The day my dad's #SachchiAdvice changed my life

If i have to talk about the one advice that changed my life for the better, it has to be the one where my dad pushed me to do my Post Graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism.

I had finished my college exams and was thinking: 'This is it. I am done with studying. Now i am all set to work.' The main reason for this was that i had studied till college in my hometown. I was like that frog in a well who knows everything around him, but nothing of the outside world. And according to me going to Bangalore to find a job was my ticket out.

I had communicated the same to my parents. They were kind of onboard with it and didn't mind my decision. Then a tragedy struck our family. We lost my sister to a cardiac arrest. The whole house was filled with gloom and i felt obliged to stay back and take care of them.

I remember that day clearly. We had come to Mysore to meet my aunt and i was sitting in the hall when the topic of my education came in. I boldly said that i will not study anymore and want to work. My dad sat down beside me and said "You know Thousif, you can work your whole life. But the time to study comes only once in life. Yes, you can study at a later date but once you start working, trust me, you can't go back to studying. Work is like that. It puts responsibilities on your shoulder that you can't abandon just like that. Work becomes a part of you and it's really difficult once you get settled into work routine."

We discussed for a long time. But that one piece of advice stuck with me and the next morning i went along with him and got the admission papers for a course in Mass Communication and Journalism as i loved to write.

Today, i am the Creative Producer in one of the leading explainer video companies in Bangalore and i have my dad to thank for it. The advice he gave me that day shaped my life and will continue to do so till the end of my life.

My father's #SachchiAdvice didn't just make a difference in my life, it showed me a new way to live life and i'll always be thankful to him for that.

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Gauri said...
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Gauri said...

That is one stellar piece of advice from your Dad that helped you shape your career.
Nice post! :)

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