A message of love

I am so lazy guys nai? sometimes I am so lazy that I myself am surprised ke MY GOD, how lazy can i be...

EVIL M: is par awards bante hain America may... * laziest kamina award* char pade huwe hai tv ke upar... gadha..

(Rolls eyes) hmm to what I was saying ke… I had been reading one of my old posts...

EVIL M: Ahaha (Enter old 70's style saas blaming bahu voice) karam jali ke karname to dekho... dusroon ke blog nahi padta... khud ke blog post bar bar padte rehta hai... stupid..

Haan dey galiyan de... pura haq hai tujhe...

EVIL M: galiyan nahi... bum pay char laat padegi na... tabhi.. tabhi pata chalega tujhe... kaash arpit or suruchi kahin ass pass hote... itne lagwata tujhe... itne lagwate na... hmph

EVIL M naraz hai... kya aap log bhi naraz ho? (Gum naam hai koi song plays in the background because of all the sanaata as people are nowhere to be found) mere khayal say ho...

The reason for the blog post is solely you guys... every one of you reader out there... I read the Bangalore kid post... and I read the comments and I felt so good... reading all your comments it made me smile so much...

Yes I am busy... yes I don’t have time to even pee sometimes...

EVIL M: Kuch chahiye kya... not peeing problem solve karne ke liye? jaise ki... he he *evil laugh*... diaper mangwadun adult wale.. size 'S' :P ha ha ha... I am laughing so much..

EVIL nai sudharega... I have no time... but I so wanna write. I did some amazing things ... and amazing things happened to me... like I was caught by the police one time and also where I was thrown into a 40 feet deep water hole even when I said to a guy that I donno swimming... and those incidents are true... unlike the other fancy ones i mention sometimes... and I so wanna write... but am not able to find time.. I will write... I am making a promise now... that I will write about all those times... :)

Any way this is just a update to tell you.. I miss you guys and yeah I am alive... I miss all you guys who read my blog and love me so much... I love you all for coming here.. reading whatever I put out (EVIL M: which is mostly crap :P) and loving me so much..

It felt really great to read those comments... I read them at least 10 times ... so guys thank you so much... you guys always make me smile with your comments... :)

I will be back soon... promise :)... this time real promise... not the promise tooth paste wala promise... (Is that toothpaste even in production rgt now ?:P)



Arpit Rastogi said...

I so missed you dost..
& i ll be waiting for you..

for you EVIL M.

not for you bitch! ..|.;

ha ha ha!!!! :D

You know sometimes i read my old posts & it actually feels so good. :)

But we do miss you from blogger.. tum to Eid ke chand ki tarah ho gaye.. :)

Jaada bhav mat kha sale..
Or jaldi se vapas aaja..

BC, mujhse jada kya busy hoga.. kai baar to me khudse baat karna bhool jata hun. :P

Chal bye.. Take Care! :D

Saru Singhal said...

I don't trust you, you said that last time as well when some girls were dying for you in the remote village. Remember, may be you don't, as it was centuries back. C'mon, be little regular...We miss you...:) And nice post:) :) :)

Arpitha Holla said...

promises.. promises.. u seem to be reading very very old posts of urs to not see tht u hav been promisin to be regular.. it has become lik a routine.. anyways.. nice to see tht u hav posted again.. :)

Charu said...

Glad you at least updated and thanked the readers. That was sweet :)
But we miss you! And we are just waiting to read all about your amazing adventures.
Ah, and reading nice comments on old posts is a real pick-me-up for me too :)

Suruchi said...

itnaaaaaaaaaaaa long comment type kiya n post nahi hua...delete ho hooooooooooo*now looking for something to spank your lazy bum with*

woh ditch mein falling waale story se start karo and ab karo bhi...warna now i know Arpit also-sabhi mein pitai hoge:-)

missing the smiles you brought here with your full of life posts:-)

sulagna ™ said...

you blogging too !!! itne din kidhar tha tu ???

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpit: ur first line had me saying 'awww' :)... even though u curse me a lot... ur the sweetest u know that ;)
and i know i had been skipping a lot... but will be regular from now on :)

@ saru: i know many dont trust me now :P... so i will earn back that trust with regular updates :). thank you for ur comment

@ arpitha: yeah i know ya... i will be posting regular from now on :)

Thousif Raza said...

@ charu: amazing adventures ill soon be revealed... and this time i will post them :) promise :)

@ suruchi: hello yummy mummy ;) he he... yes i have missed the spanks this time... which makes me a lil sad though ;) :P he he but not to worry will post a new post with ur suggestion... :) soooon :)

@ sulagna: hey di... kaisi hai aap... and yes i have started back... will post soon... just busy with life and work :)