My Friend Kkalli

Hi frenz, I dint write my blog post from last 2 months, cause a devastating tragedy hit my life in January, I have been trying to recover from it, but have mostly failed and I don’t think I will ever get over it.

This month I will tell you about the person who is not just good, but is the best in what she does, She is the person who I first saw a great potential in, it’s just not about that, she is the one who I can whole heartedly trust, and unique thing is we sometimes share the same amount of happiness and also share the same amount of pain…..

She is someone I want to spend the whole day with, but at the same time am scared to. Confusing Na…. well you will get to know everything

So let’s start by Meeting my very good friend

Kaniz Fathima (I call her Kkalli, sweet Na….) (and I am not an ekta kapoor fan ;))

Well the story how I met kkalli is very interesting, (as always) lemme tell u in detail…..

It was a bright Tuesday morning (Tuesday’s have always been good to me ;)), I entered my class when my friend varshakthi told me that he has something to temme. I asked him “what’s the matter?” He said “you have to compete in a quiz competition, in a team of 3, you have to win in the prelims, done that, u will participate with other colls for a prize”, and he also told me that prelims were today itself. I thought about it and then told him “dude I haven’t touched the newspapers in days and I don’t know what the hell is going on in the world, and as prelims are today itself, I can’t”. He then pointed me to 2 fresher’s who desperately wanted to compete in the quiz, Enter: kkalli.

One look at her and I knew she had great potential, she had a certain aura around her that said ‘yeah I am a winner” I have never in a person, have seen such an aura around him or her, she told me “please don’t tell no. at least try yaar”, what I dint knew was that my very good friend varashakthi had given a big build up saying that, the next best candidate to him in class is me (focus diya bhi toh kaisa!!). So she requested me very very much that I compete, she was standing there and telling “please thousif, please say yes, please” I don’t show off (cause I am not that brainy and all ;)) but when she showed so much of trust in me I really melted away, (her saying of please has always had a great effect on me),I had to say yes. I have never seen as much as happy a person, as she was that day and seeing her, actually made me happy too, then she said the prelims were tomorrow not today and she said to prepare well, I said ok and when I got home, I got down to the task at hand, in the morning also I reached coll early(according to my standards) which was actually late (according to her standards ;)) she said “it’s ok now read” , I said k then I got down to reading we divided the subjects and got down to prepare , we prepared really well ya I read at least 1000 questions and was pretty sure that we would win, but when we got to the prelims room na, we had 2 shocks

One was there were 8 teams from our coll and another team of 3 guys were from 1st year i.e. her class itself who when asked said, that they had just come to ‘participate for fun’.
We got the Q papers and when I saw the questions they blew us away, there were 20 questions but we just knew 4 for sure in which 2 I answered. 1 question was, how many languages does Jackie Chan know? Now who knows answer for that!!!!!

And then we guessed the other questions I thought we did a pretty good job, but we had the shock of the day when we got to know that we had lost, and there was a tie between the ‘participate for fun’ guys and another team which later the ‘participating for fun’ guys won and went to compete with other colleges. I was very upset that day 1 because I had lost, another because I thought that was the last time I could see her cause as you know I am not a very mingling kid (blame me, blame me..).

In that brief period that I met her( i.e. a morning and another morning) I got to know 2 things about her, that her communicational English is awesome, man she can blow you out of the water when she speaks with you, it’s what you call crystal clear English, I know, for most of you, you might think what’s so cool about that?, but if u listen to her speak na, you will get to know what I am speaking about,(that’s the reason I am a lil scared of her) and another thing was that she has the most beautiful smile in the world (better than Mona Lisa you know)

I really wanted to speak to her after that day but couldn’t for 3 reasons

1) I dint knew where 1st year classes were (go on call me an idiot :))
2) I was afraid I couldn’t match up to her communicational skills
3) Holidays kicked in.
So there you see I was angry with me for all the above reasons

Initially as days passed by I forgot about the whole situation but still she lingered on my mind..

Then a (Big ;)) ray of light came into my life, I was to compete in a state level college fest i.e. commerce and management fest in the prestigious St Aloysius college Mangalore. I was in marketing event and guess what kkalli was also to compete, but she was in quiz, I initially thought I will compete in quiz and then can get to know more about her, but there was no vacancy there and after much hullabaloo I got a partner in marketing cause I was having difficulty in finding one, REASON: my friend who was to be my partner then ran away for competing in best manager.

I got her mobile number that day. another best day in my life, she said to help me get her some quiz questions and I readily helped her, and got to know some more about her, and when I came back in the evening to my house I saw that she had sent me a SMS I was happy naturally and then when I replied I chatted with her for a long time (and after that day I have always on a daily basis been chatting with her), we have chatted so much, that now we have to think what to chat with each other, we became good frenz and talked on a daily basis

This continued for many more days as the contestants (i.e. me and other 9 students) got busy in preparing for the fest. Then on 15th December we left for the fest to Mangalore I was excited and scared at the same time, excited cause I had never visited Mangalore and scared because I had never competed in a fest. We played around in the bus I was mostly sleeping (when I climb on a bus na I sleep) and when we were almost getting there kkalli too was most happy and was at 1 time was poking me with a pen as telling me to wake up as we were reaching Mangalore(C kkalli I remember)

Here matters changed quickly because we (i.e. me and kkalli) had been good frenz till Mangalore but some drastic changes took place here

When we reached Mangalore all was well, well, not all...

in the fest in the 1st day itself 4 members from our coll got eliminated which included kkalli the questions were damn tough she told me, I got through that day (cause there were no eliminations) and in the evening she was visibly upset, I advised her “why you are upset kkalli please forget about everything and smile” she just gave me small smile and went away, when I told a trusted friend about it the person said “never advice a person when he/she is upset” that’s one of the best advice I have got and it has helped me a lot in my life, I will tell you about it all next month k.

Forward to 2nd day of the fest: I had my 3rd round of marketing and what I got was cross marketing that is, you are not the potential customer, which means where you don’t need that product but I am salesman for that product which ‘I have to’ sell you.

The product I got to sell was “sell a pack of cigarettes to the health minister”

I look at the question and I knew I was doomed, I had one hour to prepare and then showcase it in an auditorium for 5 mins and then questions were to be asked for another 5 mins

I had no idea what to do and my partner also dint have any ideas then I thought of kkalli I sent my partner to get some ideas out of her, the answer what I got completely shocked me, she was in the audi at that time k and she said to my partner that “I donno anything so I can’t help u” she dint even come out to tell me that, I was very upset and got very angry at that time and I thought I will not speak to her, I even asked our lecturer. she too dint have any ideas(but my ma’am helped me out by calling her frenz but it was of lil use), Then I deeply thought of a couple of items which could help me,( cause when you’re in trouble, your brain works twice the speed, it’s like its over clocked to a higher frequency) like I knew cigarette companies paid a lot of tax and tax helps all of us right (even though we don’t pay it every time :)),I pressurized my point on that, and I also knew ITC, one of the top tobacco manufactures also have social services, I convinced the judges in audi and it came out quite well and I even got through to the eliminations to the next round but in the fourth round I lost and that was it. (it’s rather funny how I lost, but if I tell you that I will need three more pages so let’s leave that to some other time) ,Then when I was alone in my room repenting my loss I was thinking why kkalli betrayed me, it was then when it flashed to me that,

When at first I dint knew how to do it,

When my partner dint know how to do it,

When even our lecturer had no idea how to do it,

how could kkalli could have known??, But I guess as I expected the extraordinary from her, that I expected more, then I came to know it was not kkalli who had betrayed me, but it was me betraying myself, she had just given a straight forward answer which I took it in a wrong way. I blamed myself for that, and promised myself that I would never do such a thing again, that night we had plenty of fun cause we had to leave the next day for our home town, we played silly games, and had plenty of fun, I saw kkalli was a lil distracted but I guess that it was my guilt that I saw that in her. I slept at 1.30 that night (eerr i.e. day ;))

Forward 2 next day: I in my life had never seen malls, my friends had been there many a times, also some other girls also had not been, so everyone decided we will hit the malls , when I saw the mall na it was heavenly I was totally mesmerized (don’t smile there ;)) It was like I was taken to a completely different world, and just seeing the mall I had no words and in all this I forgot one important thing. Kkalli

When I saw back na I couldn’t find kkalli anywhere and ma’am and my frenz were asking where was she? we were on the 2nd floor and when we looked down kkalli was at the starting of the stairs, reason was she had injured herself while trying to learn how to ride a scooty and they were automatic stairs and you know how those freaky things work, they are damn fast so she dint climb and she dint knew they were normal stairs beside, a lil far that is. I too dint knew the layout as it was my first time too but I quickly asked my other frenz and got to know where the other stairs were and I went to kkalli and told her that there were normal stairs and accompanied her. this was on the 1st floor, same happened on the second floor and I did the same again and this time I asked her “did u buy something?” she said no, I asked why?, she dint reply I asked her again, she was lil far this time, still no reply. I thought she dint hear but then I thought, have I done something wrong? that she dint answer to me……

# New addition for the blog: ‘Guru (aka Thousif) Gyan’ – START- Lemme tell you one thing here, the problem between friendship with girls and boys is that you can say ‘anything’ to a guy and he doesn’t mind. whereas with a girl if you say even ‘something’, without actually meaning it to her, she may get upset for the smallest reason that’s why I am always careful with my words about what I say. I think and think and then reply – FINISH-

So I thought I had said something by which she had got upset of me, she remained aloof all through that day and I too dint get a chance to ask her what’s the reason, likewise afternoon came and we went on to board on the bus, in the bus all were singing and playing except me. I sat in the front seat and was repenting my loss both for losing in the event and about kkalli not speaking to me I raked my brains out but couldn’t find anythingabout why she was upset with me, some frenz asked me to join in but I was very depressed and dint, and likewise we reached ‘town sweet town’ madikeri and when kkalli got down from the bus to go home she gave her signature smile said bye and went in an auto with her dad I thought “did I just imagine it??” I told myself no and then went home feeling a good, then when I came to coll next day I couldn’t find her, this continued for a couple of days…….

I even discussed this with my friend jasmine, she told me “dude you have done something or else she wouldn’t have done like that” but I asked her about kkalli smiling at me, she said “she may have forgot that she was mad at you, you sometimes forget na”. That seemed like a logical explanation

Then we had another program to conduct it was the fest that we had to conduct for the first time in our collage, we had thought of it earlier and got down to make it a success, I was the event manager for marketing event and kkalli was for quiz and when we met she talked coolly I thought I had imagined that she was upset with me and dint pop the question (i.e. why she was upset with me) but new problem started here. along with marketing I was also event co-coordinator for all the events, so kkalli thought I was event manager for quiz this Is where the real problem started, she had waited for me to begin preparations and thought that I would help, whereas I dint knew this part, and when reality hit me one day, that she had been thinking like that I was in for doom, actually our lecturer is to blame because she(i.e. our lecturer) had asked me to help with the preparations for the quiz event I had agreed at that time, and here kkalli was present, but I had later declined as I had other work and the lecturer had got hold of another student, where kkalli was absent,( I had to tell her about this development but I dint, sorry kkalli) so she had thought I would help her but I told her I was not the event manager and even showed her the list of the designated event managers, she thought I deliberately did that (i.e. hopping from her event to another, would I do that temme guys?) and dint even listen to me I tried and tried but in vain, she dint even speak to me that day, here my bad ego came into place and I too dint send her SMS’s for a couple of days, she too dint send, then what? I ‘had’ to come into my senses I knew I had done the mistake and sent her a SMS that “I am really sorry for all the mistakes that I have done, I know I can be a fool sometimes please forgive me, wont you?” She replied and said it was k I asked her why she was angry she said simply (so saccharine of her Na :) (Confused. I am saying saccharine because my very trusted friend has said to say sweet to her only)) and this is where I got to know the real kkalli…

Introducing (again ;)) the real Kkalli:

Kkalli is as I said the best person in this world that you can meet, by chatting with her and meeting her I got to know she is very simple minded and very sensitive, you know what she said when I asked her what her dream gift was she said “my parents and frenz, because I can’t live without them”, how sweet I mean saccharine ;) is that. as you know I like to write poems, I told her one day that I would give her a surprise she couldn’t wait till the next day and when I showed her the poem she liked it very much I asked her what points she would have given me on a basis of 10 she said to me she would give it………………………..11(;)) , she is also unique in her own ways she likes to see moon very much, likes wind chimes, is crazy about SRK (girls mostly like salman remember….:)) her smile is very beautiful but she smiles a lot less that’s the only problem( tell her to smile more guys), one time was there I remember I was upset for some reason with a friend of mine and I was just sitting looking nowhere when suddenly I saw kkalli, she was coming to a fest meeting she smiled looking at me and even though I was upset, a smile instantly came onto my face, I felt so happy at that moment I can never ever forget that, whenever I am upset I think of that moment and a smile instantly comes onto my face, and when I said earlier that me and kkalli share the same pain, it was that at 8th may, her sister expired when she told me I felt sorry for her and was sad, but I actually felt the pain about how exactly it is…. when I lost my sister on January 15 (the saddest day in my life) it’s like ripping away your heart slowly, god I can’t explain the pain and even though we(i.e. me and kkalli) don’t cry every day, the pain never goes away, it lingers and it will never go away. NEVER

In my friend circle I have shared many things but never pain and I share that with kkalli that’s why we know each other so better, I just want one thing in my life, i.e. to make my frenz happy and I started it with kkalli, so I want her to smile everyday (please smile kkalli)

She is also a person who has various talents she has competed in, essays, allocations, quizzes, Olympiads and many more she even matches me in fancy dress competitions she has dressed in odisi, Manipuri, Kashmiri, Bengali, Marathi, and even as a lawyer where as I was either a hero or a jungle man (yee haa)

She also reads shake sphere, that’s pretty scary stuff, so I haven’t touched it, and she wants to read Romeo and Juliet (So saccharine of her na ;)), she is instantly likeable and you would want to be with her whole day talking with her, but you can’t. you know why??, because she is very very committed to her studies, internals were round the corner last month and she was so tensed up you had to hear her, how tensed she was. God she is worried about her studies .I gave her some of my guru gyan after that she has been worrying less, and laughing more, she has also been getting scolding in class from lecturers, because she now laughs more, so she is making progress in that department and I am happy for that.

She is a perfect example of beauty with brains, she even won a MC competition at our college and she was very very happy that day and I was so happy to hear it, she also knows to cook very well she can cook various dishes and the latest that she has learned to cook is Rasmalai, and guess what she even loves gardening, she has a number of rose plants, so next time if you want a rose, you know who to turn to, right?, I once told her that she looks like queen Elizabeth when she is in a serious look, she smiled and I remember that smile even today, her voice has a certain spark when she speaks after smiling, so I always want her to be smiling. She is so much of sacchirine, u know, she likes love birds and wanted to own them, one fine day she went to buy a couple of them, but seeeing them in a cage she felt sad, and so she bought a couple and then set them free, listening to that i was touched,i asked "what did ur parents say?" she said they just smiled, thats how good she is......

The songs that I wanna dedicate Kkalli are:

1) Masakalli – Delhi-6.
2) Tujh meh rab dikta hai – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
3) Small town girl – Bachna aa haseeno.

This is for you kkalli
Hoof, my god the biggest and the most extreme post in my blog kkalli, so how was it? Honestly temme in the comment ok, hope you liked it, well you have been special to me for many reasons, be it sharing my happiness or sharing my pain, you have always been there for me, I just wanna say I have never met a person as talented, as brainy and as charming as you kkalli, seriously. if I gotta say in one word you are ‘THE BEST’ kkalli, no doubt about it, I just wanna say worry less, studies hoti rahegi yaar, but you get life just once so enjoy it to the fullest. Be smiling and spread happiness to all around you, just like to made me happy ok, take care and all the best for your future, have a gr8 day ahead, adios amigo.

OK guys, so until my next update, ciao……………………………………………………….


xsystem | System of a Down said...
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xsystem | System of a Down said...

My god ! Kitna bada post kiya hai re tune ! But I read every line of it. ... and loved every gesture in it. I am starting to like KKalli now !

I was really happy to knw that u guys participate this much in events ... it helps u manage events ... u will have better job prospects than people sitting on 1st bench of 7 am lectures.

I just feel so sad for u and Kkalli ... u lost an important person in life ... my heart aches for u ... i am sorry for ur loss.
It just feels so sad right now that my heart feels empty from within ... nothing ... vacuum ... even the length of ur blogs are nothing compared to the situations u have been through ...

i gotta say this : how can u think so much at once and write it down as well ... u r one good multi tasker ... if it were me ... i would have written all this on a notepadd ... opened it everytime to update with incidents ... this would have taken weeks ... god ! u r good at this ...

I have been working lately in Berlin ... i come home and I am broken from toe to head ... saamne sirf bistar dikhta hai ... i got to bed ... get up at 10 ... back to work by 11 ... But once the college starts, I will find time to leave a comment on ur blog...I love reading it .... however long they may be. Dont think that I did it intentionally just to ditch you.

Send me a scrap when u update it next time ... waiting ... take care ....

Keep Smiling KKali ... :)
bbye Thousif

Anonymous said...

Hey, long post indeed. I was reading it bit by bits...there was no need to tell me to read your blog...i am jobless, so i read all the blogs of the people who comment :)
the girl seems to be a sweet girl. Very typical girl. Do not take me in wrong way, but most of the girls are like that :)
I really feel sorry for the loss that you and your friend had. Even I have a sister, and i cannot imagine my life without her. it must be really hard.
Nice blog. You seem to be a nerd..are u one?

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ xaystem: dude ur comments are always gr8, keep em coming, thx again

@ ramys: thx ramya for following my blog welcome ;)

QM said...

Thanks for the comment(:
Yeahh, I always speak what's on my mind.

Hey, be in touch. I only blog during the weekends. So take care and will blog pretty soon(;

Gayathri said...

omg!!it's too long a post man!it's true that im jobless in summers,but that doesnt mean im so very it was nice..
all your posts are about friends ha?so much obsessed with them?zulekha,kkalli,jaz,anishanth,...endless list and still you say you are a shy and 'not-so-mingling' type!! humility?!!:P

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ gayathri: thx for the comment gayathri, man it made me happy just as ou blog posts, hope you will visit again take care c ya

arief said...

assume dude how many days u took to write the story

arief said...

assume dude how many days u took to write the story