My love of Black

It’s always there present. From the eternity of space to the place behind your eyes. At night, it takes you on a land of dreams. With your close ones, it’s the last thing you see before you get the gift you always wanted. Black is attractive. It is beautiful because it doesn’t discriminate. I’ve always been spellbound with the beauty of black and I have 5 such things which I love -  The Black Wishlist -  Things which I always wanted just because they are in my favorite color - black.

Ray Ban Wayfarers

There’s something about staring into the eyes of the sun and realizing the enormity, the vastness of life. I’ve always wanted Ray Bans because they are naturally stylish and have been the institution of quality. When you have a Ray Ban on your eyes, you know that you’re person who embraces life and wants more from it. And I love the black ones, because they’re classic and you can never go wrong with classic.

Supra Sneakers

I love sneakers. They are so hip and I’ve always been comfortable wearing them. Be it a party or a get-together, when you are in sneakers they just make the entire place electric, make you a little more playful. And with Surpas on your feet, you know that you are there to rock it out; all day, every day.

The Little Black Dress

No I’m not a cross dresser. Don’t worry. I just want this to gift it to my girlfriend. Seeing her in it, sashaying across the room and running  into my arms as we go on a romantic date together would melt my heart. I’m a sort of person who sometimes wants things just so that I can give it to someone else as it would make that someone so much happier. I want this little black dress for my girlfriend for her birthday.

Kindle -  Black

I’m more than a book worm. While brushing my teeth, eating lunch or even while at work, I sneak a book or two and constantly keep reading them. With a Kindle, I can carry more than 2000 books. #Bookgasm right there. And the black color just suits with my personality and overall looks.

2014 Harley Davidson Forty Eight - Denim Black

Look at that beauty. Everyone would go weak in their knees when they hear the roar of this amazing beast. I imagine myself wearing my black ray bans, with the amazing supras on my feet, along with my gf sitting behind me wearing that little black dress and I want nothing more. With a Harley between my hands, I can feel the wind, the freedom of life on my cheeks and enjoy the look of awe on everyone’s faces. Love, that’s what a Harley is; love.

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