A future beyond tomorrow

 I feel nothing when I land in the year 3000. I am lying flat on the ground as I open my eyes to a sky that is filled with dust. The dust is of a heavy glowing kind and it is settling on me with rapid force. I am asking myself what is this, when suddenly I feel sharp pain behind my ear and my eyes open up with the flood of information that gets pushed into my brain. I am trying to make sense of what I am seeing when I black out.
The first thing I notice after opening my eyes is that I am breathing differently. A mechanical voice speaks with a very soft voice inside my head.

“Hi, I am Increima. Please don’t freak out listening to this voice in your head as I am a super computer designed just for you.”
I freak out nonetheless and I can’t stop screaming. I scream, scream and then scream some more.
“Stop screaming Thousif. It will get you nowhere. I have answers to all your questions. Just ask me patiently.” The voice says
“Who are you?” I ask in panic.
“I told you. I am Increima”
I hear the cool voice and finally register that I indeed have super computer affixed to my brain.
I notice my irregular breathing and ask “Why is my breathing different?”

“Because you are breathing out oxygen with every alternate breath” says Increima.

“What?” I say
“See..” says Increima “I can make out that you are a human belonging to species known as Homo Sapien. I don’t know where you were from the past 723 years. So let me explain you in-detail”

She starts “Global warming killed every living thing on earth expect humans. The reason humans survived was because of a scientist named Insre agre. He created a chemical that would mimic photosynthesis in humans, allowing humans to breath out oxygen into the atmosphere”

My jaw drops down as she keeps explaining.
“Humans were not able to stop climatic changes. So this idea helped, but it’s not perfect as you should breathe in oxygen with every alternate breath”
“The idea was to maintain the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. If you haven’t known already, Earth is actually a tourist planet now”
I have lost words, seeing this Increima continues “Before I continue just take a look around you.”
I see that I am on top of a balcony. I look down and see people walking on streets. The streets have a highly reflective material and I can't seem to take my eyes off it.
‘Solar panels that create electricity, using photovoltaic's’ Increima says.

I look into the sky as I see vehicles that are shaped as triangles, hexagons and some other designs which I can’t explain.
‘Anti-mater powered solarcrafts’ adds Increima.
My eyes adjust automatically as I see people almost 1000 metre away like they are in front of me.
‘Auto-adjustable optical lenses with focus power upto 1000000000X’ says Increima.

I see that people are talking and have weird carvings on their skin.
‘Visual representation of a planet they are visiting from’ adds Increima.

‘Where do humans live now?’ I ask
“I think you would better know it as Kepplar 22b” she says

I gasp as I see robots sweep across the sky with superman like ability. “It’s a nanobot powered with a blood type known as Electidel. It thinks like a human, acts like a nanobot and has body tissue made out of Tardigrade microbe.”

All my mind registers is What? What and what?

Increima laughs and says “Let me start with Tardigrades. They are amazing microbes which humans were able to culture and commercialize in 2203”
She continues “These microbes can withstand a temperature upto -272 degree C, withstand upto 1,200 times atmospheric pressure, take in up 5,000 Gy of gamma radiation and  can even undergo chemobiosis”

“OH MY GOD!” I say
“Yes. Humans made body suits out of them and with the help of nano bots started space mining and exploration, allowing humans to terraform different planets.”

I raise my eyes and I see the world around me changing every second. Once which was a building is a space dock now. Once what was radio telescope is a satellite communication system e. It keeps changing with such a rapid intensity that my eye hurts registering the change.

“Communication through Tachyonic antitelephone” add Increima.
“Whats that?” I ask

“It’s the ability communicate faster than the speed of light, allowing you to send messages into the past. This ability helps humans to correct their mistakes in past, thus creating a new future in the present” she adds coolly.
My eyes do the eye popping dance again as they register surprise after surprise.

“Humans were able to harness the power of exotic matter in the year 2435. A travelling meteorite deposited huge amounts of matter on the moon, giving humans yet another breakthrough”
“What? I ask.
“Power to travel through wormholes and black holes”
“HOW?” I scream.

“Wormholes open up at random times in our universe. By using exotic matter, you can extend their lifespan. Humans travelled through it to reach other planets faster. We built a coat of Tardigrade on our ships and travelled through black holes to collect more exotic matter as the vacuum fluctuations near a black hole are exotic.”

I am just registering this when I see large meteor coming directly into the earth atmosphere at rapid pace.
I let out a shocked cry and see as the rock the size of maybe a 1000 football field keeps rolling into earth’s sky.
I ask “Wha….” and I am cut off as I see my entire body disintegrate and I feel a distant movement that pulls me back to the year 2012.

I see the eyes of Professor Sarchin - The mastermind who was able to tele-transport me into the future. I look into his eyes and I know the answer.

I ask “Tachyonic communication?-” and he just smiles.

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