The Tag Monster

Hey guys, 2 weeks later, and the dude is back… hope you liked my story on the other blog (I just saw 3 comments though) anyways…… that’s for another day…. This week there will be no blabbering about how the week went by. I will just be talking about your favorite topic. ME ;)

Remya tagged me, and it’s been a year almost(9 months is a year rgt? :P) since I took a tag. And I kinda like the challenge this tag posed, so I took it up. Have fun

50 random things about me.

1: I am the sweetest (my mom and dad and my girl will vouch for that :))
2: I am an awesome bathroom singer (My brothers will vouch for that :))
3: Music is the one thing I am most addicted to.
4: If I have a headache, I listen to some heavy metal songs and it goes away. :)
5: I don’t drink any beverages, Tea, coffee, milk, beer, bournvita, horlicks. No nothing
6: If I drink tea I get a headache :P
7: I wanna learn Spanish. So that I can brag about it, and also because it’s so sexy
8: I hate travelling. But if it’s a train ride. Then yeehaw baby :)
9: I am very caring. If I trust you I would be ready even to give my life. But don’t ask for any money today, cause I’m broke ;) (And that’s the only answer you will get every time you ask me ;))
10: I am the best air drummer and air guitarist in the world.
11: I hate it when someone ignores me
12: I am scared of cockroaches :P
13: I love long hair.
14: I love to think about stories I am gonna write (There are currently 26 finding its way for an ending)
15: I love learning about new things(Correction: Exciting new things), talk about politics and law, and I would be like “English dude….”
16: I am allergic to shrimps. If I eat them the only place you gonna find me is the kitchen sink ;)
17: I like watching tamil movies, because they have slow motion(sky flying) fight sequences (Who needs star wars :P)
18: I love to take long walks.
19: I am very stingy :P
20: I have a thing for strange music band names.Bullet for my valentine, Zebrahead, Theory of a deadman, Cobra starship, Wolfmother. If it’s strange, it’s on my playlist :)
21: I love taking photographs.
22: I like being called an idiot (Maybe it’s the 3 idiots effect ;))
23: My mind is like a huge think tank. (It’s not larger in size though :P) Right now there are more than 220 thoughts going on in mind.
24: I am live in the moment kinda person. If you take me to a bridge and say jump, I would say You first ;)
25: I am very very lazy.
26: I hate to take baths.
27: I donno how to ride a bike :P
26: I keep a constant tab about fashion happenings.
28: I am addicted to reading blogs.
29: There are many persons in the blog world who I genuinely care about (No names though, I don’t want a fight ;))
30: I love listening to sad songs.
31: Poetry flows out of me if I am very emotional.
32: I don’t write stuff just for the heck of it. I feel whatever I write.
33: I wanna make a career in advertising.
34: I love making someone angry and then consoling them :)
35: If I make a mistake I am ready to accept.
36: My life is like a FM station, I associate every moment of my life with a song :)
37: I am the typical guy, who likes music, games, girls and all that stuff except one exception. I like watching desperate housewives :P
38: I hate myself because I am very caring, because of which I end up getting hurt every time.
39: If I see a music video or film which is crap. I think of my own ways by which I can make it awesome.
40. I doze off every time I enter my classroom. Sometimes so much that I fall down from my seat :P
41: I have a deep dark secret. Which I cannot share with anyone.
42: If I find some noteworthy quality in someone. I praise and appreciate him/her. Even though the person is my sworn enemy.
43: If I see a guy wearing purple Shirt/T-shirt. I think he is gay :P
44: If you wanna make me happy, just get me a pizza with some cheese cake and baskin robbins ice cream, and you will get the biggest smile you will ever see in your whole life.
45: I am a (junk) foodie (I guess you already knew that ;))
46: I competed in fancy dress competitions when I was a kid, and won every time. When I asked a reason my mom always said “It’s your face baby” :P
47: I love talking long hours on the phone.
48: I am feeling proud (I have absolutely no reason why :P)
49: I am my favorite ;)
50: I am awesome :P

Hope this torture was a worthy one for you…...

Thank you all for bearing with me. See ya next time for some more fun and frolic (EVIL M fun that is ;))

Take care have an awesome week ahead :).


Arpitha Holla said...

dude...purple t-shirts..??

Charu said...

I agreed with a couple of points. They were:
1.I am scared of cockroaches
2.I love to take long walks
3.I love taking photographs

As for the rest...loved them!

Oh, and the torture was a worthy one :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpitha: tell me abt it :P

@ charu: thank you so very much :), glad you liked it.... take care

akanksha said...

Nice Tag dude!
I did one like this long time back!
And I agree, U are AWESOME! :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I fed you some pizza with some cheese cake and baskin robbins ice cream...Would you tell me your deep dark secret??? Come on now..I will call you an Idiot if you do... I'll bring along a Spanish teacher also...And I'll pay for everything...K? Now out with the secret already... :D

If you don't, I'll stuff some shrimps down your throat followed by some extra sweet tea :P

Tulika said...


But this is such a task.

Arpit Rastogi said...

WTF?? Its fuckin awesome.. :P
How can u write fuckin 50 things abt u... It is very fucked up tag..
But you made it a nice fuck.. :P

You enjoy your fuckin life.. um busy with my newly married life..

Fuck You.. Have Fun..
n I am not drunk.. *mind it* I am in love.. *obviously with my wife*

P.S. I am getting psyche after reading that story.. :P

Thousif Raza said...





sulagna ™ said...

purple t-shirts pe kyu gussa hote ho :) and oh the comment on ym blog amde me all teary area cuto singh :) and yes we are all liek one fmaily you <3

Thousif Raza said...

@ sulgan: i wrote what i felt... those are my genuine thoughts of my heart yaar :)... glad to see you here :),tc

viddhi said...

Haaaa......loved this one ...i don't really know you but if this is the real you *astonished* (no words) ....... i can seriously relate to you.. !! :)

nyc nyc ...


Vyazz said...

OMG!!! many similarities. Especially the travelling part. HAte travel especially car and air travel. I adore trains though. Love the fact that you can sleep, read and chill in a train. The best form of travel there is.
Oh and I'm stingy and caring too..... to the extent that I get emotionally bruised quite often!!!
I hate cockroaches, lizards and spiders....basically any thing that creeps and crawls!!!
Oh an I'm a die hard pizza addict....which I have had to cut off...due to my increasing waist line!!! :(
Newayz nice to know the bits and pieces bout you...
Great minds run through the same channels!!! :D

Thousif Raza said...

Viddhi:Glad to know i am not the only one in the world... i have a found 2 more... thats so awesome :)

Vyazz: wow a brother from another mother :), thats so cool vyazz bhai :) take care.

Anonymous said...

Aww...Thousif..Best Comment? Its so sweet of you to say that! :')

QM said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! You had me amused the whole 50 list going on ;D

I like the whole pizza with cheese, making your day cause it makes my day too (:

Remya said...

Bring it on!! Desperate Housewives dude!?
You're so weird :P
I could tohtally relate to points 39 and 43. *Hi5!*
Add some more to your list:
51. you write real good stories.(Refer to Crafted Fantasies)
52. You're one of my most faithful blogger friends. ;-D
53. You are conceited :P
but at the end of the day, you rock yo!
Take care man, and keep rocking :))
P.S.: what's the deep dark secret?

Thousif Raza said...

@ Choco: i am really honored :)

@ Qm: same pinch :), take care. glad you liked em

Remya: matching those points.. wow same pinch :)... nice to see you here too yaar... :) and yeah you rock too. ;P