Sooji ke Laddoo - A quick, tasty and healthy treat

Being from South India has its advantages. You get to experience a variety of food dishes combined from so many different sources that when you taste the end product you’re usually surprised that how all of these things came together to make this tasty treat. When I got to know about the Sugar Free Dessert Challenge, I was excited to make something which my mom used to make whenever we felt like eating something sweet but also healthy. So here is the recipe to make Sooji ke Laddoos. 

250 gms Sooji
50 gms Sugar Free Natura (Add more if required)
½ Cup Dry Coconut Powder
¼ Cup Cut Badam Pieces
¼ Cup Dry Dates Pieces
¼ Cup Kishmish
1 Cup Warm Milk

Method to Prepare:

Start by pouring the Sooji in a non stick Kadhai

Lightly stir the Sooji on a medium flame for 15- 20 mins. (Don’t let it reach a golden brown color as it will make the Sooji hard).  Take the Sooji off the flame and pour it into a large bowl.

Now add all the ingredients (Coconut powder, badam pieces, dry dates, kishmish, sugar free natura) except the milk and mix them well. Make sure that you add the ingredients when the Sooji is warm.

Now add the milk to the mixture and start making laddoos in your hands.

Place them on a plate and add Kishmish on top for garnishing (If required). Your quick, healthy and delicious Sooji laddoos are now ready for consumption.

Total Preparation Time: 30 mins

I had a lot of fun making the dish and everyone in our family enjoyed it after dinner. Hope your family does to.

You too can make your favorite dishes substituting sugar with Sugar Free Natura and enjoy your favorite treat without the worry of added calories. Visit for more info.