Happy times are here again-Part 1

EVIL M singing in banta's voice

"Hap hap happy barthaday, oji happy barthaday.. brrrr ahhh. ahoon ahoon... barthaday... wohoooo"

Hey guys hi.... I am back... missed me na... I know I know you would have....

I wasn’t at my blog and I wasn’t at most of yours too... sorry about that... I was a little heart broke, cash broken, and arm and thigh broken too(playing gulli cricket, whew... its a back breaking job)

But not to worry, your favorite blogger is back and this time, i am not gonna talk about me. Promise... really, I know you don’t believe me, but when you see what I have in store for you, you will believe me.

ok close your eyes for 3 seconds so that i can unravel the surprise...



(Rustle rustle,... chur chur...Trr trr... ketrrrrr)

OK..... the presents are out of the bag

(Looks at them with proud eyes :))They are beautiful and awesome as always, and i am gonna award these to all those bloggers whom I love to read, who are close to my heart, whom I adore for what they are.

When i read what you guys write, i feel good, and its gives me motivation, so that I can better myself.

You guys inspire me in every way of my life, and today is that day that you get recognized for your efforts

Because its the annual (more like quarterly or whenever i am happy :P)


(Aree taliyan toh bajao yaar... :P) (claps please..... plz...... ;))

First a speech by the awesome guy himself. Mr Thousif Raza.

As you know i am the guy who started blogging almost 3 years back, and today is the is the day...

Hey I don’t remember my lines.....

EVIL M "I forgot them.... on purpose... who gives a damn about boring speeches. just jump into the ceremony already... I wanna watch the last season of Baywatch."

Ok so (as EVIL M has his won urgency)... without further delay...... lets start with the first award in the ceremony.


This award signifies the new blogs which I have just started to read, but which have left a huge impact on me. These blogs are so so awesome, when I read them i felt wow, these bloggers are so young, yet so goal oriented.

They know what the world wants, and they give em just that, by doing the best thing in the world, by being themselves. These guys have just started, but baby are the gonna rock...., they are gonna rock the world like none other, so watch out world, cause these are the guys who are gonna change blogging(and you lives for that matter :)) forever.

The award goes to (Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)


..........(Hold It)

........(Hold it.....)

(I am bad ain't i ;))

OK release it :)

The winner is......

Remya from impact-o-life (Scream remya scream :P)

You deserve it ya...your writing is awesome and when i read your short story HOW THE HEART BROKE, i cried, i smiled, i lived have got a long long long way to go... so this award is taylor made for you, and by the way, you voice is like honey, i love it so much. when you bring out your first album i am gonna be the first one to own a copy of it in India and this time i am gonna buy it.

(Original. mind you :P )

The next winner is....(Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)....

Its Charu from A Travellers fruits (Scream charu scream ;))

Charu started blogging just couple of months back and she has started blogging not just for herself but for the world. she is the first blogger on my blog list, who has been doing her part in saving the world by going green, she has been informing the world about how an individual person(Yes you my blog reader) can do your part and save the world, about how you can be a super hero by being simple and a little thoughtful. And to think this girl has just started her 11th std makes it that much more awesome.

Charu i am so proud of you. its youngsters like you who provide the motivation for thier fellow(not so ;))youngsters like us and the rest of the world, by showing how we can do our part and save the world. Thank you.....

And for that special work that you do.... here is an award just made for you


This award is for the bloggers who work for the betterment of the world by going green, who inform how one can make the world better by adopting new ideas which will help save the world.

As much as i have seen...... its only charu who is active in this. so Charu its only for you (No stealing by any body else OK ;))

The next winner in this category is Viddhi arora from ~*V*~

Viddhi just writes poems, but those are some poems that I have read, each one ids different from another and special than another, she writes with such creative flow, that you are awed and amazed every time you read them….

The next award in the event is the MOST CREATIVE PERSON AWARD

As the name suggests, this award signifies the creativity of the person, they are THE BEST at what they do, whether its a poem or a story, what they write is brilliance, absolute brilliance, as much as i am in awe when i read them, these are the bloggers i am so jealous of. But, at the same time proud too. Because i can proudly brag about them with my(real)friends that i know in the real-turned-fake world.

The award has 3 clear winners.

So here comes the first winner...(Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)

Ok... its..., Its...

Tulika from Muse Memoir (Scream tuku scream ;))

Tulika is the greatest poet i have read in my entire life. i can say it without a doubt that poems written by her are blissful. You know......whenever i read one of her poems, i feel them from my heart, whether they portray pain or happiness, it all becomes a part of me.

Tulika i gotta tell you, your poems are awesome, i love each and every one (Even though i sometimes don't understand some because i am dumb headed ;) (Just a little :P)). whenever i open my blogger page i first go to your blog and then others. You have been a wonderful buddy of mine, you helped me out many a times by giving life to my stupid lines and converting those lines into the most beautiful piece of literary marvel ever. They are very close to my heart. you are genius with words and i am the biggest fan of your poems. Conduct a reality show if you want, and i will prove it to you that i am the ultimate fan :).
Thank you for writing such beautiful and exquisite pieces of literature. Those poems are as bright and warm as sunshine and as blissful and magical as moonlight. Thank you :)

The next winner is as evident as daylight... its its

(OK no need to hold your breath ;) I'll let you out this time :P)



(Again ;)) Remya from impact-o-life (Scream remya screa....Oh you already have screamed... but what the heck scream one more time yaar ;)) (Screaming is always fun na :D)
Well remya has written one of the most brilliant love story's i have ever read.HOW THE HEART BROKE. Its brilliant, awesome, great, wonderful, everything.

Remya,please keep writing and make us all feel better about ourselves. we need you ya :)

The next winner is the person i respect very much. he writes such brilliant stories, that you have never read in your entire life. They are out of this world. My god the creativity. The brilliance. the greatness of his writing... oh... i am speechless every time i read a story written by him :).Awesome.

The award goes to.... goes to....(Hold your breath)....(Hold it a little more)

(He is worth holding the breath, i assure you :))

Its Pavan Maruvada From The Other Perspective

Pavan you won the award of the most innovative thinker award last time, and i am extremely proud of the fact that you were the winner of that... your stories are nothing short of excellence. Every time i read them i am spellbound... i am left awe striken. i am honored to know you... continue writing and enlightening the fellow mortals who read your blog...Congrats

Ok..... enough awards......lets have a lil entertainment... so lemme present....

Stand up comedy by EVIL M

A chicken was walking on the sidewalk, somebody was painting a wall above it,the painter tripped and some paint fell on the chicken. The chicken dint notice it and crossed the road, it reached the other side and noticed something on itself and so crosssed the road again....

So ask me.... why did the chicken cross the road?


I am hoping you asked why (Glares with EVIL eyes :0)

It crossed the road to ask a question .

Hum pay yeh kisne hara rang dala??? :P

Mast joke tha na.... i know i know

(EVIL M: I was nowhere part of that joke, Thousif is lying by using my name to gain popularity)

Ok i admit it. That joke was less awesome, so here is a real joke

Patient: Doctor saab mere paas paise nahi hain, Please mera elaj kar deejeye, Ek din aapke kaam aaonga (Doc i dont have any money, please help cure me, I'll be a valuable help to you one day )

Doctor:Kya kam karte ho bhai? (What job do you do?)

Patient: kabar khodta hoon :P :D....(I dig graves :))

Now admit it OK, that joke was funny.... wasn't it.... so enough entertainment for now (So before you run away screaming, or believe for real that i am a nut crack) lets get back to the ceremony

Part 2 is on the way.... keep waiting.... there are more winners than you can imagine ;)


Tulika said...



I can't believe it.

Thousif..!!! You idiot.. !!(LOL, pardon this style of acceptance speech).. Woaahh!!! Unexpected man!

Yeah.. lol I did be conducting a show "Tulika ka ultimate fan.":D On a serious note, I'm touched to hear all this.I'm just so honored to acknowledge the fact that you read me at first opportunity. Thanks. I'm so overwhelmed. Thank you so muchhh..!!!

And I'm glad to come across some real beautiful blogs now.

Raza Awards 2010.. Million Thanks!!


Charu said...

You know, I was originally going to start my comment in one way, even before I read the post. That way was "Whenever I see you've put up a new post, I smile."
And I'm still smiling.
First of all...


Thank you, thank you, thank you for my very first award! And thanks so much for writing a whole paragraph about me. I'm touched and honoured...thank you.

Secondly, thanks so much for mentioning so many wonderful blogs. Am on my way to each of them :)

The Raza Awards rock!

Charu said...

Oh and did I mention I'm eagerly waiting for part 2?


Arpit Rastogi said...

Great post... :))

Loved reading every bit of it... was waiting for my turn but missed it... :|

Nice Jokes... ;)

P.S. Waiting for next post.. *mera number kab ayega???*.. :P

Anonymous said...

Awww...Aren't you sweet! Will check out these blogs some time. :)

PS: Now why am I not surprised??? :p
Tc :)

Remya said...

Thousif you're theee best =D..That is sooo so so so soo sweet man!..I tohtally got two awards!!
And you know, surprisingly, this award go me soo happy..More than when I get a manual one!I'm honored:) Thanks a ton man..I was going thru a low these days and these awards got me so happy :))
I'm absolutely on a high ;D
I havent been blogging since a month..Shud write sumthing tomorrow ;)
You rock!
Take care

Thousif Raza said...

@ tulika: thank you, i am glad you liked it :).... that was some speech all rgt :)

@ charu: thank you.... thank you... :)

@ arpit: tera number bhi hai saale... just keep waiting.... until then chill leke ek beer maar :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Choco: i know i am greedy for comments so made you come... but the topping is ready.... its on its way... patience dear... a little more :)

@ Remya: those were some screams all rgt....:P i am glad your feeling better, and its making me feel better cause i was the reason for it.... :)... take care :)

Arpit Rastogi said...

alright bro!!

um chillin. :P

sulagna ™ said...

mmy god Thousif.. some awesome work you are doing..its awesome to have new people joining our circle...

and ohh thanks a bunch bunch bunch for wishing g on his birthday..that was oohh too cute

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpit::)

Sulagna: yeah it it... na :) and thx kehne ki zarurat nahi... we are a (virtual ;)) family remember :)

Vivarjitha said...

wow...that's gr8...!!!and really nice of you to put this up!!!

viddhi said...

hey ... which award should i pick up .... ?????

bcoz the green one is only for ~ "Charu its only for you (No stealing by any body else OK ;)) "

next category is mine ....
where no award is specified ....

becoz the next one says~ "The next award in the event is the MOST CREATIVE PERSON AWARD
[Image] "

Thousif Raza said...

@ Vivarjitha: hey welcome to my blog, and thx for the appreciation :)

@ Viddhi: hey its the next best thing award yaar :) tc

viddhi said...

oh sry i dint see.... thnx thnx ..! :)