Sorry sorry very sorry.....

Dishoom dishoom…

“kitna bharosa kiya tha maine tujhpe….. kitna bharosa…”

Dishoom dishoom… kick kick….

Washes away tears from his eyes…

“Ah, thousif…. Kyun kyun dhoka diya mujhe tune…I told you to write a blog post 2 weeks ago… why dint you?!!”

Dishoom dishoom…

Dishoom dishoom….. thousif’s face has turned to pulp… still slowly looks at arpit for some mercy…

Arpit looks at him with venomous eyes… “Well that’s what happens when someone breaks a promise made to me, I break their face” growls arpit….



(A shiver runs down the spine of RAJNIKANT as he reads this blog and imagines the growl of arpit)


Well arpit my part of the deal is done, I told u I’d get you a macho entry in the blog next time… well here it is :P

P.S: 16000026274828, that’s my account number 50000 rupees bhijwadena… oye macho entry ke… thank you ki koi zarurat nahi hai pagle… dost hu tera :P

Well, looking at me you’d be thinking, ‘OH MY GOD!!! Thousif???!!! I thought you were dead, thank god you’r alive’

(a cricket screeches in the corner of the room… krrrick krrrick :P)

Ok not that reaction….

Maybe this then….

‘oh, thousif… mr annoyance is back… yayyyyyyy’

Well I guess I deserve the sarcasm (and the compliments… if any :P) because I was gone for so long…

….suddenly 9 girls start approaching slowly from every direction imaginable with clenched fists towards thousif….

Remya, suruchi, anwesa, tulika, choco, akanksha, charu, apritha, viddhi start running to him and surround him…

One is holding his collar, one is holding his arms, 2 have stepped their legs on his… n throw him to the ground…

Suruchi: ‘kahaan tha kaminey… KAHAAN?... apne blog par compliments le leta hai aur hamey… HAMEY…., itni beautiful, talented and awesome writers ke blog nahi padta… kya!! kya..samajte kya ho apne aap ko tum…’

Arpitha is concerned in the back, while viddhi is ROFL on the floor looking at the situation…

Suddenly lights out, and there r 5 kicks to different places…


‘Maro kaminey ko maro’ screams arpit from the back somewhere hiding behind a pillar….

Lights come back…. Everybody is laughing except thousif…. He looks scared… SHIT SCARED…

Viddhi: “see…this is what happens when you become selfish and lazy and.. and god knows what and don’t visit our blogs….”

Slowly the girls release him…

“Sorry….” he mutters… barely.

Remya: that’s what happens man… when you don’t read the blogs, of 11 awesome bloggers… you miss out on all the creativity and fun… and get kicked in the… you know where….”

Giggles go all around….

“I am sorry….. I’ll never do anything like that ever again” he says sadly…

Charu, arpitha and akanksha say in unison: “Its ok, we’r all frenz, things happen don’t sweat it” they give a big smile…and everyone hugs thousif…

Hugging everyone he slowly winks with a wicked smile to arpit and vyas who are silently watching the whole spectacle…. Vyas faints…. Arpit is so shocked, that lets not say what he did next…

P.S: Cried miserably and wet his pants :P


That’s enough fun for today, arpit bhai sorry, I just wanted to make you smile so I had to bust your… u know what :p… u really are like bhai to me yaar… if it wasn’t for you, this post wouldn’t have happened… :)…. And there’s also a very special person who is responsible for this post… I hope you remember about this friend I had mentioned earlier…. (like half a year ago :P) Shruti(pihu)… well, she encouraged me to write too… so this post is dedicated to the 2 very special persons in my life…

1. Arpit: for his constant gaaliyan… if it wasn’t for that, I would have never written this post..

…..And by the way the dishoom dishoom punches at the start were his galiyaan :P…

2. Shruti: For being everything she is, special, beautiful, supportive, understanding and awesome. Always and every time :). Love you both…

Ok enough thank you’s too, the main reason I started back again is because I missed every one of you. Yes you, all the heroines in the story :), a big shout out to you guys and all the guys, (who apparently are very less :P)… arpit and vyaz you guys are like the coolest guys I ever knew :). I missed you guys so much, only because college was hectic could I not attend your blogs.

Ok who am I lying… I was lazy as hell sorry guys… I am so so sorry, I really will try to attend your blog regularly from now on.

So this is just a small lil post to say I am back and will be making u smile with my idiotic posts and also loving each and every post you guys write… by showering it with the true love it truly deserves… I love all you guys who has made my life so beautiful each time with your beautiful comments… especially suruchi… her comments.. are like rain in a desert :). Missed you yummy mummy ;) he he.


I’ll visit all your blogs today, because I don’t wanna be kicked again…. You know where :P

I have a special surprise for you guys, it’ll be up soon maybe within couple more days, so come back again, and trust me…. You’ll be surprised :)

And for anyone reading this blog and not finding his name here… well you will have a special mention and a gift in the next post…(virtual ok, don’t expect anything remotely real :P) so comment away…

LOVE YOU ALLL.. (pushes vyas and aprit away, till only girls remain in the crowd) MUAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ;)

Take care cu soon :)


akanksha said...

hahahhahaha!! Typical 'Thousif' style!!! Entertaining as ever!!!!

Thanks to Arpit, who brought you back..and thank you, Thousif, for making me realize that I am also being just plain lazy and not posting!

Loved this one! And there better be nice gifts in the next post, otherwise the gang of girls will take over and you'll get the shock of your life! So better be prepared with the surprise! :)

Charu said...

Oh. my.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... *laughs for 5 whole minutes*

Definitely entertaining. What a story *chuckle,chuckle, chuckle...*

You have my forgiveness. But the gang of girls...always there, reading your blog.

I NEVER thought it would be this much fun to feature in someone's story. But then again, it was YOUR story :D

BTW, Thanks Arpit!

Anwesa said...

Welcome back !!! Bahut padh rahaa hai aajkal :P

Waiting for your next post :)

P.S. : Mujhe maara-maari bahut pasand hai :D

Arpit Rastogi said...

So the asshole is back..

Or ye kya sale.. Tune mujhe apna Bhai bana diya.. Dhokebaaj???
I loved you man!!! *sob-sob*

Honking at top of my voice
"Mujhse dil lagaya kyun, jab ye dil todna hi tha.."

& beep-beep,
You are 2 weeks late bl**dy bitch!

Next time you break any promise & i ll break your balls.. MIND IT!!!

But i loved my super entry!!!
I felt like RAJNIKANT man.. :P

Ha ha ha ha ha haaa...

BTW, Where the fuck is Evil M?

You killed him lazy Arse.. You killed my Buddy!!!
"Mein tujhe kabhi maaf nahi kar paunga Thousif.." :\

On a very Serious note ::
I thought you are dead fucker..
But you came back real Good Man!!!

Welcome Back Bro!!! *don't take BRO part literally* *I still love you*
Let's just don't gv any ideas to these gals about our relationship.. :P

Ah Ha Ha ha Ha..
The most awaited Bitch is back in Blogging World!

I know you are turned on by my comment.. I can see you all wet baby..

& as for - I pee my pants!!
I ll fuck you so hard that You ll shit your pants.. :P

Ha Ha Ha!!

I think thats enough love making for one post..

For more.. Write More.. :)

Yours only,
Arpit Rastogi

suruchi said...

Hi Thousif,
Welcoooooooooooooooooooome back!
And kya dhaaso entry maare re...ekdum jhakaas!
I am sure Rajnikant is also bowing down after this one:-)

And big hug n muaaaaaaaaaah for giving me such an Oscar winning role in this blockbuster....mere aanson n giggles ruk nahi rahe hain...napkin dena koi:-)

Magar baaki sab ne collars n arms hold kiye honge...I am sure I would have found something better;-)

You were sorely missed...and ek kick phir bhi...just for the kicks;-)
Love u too and waitinggggggggg now for Thousif magic to be recreated:-)

But where had u disappeared by the way?:-)

viddhi said...

haha...nice nice .

so finally you're back Hun...good good.
and post was super awesome.

and your visit is still pending :/

hope to read more from youo in the coming days/weeks / years..

happy blogging .
take care !

Haddock said...

Imagination at its best :-)

Vivarjitha said...

oh gr8 post...i have'nt stopped laughing yet...!!!welcome back!!!

Prathi said...

nice read ,do visit me some time i'm following you hope you to find my blog interesting and do the same thank you :)