The daily office ride..

Each morning I enjoy my ride to office. Not because I ride my favorite bike to get there, but because I pass by boss’s house. I try to wave him a hi and see that I reach office before him. A little bit of buttering up and being on time always helps if I miss deadlines and all. So the morning of 22nd July wasn’t any different, or so I thought.

It was raining. What do you expect in July otherwise? I was just hoping it’d stop for one hour till I reach office and just as I finished that prayer I saw, it had indeed stopped raining. I thanked the lord and started riding my bike.

As usual my boss was waiting outside for his car to pick him up. I saw him and gave him the most awesome smile I could muster. 32 teeth, no 30 actually 2 actually have fallen out, do not ask how. Seeing my smile he returned it with a sly smile of his and as I was passing by him I dint notice the one thing which I should have noticed at any cost- A big, deep, muddy, dirty water puddle.

Splash!! And my boss’s pant was soaked from top to bottom. I let out an agonized cry from my throat involuntarily. My brain kept saying, ‘you are screwed Thousif, you are screwed’. I left my bike and ran to inspect the damage, and I said, almost screamed ‘what sir, why were you standing outside?’

He was taken aback, instead of apologizing I was asking stupid questions. I continued ‘You should have stayed inside, the rains have made this road a mess, you should have been careful’

Instead of taking the blame I was blaming my boss itself. I think he was thinking, first order of business, sack Thousif raza for unprofessional conduct.

I continued ‘but do you know sir who is to blame for this mess?’’

He looked at me quizzically. ‘The government sir, the bloody government; Look at all these potholed roads. If they had done their work properly, you wouldn’t have suffered this way’

‘But you have eyes to see right?’ He asked ‘you could have avoided it’.

‘Yes sir I could have, but if I rode my bike a little along to the side, I would have fallen into that ditch. I could have died; do you want me to die sir?’ I asked and pointed towards the ditch which was so deep that even light couldn’t penetrate it.

‘Hmph’ he grunted and went inside his house.

Without invitation I went inside his home. Looking at me he started yelling ‘I had a very important meeting today and look what has happened’ he pointed to his filthy pant ‘and I have a raging headache now’ he added.

He went inside his room and started looking at the clothes searching for the ones which he thought were clean.

‘Sir, ma’am is not at home?’ I asked

‘She has gone out on a holiday, and by the why are you inside my house?’ he asked

‘To help you sir, to help you’ I replied

I continued ‘Sir, you search for the pant you want. I’ll make you a tea which will reduce your headache’ I said and bolted to the kitchen before he could say anything.

The one thing I am good at is making tea, I’ve got rave reviews for my tea making skills because that is the only thing I know to make without screwing up. I made the tea and it was ready within 10 minutes, so was my boss.

‘Here sir, a hot cup of tea just for you’ I said

‘No I don’t need all this, I am getting late’ he said

‘Sir, the traffic would be a nightmare now and if you go in your car you’ll never reach. Just sit down and drink this tea, I’ll take you in my bike’ I ordered, kind off.

He thought for a moment and then sat down and drank the tea. He took the first sip and a smile lit up his face, quickly he finished it completely.

I quickly ran back to my bike, cleaned it a little and asked him to take his seat and took him to the office through the shortcut which I usually take to reach office. He was surprised to reach the office earlier than expected.

He got down and went to the conference room where the meeting was held. Usually being the one late for every meeting, everyone was surprised to find him this early.

He came out of the meeting and came straight to me and said, ‘I should be angry with you but I won’t be. One is because of that tea and second is because of your presence of mind I reached office early. From next time drive carefully ok’.

I said ‘Sir, I guess it’s better if I do it again. Get you all dirty by spraying muddy water on you’.

‘Why?’ he asked taken aback.

‘Because that way I’ll get to spend more time with you and show you how capable I really am’ I said beaming. He just smiled and left.

Another day another disaster averted. I smiled widely and walked back to my cabin, thanking the stars and obviously- my tea making skills.

This post was written for the Indiblogger contest ‘Sets you on fire’

Disclaimer: All images have been taken from google. I have no right over any of them.


Suruchi said...

My god,I always knew you were good with your words and awesome with your flattery(I always believe whatever you say to me)but here you surpass even your own standards!

way to go Thousif, the world is yours:-)
all the best for the contest:-)

Saru Singhal said...

This one is also good but I liked the other. MI is the reason, you guessed it right...

All the best dear:)

sulagna ™ said...

godh!! how chalu are you han ?? first the mud bath and then the tea and then the short cut to office :)

all the best for the contest sweety..lovely post !

Arpit Rastogi said...

You are such a bitch, bitch! :P

Ha Ha.. You made me laugh..

Love you babes!

Best of luck for the contest.. & I think you gonna win it.. :) :)

Happy Blogging! :)

DS said...

Yeah! Some buttering always helps!! Loved the flow of emotions in this one, how the mood of the boss changed from foul to fun...
Well written Tousif, All the best:) One of the entries should win, I think, MI one has a real good chance:)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

That was brilliant!!!
Rofl @ "I could have died; do you want me to die sir?"

Charu said...

I applaud that. Like Happy Go Lucky said, I could have died laughing! What thinking Thousif! Such a wonderfully funny incident and it totally cheered me up. Keep it up Thousif!

Thousif Raza said...

@ Suruchi: Ur comments are always amazing suruchi, i love to read them again and again and again :). Thank u so much XOXO :)

@ Saru: Thank you for the wishes saru :)

@ sulagna di: i am very chalu :P and thank u so much for the wishes, always appreciated.

Thousif Raza said...

@ arpit: have missed u man really, that comment made me smile and got me a lil emotional too :) thank you for being there :)

@ DS: thank you so much for the detailed view, i love to read such comments. Loved it. Thx man hope to see more of u here :)

@ Happy go lucky: Ha ha, i had fun writing that line too :)

@ Charu: ur comments always cheer me up, u have been such a loyal follower of my blog, thank u always for being there :) take care

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

Good that you can make tea.. but yes, be careful henceforth!!!