Happy Birthday Jasmine :)

Today i am not writing a regular post, because today is a very special occasion, so its a special post for a special person

Well as the post itself suggests its my best friend jasmine's birthday today(remember the one for whom i would take a bullet for!! yeah her) .

As she lives in assam i cant send her any gift(cause its too costly sending a courier there :P) so i have written a acrostic just for her, (her name is Debaraty so the poem is in that name)

Destiny's child she seems to be
Evergreen memories she leaves behind when she talks
Bestest buddy of mine in the whole world
Awesome will just be an understatement if i define her
Rapunzel will seem bland in front of her
Aphrodite is what more she is like
Today is her birthday, she turns a year old, But
Young in my heart she w2ill always remain, till the end of time itself

I know this poem may not be the best but, those words came from my heart, so i just hope she likes her, i once again wish her HAPPY BITHDAY JASMINE, wish you all the happines in the world, may you be always happy, take care
Dont forget, you gotta wish her too in the commens ok ;)
I will be back saturday with a new post, until then miss me ok, take care c ya soon :)


Anonymous said...

that was the bestest poem ever thousi... thanku thank u... dnt know how u do it each tym... make my bday so spl... and different... thanks for being my fren n coming into my life...

ANWESA said...

Happy b'de Jasmine aka Debaraty !!


it was a real sweet post :) waiting 4 ur saturday post...

chaitanya said...

many many happy returns of the day to
jasmine aka debaraty from my side as well.

nice poem thousif bhai :)

keep writing

Gayathri said...

Happy bday Jaz!!

Thousif Raza said...

@ jasmine: i know, and no thx remember, well you know i am good, i am so glad that you liked it, your welcome take care

@ anwesa: thx for the wishes, Saturday is here so the post is here

@ chaitanya: thank you from jasmine, and thank you from my side as well ya take care

@ gayathri: thx yaa :)

Anonymous said...

thank u... all... for wishing me :)

divsi said...

so cute this one..wish my best frn wrote sucha thing for me!!!!!

Thousif Raza said...

@ divsi: hey divsi, welcome to by blog yaar, and thx for the appreciation, take care :)