A special day

So i'm not dead..... *silence* ok you can celebrate ;)

ok so i'm back like the undead mummy in all those mummy movies...... for past 2 months except remya nobody even cared to ask where was i!!! well tuku asked once and also anwesa... ok ok but nobody else... how mean of you guys... i loved you (for boys in a non gay manner mind you :P)....

anyways bad things aside today is a very special day... so i'll let you skip by... becasue today is friend jasmine's b'day :)

I met jasmine online 4 years back through orkut and we have been best frenz ever since and today is her b'day.. yay.. i'm so happy :)

It was jasmine who filled me up with confidence which i dint have and gave me a reason to live life... she has been a part of me all the time from i met her... she has been there when i creid, weeped, got kicked in the balls, when i fell in love with a girl, when i fell out of it, and rgt now when i chasing another ;)

Jasmine is the mrng sun... no matter how dark the ngt i can expect her always to come back :)... ok that wasn't original.. so i'll explain her in my own unique way...

Debaraty majumdar(i always miss spell her name, and i have a difficulty in pronouncing it ;) always :P)... or jasmine as i call her... made me what i am today... i was nerdy geek(even more) and shy as a new born calf when i met her(online ;)) but she showed me how the world is, how beautiful it can be... and how immense are the possibilities in which i can achieve my dreams :)

She has been my rain, my clouds, my sun, my sky, my earth, but most important my best friend :).... there is a part of me which remembers her everyday(even though i dont msg or call for like, months :P, because both of us are stingy :P)

But jasmine is one of my best gal pals :)... its because of her i learned how to talk to girls, how to impress them... how to become a man from the boy i really was... and thats just the one thing...there are so many more things that i have learned from her :)

Jasmine is the one i care about... everyday... even though she's far from me. e
Every time i feel sad because of something i remember her... every moment i'm happy i wanna share it with her... and i'm so so glad that its her b'day today and even greater news that she landed a government job... in SBI y'day, which she was yearning for so long :)... i think god has his own way of giving us presents ... and i'm glad she is happy :)

Just wanna say happy birthday to my dear, very dear, cute, funny, sweet, best friend jasmine :) happy b'day to you :)... frenz for life, you and me jasmine :) take care

Well thats about that... guys i have so much to share and talk abt and i'm going to the indi blogger meet on Sunday to bangalore... its gonna be the first time i'm visiting it... and i'm so so so so excited... i'm so excited that my farts can blow me to the moon :P... anyway... cya very soon to share that and more experiences... :) love you all.... take care :)


Vivarjitha said...

thats a sweet post...have fun at b'lore!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks thousi... the post is really sweet like always... thanks for a wonderful bday gift ... i l cherish it always and forver :)

Shalini said...

Haappy birthday Jasmine!!
Thats so sweet what you did here :)
And ewww dude, dont contribute to global warming just coz ur excited! :P

Heavenly Muse said...

your post is more like an essay on ''My Best Friend''
:-) that i used to cram during initial years of my academic career...and used to woinder whether i had any ...;-)(sari friends hi best lugti theen)
by the way very nice way of show your consideration for your friend by lending such sweet words.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

you love comments do you? :P
you ve got a nice blog brother

ANWESA said...

Belated Happy Birthday Jasmine !

@Thousif : What are you upto ? Meditating ? :P Drop in a mail at times.

Tulika said...

Happiee B' Day Jasmine ! :)

And Thousif, I had enquired even more had I been here. I have sorta disappeared myself ! :(

Anyways, glad to see your post ! :)
Keep blaaging ! :-D

Thousif Raza said...

@ all: thank you for the wishes... and thank you for coming back :) this guy will be back with a bang :D keep te waiting... have chak de phatte fun :)... cya SOON :), THANK YOU ALL FOR DROPPING BY :)

Remya said...

Though I'm extreeeeemely late, BUT.
'APPY BIRTHDAY Jasmine!!!!!!!!
Hope you guys keep up the awesome friendship that you share, because those are the things that when spoken out, fill others with a senseless smile that brings contentment. ;)
Take good care man..

Sh@s said...

Wish Jasmine Belated Happy B'day!
Which "mummy"?

Haddock said...

Belated B'day wishes there.

Charu said...

Yay! You're not dead!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Jasmine!
Congrats thousif on having such a great, great friend :)

Vyazz said...

Been back to ur blog after ages!!!.....but no matter wot....ur always on my list of 'to be read after re-entering d blogosphere'!!!
Jus pray I manage to stick to blogging inspite of d things in my way!!! :)

Romeo Das said...

That was really an interesting post Thousif bhai. Enjoyed reading it. And you are really lucky to have a friend like Jasmine :)

Btw, hope you would enjoy reading my post - When love calls

Take care :)

viddhi said...

happy b'lated birthday jasmine ! (though its a li'l too late :P)

and beautiful post!

Heavenly Muse said...

no post sharing from your side...
hope every thing is fine and you are disappear just because of your busy routine.

Arpit Rastogi said...

hi raza.. :)
um happy for you frenz.. :)
tu banda hi mast hai to tere dost to mast honge hi.. :P

or bhai.. what the fuck is going on with you thz days???

your facebook updates keep bugging me out..
jaldi se blog update maar oye.. :)

waiting for your new post..

P.S. I love you too man.. :P

buckingfastard said...

its always nice to hav frnds such close...yet soo far...lucky u!!

and happy birthday debarati aka jasmine :)

Alka Gurha said...

It has been 3 months. I have relocated from Blore to Delhi. And I miss the place, the weather, the people, the book clubs...Enjoyable post..

Thousif Raza said...

@ all: thank you thank you love you all :) and alka welcome to my humble abode, hope to see more of you here :)

take care u'll