Suprise Zuleka ;)

After unmasking the 3 musketeers last month, I am here once again, to share my experiences, about a person whom I adore the most in my life,(Jasmine, don’t kill me ;))

This person, what can I say………….., She seems like ‘Leonardo Da Vinci' painting come to life, which just knows one thing to do, mesmerize everyone with its charisma… yeah its totally true….., she spreads happiness with every step she takes, and gifts smiles to everyone she speaks with, I thought miracles happen only once in life, but for me this is the second time a miracle happened in the form of this person,

So, without further ado, let me unveil the painting for you

Please Welcome……..

Zuleka Anan (I call her sweets ;))

February 13th, the day that changed my life for good, not just for good, but for great things that would eventually come into my life, prior a week to this, my life was going in agony, I was a event manager and was exhausted preparing for a college business fest, which was to be held on Feb 13th and 14th, even on 12th Feb I had stayed back in college till around 1 in the night, to make sure everything will be all right, and I was in coll the next day at 6 in the morning, it was damn stressful, but as the sun dawned that day, it brought what was needed most in my life, a smile, because after my sister’s death that was the first day I smiled. And the person who brought that smile to me was Zuleka.

The 1st time she made me smile was, when in the 1st round of fest, she was innocently looking at me while solving a bunch of crosswords; she looked soooooo cute you had to see her. That’s the moment she made me smile, I was left behind with a feeling of content, which stayed with me the whole day. As the day went ahead, I saw less of her, but in the evng I talked to her for the 1st time, and I must say it felt really good, then came the next day, here too she made me smile again, and the same content feeling came over me, but this time it felt a ‘whole’ lot better than yesterday. Fest ended and she left that day to her hometown, but not before making me smile one last time, as I saw her leave, It felt like my smile and happiness were going with her…..

I came home, was sad because the fest was over, but still the sense of content and happiness lingered on me, I donno why, but it did, she sent me a message to my mobile the next day, which I replied by just saying a good mrng, but the magic dint start there, it started with a ‘monkey’ ;).

Couple of days later, she sent me a message saying:

“Hey if you are free, Can you call and talk to me, a big misunderstanding dude, my mom wants to talk to u, she is not believing me, when I said ‘Monkeys’ can talk ;)”

I replied to this and we started chatting, it felt good knowing about her, but her one answer totally mesmerized me, I asked her “what’s your biggest dream in life?”, she replied “to take care of my mom, I want to keep my mom like a queen”. Surely you will say to this, yeah me too, but seriously ask yourself, is that the answer you would have given? And that’s just one moment she has mesmerized me, I once wrote her a poem, which she liked it very much, so to thank me, she too wrote…..

Here it is:

“Would we get back those days we have cherished together?
Would we get back that time we have spent together?
Would we get back that experience we shared?
Would we get back that fest?
What a wonderful time we had, I donno how to tell you
How much I am gonna miss you
I donno how to wave you a sad goodbye
Once again I tell you I really regret,
Because I am leaving someone whom I consider the best.

I ask your opinion, how is it? You may say ‘it’s ok’, but, I was blown over when she said, she had written something like this for the 1st time “in her whole life” (How cool is that...), I felt great.

For 2 reasons, one reason being, she had written so, something special to me; 2nd reason being, I had found someone with whom I could relate to,
I always wanted someone who likes music just like me, (i.e. Hip Hop, Rock ;)), she too likes it and is a rebel in her family just like me, because my mom hates English music, just as much as her family hates it too…, and we both get yelled at, for the same reason ;).

She has got to be the most humble and soft hearted person I have ever met in my life, I will tell you an incident which defines what I say here, once when talking to her, I asked her who is your bestest friend?, she said to me she cannot tell, I asked her again, to this she said, “can you decide between your two eyes, which is the best?, can you differentiate between the two saying, this eye is the best and this eye isn’t ?”.

Now don’t come back saying, I would have said the same thing too, because you wouldn’t. Would you?

As time went by, I have got to know her really better, I have met some really interesting persons in my life but with zuleka, it was an absolute joy knowing her, a very special thing about her is that, she will forgive anyone, seriously, what would you do if a person who u just know, says not so good things about you in front of you, and also whenever you are not around?, I would have paid that person in their own coin, by giving a punch to the face, and blasting that person on their face, but not her, zuleka just waits, and waits till the person realizes it’s the persons mistake, and whenever the person admits the mistake, and apologizes, she readily accepts their apologies,(it’s like the ‘Dhadkan’ film formula of akshay ;)).

you may say, a person like zuleka would have a tough time trying to live in this cruel world, where every second of the day, another person starts bitching about you, just because they are jealous of you, or for the heck of it, she too doesn’t deny it, but she has never let her belief and it has worked wonders on her, really, the person feels guilty and just apologizes to her, I sometimes think I too should try that, but honestly I am not as forgiving as ‘sweets’, I have given a couple of guys black eyes in the past, and have got back some too ;), trust me it’s not a pretty sight ;), but I like ‘this’ side of the justice, :D

Even though she takes care of everyone, this girl na, doesn’t take care of herself, she tries to help everyone but ends up hurting herself, once she fell down and hurt her leg seriously, while trying to help her bhabi, and that’s not the end of it, another time was, when she went to a tour, where she slipped from a stone and fell in water and hurt herself, another time, she was in her home, when she was filling up water and stepped on a nail and was suffering from miserable pain, (all this was in the span of 20 days, can you believe it?), my college day was just 2 days away and she had promised me to visit and watch us(i.e. me and her another best friend prashath) perform on stage, I was so very excited that she would come, but as I heard the news, that she had hurt herself, I was very sad, one reason being she was hurt and another because she couldn’t visit, BUT,

She gave me the sweetest (and biggest) surprise of my life, when she came to our college day, of course, we (i.e. I and prashath) gave a her a royal welcome, you had to see how she was blushing that day, I toh, I was just speechless I dint even talk to her properly, because I was spellbound at that moment, I just asked her “how are you feeling now?”, she said ‘’don’t worry I am ok’’, she sat back in the auditorium, and I got back to practice,

#New addition to the blog: ‘DARK CONFESSION’: ‘I have stage fear’.

But as I met sweets that day, all my fears vanished, I just practiced hard, but she couldn’t see my performance, reason being, she had to get home early (as buses to her place are not many), she saw prashath’s dance and said “I can’t stay for your performance” (Because mine was the last), but I dint feel sad even a eeny meeny bit, because, it meant the world to me, when she came to the coll day, I just said “it’s ok”, and escorted her out of college, she was all apologetic and must have called me ten times to apologize.

Then, when she finally believed my words that I was not sad, she said me “give the best performance”, I was the most confident, I busted the stage that day with our act, our act was a ‘fake ;)’ live performance, with ‘shovels’ as guitars, ‘computer keyboard’ for keyboard, ‘buckets’ for drums, and a ‘carrot’ as a mike of Rock on films songs(you can see the photos on orkut ;)), and we were smoking hot, even though it was far from real, everyone loooooooved it, (Now everyone who sees me calls me farhan akthar ;)), So you can see how it was a life altering performance for me, I may have been good, even if she dint come, but it became one of the best and most memorable things in my life, because she came and gave me that extra confidence, which was needed the most for me that day.

Last month one of the best thing to happen in my life came to an end, ‘My 3 years of college’, oh how I miss those days, and Even though I miss college and the daily dose of happiness and fun it brought into my life, my life has become that much more beautiful (and bearable), because and because of only zuleka, if it wasn’t for her, I would be just watching the idiot box from dawn to dusk, and putting on weight like adnan sami (the before one ;)).

The dream which I want to achieve, which I simply cannot, is that I wanna be a guitarist in a band, it’s a farfetched dream, which I know I cannot achieve, but once when I said sweets that, it was my dream, she said “why do you say it was a dream??, say, it is my dream!!, dreams never get old, I will support you to achieve your dream, but you have to be confident in yourself.” Those words will never fade away from my mind, because I had left the belief that I can do it, but now somewhere in my heart I have a feeling, that I may achieve my dream, because ‘hope’ goes a long way in one’s life, it gives a motivation for living, and I got this ‘only’ from zuleka.

When she calls me and I talk with her, all my worries go away, it’s like magic, really, she makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me smile, and the best part is she understands me better than myself, she knows what to tell exactly to make me smile.

I’ll tell you an incident, once she dint call me for a couple of days, those days had been horrible and I wanted to talk with her, I dint have currency so I couldn’t even msg her, and the day when she called me I was very angry, I said “I am very angry with you”, she said “Nobody should be angry, especially nobody should get angry with me, now come on smile,” I said “your sweet talk won’t work with me!!” she said “whenever you get angry you should say: ‘Anger anger go away, don’t you ever come into my life again, you have no place in my life, shoo shoo go awaaayyyy’, and you should spit out the anger”, I just smiled, but she wouldn’t listen, she actually ‘made me’ say those words and, made me do the ‘spit-the-anger’ wala expression. Now who wouldn’t smile to that? ;), maybe it is a small thing, but these small things change your life towards a better perspective, these small things make your life, that much ‘more livable’, that much ‘more bearable’, and that much ‘more beautiful’.

I gotta tell you, if it wasn’t for zuleka, my life would be darker than a black hole in the sky; she is the one who has brought the light, which has spread happiness and hope into my life, she is a blessing in my life, for which I thank to god every single day, she has been my inspiration for many things which I have done, I have written a couple of songs, and I guess you know who I have to thank that for!!.

As I said before, knowing her has been an absolute joy in itself, but I have just known only the tip of an iceberg, there is much much more that I wanna know about her.

She is the most creative person I have ever met in my life, just give her the topic and ideas just come out of her with a snap, she is also very confident and knows exactly what to do, at any given moment, she wants to do her M.B.A and I wish her good luck to that.

I also have to say a ‘BIG’ thanks to her for making me getting up early, if it wasn’t for her early calls in the morning, I wouldn’t be able to reach college on time, (the madams of our coll were very pleased sweets, thank you ;)).

This may be a small post that I have written, but she occupies a large place in my life, I just pray to god, that, to give her all the happiness in the world, let she be always smiling, without a ounce of sadness in her life, ever. Amen.

The songs I wanna dedicate her many, they are

1) Tum ho toh : Rock on
2) Yeh tumhari meri baatien : Rock on
3) Khudaya khair : Billu
4) Dheere Dheere : Shaurya
5) Jaane kyun : Dostana
6) Our song : Taylor swift
7) Beautiful Disaster : Jon McLaughlin
8) Big Girls Don’t cry : Fergie (read below you will get know)

Sweets, this is for you……..

Hi zuleka, hope you liked my surprise, so howz it?, I know it’s not as good as ‘your surprise’!!, cause that’s the best surprise of my life. But I know you would have liked it anyway,

you have been a very special person to me, when life seemed miserable to me, you made it worth living for, by your unique ways, you made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me realize my worth, I became a better person because of you, you make my day every time I hear your hello on phone, every time you say sorry(its soooo cute), every time you call me, it’s like how much ever I wanna say about you, it seems less, there is never a dull moment when I talk to you ya.

You are one of the best persons in my life, there has never been one like you, and there never will be, you help created many many beautiful memories in my life, which I will treasure forever. Another thing, you sound very bad when you cry, (now you know why I dedicated that fergie song to you!!!) so please don’t cry, even for one moment ok, be like you always are, cause you are, as the saying goes, ‘One in a million’, but that’s a lie cause you are ‘one in a billion’ ;), you really are.

Take care; wish you a bright, prosperous and a very very happy life.Amen.

That’s it guys, hope you all liked it, from next month you will get a bigger surprise, cause I have written about all the special frenz in my life, so until I find some new ones ;), I will be posting stuff about myself, and it will be updated almost regularly, so be sure to check in, and for all my readers thank you for reading the blog, have a nice day sayonara……….


QM said...


You have such a way to pierce the reader's heart. I love the way as though you are pouring out everything and I could actually feel it!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ QM: thx qm, that's a really great expression you have given,
glad u liked it

debaraty said...

hmmm... what do u mean by jasmine dnt kill me???? u make me sound like a tyrant... a female gunda----gundi :P... u better make it clear that I am not... and btw... the posts on me were better... coz well they were best... like our frenship... :) hope this comment makes u happy and doesnt make me sound too possessive... cant help it though... I am what I am... and u adore me for it... thousi ;)... take care

sib said...

superbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!! i av no wrds to express thank uuuuuuuuu loadssssssss more comments i ll let u know in phone

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ debaraty: jasmine its absolutely true, i adore you more than anyone and the posts return abt u are the proof for it, just as you said,

nice comment ya ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh.. u should make the girl read this blog!
your whole r blog seems to be a dedication to your friends. I am find it a hard job to dedicate even one post to my friends!
The girl seems to be good. But, sorry to say, could not relate to her too much! She is very different from who I am.

By the way, the poem is pretty good. :-)
Tell her to read this and make her to comment. ;-)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ ramya : yeah ramys i made her read the blog ans she was very happy, she said no words to express for it

thx for the comment yaar

Patrice said...

Wow I am speechless! That is probably some of the nicest things that have ever been said about me/my blog! Thank you!!! I love my award! You are so kind to think of me!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ patrice: you really have changed me ya, cause of you i now really don't give a damn abt people's opinion and believe me it has done wonders on me

thx again glad you liked it. mission accomplished yeahhhhh.....