For the love of Cricket - UC Browser

In the world of sport, Cricket is the holy religion in India. Nothing can beat it; nothing can come close. And the fans, they will go to any length to watch their favorite team. I remember a time in college when it was the exam season and some daring folks including me had snuck in a couple of old time transistors. You could see the fear and the adrenaline rush on every students' face whenever the teacher passed by one of them. The voices would suddenly drop low when he was near and they would grow whenever he moved away. Crazy time indeed. Today the world has changed. You can keep yourself constantly updated, but all the apps and the browsers don't come close to the speed at which i want updates. They have to be like that - lightning quick - and the only valid solution that i have found for this is the latest UC Browser.

Check out the #YuviSurfsUC tv commercials to see what i'm talking about.

Just load up the ESPNcricinfo website on that browser and it'll load it in seconds. And for more dedicated fans like me, they have the option of UC Cricket. All you have to do is find UC Cricket on the home screen of the UC Browser and bam -  updates as they happen. They dont just provide scores, but also the latest news along with latest videos. It's a god send.

You might think i am saying that simply. But honestly, every time i am out now shopping with my wife and there is an important match playing, i don't have to miss a single update. I can just fire up the UC Browser on my phone and both my wife and me are super happy.

I don't have to search and pull her into stores that have a TV playing the match. I dont have to sit sulking expecting my browser will load now... the next moment... the next second while she is yelling at me in the background. 

Now I can take selfies with her. Give a big smile when she comes out of the dressing room and do so much more. Honestly i didn't think a single app would allow me to enjoy SHOPPING WITH MY WIFE.

I remember the time she always complained that i am not attentive. I am always distracted and stay home to watch cricket matches. But now look at the smiles that i can share with my friends and family. It's priceless.

Now i have the best of both worlds. I have an app that lets me be connected to the thing i love and also appreciate the beautiful moments of life with my loved ones. Amazing what technology can do, isn't it?

So as you can see with UC Browser you can track your favorite team's cricket score instantly. So what are you waiting for? Download the browser now at and check out UC Cricket option to get cricket updates as and when they happen.