Dont let a crash diet crash your body. Go for the Honey Diet instead with Dabur Honey

It's a known fact that junk food is bad for your health. But if you see the fast food joints spread around the city, you'll see people swarming to them like there's no tomorrow. We're all hostages to our tongues and I can't say I have always followed a healthy eating habit as fast food is irresistible at times. But i really feel bad when i hear my friends and family say 'I'm going on a crash diet' every time there's a family function or a big date coming up.

In India, the word diet is always associated with eating less. And crash diets seems to be the go-to option for a bride or groom-to-be. Many people may not know this, but a crash diet may seem miraculous in losing weight on paper, but it can wreck havoc to your body in reality.

Yes. Crash diets are notoriously known to lower your metabolism when you aren't eating and then speeding it up when you do eat, leading to GAINING MORE WEIGHT. It's called a yo-yo effect and has been proven to hurt your heart as per the International Journal of Obesity.

Did you know a no calorie or low calorie diet can make your vital organs sluggish and instead of burning fat, you may end up burning tissues of liver, heart, and even kidneys and brain? Would you want that to happen to you?

Everybody may think eating less is the key to a healthy diet. No. The key is to eat right; have a balanced healthy diet that can help you lose weight. And the best part is, you needn't start with eating vegetables like bitter gourd or broccoli. You can actually start your day by having something sweet. You can start your day with a Honey Diet.

As the name suggests, a Honey Diet is simply having a spoonful of honey (My favorite is Dabur Honey) with a glass of warm water at the start of the day.

Why honey?

Because honey is a great substitute for sugar as it has less calories and is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Crash diets can make your skin rough and dry, while regularly having honey can improve your skin. Honey is a great source of energy and can also improve your digestion.

So if you eat honey, is it enough? No!

Follow up your Honey Diet by drinking lots of water during the day. Eat leafy greens, fruits and stuff made out of whole grains. The key is to keep it balanced with a regular dose of exercise.

A healthy diet provides all the essential nutrients for your body to function properly, giving you energy throughout the day.

A healthy diet boosts your immunity, giving your body the ability to fight diseases in a much more effective manner.

A balanced diet can improve your mood, making you more happy. Isn't that a great way to brighten up your day and your loved ones too?

So take a pledge today and say no to crash diets and a firm yes to a healthy and balanced one, like the Honey Diet.

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