The story of the faulty stairs and the head-butting goat

Work work work, that’s how life has been. But then comes the bonus of working in an AD agency every week. Holidays on Saturday and Sunday when I can finally go meet my parents and everyone living at my aunt’s. There are a total of 8 people in my aunt’s home and that includes 2 of my bhabi’s. Among them is my fav bhabi Tasmia :).

She is adorable and helps me out in every possible way. Cooks all my fav dishes and is a real fun person to be with.

I’ll tell you one thing, people who are nice are always taken advantage of and it was no different with my bhabi. Only this time, the advantage taking selfish human being was me. Yes, I can be cunning too :P.

I was on my weekly visit to my bhabi’s home, when I saw that they were shifting some things from their storeroom in the house below(in which they were living) to the house above(where they are living now). I saw them carrying heavy items and I being the nice guy that I am offered help. I started carrying things and then I saw the dinner set, entirely made out of crystal. It was a magnificent piece, so beautiful, and very costly. I offered my help in carrying it too, they were reluctant, but finally let me (Arey, I am 22 years old yaar, or 23? I am confused :P) .

As bad things always come my way, this day was no different, I started carrying and then it happened. I saw a cat at the road beside sneezing relentlessly and jumping up in the air. I started laughing totally forgetting about the dinner set i had in my hands. It started doing some really crazy antics, when the goat that was going beside it was irritated and rushed forward to head butt it when the unthinkable happened.

A guy who was walking without a care in the world got a weird surprise when the charging goat mistakenly head butted into the guy’s behind, getting its horns stuck there.

It was freaking hilarious and i was laughing so hard that I dint notice my footing on the stairs and lost my balance and DHADAAM!!! the whole dinner set came crashing down. Everyone in my aunt’s family came out, I looked at the man who was still struggling to get the goat’s head from his behind and I looked at myself and said ‘we both are screwed today yaar’.

My Bhabi saw the disaster of a dinner set and started yelling ‘What the hell happened here?’.

I quickly shifted my head from here to there and an idea flashed in my head. I yelled back ‘It’s all your fault’.

‘WHAT?’ she said surprised.

‘How many times have I told you to get those steps fixed’ I said pointing my finger to a dent in the stairs where the cement had come out.

‘It’s dangerous, dangerous!! I’ve said it so many times but nobody listens to me. Now see what has happened’ I said.

‘So you stepped on that and fell, and I have to believe it?’ she asked looking at me.

‘Then what bhabi, why would I lie to you?’ I said and my gaze shifted to the guy on the road who was now kicking the goat which was trying to head butt it again. I snickered.

‘See see’ my bhabi started ‘..breaks my favorite dinner set and laughs too’ she said pointing towards my smile.

‘How can you say that bhabi?? What if your son had dropped those plates slipping from those stairs, would you have blamed him the same way you are blaming me?’ I said hurt and started to cry.

Wow Thousif is so emotional you might say, it’s nothing like that. The reality is that I have this ability where I can cry without reason. I know it’s weird but I can cry at will, it’s not an awesome quality but I think it’s kinda cool.

So, I started tearing up and the whole atmosphere changed.

‘I could have seriously hurt myself you know’ I said sniffling and my bhabi melted.

‘I have said so many times to repair those stairs but you bhabi you….’ I sniffled ‘You never listen to me’ I said and sniffled some more.

She totally bought into it and said ‘It’s ok, don’t cry. Yes the mistake is mine I should have got your bhaiya to repair those stairs’ She said and started collecting the broken pieces. I joined in smiling as I thought how cunningly I escaped from the situation; later in the evening I saw my bhaiya fixing the stairs.

Good day indeed I said to myself; even though it started with a horrific accident. Yeah, sometimes you have to be cunning to escape from a bad situation, even if it means crying fake tears. I am so proud of my abilty :P.

This post was written for the Indiblogger contest ‘Sets you on fire’

Disclaimer: All images have been taken from google. I have no right over any of them.


Sadiya Merchant said...

Hehe is dat the fourth post for the contest??? Liked dis one d best tho. Sounded convincin.
N ya gud luck. Itnii mehnat jo kiye hai aap! :)

The Fool said...

Nice story. Enjoyed reading. The cat and goat story sounded a little contrived though.

Thousif Raza said...

@ Sadiya: its my 5th entry actually, i lost the earlier competition so i wanted write these many entries just to show them that i am good writer, a funny one at that :). Thank you so much for visitng. Hope to see more of u here. Thank you so much for the support

@ The fool: I know it sounds like it, but imagine it and u'll see how funny it really can be :) thax for dropping by, hope to see more of u here :) tc :)

Indrani said...

Very well written.
Great post!

Ranting Indian said...

Nice amalgamation of facts and fiction. Good read man. Keep up the good work and keep writing :)

DS said...

Tell you what, even I can make that face easily which evokes sympathy from others instantaneously and it really helps!!!!
The situation is well described, best wishes for the contest.
You will surely win minimum one prize!!!

alka narula said...

hi thousif first of wish u a happy new year:) i have mailed you the lines for the duet do check and mail me the continuation:)

Tulika said...

Oh Thousif... What a story teller u've become..!

Happy New Year man !:)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Nice one. :) And hope u get some rest. Take care.

alka narula said...

hi thoushif could u pls mail me ur blog link as am planning to post the duet we wrote in a days time:)
thank u

Arpit Rastogi said...

ha ha.. rote hue kinna cute lagta hoga na.. :P
sala kamina.. :D

mast post hero.. loved it! :)

happy life! :)

Rià said...

Nice sotry!! Loved reading it. :) Hope u win.

alka narula said...

i have a surprise for you please visit my blog post titled blogger award liebster:) at
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