My friend Anu's birthday

Well here I am again,21st May, today is a very special occasion it’s a birthday of somebody very important and very special to me.

A birthday means, a day that is cherished by all, because it’s the day, that all of the people in this world celebrate and wish that, this particular day be one of the best days that they can remember for the rest of their life.
It’s also a day when that specific person is wished by all, blessed by all, and taken care of, by all who are dear and near to that person.

Well today is that special, that beautiful, that dreeaamy day of my very special friend Janani Rai. (I call her sweetly as anu)

Well, when I first met her, (again on orkut), she was none like the others who I have met
To start with she was friendly, we chatted a bit for a couple of days and then as her profile says –that ‘She is a prankster’, (Thank god she hasn’t played a prank on me yet.)I asked her “What’s the biggest prank U has ever played in her life????”
She said, - She couldn’t tell me.
I was hurt,
but understood, all things cannot be shared with the person who u have just met and chatted for a couple of days, BUT she said she would tell me anything else, but the prank itself.

So, I seized the chance and asked her for the phone number, (.....and am I glad I did that!!!!!, ya I am very very glad ;-) )
She was very sportive and true to her word. She gave me her phone number. I just sent her a message to confirm her number. She replied but my cell phone has got a mind of its own, it first didn’t accept the message then I asked her to send again and she sent again.(I still got that problem in my cell phone, hope I can fix it)
At last, I got the message and we were messaging on the phone and also chatting online for the next couple of days.

The 1st time I heard her voice I got to say u, I was taken aback. She sounded serious (Anu, please don’t get upset, pleeeezzzz, good things will be coming up ,so cheer up;- ) )
Not that she didn’t talk to me nicely, she was friendly and we chatted like some old frenz meeting after a long time. She was that much friendly
also, one thing I learnt from that phone call was that, she is the very honest when she talks about something.
We chatted for ‘sometime’ that’s the first time I talked to a girl for 23 minutes and 33 seconds (Anu u see I remember the exact time also). It was great talking to Anu
and when I disconnected, my phone was hot ,my head was hot, and my mom was screaming all over the place asking where was I???? (Moms can sometime be irritating you know ;-) )

After that I called her another time after a couple of days, this time too same gesture, her tone was serious.
I wondered, was it something I said, or I thought, didn’t she like my voice, that her tone was serious to me…..(Hey Anu I got to know, do u like my voice? Plzzzzz say yes, folks are reading yaar :-) )

We chatted and she said she was going to Mangalore on 26th April. I was upset.
(Anu cheer up, good things are coming up;-) ),(even though her tone was serious in those conversations,she was really sweet to me)

Ok where were we? oh, yeah trip, right ……

She said, she was going, actually she lives in Bangalore and I had my brother’s wedding in Bangalore on 3rd may and I had thought she could have come to visit the wedding, but she was visiting her Native Place after four years and so I couldn’t do much, so I wished her good luck for the trip and disconnected................

But when I called her 3rd time (also three is my lucky number) She was in Mangalore at that time, u know what…………..things changed….

It Was Like Sheer Magic For Me.

She smiled when we were chatting on phone for the 1st time; it was like I have never heard anything beautiful as that before.
(I am blaming myself even now, for not cracking a joke, or saying something funny before).

And laugh, her laugh, is like stream breaking out for the first time, its like the water falling from a waterfall, like rain drops falling on your face, I cannot explain the sweetness of the moment. Her laugh is like, a baby laughing for the first time how good is it have u seen????. I mean, even I laugh but not as exquisitely, and as honestly, and as sweet as Anu.

Her laugh is so cute ,it’s the most sweetest and cutest laugh I have ever heard.

Guys, guys, I tell u the truth another reason I now call anu is for her laugh, and also this was the first time she was very casual and very very very (it’s not an error ;-) )Very very friendly with me.
If u have seen Bluffmaster film in that, there is a doctor he says
“There r some special moments that come in your life which u cannot forget in your whole life time. because they are so special u will never forget them, even if u want to”
It was that special moment for me,
Because I have not seen anyone as much as friendly on the phone as Anu.I mean, I have written in my profile let me work my magic on u,but actually She worked her magic of friendship on me.(Thank u very much, I am glad u did, Anu)

Hope I am not boring you guys (Anu are you bored???, hope you are not……..)

And when I called for the 4th time (I got to tell u it is just getting better and better every time I call her), she was even more friendly, I think she truly enjoyed that Mangalore trip, I truly cherish each and every second of that conversation and every moment she laughed, I mean, just hearing her laugh on the phone is that much sweet, how much beautiful would it be, to see her, actually smiling???, I tell u, I think I would just faint there seeing her smile towards me :-).

That conversation lasted I remember exactly 64 minutes and 23 seconds (and guys u don’t want to know how hot the phone was this time, and thank god my mom was asleep) and it’s the most time I have ever talked to somebody on the phone, I mean I haven’t even talked to somebody that much in person.

She is just as she said in her profile, it says interesting person to be with
yes, I can scream out and say yes, she is very very interesting person, do u now she has visited most of the places in the world, and to some of my jealous friends by now, be even more jealous, because here is some very interesting fact. She has been to NASA, though I wont reveal the details of that here,(Anu u know na, how the experience was ;-) ).I was truly mesmerized, like it was always a dream when I was a kid, I wanted to visit NASA, but I am very happy that a friend of mine got to visit it, and I am very proud to say that it’s Anu.

And everytime I call her and hear her voice I feel a sense of freshness in me, I really feel happy that a person so precious as Anu is my friend.

Guys I could just go on and on and on about Anu (but I got space restrictions in this blog, damn it, so I got to cut short on the other details)

But To Sum It Up ( I really don’t want to…..)
She is very very friendly, and very very interesting person to be with, and her smile and the magic of her laugh is the most beautiful u will ever hear, they are just incomparable.

At first, she may seem a lil serious
But once she gets to know u, may god save u, because she is so friendly, that u would want to talk with her every second of the day. And god bless you with some balance in your cell to do that.
She is like a book, a novel which is soooo interesting that you want to read it every second of the day and never leave reading, every new page opens up something interesting and something special about Anu.

She has to be the coolest person I have ever met till now, and I think I will ever meet, everytime I talk to her or chat with her online, I get to know a new detail or a new thing about her, she is like an ocean of endless possibilities, she wants to become a Fashion Designer and I wish her Good Luck for that.

Have a great birthday Anu.

I have never dedicated a song for anybody, but I want to dedicate a song (actually 2) for Anu
Those are,
1. “Toy Box’s-Best Friend” actually it is sung by a girl for a boy but think it as a opposite.

2. “KT Tunsell’s- Suddenly I See.

Hope u like them,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

This is for u………….

Like I said before Anu, the person with whom I talked most, is you.
I think the biggest post in my blog I would ever write is going to be you.
U are really very interesting, like if I took up Psychology to study a person, to know about, it would be you,
U have really very good potential in life and you are really sweet towards me, even though you don’t message me everyday ;-), your laugh and your smile and your care towards me as a friend covers that up, so don’t worry about that,

I know, U may think I have said very much about you, but actually it’s very less what I have written here, also I am glad and very proud to say that you are another best friend I made on orkut, and in my life.
One day I look forward to our visit, that would be the happiest day in my life,
I hope you think the same.

Take care Anu .U have been really great friend to me and I look forward to continue our friendship, hope you too think the same

You may wonder why I wrote this because, If u don’t like my gift I sent u ,this is my 2nd gift for u (actually assume this is my first gift, think the other as a the second) and I definitely know u will like this gift more than what I have sent to u.

I wish u a, very happy birthday, and may all your ever wished dreams come true on this beautiful day. Enjoy your birthday. Take care c u……….

And, the way u say, ‘yeah tell’ when u laugh is just awesome………..

Ok guys until my next update c ya, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.