How I discovered the meaning of Real Togetherness by watering plants with my parents

It always so happens that when we are kids, especially teenagers, we feel invincible. We want to do a hundred different things. We want to indulge in new experiences every day. But whenever that thing or experience comes from our parents, we feel we are forced to do it. We feel it’s a chore. I too was just the same in my teenage years.

Everything that my parents made me do it I felt it was a burden. I felt everything they suggested was an activity designed to suck all the fun out of my joyous life. But little did I know that I’d miss those very moments later in life; little did I know that it would be those very moments that would help me realize what ‘Real Togetherness’ is all about.

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. It was a Sunday afternoon and my parents were busy working in their backyard garden. They had bought this new type of rose plant that they were busy planting and I was busy listening to music and just lazing around on the bed inside the house. They kept on calling me, but with my headphones on I didn’t hear a word they said. It was more than 2 hours later when my dad, covered in mud, came to me and slowly slid my earphones away and said “I’m all done. You have to water the plants now.”

I felt that anger that teenagers feel – anger for no reason. I was about to say I won’t do it when my dad just walked out of the room. I ran towards him to protest when he just held up his hand and said “You can argue after you water the plants.”

Muttering under my breath I picked up the pipe and started watering. As I began I lost count of how many plants I watered. We had a huge garden filled with guava trees, flowers and ferns of different variety and more than 40 pots filled with different species of plants. As I watered them, I felt relaxed and calm. I noticed how my anger had slid away and I actually enjoyed the activity.

In my enthusiasm I was watering a little more than necessary for some plants. My dad noticed the same and came near me and showed me how to moderate the water flow.

It seems like such a small thing but after that day I took up to watering the plants every morning. My mom and dad would notice me doing it and would give me a smile that would just brighten up my day. I felt connected with them in that moment and it brought us together where we shared conversations and created memories everyday that hold special to this very day. Nature truly has a way of bringing people together and no matter how much technology advances ahead and tries to bring us closer, it can never bring us that calm and peace that nature provides us with everyday.

Thinking about that moment makes me feel like I should start growing a garden again. And with Kissan India’s effort to send tomato seeds to anyone who wants it, I feel I shouldn’t wait anymore. It would be fun talking to my parents and sharing those fond memories while we bite into juicy red tomatoes grown from our very own hands. Ah….nature! You are truly phenomenal at bringing people together. In short, Real Togetherness for me is all about conversations and creating memories with my parents while growing plants together in our backyard garden.

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