Attempts and an Anniversary

well after last times electryfying performance i am back to tell you about my newest obsession,

but lets start from something much forgotten, i just remembered its 2nd anniversary of my blog so "Happy anniversary 2nd to me", (i tottaly forgot my 1st one ;)), they grow up so fast na, So whoever wants to wish i will be truly greatful to them,

And on another note, the obsession i was talking about was that "I have been writing poems", but it was just for frenz who were depressed, or if it was somebody's b'day, you will get to know about it all in my coming posts, but i also got know there are other kinds of poems also, which need not rhyme all the time, (no i have not been living under a rock), reason being, i only write simily's, it just that i got to know only couple of days before that there is one type of poem writing called Acrostic.

i got to know it from a blog buddy 'Anwesa', she has written a poem called Echoes Of Silence, its the best thing i have read, it like awesomeness at its best, i truly have to thank her cause i sat back and thought of giving acrostic a try, boy its hard, i gotta tell you i had to rack out every part of my brain to write the one you will read below, i also gotta thank Kajal cause she too has written one of the best acrostic poems i have read till date, i donno how they do that, but you guys write great yaar, truly great, thanx a lot for inspiring me, the below poem is for someone long forgotten.....

So here is what i wrote, please give me honest comments even if they are brutal, cause i wanna improve,

Tried forgetting about you a 1000 times
As always have failed miserably
Kiss me or kill me, its a choice for you to make
Even eternity will seem less, to take your love away from me
Move on, says everyone, how can they understand!
Echo of the past always comes to pull me back
Angel she was, others ask, "Angel is she?"
"Sinner i am of love" i say, and always will be

In my dreams i still see you, i just want you to come back

Abondenment i face, life seems like a lie
Mirage were you or real?, its the only question i ask

hope you all like it, take care cya next time


ANWESA said...

hey!!i was on cloud nine to read this post of urs.i dun think i need to tell why.i luvd ur acrostic.(only write "thousand" instead of "1000"-i.e.,if ur writing for d sake of poetry;if its only a blogpost den 1000 is f9).happy anniversary to ur blog!!!
keep "acrosting" :D

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ anwesa: point taken, the honest comment i wanted is right there, thanx a lot and thx again for visiting the blog again, and thx again for wishing, thats a lot a thx but you are worth it, take care anwesa......

Anonymous said...

Trying poems huh?
you didnt know that we can write poems without rhyming? you didnt study such poems in school? I studied 15 of them for my boards, NONE of them rhymed!
by the way, the poem is not all that bad!

Vyazz said...

I have never tried my hand at poetry, save for a few times when I was bored during lectures. And frankly, its news to me too that there are poems that do not rhyme. pretty good attempt at poetry!! Mebbe I should give it a go too! :)

Chriz said...

happy two years.. may you have many more poetic years of blogging

god bless you

Mon Espace said...

hey happy blog b'day!!

may you have many many more! :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Ramya: i studied at a lame a** school what can you say, where they only taught abt smilies and sonnet's, thx for the honest reply....

@ Vyazz: its good to see you back yaar, give it a go and you will know how much you would have to think he he he.....

@ Chriz: thank you very much for dropping by and thx again, wish the same for your blog tooo

@ Mon espace: its good to see you back, and thandk you very much

Anonymous said...

happy blog anniversary to you Thousif..

thank you for the honour..

QM said...

Such a good poem! Love it!
Happy anniversary! Hahah. I can't remember mine...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

& have learnt something about poems today apart from reading a very good one here! :)


Gayathri said...

firstly,belated birthday wishes,dear 'Soul Space'.. :)
and man,the poem was good..i'm not at all good at either cooking or eating i won't make a good scrutiny or judgement and all related to them..but then,the theme and the feelings were really good :)

sorry again for the late broadband usage has hiked at an ever time high and i'm restricted from using net (especially the sites which would eat up a lot of my bandwidth,which invariably includes urs coz of the music!!)at all those earthly hours..lucky you,i'm still awake at 3.30am today just to leave a comment here :) :D..

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ pink orchid: well it was my honour to have come by your blog, there's a suprise for you whic you will get next month and thx for the wishes

@ Qm: thank you ya ;), sad though that you cant rem your's, in time you will or just watch your blogger profile as i did lol ;)

@ Choco: glad you came by again, and glad again that you liked it, and glad again that i have been informative, but you actually gotta congraulate anwesa for it, take care, cya soon again

@ Gayathri:Eating poems Lol :P, you always make me smile, and what on earth were you doing @ 3.30 yaar? star gazing kya???, glad you came by again, cya soon take care

Cinderella. said...

Nice !

Happy 2nd anniversary btw n thnx for droppin by.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ cinderalla: well the pleasure is all mine cinderalla ji, thx a ton for dropping by, hope to cya soon again......

Aw.S.M said...

Happy belated anniversary bro. Really good acrostic too. Anwesa already echoed my comment about writing 1000 the other way. But all in all, really swell stuff bro.

U should keep writing poetry..u have a definite flair for it.


Thousif Raza M.B said...

@ Amith: hmm i thought you forgot, hmm thank you very much for the appreciation, i am glad you like it, and yes i will write more, its praise from frenz like you who keep me going , thx again yaar......