Hiya world

So everybody's missing me which is so great to hear.... awesome... :D :D .... I was extremely busy this last month (work busy... not lazy busy :P) I was covering a international conference... got noted for my work...other things... taking bath for once... so you know. i was busy

But looking at you all miss me like this makes me all emotional... thank you so much guys for your constant support :) and sorry i haven't been around, i'll be ther as soon as i can.

I just wrote this couple of nights back... so I’ll be sharing it with you. I’ll be coming back soon, within a week, till then I hope you like it...

The Walk of life

No truth, no lie

On this path of nothingness I stand

Trying to prove what I want

Hundred paths leading to the same way

The only way where I want to be

Each one a mystery than the other

Everything what I believe in at stake

Every step I take. Careful

Will i meet my destiny as i've thought

Or will destiny itself pave new roads for me

The path of nothingness

Leading to everything lays ahead of me

Looking forward Unperturbed and unfollowed

I Walk

Here's another one...i wrote this one just last night...

Tell me i love you with so much depth

That the ocean itself, screams out looking at your's.

Tell me i love you with so much strength

That the hurricane falls down on its knees, weeping out of its glory.

Tell me i love you with so much intensity

That even the raging forest fire turns itself to dust, in shame.

Tell me i love you with so much love

That love itself may find its true worth today.

I havent named the latter one, so any suggestions are welcome, i hope to see you guys real soon, and thank you once again for your support :), love you all :)


ANWESA said...

Welcome Sir ! Nice poems. Liked both of them. Would suggest "Tell me..." as the title of the second one.

suruchi said...

yes yes...missed missed...
and i so loooooooooooooooved the love poem that not meaning that 'the walk of life' was any less...

but then i am kinda a sucker for mush...
it is beeeeeeeeautiful:-)
if anyone tells anyone else of love like that...i don't think there's anything else left to say or do in the world:-)

congratulations on being noted for work...n work busy is always better than lazy-busy:-)

Thousif Raza said...

@ mehek: Yeah.. seems apt... lemme see what other creative minds say... and then will decide :)tc

@ suruchi: aren't you the sweetest...;) well it was one of those poems that just flows out of you :).. just like that :), and thank you for the wishes :)... soooooooooo glad to see you back here :), take care

Remya said...

Thousif Raza, those poems were amazing.
Especially the second one.. Damn you're good..
Why dont you name it "Break The Barriers (Tell me)"
There are many poems in the world that are known by two people speak of it..It can either be Break the Barriers or Tell me or both..Is tht alright?

PS. : Duuuuuude! I have a feeling that you're gonna do me proud somewhere in the future, Mr. Writer ^_^

sulagna ™ said...

thousaif....waooo sweety your writing keeps improving with every new blog post...that thing about your love putting to shame the forest fire...i was awestruck kid !!! fabulous..i am soo proud of you lil one..and have a gorgeous and fun filled diwali with your jing bang of friends and family

Shanu said...

Me is here..hubby dearest :)

Arpitha Holla said...

superb.. :) i'm out of words.. :) :)

Vivarjitha said...

beautiful.....gud to c u bak:-)

Thousif Raza said...

@ remya: thats a great name and thx for the info... i luv'd it shared it even with my girl ;) he he.... thax for believing in me so much remya... its great to know :)

@ sulgana di: di that was the most beautiful and heartfelt comment i've ever got... its so great to know that... thank you so much for the appreciation :)... loved it :)

@ shanu: x wifey ji thank you... next time padh bhi lena... as i do your's ok :P... take care

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpitha: hey queenie :) thx :) take care

@ viv: hey viv good to see you here... and thx... appreciate it :)

viddhi said...


this is sooooo sooooo amazing ! :)

beautiful ! loved it !
mast ho yaar ap !

and yes international conference bhi impreessive hai ..congrats :) :)...:)

Riddhiculuos said...

heylo.. frst of all mafi...despite the fact that i hv this habit of disappearing... and just trying to catch up with everyone again.. Liked the pehle wala poem better...
and i also like that cnsidering u were away as wel.. i hvnt missed on much..heheh :)

akanksha said...

Nice poems!
Both were just too good!:)

Haddock said...

Congrats on that (getting notes at work)

shivin said...

hai thochi

shivin said...

hey man dis z vinod karkera frm marcera.. Hey frenz ,..i no dis guy frm lon bak .am frm his hom town .. Each tym i met him he had sumtin specl 2 share .he z fun lovin .. He was mad abt Music ..knowledge n technolgy .. I always think dat dis guy sud do sumthn specail.. After readin his peoms i think .oneday he l win d booker award.. Note ma point frenz .
N 4 thochi al d best dude..

Thousif Raza said...

@ all thank you so much for the appreciation especially karkera bhai... those words were great :)... thank you so very much... thank you thank you :) and viddhi wink wink :D

Charu said...

I've come back to blogging but you still haven't. Thousif, where are you? Anyway, loved the poems :)