Happy Birthday Heera

Hi Guys,
Welcome, as u all know this month is a special month, from festivals to the birth of Jesus Christ everything is special, that’s the greatness of this month u say goodbye to this year and get ready for new possibilities in the next year, So this is a special post for a special person.

Well, this post is about the person with whom you share everything, secrets, happiness, sorrows and ultimately your mother; she is the person with whom you can be yourself, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, she is your first friend and the person, for whom you care the most.

She is the next best creation after your mother, yep you are right
She is none other than an angel named ‘SISTER

In my case I think I got the best sister I can possibly get, she is irritating at times ,sad sometimes, but happy most of the times, she makes me laugh, makes me angry, I share almost everything with her, that is, my lousy poems, my not so great attempts of novel writing, my happiness, my sadness, everything

Meet (well you can’t literally ;)) my sister {Heerath Banu}.

Ok let’s start, hmmm where should I start, from here no, from that part no,
Ok I have guessed it, I will start from her birth itself, on 28th December (c’mon wish her a happy birthday guys), an angel came into our home, and mom named her Heera(that initially became heerath banu), well there is my sister for you, just as her name suggests she is a gem of a person, she had beautiful eyes and a cute smile and I used to call her ‘papi’ when I was a kid, I was spoilt brat from childhood itself, injuring myself with my pranks every now and then (I have got stitches on my chin, head, forehead and…….and…… I forgot) well so there you see, I was getting into things, not getting into, it did not stop there, as my sis became older we used to play all along, one time I remember when she was 2 years old, I was playing with her and she said something to me ,I laughed and playfully pushed her backside ,next moment I see she is not there, We were on top of a table and she had fallen down, I got down, she was screaming, mom came running along and she saw that she had a big red blood streak, from her head going down her nose to her chin, I was terrified, mom was shocked, she quickly checked the wound, but to everyone’s relief, it was just a small cut(but with big effects, there is a scar mark even now).

I will never forget that moment she looked so cute while crying, and because of this cuteness factor (while crying), she always got into trouble, because she used to always go to a corner when she used to cry k, and our neighbors had a room which had no corners because it was kinda, like a round room, like a circle, and every time she used to visit there, our neighbors made her cry and she would always try to find a corner but couldn’t find one, it was really good to see her cuteness at that moment.

She has been always supportive to me, whenever I dressed like a freak show for my fancy dress competition (I was always in the top 3 spot) she never laughed, also there is another time I wanna tell you

I used to get up very early when I was a kid( I get up @ 8.30 now ; )) and I knew where our storeroom was, (where they kept everything that ‘me the prankster’ needed : D), so one day I got to the room and brought rice in my small hands and started putting that rice on my sis and my mom, and this went on and on till my mom got up in the morning to see that I had put up 15 kgs of rice on my mom and 5 kgs on my sis (according to height you know : D).She even remembers it now.

Ohh there are many many moments when I have irritated her, never for one moment she has let me down, she was weak in studies when she was a kid whereas I was brilliant in it (I am still), but in my SSLC and PUC exams she surpassed my marks, everyone was spell bound including me, because when she gets into a thing she is really into it and gives her 100% towards it. She always has this quality of surprising everyone.

She also Brought more prizes to home than me, one time I remember when she brought home 2 prize cups in singing and dance, everyone including my parents were shocked because nobody till that moment knew that she was that good at singing and dancing,

Sometimes I used to get jealous of her, because she used to get beautiful clothes than me (she still gets them :)) also when she got more attention than me, but now I understand why she got all those things and that attention, because there is a bitter truth we(that is me and my parents) all have to face when she becomes older, that she will not be with us all of the time, some day or the other she has to get married and at that time there will be just memories like this that will make me remember her, it will be the most difficult and most painful moment that I have to face in future, but I will also be happy that there will always be a better tomorrow for her
I used to always fight (those jealousy times) but now if a moment like that comes by; I enjoy the beauty of the moment and forget everything else,

The time I always remember is when she watches her favorite serial dil mil gaye she is so cheerful, that you will faint seeing her smile at that time. Also when she was in school, she would get sad when her birthday came, you know why? Bcoz she couldn’t distribute sweets in her school as there would be Christmas holidays (we saved a lot of sweets then :D), but dad used to make up for that by buying her a BIG cake which she used to devour completely (he he)

She also has real good language skills (Behen Kiski Hain? ;)) most of my earlier posts in this blog have been edited by her.

She also helps me when I am depressed or sad for some reasons, she is the person I will miss the most when I don’t see her home after I come home from college,
You know when I used to get a thrashing by my mom for the mishappenings caused by me as a kid, she used to stand between me and my mom to save me saying “bhaiyya ku maro nako me!!!”(cho chweet na….)

Well if I continue longer na you all will stay here only, really I got tons of stories to amuse you with, but now I want you all reading this blog post to wish her a very very happy birthday

The songs I wanna dedicate her are:

1) Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Phooloon ka taroon ka sab ka kehna hai….

2) ABBA – Dancing Queen.

3) Celine Dion – I’m Alive (It’s Her Fav ;))

P.S This is for you Heera

Well I know you always wanted to write about you in my blog for a long time, but I always refused. but that’s not bcoz I dint wanted to ,but bcoz I wanted it to be a special day ,a special occasion to write about you, and that moment has come today, Happy Birthday My Dear Heera

I know I irritate you, make you cry, but that only shows how much I care for you silly.

Well it’s your birthday today and I just want to you to be smiling and happy ok,
Hope you will like the songs, I thought of including others but I liked these

So temme how did u like the post when you get back home, until then take care have a wonderful, great, beautiful and a cheerful day ahead and all year long

Ok guys until my next update c ya have a nice day


Anonymous said...

happy bday heera... hope all ur dearest wishes come true... well it bcomes very apparent from this post the love and respect u too share for each other...thousi always talks abt u...gr8 knowing a lil more abt u.take care

xsystem | System of a Down said...

Happppppppy Birthday Heera !!!
I sincerely hope that u get the courage and will power to achieve ur goals ... :)

Brilliant stuff ... i really liked when u said that u have to share ur mom too ! hehheheh !!! U r amazingly witty dude ... pure genius !

"In my case I think I got the best sister I can possibly get, she is irritating at times ,sad sometimes, but happy most of the times, she makes me laugh, makes me angry,"

I tried to analyze this ... lemme see ... u say that she is happy most of the times and also she makes u angry ~ ! So my wild guess will be ... She get happy when she get u angry !!!! hehhe just kidding man ...

I almost imagined a toddler searching for a corner in a round room ... wicked neighbors though ... shud not make a little girl cry just to see her cute face. But yes ... my relatives did that to me too ... I can imagine her pain. ... hahhaha ... You must be really lucky to have an overall supportive sis ... cuz i knoe my cousins ... and they fought like a guinea pig spinning off in a wheel ... i mean they got no where while the argument blowed out of proportions.

I wish that u and ur sis have the best of health and happiness forever ...

Happy Birthday once again Heera ...


heerath said...

Thanks dear bro for understanding me and keeping in mind everypossible thing u could remember. i am also very lucky to have a bro like u, whom i always like troubling and then try to applogize. i love u the same way u do.

thank u once again, thanks to all ur friends also who remember me and wished me and thanks because u remember me while talking to ur friends that's strange but still thank u a lot.

heerath said...

dear brother. You are a wonderful writer and a amazing person. No one can take your place in my world. You don’t irritate me with your poems and novels but at sometimes when I don’t have mood they really do. I am sorry for everything. When I hurted you the most because I know sometimes really I don’t want to expose it here. Even you know. The best blog I would say you have written and I would like to give you a comment that “you can be a psychiatrist brother really.” You have understood me in the every possible way you can and remembered the most good things about me. your blog made me cry while reading really that expressed your feelings for me. I always wanted to know my place in your heart so I used to tell you to write about me. today I know how much I conquer and how much I have achieved. I really am lucky to have the best person in my life. Thanks for everything and the most best part for coming in my life as a friend and the best brother I ever ever needed. Thanks a lot.