Decoding the Mystery called 'LIFE'

Summer of 2009,
Referring to the famous Bryan Adams song, my life felt the same way, but the year is 2009,

Summer of 2009 will be the best days of my life, one being the last(best) days of college life(read my earlier posts), and another being about me finding my true self, and learning some lessons about life, yeah I know it’s a little late, but better late than never right?, the truly life changing experience came because of me reading blogs, it’s as simple as that, yeah I know you may say “you are writing a blog from last year and not reading blogs, that’s like a crime”, yeah I know and I am guilty as charged, actually I tried reading a couple of blogs in the past but dint find anything interesting, SLAP…… (That’s me slapping myself) I sometimes lie, that’s one more thing I gotta change about myself, anyways let’s get back to the topic, as I was saying, I got to know about my true self, I gotta tell you, it has been one hell of a experience, cause just as much as you get to know others by reading about their blog, you actually get to know more about you, don’t believe me, go read the blogs stated below and you will know for yourself,

All these blogs have their own uniqueness, but every one of them relate to my life, cause somewhere I find myself relating to this person, either in a good way or in a bad way, but mostly it’s for the good,

It’s not like something happens like this every time, these experiences, which these (awesome ;)) persons share, are just day to day experiences, but they have changed my life, I will tell you in sequence how exactly they have changed my life for the better,

The 1st blog to change my life was Sayesha on the rocks,
Man I gotta tell you, this the best place to find a laugh, I envy her some times, this blog is so funny, you will be laughing for days,( I am laughing even now ;)) I wondered can life be good, can it be lively? but this person answers that question with her blog, this doesn’t mean that her life is perfect, it has its holes for her, but she just goes with the expression, ‘go with the flow’, finding humor in every aspect of life, taking every situation in a positive manner, and living life to the fullest.

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Be Positive, even if life kicks you in the A**. Thx Sayesha :)

Award given:

#2 blog to change my life: My Space
This is a typical teenager blog, here you will find, the sweet memories you once made yourself in your teens, but the life experiences of Ramya are so finely detailed in her blog, you have to read it to get to know what I am saying here, she takes joy in every little happiness that comes into her life, which I tended to ignore in my life, I just thought “what’s the use of the little things which give you happiness??, I just want the big one!!”, I waited and waited but the Big one never came, and all I got was sadness but now I have changed my view and find joy in the little good things that come in my life. And believe me it feels good.

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Be happy in the little joy’s that come into your life, don’t waste your life trying to find a big one, Never ignore always adore. Thx Ramya :)

Award Given:

#3 blog to change my life : Amith - Me being me
This is the best blog I have read about one’s life, be it his thoughts which came to him on a sleepless night (they were gr8)( I love the theory), be it on facing a awkward situation (you know which one amith ;)), or the best, about being 'a True Guy' about valentine’s day, this guy knows what to do, when to do, and exactly how to do it, he will make you know what life is, even though he is rock solid in his beliefs, he is really humble, and real sweet, but he is best in his own ways, I just chatted with him twice and it’s the best chat I have had in years, I have just known him from his blog, but he is the most interesting human being I know, this guys knows exactly what he wants from life and is the coolest person I know.

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Be sweet, be humble, but be a 'ROCK WALL' at what life throws at you. Thx Amith ;)

Award Given:

#4 blog to change my life: Tales of a lunatic teenager
This is the blog which just hits you where it hurts the most, your heart, it’s brutal; it’s touching, and it’s the best at what it does, every post she has on her blog is as honest, and as daring as one can be, she knows her values but, is a rebel, the rebel being part is the best thing about her, I have just read a couple of her posts and her thoughts are awesome, may it be personal ,may it be social, there is just no getting away, you will want to look into yourself and about certain things, you will feel bad about you, which you will certainly change, and become better, it’s that good, hats off to you girl really, hats off, you are the best at what you do….

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Change yourself, but always for the better. Thx QM :)

Award Given:

#5 blog to change my life: Not a Girl, Not yet a women
This is another blog which thought me, what life is, but more importantly it thought me what it can be, cause after reading her blog I got to know, she is the most fearless person I have seen, she doesn’t give damn about what others think about her, and just goes making this world a better place (Star bucks remember?? ;)) she is the most confident person, I have ever seen, err read ;), but yeah if you read her blog, you will all know what’s missing in your life, and you will definitely learn a thing or two, before I read this blog, I thought much about others, about what they think about me?, but now I learnt the lesson,

Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Live your life as you want, let opinions go to hell. Thx Patrice :)

Award Given:

#6 Blog to change my life: Passing Clouds
As simple as this blog seems, it really has its strong points, may it be about showing this nation’s problems or may it be how she misses her frenz, it’s simple but effective, which makes a difference, well it also brought a very good change in my life, thought me a very valuable lesson
Lesson learnt about life from the blog: Bring a sense of responsibility in you. Thx Gayathri.

Award Given:

Lastly, but never the least,
The #1 person in my life: Jasmine (Debaraty majumdar)

Jasmine brought everything into my life, I owe everything to her, my happiness, my smiles, my friends and ultimately my life, she changed my world for all the better things that have come into my life, she is the person I trust most on, the definition for that is my friend abhishek(aka xsystem) once asked me “who would you take a bullet for?” I can say that now and forever without a doubt that “I can (literally) take a bullet for jasmine, any time any day”, it’s ‘that much’ she means to me.

She is my bestest friend in the whole world. Period.
So these are the gifts I wanna give her

They are pure platinum jasmine ;),

You guys brought a change to my life and my world, from the bottom of my heart I thank, all you guys, have a nice day take care……


Anonymous said...

thank u for the award!
i am speechless, so i'll just skip the my thank-you speech ;-)
By the way, I really thought that I always write backwas in my blog. Didnt know that my readers consider it to be me enjoying every small thing in my life ;-)!!!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ ramya: my friend once sent me msg saying "butterfly doesnt know how beautiful its wings are, but for the person who sees it knows its true worth",

its just the case with you too ramya

you are far more valuable than you know you are

thx for the comment i am glad you like the suprise.missinn accomplished yeah.......

Anonymous said...

This was such a thoughtful post! I have come across awards being distributed before but this is quite unique. Keep up the good deeds:)

& thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate your kind words. All the best for your exams:)

Gayathri said...

Hey,that was a way too sweet..never knew i made a difference and all..just some musings,some contemplations,some frustrations..never thought people would give any importance to it..
Thanks would be grossly an let the blank be left unfilled.. :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Choco: thank you very much yaar, much appreciate it, and thank you again for stopping by my blog, hope you will visit again, take care

@ gayathri: blank accepted ;), and i would say the same thing i have said in my comment to ramya, you are better than you know you are, take care, cya soon

Dream'R said...

Bro..what can i say..anything i do say will in no way be able to describe how touched i am right now...through our small chats i ve come to know u as a real nice dil se kinda guy..and thats wat ur blog portrays u to be too..i m glad thats one advice u r taking..:-)

I m sorry i ve taken such a long time to show up here...but i wont be making that same mistake twice assured....thank u for the award..thank u for being u on ur blog.

thanx yaar


debaraty said...

hmmm... well... I know that!!!!... but its good k now the whole world knows that I am ur best fren... and u R my best fren... and i dnt like to share my best fren... my god... i sound like a gundi... hahahaha... thousi... thank God... u dint mention that episode wid aunty... i was so embarrassed that u might,,, thanks :)


keep writing that in every post from now on... just so that there is no doubt ... hahahhaha... u know what thousi???? u are right ... I sound soooo Possessive and psycho... hahahaha... but I am serious... lol... take care

mon espace said...

WOah! hey, quite a lively blog you have here...Will need sometime going through every post...

Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and saying all that you said..appriciate it, big time ;)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ amith : @ last, swamiji ke kadam hamare gareeb maikhane par.

hmm i am glad you liked it

keep up ur promise ,i want you here more often, take care cya

@ debaraty: jasmine ji you are a gundi ;), i am glad you liked it, you mean the world to me yaar and always will take care....

@ mon espace: hey glad(again ;)) that you liked it, hope to see you here more often, take care c ya

QM said...

Thank you so much! This is such a lovely & honest award I've ever received!

I didn't know how much blog could imprint on someone. And to know that you feel that way, I'm so glad and touched.

Take care!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Qm: the pleasure is all mine qm, the pleasure is all mine ;) hope to c ya soon again glad that you liked the award, take care.....

Sayesha said...

Wow, thank you so much, Thousif! Sorry for the delay in getting here, but I am here now! Thanks again for the huge honour! It is indeed a great surprise! :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ sayesha: glad that you liked it yaar hope to see you here more often, final goal achived, yeahhhhhh