Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Hello you awesome awesome peepals :D

Just wanted to make a quick but very exciting announcement that Samsung is launching its awesome 'Samsung Galaxy Tab 750' on 10th August in India, and you can watch it live webcast from this very own blog.... :D

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is expected to run on the latest Android Honeycomb OS, with 1GHz Dual-core processor, WiFi, 3G, Front and Rear Camera’s with Rear camera which supports HD recording

Samsung will launch the much awaited Internationally known Samsung 10.1 as Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India. and everyone in the country can get their hands and eyes to feast on this awesome device on the 10th of august.. So head back to this blog on the said date and watch it live as the curtains will lift up for this awesome tablet. I am very excited :D. See you here on 10th @12 pm till 2pm :)... take care.

You can watch the webcast here

or click on the below mentioned banner to watch it live on the Samsung website.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch


Saru Singhal said...

Good but I don't have money to buy it even in US...:(

Vyazz said...

Kewl promo man!!!!!......I want one sooo bad!!!!....Think its way better than d ipad even!!!! :D

Sujatha Sathya said...

it was nice to meet u in indiblogger

good luck with the contest

btw, i love your blog template Thousif. its too good

Life Unordinary said...

are you doing a free give-aaway?:)