatted with her was that she is the most soft spoken and pure hearted human being I have ever known, she just opens up in a conversation and I was asking her questions left, right and center I remember her reply when I was on my questioning spree with her, she asked me, “what? You want to know about me in one day itself?” to this I replied “you rarely come online so I am using this opportunity to full use”, she smiled to that
Well I am still in the stage of knowing her but only 3 visits have proven so good I just wish its goes great from here because when you make friendship with a person he or she should understand you, that’s the most important thing in a relationship, and akshu understood me perfectly, that’s what I liked most about her, and as most orkut conversations where only you have to you take initiative and ask the other person about his or her life while the other person answers them like it’s some sort of interview, with akshu it was always 2 sided and conversation between us was very free flowing, we were chatting like we know each other and not some strangers meeting for the 1st time.

Well she is a system administrator and loves our country INDIA very much, (I do 2 ;-))

She wants to pursue her studies even now, that shows her true dedication towards her life, well I wish her good luck for that, I want you all who are reading this blog to drop in a birthday wish for her(Please do it guys, is it that big of job??)

Enjoy your birthday akshu, and may all your dreams come true on this beautiful day

The songs I want to dedicate akshu are
1) 50 cent’s in the club (just the starting lines because it’s her birthday)

2) Oh my friend from happy days (It’s a Telegu song).

I fully wanna thank orkut for making so good of a platform that I am finding frenz whom I could not in real life. Thank you god and thank you orkut


This is for you Akshu

I know it is very early to write something about a person u you have just met but just these 3 visits have really made an impact on me, I really like the way you talked with me because I for not one moment felt I was talking to a stranger, I completely felt at ease hope you too felt the same, I am really glad that we are frenz I hope to continue our friendship, I just want to say that you are the most good natured person I have talked to ,you can change a gloomy moment into a happy one with your one laugh(Even though I can’t see it, how I wish I could….) well be smiling and take care of your self because you are a really special person

This is the poem I wrote, hope u like it

The time when I met u, the sun turned red
I suddenly thought, is it time to bed?
But then I knew what it means,
The beautiful of all the scenes
It was relationship, which no one knew
I had found a beautiful friend & that’s u

(I know it’s not too good but atleast it’s an attempt right, so please smile so that I can smile too ok)

Well I can’t give you any gift (How I wish I could, But I will definitely one day, you can count on me for that) so consider this post my humble gift for you. Hope you like it

Have a splendid day ahead of you and may all the happiness in this world surround you on this beautiful day
Take care and find more time online so I can know you better.

Well guys this post is finished ,but get ready for the most exciting post you will ever read in my blog ,well I always found friendship in girls In orkut,but my next post is about my Guy I met on orkut
It will be the coolest post because I am writing about the coolest person I met on orkut; if you have read this post carefully you will know who that person is….

So keep guessing and get ready for my next post until then see ya byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….


xsystem | System of a Down said...

Lemme take this opportunity to wish Akshu a very warm happy birthday !!!!!!!!!

But dude .... Thats the biggest Post script I have ever seen in a while noe ... :)

by the looks of it ... U really have special place for every human u meet ... I am really glad to see that ... This value is something that I have observed after a while.

Ur poem was sweet and made me smile ... ur comments in the curved brackets were hilarious.

"(I know it’s not too good but atleast it’s an attempt right, so please smile so that I can smile too ok) "

Waiting for ur next post (as always).
I am a bit busy with my Visa thing ... waiting for the interview ... thats why I have stopped blogging with the same enthusiasm...

But I will be waiting for ur next post.

Abhishek Joshi

shetty said...

Thank u dear tank u so much....
i really dont hav words to express my feelings wch i really felt while reading d blog......
m so excited ......... truely speaking i never thought tat raza has got such a wonderfull talent.!!!!!!!!!!
tank u dear tank u verry much ... by heart i wish u all success in ur life dear .......
keep on making gud frndz.... n writting blogs dear......
all the best..... take care......

sunaina said...

hey mannn....ur very luky 2 b sucha gr8 riter....ur juz mind blowin.....actually speakin dis is al nt 4 ya....its 4 ur mind......juz kiddin mannn...chill outta.....da world is urs......its hot.....dis is al i gt 2 say....ur juz awsome....