A 'Girl's' day out Part-2

Its Sunday on the clock, and thousif is back to blog, (cool rhyme eh? ;))

Well this past week has been eventful, in some ways it was awesome and in some ways its was sad, but one event surpassed it all by bringing happiness and joy in my life after a long time, and the event was the birthday of my shopping friend 'D' :)

Well you guys know about how I helped (Read: Suffered) 'D' with her shopping for her birthday and on 26th her birthday came, I had prepared my self earlier getting her gift which were 3 pairs of stylish(Read: Cheap) earrings along with a a very pricey gift wrap (It cost more than the earrings itself, you know :P)

(cute eh? :P)

But before the night of the birthday, my T.A Bhabhi was a lil unwell, so in that concern, I forgot to bring along the gift. I remembered this on the way to coll in the bus when I said “Oh, Shit”(The girl beside me eyed me with weird looks) and said to myself “I am dead, she is gonna be all over me demanding gift what am I gonna do?”

I decided to buy couple of 2 rupees roses on the road, but thought “No, mai sach ka saamna karonga, whatever happens let it be.”

I reached coll and waited for her, and some time when I saw her coming, I was lil surprised, cause everyone around her was wishing her and I said to myself, “Saala, Its not been 2 months since we joined college, and this girl is already so popular, hmmmm”. But only when she came to me that I knew what was the secret of her “popularity”.

She was saying everyone, “Hi, Its my birthday, wish me,Its my birthday wish me” I was puzzled “normal” persons always shy away from saying anyone its their birthday, and this girl was opening announcing it, I thought “ This girl will be the chicken in everyone's gravy today, everyone will ask her for a treat and she has to because they all have 'wished' her”

She came towards me and couple of guys waved their hands from the back saying “Don't wish, dont wish”, but I dint listen and wished her, then she asked for her gift I said, “There was no gift that matched your stupid err stupendous personality, so I dint buy any” she was disappointed and I couldn't see that, so I told her the truth “Its OK, but don't you forget tomorrow” she ordered, I saluted her with an army stance and agreed, she smiled and continued with the 'please wish me' regime.

I was just smiling to myself seeing her, she was living life to her fullest and I must say she got a lot more wishes than what I got on my last birthday ;), but couple of my friends dint wish her at all, they said “Till you get us sweets we wont wish you”. She apologized and said “I will get them by evening but please wish me now please” she begged but they remained adamant. I wondered why, and when I asked them they said “we have organized a surprise for her in evening, so we will wish her at that time itself”.

You had to see the how she was asking the not wishing guys to wish, but even after having a hearty lunch sponsored by 'D' they dint, she was visibly sad, seeing that I asked those guys to wish her, but they refused, in the evening she brought sweets from bakery and gave it to everyone, the not wishing guys said, “we will wish you come outside”, and when she went outside everyone brought in a big cake and huge gift. Then those guys closing her eyes brought her in and gave her the surprised, she was astonished seeing the change in the room.. after we sang happy birthday, she tried blowing the candles, tried, because they were magic candles and after 2 seconds would light up again, oh my god I was laughing so much seeing her trying to blow out the candles, she blew and blew till she was blue, just as her dress(which I selected :D)

(Thats the cake we gave her)

Then everyone feeling pity blew together, cutting the cake she distributed and that was where the real fun started, cause where there is a cake there has to be a cake fight right?, thats what exactly happened, cause she and couple of others were smeared in cake from face to hair to shoulders my god I thought I would die laughing seeing them... though I escaped with 'minimum' damage, and then after everyone got cleaned up, 'D' suddenly had tears in her eyes she said “This is the best birthday party I ever had, ever, you guys are the best friends I have got, and I think I will ever get”, we all joined in with her all emotional, and I gotta say, even if it was her birthday it was more of our birthday than her.

She opened the gift to find a big huge pink teddy, It was so very cute that I was hugging it more than her (Now I know why girls love teddy's so much ;))

(So cute Teddy na..)

When I returned the next day I brought her the earrings and she disliked the one I liked, but the other 2 which i dint like so much, I asked myself “when will I understand girls?” and the answer came automatically “Never”.

I talked with her and simply asked her “What is the most extreme thing happened to you?”,(I ask everyone that, cause you know I gotta boast about the fact how I was struck by a shock of a lightning and survived, so :P), she said “I got current shock when I was playing with the switches one time” I said “Everybody once in their lives gets a current shock, tell me something extreme” you wouldn't believe the answer she gave she said “I have eaten hailstones fallen from the sky” and I was like :P.

Thats it guys till next time god bless take care.


Harshita said...

hahaha... I love this girl..

U r a wonderful friend for sure.. she is lucky...

Loved this post.

And yeah! right. You can NEVER understand women.

ANWESA said...

a fun post 4 sure. too worked up rite nw.ll com bak later. lotsa wishes 2 u both :)

Heavenly Muse said...

why is it so necessary to understand a girl..?
infect...girls are themselves in the pursue of boys' nature...believe me
well very light and nice post..

Disguise said...

You're such a good friend!

Thousif Raza said...

@ harshita: yes i understood that, and thank you for the comment loved it oo :)

@ Anwesa: ok be back soon, will be waiting....

@ Heavenly muse: now thats what i call positivity cool answer mate, certainly made my hopes going up, thx :)

@ Disguise: my pleasure dishi:) take care

Ekam said...

Hehehe.. Sweeeeet girl.. You are a very good friend.
And the teddy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ Ekam: Thank you so very much for the comment :)

QM said...

Awww so sweet(;

You're an awesome friend!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

I loved reading it. Such a sweet girl:-) And you guys have been wonderful friends. Happy that you made her day.. keep this up.

Arpitha Holla said...

tht was very nice of u to select a gift for her.. its usually tough for guys to think up wht girls would like..

Thousif Raza said...

@ Qm: thank you thank you :)

@ butterfly thoughts: that will be our goal for every time ya every time, thx for the appreciation :)

@ Arpitha: yeah tell me abt it. ;), got lucky i guess this time :)

Anonymous said...


Thousif Raza said...

@ RSV: :D :) ;)

thx for the comment ya, made me feel good, take care

sulagna chatterjee said...

dude :) you know what??i envy your friends cus they have such an amazing person to be with :)
lovely writing..and thanks for my anniversary wishes :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ sulagna: thx for the appreciation, felt really good reading that comment :), take care

Tulika said...


This gal is so cute. :)

And sucha lovely post...